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Nygunsookh brought from a party of am much debilitated in body, and do very pilgrims; he has shaved himself, and little. I delight in the work of transla appears very hopeful. Another young tions, and have my heart set upon the man appears to be on the Lord's side, completion of two versions for the work but his fear of his father and mother pre of God. But my heart fails me. vents bis coming forward. An Euro-cough continue, what can I do? Pray pean lady has, I hope, been brought to for me, for I hope I shall not be beyond discover her sinfulness, and the excel. the reach of prayer when you get this. lency of the Saviour, by a visit to Mon. Peace and good will be to Ireland, and ghyr, which Providence brought about to France, and the Isles of the sea. Give She is mother-in-law to sister P. She the united love of his Monghyr friends appears to be brought from the state of to brother Buck. mind of the boasting pharisee, to that of " Ever,. my dear brother, your unthe contrite publican. Brother Capt. P. worthy but affectionate brother, is not yet returned from the Cape, to

J. CHAMBERLAIN.which he went on account of the siate of his health. We were rejoiced to hear from you, respecting brother Buck, as we had been very anxious on his ac

News have been received of the safe count. Our sister Moore has been re

arrival at Calcutta of Mr. and Mrs Sut, moved by death, and our brother Moore ton, and Mr. Adams. is in deep distress, and has been afflicted

A letter has been received from Mr. with a fever for a long time. I regret Joseph Phillips, missionary at Java, by that I have to impart no welcome tidings bis father, dated Samarang. Ibis station respecting myseli: I have been labour. is upwards of 300 miles from Java. At ing under a cold ever since I lest Dig. the time he wrote, no one could go out gain, and from the beginning of this year except in boats, as the rainy season had have been almost laid up. For a whole set in. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were well, month I did notbing. My cough, which though death had made great ravages is very severe, is attended with asthma, among the Europeans. He can preach in and what will be the termination of my the Malay language, and is applying complaint is at present very dubious. I himself to the Javanese.

Domestic Religious Intelligence.

ECLIPSE OF THE MOON. the edge of the earth's shadow will be

projected entirely from the sea, the viși

ble part of the shadow being at first On Wednesday morning, the 14th of formed from the frozen parts of the this month, there will be a visible eclipse Southern Ocean, and afterwards from the of the Moon : but as she will not have same ocean in more temperate regions. approached her ascending node nearer There will not be another visible eclipse than about 10 degrees, her latitude will till Wednesday evening, March 29, 1820, be too much south to admit of her enter- when the Moon will rise eclipsed about ing far into the earth's shadow, the cen.

a quarter past six,

J. F. tre of which never makes any sensible deviation from the ecliptic. The eclipse begins at 53 minutes after four, and ends at 24 minutes after six. The ecliptic op. CASES OF MEETING HOUSES. position, or time of full Moon, is at 28 minutes and 25 seconds after five, (or 14 To the Editors of the Baptist Magazine. minutes and 39 seconds, mean time.) The middle of the Eclipse, or the nearest The Committee appointed to superinapproach of the centres of the Moon and tend the Cases presented by particular of ihe earth's shadow,will be at 39 minutes Baptist churches, for assistance in buildafter five, apparent time, when the Moun ing and repairing their places of worship, will be about two digits eclipsed. It may request, through you, to inform the also be remarked, that during this eclipse, friends of the denomination in the coun.

try, who may stand in need of pecuniary | Those deeds (among others) will be apaid from London, that in order to obviate proved, which are drawn according to the difficulties that have been complain- ihe printed form, circulated by the Comed of, as to the length of time which mittee of Deputies appointed to protect cases, after presentation, have had to the civil rights of Dissenters. wait, previous to their being recommend. That no person can be permitted to ed, it has been determined that after collect upon a case, unless he' has an authe present year, "all cases presented to thority in writing from the church. the committee shall be carefully ex- That the person who collects, be de. amined, and when approved, the Secre- sired, once a week, to deposit the money tary do inform the churches, that when collected with the Secretary, and that he ever they think proper to collect in Lon- report to the Committee the amounts he don, their case will be signed at any shall from time to time receive, and that monthly meeting of the Committee." the church do draw upon the Secretary It is hoped, that this resolution will have for the sum paid him. the effect of preventing the impositions It will follow, from the above rules, that have been lately practised, of per- that to enable the Committee to judge of sons collecting on bebalf of churches, by a case, a statement in writing must be whom they were not authorized ; as it sent up, which should contain the rea. must be obvious to every reflecting mind, sons for the erection, enlargement, or that if a church may collect under the repalr; the nature of the property, whesanction of the Committee, immediately ther freehold, copyhold, or leasehold. upon their case being approved, there The number of members forming the cannot be the least pretence for an at- church; their profession of faith; the tempt to collect without that sanction, usual number of stated hearers. The unless the applicants should feel that amount of the whole of the expenditure, their case would not bear investigation.including purchase of ground, erection,

For the information of those persons deeds, &c. The amount collected by who may have occasion to apply, the the church among themselves, and the Committee beg you to insert the follow- amount collected in other places, which ing rules :

will of course shew the balance due. That the concerns of this Society be The case must be signed, on behalf of managed by a Committee, consisting of the church, by the pastor, deacons, and the'minister and two messengers, annual members, at a church meeting, and rely sent by each of the churches belonging commended by at least two ordained to it, and of one other person from each neighbouring ministers, in their own of such churcheș, (either a member or hands writing, and with the case, the not,) to be chosen by the Contributors, trust deed of the meeting house, or an at the annual general meeting, held in exact copy of it, must be sent up. the month of June.

All communications for the Committee That no case engage the attention of must be sent, post paid, to Mr. GALE, the Committee from any number of per. Solicitor, No. 70, Basinghall-street, their sons not formed into a church, nor unless (gratuitous) Secretary. it be signed by the church, and recommended by at least two ordained neighbouring winisters.

BRANCH BAPTIST That no case shall be dismissed or de. termined immed on its presenta

MISSIONARY SOCIETY, tion; but, on its first reading, shall be referred to the consideration of a subse. A BRANCH SOCIETY in aid of the quent meeting of the Committee.

Baptist Mission, formed at Maidstone, That no case shall be determined on Kent, on Friday, July 17, 1818, Mr. by the Committee, until the trust-deed Hawkins in the chair; when several rese. of the meeting-house and premises, or a lutions relative to the Society were copy of it, is sent up for inspection and moved and approved of. approved.

Appropriate speeches were delivered That where there are not as many as by Messrs. Hope, Giles, Stanger, Corn. five Trustees, the Committee will expect ford, Cranbrook, Rogers, Bentliff, and the church to enlarge the number to at Dobney... A lively interest on behalf of least nine persons, members of churches the perishing heathen was excited, and of the same faith and order; and that it it is hoped that this Society, forined at is indispensable in all cases, that the the county town, will stimulate all the choice of new Trustees should not be in churches in Kent that have not yet exthe surviving Trustees, but should be erted themselves in this important cause, vested in the men members of the church. to follow their praise-worthy example.

Perishing millions are calling, in lan- 3. That in order to extend the operaguage that must be felt by every bene. tions of the Parent Society, by the invulent heart, “ Come over and help us." crease of its funds, and at the same time

Åt the close of the above meeting, the to meet the moral and spiritual wants of following resolution was unanimously the inhabitants of the southern vicinity approved :

of the metropolis, an Auxiliary Society That it is highly desirable that a be now formed, and called the South County Auxiliary Society, in aid of the London Auxiliary Baptist Itinerant and Baptist Mission, should be formed. That British Missionary Society.' The Rev. to promote this object, a meeting be held J. Edwards, T. Jarvis, of Jersey, G. C. at the Rev. Wm. Giles's Meeting-house, Smith, J. Hoby, and others, delivered Chatham, on Tuesday, the 29th of Sep. interesting addresses in support of the tember next; and that Messrs. Giles, resolutions. Nearly £20 were collectRogers, Shirley, Cornford, Hope, Ac-ed in the course of the evening. After worth, Davies, Laker, and Slanger, be singing “ Praise God, &c.” the assemappointed as a provisionary Committee, bly dissolved, and it is believed that all to carry the above into effect, by coin.

present were truly gratified. municaiing with all the Baptist ministers

This new Auxiliary is formed on a in the county:

plan similar to thắt of the Auxiliary Maidstone, July 17, 1818.

Tract Societies. One-fourth, at least, of Men of Kent, and brethren in the its funds will be annually transmitted kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, it to the Treasurer of the Parent Society ; is hoped this infant commencement will. it is intended, with the remainder, tu esbe crowned with the approbation of the tablish Sunday Schools, and open new Head of the church, whose kingdom you places of worship, in Southwark, and its wish to advance; and that the proposed vicinity, where the spiritual necessities meeting will be sanctioned with your of the numerous population loudly call presence, counsel, influence, and prayers. for the aid of Christian benevolence. Remember, union is strength !

The Parent Society will thus be benifitted in a two-fold manner; by the improve

ment of its funds, and by the execution SOUTH LONDON AUXILIARY

of its designs. May the time soon come,

when, contemplating the success of our Baptist Itinerant and British labours,we shall be compelled to exclaim, MISSIONARY SOCIETY, with grateful admiration, “This is the

Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our

eyes !

On Tuesday Evening, August 18,

Subscriptions and donations will be 1818, a numerous and respectable Meet thankfully received, by Thomas Thomping was held at the Rev. J. Hoog's, Maze

son, Esq. Brixton, President; Mr. T. Pond, Southwark, for the formation of a

Pewtress, 67, Newington Carseway, South London Auxiliary Baptist Itinerant Treasurer; and the Rev. J. M. Cramp, and British Missionury Society. Thomas 1, Buckingham-place, Kent-road, SeThompson, Esq. took the chair at seven

cretary: o'clock, and the following resolutions, (among others) were unanimously car. fied:

NEW MEETINGS OPENED. 1. That the prevalence of ignorance and depravity, and the deficiency of re

WOLSTON, WARWICK. ligious instruction, as well in the vicinity of the metropolis, as in the numerous On Wednesday, April_22, 1818, a villages throughout the kingdom, are small neat Chapel, in the Baptist denodeeply to be lamented; and that it is, mination, at Wolston, in the county of therefore, the imperative duty of Chris: Warwick, was opened. In the morning, tians, of alt denominations, to encourage the Rev. James Jones, of Monk's Kirby, every effort for the salvation of their fel commenced the service by reading the low countrymen.

scriptures and prayer, the Rev. J. Bur. 2. That the successful efforts of the der, of Stroud, Gloucestershire, preach. Baptist Itinerant and British Missionary ed from Psalm cxxii. 6, 7, 8; and the Society call for grateful acknowledg- R F. Franklin, of Coventry, from ments to the Giver of all good, for the Job, viii. 7. tokens of his approbation of their la- In the evening, the Rev. J. Jerard, of. bours; and that the object and consti- Coventry, preached from Acts, v. 20; tution of that Society are cordially ap- Messrs. Sheffield, of Bulkington, Bromiproved by this Meeting.

ley, of Leamington Spa, and Shakespear,


of Southam, were severally engaged in was opened for the public worship of the devotional exercises of the day. The God. services were truly interesting, and well Half-past ten, A.M.

1.--Mr. Larom pray. attended, though the weather was very ed; Mr. Mann, of Shipley, preached, unfavourable. £25 were collected to. from 3 Jolin, 2; Mr. Neale, of Osset, wards the expenses of the building, (Independent minister,) concluded. which leaves a debt of upwards of L'180 Two, P. M.Mr. Scarlett, of Gilder." for the liquidation of which, it will be some, prayed; Mr. Stephens, of Roch. necessary still further to solicit the aid dale, preached, from Phil. i. 3-5; and of the benevolent public; upon whom the Mr Hale, of Heckmoud wicke, (Indepeculiar situation of the place, the po- pendent minister,) concluded. verty of the people, and encouraging Six in the evening.–Dr. Steadman prospects of usefulness have powerful prayed and preached, from Acts, xiii. 26, claims.

aud concluded.

A collection was made after each

sermon, which in all amounted to BRAYBURN LEES.

L'17 5s. 11 d. towards the liquidation

of the debt." The debt yet remaining JULY 30, 1818, was opened a plain and on the chapel is about 264. The day neat chapel at Brayburn Lees, about

was interesting in a high degree to the five miles from Asbford, in the road to

friends of religion; nor can we forbear Folkstone. Four years ago, Messrs.

to add, that the prudence of our friends Skinner and Scott, occasional preachers at Thornhill, in applying the money they belonging to the Ashford church, lired

have raised, as well as their diligence a dwelling house in the place, for preach and generosity in removing their debt, ing and for establishing a Sunday-school: merit high commendation. A few children at first attended, which has since increased to 150; and their improvement has been very encouraging: NEW MEETING OPENED, AND It was at length determined to build a place of worship, which has been done

expense of £150.

Fisty pounds of the money has' been collected of the neighbours, and of the friends at

SOUTH SHIELDS. Ashford; and £21 on the day of open- AGREEABLE to the Resolutions passed ing. Mr. Broady of Ashford, preached at the last Northern Association of Bapin the morning; Mr. Giles, of Ey list Churches, a large and commodious thorne, in the afternoon; and Mr. Marsh, room has been taken on the foundation of Hythe, in the evening: Messrs. Skin- of the Northern Baptist Itinerant Suner, Scott, Coppin, and Carpenter, en-ciety, in the large and populous town of gaged in prayer. All the services were South Shields, which was opened for die well attended, and the pleasure gene vine worship on the 28th of June, 1818, rally felt on the occasion will not soon by Mr. Winter, a student from the Brad. be forgotten. It may be proper to add, ford Academy, under very favourable that four persons, to whom the preaching circumstances. On the followiug Sabhas been blessed, bave been haptized, bath a Sunday-school was begun, which and united to the church at Ashford,

consists of 90 scholars.

On Wednesday, the 2d of September,

a church was formed in the above-men. THORNHILL.

tioned meeting-house, of members of In the year 1813, the Baptist Itine- different churches residing there, ac. rant Society for the counties of York and cording to the order of the Particular Lancaster, introduced the preaching of Baptists. The service commenced at the word into the neighbourhood of

Mr. Winter began by read. Thornhill, a village near Dewsbury, in ing and prayer; Mr. Whitfield described Yorkshire. In the year 1814, five were the nature of a gospel church. The letbaptized; and in the year 1815, four ters of dismission from North Shields, more, in the river Calder, by Dr. Stead. Monkwearmouth, and Newcastle-uponman, who were the fruits of these itine- Tyne, were read by Mr. Pengilly; after rant lahours. For some time divine wor. which the members were requested to ship was carried on in a school-room; signify their union as a church by holdin this, however, could not be continued, up their right hands. Mr. Whitfield gave and a chapel has been built, 12 yards them the right hand of fellowship, and square inside, without galleries. This offered prayer on their behalf; Mr. building has cost upwards of £300. Williamson preached to the newly On Monday, August the 10th, 1818, it formed church, from 2 Cor. xiii, 11

two P. N.

in prayer.

Mr. Sample concluded by prayer;


HORHAM. which the ordinance of the Lord's Supper was administered, at which Mr. Whitfield On Thursday, August 7, 1817, Mr. presided.

Matthew Harvey, (of Hadleigh, EsMet again at half.past six.-Mr. sex,), was ordained pastor over the Fisher began in prayer; Mr. Pengilly Baptist church at Horham, Suffolk, Mr. preached, from Daniel, ii. 44, 45; "Mr. Tidd commenced the service, by readWhitfield concluded the interesting sering the 4th chapter of Ephesians, and vices of the day, which were numerously praying; Mr. Cowel, of Ipswich, attended.

stated the nature of a gospel churchi, asked the usual questions, and received

the confession of faith; Mr. Sinipson, ORDINATIONS.

of Diss, offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Ward, of Diss, gave the charge,

from 1 Tiin. iv. 6, and concluded the PENNEL

morning service, On Tuesday, the 24th of March,

Afternoon.—Mr. Hickman, (IndepenMr. Thomas Harris, late student at dent) of Denton, prayed; Mr. Payne, Bristol, was ordained pastor over the of Ipswich, addressed the church, from Baptist church at Pennel, in the county

1 Tim. iv. 12 ; also Mr. Tidd preached, of Monmouth. Mr. Lewis, of Chepstow, from Heb. xii. 22; and Mr. Smith, of introduced the service, by reading and Carlton, concluded the pleasing services prayer; Mr. Jones, of Cardiff, explain of the day. ed the nature and order of a gospel church; Mr. Edmunds, of Trosnant, prayed the ordination prayer, and gave the charge to the minister, from Rev. ii.

STRADBROOK. 10; Mr. James, of Pontrhydyrun, preached to the people, from 1 Cor. iv, 1; Mr. Thomas Goldsmith was ordained pas

On Thursday September 25, 1817, and Mr. Morgan, of Bethany, concluded

tor over the Baptist church, at Strad. brook, Suffolk. Mr. Harvey, of Horham, commenced the solemn service of

the day by reading and prayer; Mr. KIDDERMINSTER.

Ward, of Diss, slated the nature of a In the year 1809, a small Baptist in- gospel church, asked the usual questions, terest was formed in this ancient and

and received the confession of faith ; once highly honoured town, which has Mr. Simpson, of Eye, offered the oro since considerably increased. The late dination prayer, Mr. William Shenston, excellent minister, the Rev. T. Griffin, of London, (Mr. Goldsmith's late pashaving removed to America, Mr. S. R. tor) gave the charge from Deut. xxxi. Allen was called to the pastorate ; to

23, and concluded the morning service. which office he was solemnly ordained in the afternoon, Mr. Payne, of Ips. on Wednesday, July the 29th, 1818. The wich, began the service by prayer ; Nr. Rev. B. H. Draper, of Coseley, deliver. Cowell, of Walton, addressed the ed the introductory discourse. The church from 1 Cor. i. 10 ; Mr. Cooper, ugual questions being put, and replied of Stoke Ash, coucluded in prayer. to, the Rev. T. Waters, of Pershore, Met again in the evening, Mr Farley, offered the ordination prayer; the Rev. of Wattisham, commenced the service H. Page, of Worcester, gave the charge, by prayer; Mr. Francis, of Colchester, from Colos. iv. 17.; the Rev. T. Morgan, preached from Psalın cxviii. 25; Mr. of Birmingham, preached to the people, Goldsmith concluded the important serfrom 3 John, 8; and the Rev. Mvices of the day in prayer. Thomas, of Abergavenny, preached at

N. B. The church in this populous the Independent meetiug-louse in the village is a branch from the church at evening

Horham, and was formed February 20, The devotional services were conducted 1817, of nineteen persons; since that by the Rev. Messrs. Helmore, Thodey, period it has increased 10 fifty-three: and Redford, (Independent.)

iwenty-six have been added by baptism, Kidderminster is a most important sta

and eight by letter. There has been no tion, containing a population of ten dissenting interest in the village for thousand souls. It has been honoured more than a century past. There is a with the labours of a Baxter, and the dis- large population, and the church enjoys tinguished piety of a Joseph Williams. a pleasing prospect of an increase : a The prospect of usefulness is highly en Sunday-school is established of mora couraging,

than one bundred children.

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