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refusal, on the part of the Pope, is an | the ground that he ascertained the ác arbitrary act, to which tio deference cusations in the mandate to be unfound ought to be paid.

ed. The Bishop is supported by all the The whole case is laid before the pub. clergy of his extensive diocese, and in. lic, in a memorial from the court of Ba- deed by nearly all the clergy of Catho.. den, accompanied by a tumber of very lic Germany. Among the lay Catholics curious documents.

there is but one opinion concerning him. It appears that the Baron Von Wessenberg, in his capacity of Grand Vicar of Constance, being sanctioned by the Prince Primate, and the Chapter, has been the author of many important re TOLERATION IN PERSIA. forms in the churchi, that have long given great umbrage to the Court of Rome. I

Among his other reforms, it ap. 1 It is well known that the Mahometans pears that he absolved ñunks from the profess' to believe that Jesus Christ is a oaths of celibacy, quoting the well- great prophet; that he performed mi.' known language of the apostle Paul on racles; that he ascended up into heaven; the subject; that he caused the service and that he will judge the world. They to be translated into, and celebrated in' in general, however, treat Christians the mother tongue; that he dispersed with great contumely and cruelty. We with the use of the Breviary; that he are happy to hear that the Prince Royal altered a number of inconvenient forms, of Persia is attempting to protect the with respect to baptism, &c.; that he Christians in that kingdom. He has appointed stated examinations of the lately assembled at Tauris, a city of clergy; that he abolished all but a few Persia, containing about 200,000 inhabita! festivals, and prohibited all ringing of ants, a Divan; composed of the Sheick.' bells on the days and eves of those abo. al-Sellaum, (or head of the faith, an lished; that he, with the consent of the office answering to that of Mufti in civil authority, converted monasteries, Turkey,) and the principal doctors of the &c. into places of education, and hos law, and proposed the following questions : pitals; formed a new and more commo for their determination. 1. Was Jesus dious division of parishes, and distributed | Christ a true prophet sent from God ? .' the livings into classes, which were be

lasses, which were be- / 2. Are the laws contained in the Gospel stowed according to merit, and in which just ? 3. Is it lawful to blaspheme these : all extremes were avoided; and that he laws? The first two questions were discouraged pilgrimages, &c. It appears answered in the affirmative; the last, in also, that he protected a professor who the negative. These decisions have re. had distinguished himself by his skill inceived a legal form. The Prince Royal liberal learning, after' a mandate had has in consequence punished one of his . been issued against him by the Pope, on domestics for insulting a Christian.

Domestit Religious Intelligence.


chosen that good part, which shall not be

taken away from her.” Mr. Thomas, of OF THE

Abergavenny, commenced in prayer;.

and Mr. Saffery, of Salisbury, conBaptist Missionary Society. cluded.

On Wednesday, at King-street, Dro

Steadman preached from Micah v. 4:' The Annual Meeting of the Baptist « For now shall he be great unto the Missionary Society was held at Bristol, ends of the earth." Prayer was offered September 23 and 24, 1818.

by Mr. Flint, of Weymouth, and Mr. The Committee assembled on Tuesday | Berry, of Warminster, then supplying at. moraing the 22d, and in the evening a the Tabernacle. sermon was preached at Countership Mr. Foster, of Down-End, preached on meeting-house, by Mr. Birt, of Birming. Thursday evening at Broadmead, from ham, from Luke x. 42: “ Mary hath Judges v. 23: “They came, not to the

help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord | dially thank him for his services; and against the mighty.” Mr. Coles, of request bim, in conformity with the preBourton, commenced in prayer; and ceding resolution, to devote himself Mr. Foster concluded.

exclusively to the service of the Mission. A collection was made on behalf of VI. That the Committee be requested the Mission, at the close of each of these to accept the thanks of the Society for sermons; and on Friday evening, the their services, and to continue them for 25th, the Rev. Edward Burn, M. A. of the ensuing year. Birmingham, kindly preached a sermon VII. That this Society recommends on behalf of the Society, at St. Thomas's the Committee for the ensuing year to church, from Psalm cxxxviii. 2: “ Thou take into consideration the propriety of hast magnified thy word above all thy making some alterations in the future name.” After which a collection was constitution of the Committee, and as to 'made in aid of the Translations at Se- the place of holding the annual meetings. rampore.

VIII. That the warmest thanks of this The Society met for the transaction of Society be presented to the friends of business at Broadmead, on Wednesday the Mission in Scotland of all denominamorning, the 23d.

tions, for the liberal assistance which Joseph Smith, Esq. of Bristol, was they have rendered to the friends of the called to the chair.

Society in the course of this year. Prayer was offered by Dr. Steadman, IX. That this Society is gratefully inof Bradford.

debted to the various Auxiliary Societies The Secretary made a statement of throughout the United Kingdom for their the particular reasons which had ren important aid, and recommends the fore dered it expedient to call the Society mation of such Societies wherever it may together on an earlier day than that | be found practicable. which was fixed upon at the last annual X. That the next meeting of this someeting.

ciety be held at Cambridge, on WednesOn which it was resolved,

day and Thursday, the 6th and 7th of That the Society admit the force of

October, 1819.

XI. That the thanks of this meeting the considerations which led our friends

be presented to Joseph Smith, Esq. for to make the alteration alluded to; but

his able conduct in the chair... recommend that in future the regular time for holding the annual meeting be

A public meeting was held at Kingstrictly observed, and that the precise

street meeting-house, on Thursday morndays be inserted in the resolution which

ing, the 24th instant, for the purpose of specifies the place at which such meeting

forming an Auxiliary Baptist Missionary is to be held

Society for the city of Bristol. Arthur A Report, comprising the latest intel.

Foulks, Esq. of Redland, had kindly ligence received from the various mis

consented to preside on this occasion; sionary stations, was then read by the

but as he was unavoidably prevented by Assistant Secretary, after which the fol.

sonie domestic occurrences, the meeting lowing Resolutions were unanimously

called on Joseph Smith, Esg. to take the

chair. A statement of the Baptist Mis. I. That the Report now read be re

sions was given by the Assistant Secre· ceived, and that it be referred to the

tary, after which it was unanimously reGommittee, to determine respecting its

solved, publication.

1. That this meeting cordially apII. That the thanks of the Society be

proves the object of the Baptist Missiongiven to Mr. King, the Treasurer, for his

ary Society. and warmly congratulates it services; and that he be requested to

on the success which has attended the lacontinue them another year.

bours of its missionaries, in preaching the III That the thanks of the Society

gospel of salvation,-in translating the be presented to Dr. Ryland, the Secre

Holy Scriptures into so many of the Ori. tary, for his important services; and that

ental languages, and in establishing he be requested to continue them for the

schools for the instruction of heathen ensuing year.

children. IV. That the accumulated business of

12. That, in order to promote and ex. the Society renders it indispensably ne.

tend the interests of this important cause, cessary to associate with Dr. Ryland a

a Society be formed in this city, to be call. Şecretary who shall be wholly devoted

ed The Bristol Auxiliary Baptist Missionto the service of the mission. |y. That this Society, highly satisfied

ary Socirty.

3. That the following rules and reguwith the conduct of Mr. Dyer, as Assist

lations be adopted as the plan of this ant Secretary for the past year, do cor


passed :

1. Every annual Subscriber of half-a-l schools in India, shall be applied exclu. guinea, or upwards, shall be considered sively to either of these objects, accord a member of this Society; and every / ing to the will of the subscriber or donor; person making a donation of ten guineas, and that Subscribers of one guinea anshall be a member for life.

nually, or Donors of ten gaineas at one 11. Every annual Subscriber of one time, for the translations or schools, shall guinea, or upwards, and every member be also entitled to the printed accounts of for life, shall be entitled to the printed the Parent Society. Accounts of the Parent Society.

6. That the thanks of this meeting be Ill. The concerns of this Society shall presented to those gentlemen from a disbe managed by a Treasurer, two Secre- tance, who have favoured this meeting taries, and a Committee of thirty Sub. | with their company and assistance on scribers, to be elected annually; the this occasion. Treasurer and Secretaries to be consi- 1 The chair having been vacated by Mr. dered members of the Committee, any SMITH, and taken by the Rev. Tuomas five of whom to be a quorum.

ROBERTS, it was resolved unanimously. IV. The Committee shall meet quar That the cordial thanks of this meetterly, on the third Monday evening in ing be presented to Joseph Smith, Esq. January, April, July, and October, at 7 for his kindness in taking the chair on o'clock, at the Academy, in Stoke's Croft, this occasion, and for his able conduct and at such other times as they shall therein. think fit.

N. B. Subscriptions and Donations V. A Collector shall be appointed by will be gratefully received by the Treathe Committee, with such allowance of

surer, John Hart, Esq. the Secretaries, poundage, and upon his giving such se

and any of the Committee. curity, as the Committee shall think fit.

VÍ. The Subscriptions and Donations to this Society, after deducting the Collector's poundage, and other incidental

DUNFERMLINE AUXILIARY expenses, shall be remitted to the Trea Baptist Missionary Society. surer of the Parent Society, at such times and in such manner as the Committee To the Editors of the Baptist Magazine. shall appoint.

VILLA Meeting of this Society shall I FEEL great satisfaction in communibe held annually, in the month of Nocating to you the following information, vember, at such time and place as the relative to the second anniversary of the Committee shall appoint, to receive a Dunfermline Auxiliary Baptist MissionReport from the Committee, together ary Society. You are already aware, I with the audited account, and for the presume, that this Society was formed election of Officers and Committee.

when Mr. Dyer was in this place, on bis 9. That John HART, Esq. be the Trea

visit to Scotiand, in the summer of 1816. surer: the Rev. THOMAS ROBERTS and

We were this year favoured with the Mr. John DANIELL, jun. the Secretaries;

presence and assistance of Dr. Slead.

man, Mr. Birt, and Mr. Anderson, of and the following gentlemen the Com

Edinburgh. . mittee of this Society for the year ensu.

The spirit of liberality exhibited on this ing:

occasion was truly delightful, and I trust Mr. Jos. Ash. | Mr. Robt. Ludlow. / you will prize that liberality as it de, Mr. Lewis Bryant. Mr. T. Overbury.

serves, when you are informed that our Mr. Thos. Clark. Mr. P. Phillips. President is a member of the AntiRev. T. S. Crisp. | Dr. Porter.

burgher congregation in this town; and Mr.J. Daniell, sen. | T. Ranstord, Esq. that our Committee is composed of indiMr. Edw. Daniell. | E. Ransford, Esq.

viduals who are connected with almost Mr. John Dix. Rev. Dr. Ryland. | all the different denominations of ChrisMr. Adam Holden. Mr. Jeph. Riddle. tians in the place. There were also Rev. J. Holloway. | Joseph Smith, Esq. present at this Anniversay, the following Mr. A. Huxtable. Mr. I. Stephens. ministers of different denominations, Mr. W. Huxtable. | Dr. Stock.

some of whom addressed the meeting :Mr. Isaac James. Mr. Josiah Wade. Mr. Chalmers, one of the ministers of Mr. Isaac Leonard. | Mr. J. Whittuck. the established church;* Mr. Brand, Mr. R. Leonard. Mr. Thomas Wise. | minister of the chapel of ease; Dr. HusMr. A. Livett, jun. | Mr. W. Tyler.

* Mr. M'Lean, the other established - 5. All Subscriptions and Donations for minister, was absent from home at the the specific purpose of translating the time of the meeting. He called on our scriptures, or for the support of native Secretary a few days after, with his band, Burgber minister; Mr. Eben. | general, nor unite at the table, in cods. Brown, Burgher minister, of Inverkei-memorating the Saviour's love; and the thing, and Dr. Rennie, minister of the other places of Worship being well filled, established church, Killsyth. It is like a considerable part of them are often wise proper to state, that the Relief con. obliged to stay at home. gregation gave us the use of their meet. They earnestly wish to remove this bar ing-house for this Anniversary; and that to their comfort and communion; and the business of the meeting was begun have obtained for this purpose a suitable and concluded with prayer, by Mr. piece of ground, on which they desire to Brown, of Inverkeithing, and Ds.etect a pery plain, but a much larger Rennie, of Killsyth,

house. The estimated expense of this: About 41. were collected at the doors building is more than three - thousand for the Native Schools, and nearly pounds : one third of this sum these poor 8l. subscribed; besides about 171, for the Negro Christians hare engaged to con general purposes of the mission. ,

tribute, and they now affectionately apa I trust, our English brethren will see, peal to their white brethren in England from the example of Glasgow, Dun- to aid them with the remainder. fermline, &c. that the inhabitants of Mr. Coultart, who has been obliged Scotland value the Baptist Mission in to come home on account of severe indigo. some measure as it deserves; and that position, intends, in the next three or . we can look above our differences on four months, to collect for this most in- : some subordinate points, and join heart teresting case as widely as he can; but and band in assisting the Baptist mis as he is anxious to return to his beloved sionaries in disseminating through the Aock, there are many of our churches dark regions of India, the records of which he will not be able to visit: even eternal truth. I am, yours faithfully, to them, however, it is hoped this ape ,

D.A. ADAM, Jun. peal will not be in vain. Dunfermline, Aug. 29, 1818.

Sutely if any case of the kind merits the prompt and generous assistance of

our churches, it must be this. The folos THE PECULIARLY INTERESTING CASE lowing ministers, to whom it is well OP THE

known, and who highly respect the cha.. POOR NEGRO BAPTISTS

racter of Mr. Coultart, most earnestly

recommend it, and will be gratified in In Kingston, Jamaica. receiving subscriptions in aid of it.

I. Birt, Birmingham. THERE have been some Christians of T. Coles, Bourton-on-the-Water. our denomination among the negro po J. Dyer, Reading. pulation of this island, for the last thirty T. Roberts, years. Their teachers have been men of their own rank and colour, who being J. Saffery, Salisbury. exceedingly ignorant and superstitious, W. Steadman, D. Ď. Bradford. were very unqualified for the service, M. Thomas, Abergavenny. and on this account have not enjoyed the W. Winterbotham, Horsely. protection of the laws.

Their affecting condition being known and deeply felt, some of our Missiona.

ASSOCIATIONS. ries have lately been sent among them, whose labours, and particularly those of Mr. Coultart, have been much blessed. The South-EAST AssocIATION in There are at present in Kingston, and WALES, was held at Brecon, June 2 and its vicinity, nearly two thousand baptized 4. The number of hearers is greatly inpersons of this class, who, although the creased, and in several churches the subjects of much ignorance and imper: prospects are pleasing. The increase of fection, appear to be the true followers of members in this Association, during the the blessed Redeemer. Many of them last year', is 419; in the Western Assohave been collected, and formed into a ciation, 308. The Circular Letter is, church; but their place of worslip is ex- On the Duty of holding fust vur Profession. ceedingly inconvenient as to situation, | The next Associations are to be held, is uncertain in its tenure, and what is the South-east at Newtown, Montgomerymuch more to be lamented, is too small sbire, on the first Wednesday in June, to contain even half the members. Hence | 1819; the Western, at the Tabernacle, they can neither all worship together in Carmarthen.

The KENT and SUSSEX ASSOCIATION subscription of a Guinea, and an anony- was held at Brighton, June 2 and 3: Four inous donation of 11. left at his house destitute churches have been settled with during his absence.

J. Ryland, D. D.


pastors. The increase of members during wich, gave the charge, from Malachi the last year, is 98. The present num- ii. 6; the ordination prayer was offered ber is nearly 1000. The Circular Letter by Mr. Thompson, of Grundisburgh; is entitled, "Impediments in attending to Mr. A. K. Cowell, of Walton, addressed the Ordinances of the Gospel stated and the church, from 1 Thess. ii. 11,12; Mr, removed. The next Association is to be Caton, of Bury, concluded with prayer. held at Tenterden, on the first Tuesday | The hymns were read by Mr. Middlein Jupe, 1819.

ditch, of Rattlesden. The congregation The WESTERN ASSOCIATION was held was crowded and attentive. In the æt Shortwood, May 12 and 14. The in. evening, Mr. Palmer, (Independent micrease of members during the last year nister,) of Woodbridge, praved: Mr. is 190. The number of churches is 78. | Ranelles, of Ipswich, preached' from The number of members is about 7,200. Isai. xlix. 9; and concluded with prayer. The Circular Letter is, On the Doctrine It was a good day, and we hope it will of Election. The next Association is to be long remembered by us. be held at Weymouth, on the Wednesday in Whitsun-week, 1819, • The third Annual Meeting of the TO CORRESPONDENTS. BEDFORDSHIRE ASSOCIATION was held at Steventon, May 13. The increase of

We have received a letter from “ A members during the last year is 24. The

Sabbath-school Teacher," containing an Circular Letter is, On Church Discipline.

extract from Kennedy's Astronomical Given to the Baptist Mission, 151. 12s. 6 d.

Chronology, with a Chronological Ta. The next Association is to be held at

ble,* in which it seems to us to be as. Rushden, on the first Thursday in May,

sumed, and not proved, that the patri, 1819.

archal seventh day was the same with The BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ASSOCIA

the Jewish ; first. Qur correspondent TION was held at Risborough, May 27,

says, “ Those who may wish for more 1818. The increase of members, during

information upon this interesting subject the last year, is six. The present num

I refer to the learned work from which ber is 988. The Circular Letter is, On

the foregoing quotation is made.” As wę the Utility of Associations. Collected for

have not that work by us, we shall be the Baptist Mission, 721. 2s. 3 d.; for the Baptist Irish Society. 201. 195. 3 d. The

very much obliged to him if he will send

us proof, extracted from it, that what the next Association is to be held at Gold Hill, May 19, 1819.

doctor asserts is true, and we will insert

it in a future Number. .. We have received no Circular Letters

In the mean tiine we will remark, that from the Wilts and Somerset, and Shrop

the same thing has been attempted to be shire Associations, but we are inforned that the former was held at Melksham, Oc

proved by other writers, particularly by

| Mede and Jennings. Their arguments tober 13, and that the next Association is to be held at Warminster, in Easter.

are as follows. 1. That the Jewish Sab

bath was instituted for the commemo. week, 1819; and that the latter was held

rating of their deliverance from Egypat Wrexham, May 5 and 6; (increase of members, 52 ; number of churches, 9;

|tian bondage, Deut. v. 15. 2. That it number of members, 503;) and that the

was not instituted till after their deparnext Association is to be held at Oswestry,

ture from Egypt, Exod. xvi. 23, 25.

3. That the Jewish Sabbath when thus on the first Wednesday in May, 1819.

first instituted, was kept on the twenty

second day of the month ; but that the ..ORDINATION, | fifteenth day of that month could not

have been the patriarchal sabbath, bem OTLEY.

cause on that day all the congregatiote On Tuesday, September 15, 1818, Mr. journeyed from Elim unto the wilderness James Cole, late vastor of the church at I of Sin. Mr. Mede supposes that the Bury St. Edmonds, was ordained pastor

:Jewish sabbath was observed on the of the Particular Baptist church at Otley, in Suffolk. Mr. Churchyard, of Chars. * In this Table or Calendar, the pár field, began with reading 1 Tim. iii. and triarchal days.of the week are placed in prayer; Mr. Cooper, of Stoke Ash, deli-1 one column, and ihe Jewish in another, vered an address on the nature of a and 7 (or seventh day,) in the former is Christian church, and asked the usual | placed in the same horizontal line with questions ; Mr. Garnham, one of the 1 (or first day,) in the latter. But this deacons, stated the leadings of Provi- seems to us to be mere assumption, and dence respecting the coming of Mr. not proof, at least detached as it here is Cole amongst them; Mr. Paine, of Ips. froin the body of the work.

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