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which are copied into the public

WINTER. prints, and circulated to the ends of the earth?

The military " Oh Winter, hero's. Whose exploits are cele

I crown thee king of intimate delights,

Fire-side enjoyments, home-born happiness, brated in song, set to the sweetest And all the comforts that the lonely roof

Of undisturbed retirement, and the hours strains of harmony, to captivate

Of long-uninterrupted evening, know." the heart of even the tender fe

Cowper. male, amidst the retirement and

“ It is truly a most Christian privacy of the domestic circle ? exercise," says the eloquent The military hero's. It is not to Chalmers, " to extract a senti. be wondered at, that our youths ment of piety from the works should form a partiality for a and the appearances of nature: character which Genius has done it has the authority of the sacred everything in her power to en- writers on its side, and even our circle with glory. Therefore you Saviour himself gives it the possess but little probability of weight and the solemnity of his expelling this evil from tbe world. example. Behold the lilies of

P.--I am perfectly aware of the field; they toil not, neither the justness of your observation. do they spin, yet your heavenly The Demon of War seldom ap. Father careth for them !' He expears in his true colours, as a patiates on the beauty of a single blood-thirsty monster, laden with Aower, and draws from it the decrimes, and followed by the exe-lightful argument of confidence crations of bereaved mothers, in God.” widows, and orphans, else men

Having already directed the would hate and expel it from the attention of your readers to the world. This circumstance, how- Spring, and to the Harvest, the ever, so far from discouraging, first and the third in the succesought to stimulate us to exertion. sion of the seasons, I shall not be Societies should be formed for thought presumptuous, if I solicit the purpose of enlightening the them to accompany me in mediminds of men, and counteracting tating a little on the closing the efforts of the wicked one to perpetuate this destructive plague. Winter is a season of the year At one time it appeared almost which naturally reminds us of impossible to exterminate the several very interesting and imslave-trade, but persevering efforts portant truths. In common with have accomplished it. And we the other seasons, it is an evident have the most positive assurance display of the Divine faithfulness. that war also shall be abolished. “ While the earth remaineth," The sword shall be beaten into a said the blessed God to Noah, plough-share, and the spear into a seed-time and harvest, and cold a pruning-hook; there shall be and heat, and summer and winabundance of peace so long as ter, and day and night, shall not the moon endures; for the earth cease.” The God of nature is shall be filled with the knowledge the God of grace. He, who with of the Lord. And it will be our infinite faithfulness, bids the sea. honour and happiness to work sons revolve, has spoken all the together with God in the great promises, and, in his own good work of improving and regene. time, will assuredly accomplish rating the state of the world. them.

Winter is a display also of the


onspeakable majesty of the divine“ Thou shalt wash me, and I Being. Often awakened by the shall be whiter than snow;" sublimity of its tempests, my have been guilty of the most comspirit is solemnized, rises to bea- plicated and horrid crimes; yet ven, and exclaims, “ O Lord, my washed in the fountain opened God, thou art very great; thou for sin and for uncleanness, I art clothed with honour and ma. shall be,- say, not pure only; jesty; thou coverest thyself with this were a disparagemeut to the light as a garment; thou stretch-efficacy of my Saviour's death, est out the heavens like a curtain; and white as the snow: but thou layest the beams of thy cleansed by this sovereign and chambers in the waters; thou sanctifying stream, I shall be makest the clouds thy chariot, whiter than the new-fallen snows! thou walkest upon the wings of Of the resurrection of my beloved the wind. Who would not fear Lord and Master.; a truth of the thee, O King of nations ?" Ah! first importance, and of the highwhat madyess distinguishes the est interest; for, if Christ be not man who contemns God. Now risen, we are yet ip our sins; our Winter reminds me of a solemn preaching is vain, and your faith period yet to come, when also is vain; for, of the angelic “the thrones shall be set up, and messenger, who rolled away the the Ancient of days shall sit, stone from the door of his sewhose garment is white as snow; pulchre, and sat upon it, it is said, whose throne is like the fiery " that his countenance was like flame, and whose wheels as burn- lightning, and his raiment white ing fire."

as snow.” Of the absolute cerDoes not Wiuter also intimate, tainty of the general extension of that the present world is a scene the gospel of our dirine Redeemer, of perpetual change! It would“ for as the rain cometh down, be folly to expect perpetual and the snow from heaven, and spring or summer; and shall we returneth not thither, but waterlook for it in the events of life? eth the earth, and maketh it bring Incessant Auctuation marks the forth, and bud, that it may give histories of individuals, of fami- seed to the sower, and bread to lies, and of nations. Unchanging the eater; so (it is lis language felicity on this side eternity! As whose words are works) shall reasonably might you hope to my word be that goeth forth out erect an impregnable and impe- of my mouth: it shall not return rishable editice on the momentary unto me void, but it shall accomwaves of the tempestuous ocean. plish that which I please, and it

As the snows of Winter descend shall prosper whereunto I have around me, I am reminded of sent it.” How ridiculous would that iofinitely gracious and con- be a conspiracy, however powerdescending invitation, and ines-ful, to prevent the snow and the timable promise, of the God of rain descending from heaven? love,

Come, and let us reason And, in the eyes of the great together, though your sins be as Being, who said, “ Let there be scarlet, they shall be white as light: and there was light!" and snow; though they be red like whose arm is omnipotent; how crimson, they shall be as wool.” unspeakably contemptible must of the holy confidence of the be the efforts of wicked men to Psalmist in the divine. mercy; prevent the progress of that sal


cation, which, in spite of their ther! the guide of my youth ! utmost fury and malignity, is to Had I not lost a large portion of renovate the world.

my earthly substance, I should Winter is a season which is evi- have lost my soul,

I was dently necessary. It is not un- prayerless, graceless, proud, unreasonable to suppose, that it is feeling, and guilty wanderer from aş useful as the spring. It puri- God; but afflictions have been fies the air, and destroys those the means of showing me my mi. unwholesome and infectious gales sery, of bringing me to my Fawhich would fill our country with ther's house, where I live bedisease and death. It braces the neath his smiles, and where there human frame, and nerves the • is bread enough, and to spare.' limbs with new vigour. It de- Doubtless adversity is as necesstroys innumerable multitudes of sary as prosperity.” noxious insects, which, other- Winter is a season, the unpleawise, like the locusts of Egypt, santness and inclemency of which, would devour every green to large classes of the community, thing." It is the rest of nature, is greatly alleviated by many preparing for new exertion. The mercies. We have reason to bless snows.cover the corn, and shield God, that it is not a perpetual it from the inclemency of the succession of storms; we have frosts. Wheu this beneficial end many fine, as well as tempestuous is accomplished, touched by days, in Winter. It is in this inthe sun, or thawed by a softening teresting season, that the family gale, the furry vesture melts into is frequently all together, and the genial moisture, sinks deep into parents survey their children, the soil, and satiates its pores with and children's children, with elethe dissolving nitre, replenishing vated joy and gratitude. Some the globe with those principles of ingenious and instructive volume, vegetable life, wbich will open made vocal by one, edifies the into the bloom of spring, and whole company. Sprightly and ripen into the fruits of autumn.” entertaining conversation ensues ; And are not the wintry storms of nor do we, in such truly rational life necessary? Has it not been society, deem the God who good for us to be afflicted ? As- made us suredly it has. Often among the

“ An intruder on our joys, Aock committed to my care, have start at his awful name, or think his praise I heard, from different charac

Cards were superfluous here, with all the tricks ters, the following sentiments: That idleness has ever yet contriv'd

To fill the void of an unfurnish'd brain, “ I never properly valued, or was To palliate dulness, and give time a shove." thankful for my health, till I

That intimate, amusing, inknew the loss of it. I was at rest among the creatures, till structive, and protracted inter• the delight of my eyes was taken comfortable habitations, abun

course with agreeable friends, away at a stroke, ' -—then it was dant fuel, suitable raiment, and ! That I gave my mortal interest up, many of the luxuries of life, are And made my God my all.'

among the winter mercies of I lived without God, and with large classes of the community. out hope in the world; but from Winter is a season when consi.

of my revered parent I derable numbers of our fellowcame exclaiming, . From this creatures are in peculiar distress. time I will cry unto thee, my Fa- God, in his providential and gra,

A jarring note.

the grave

cious dispensations, acts as a so-10 shall not our gratitude be vereign. It ought to be the joy awakened for the Divine mercies, of the universe, that infinite righ- and our sympathy be excited to · teousness, holiness, benignity, visit and relieve our distressed and love, reign for ever uncon- brethren. “ He who bath this trolled. He undeniably distri- world's good, and seeth his brobutes health and sickness, riches ther have need, and shutteth up and poverty, life and death, ac- the bowels of his compassion cording to the good pleasure of from him, how dwelleth the love his will. In harmony with his of God in him ?" righteous arrangements, Winter, Winter is a season for which we to many of our fellow-creatures, make considerable preparation. is a time of considerable suffer- It is for this part of the year ing. What benevolent mind, in especially, that we lay up our such a season, can help thinking corn, and gather in our various of the poor prisoner, shut out stores. Thus we should be carefrom intercourse with his friends, fully provident of the winter of deprived even of many of the life. The sacred writers admoncommonest mercies; on whom ish us to attend, in our earliest perpetually the doors close, "on years, to the things that make for whose hinges grate harsh thun- our eternal peace; that old age, der;"-of those who go down if we should be spared to see it, to the sea in ships, who do busi- may be a scene of tranquil and ness in great waters ; who mount holy enjoyment. And is it reaap to the heavens, who go down sonable to make provision for again to the depths, whose soul Winter, and for the decline of is melted because of trouble;" — life? Must it not then be folly, of the multitudes of poor,

for which we have no name, not “Sore pierc'd by wintry winds, to make preparation for eternity? Of cheerless poverty;"

especially since this endless peof the afflicted, who find the riod of duration must be suffered, hours of Winter peculiarly tedious or enjoyed, hy every individual and painful ;-of the aged, whose of the human race; and the chaheads, silvered over by the revo-racter, whether it be good or bad, lution of many such seasons, tell formed in time, will be unalterevery visitant, that the days are able? Are we then changed by come, in which, comparatively Divine grace? Are our sins parspeaking, “ they have no plea- doned, through the atoning blood sure.” Many, doubtless, perish

of the Lord Jesus? Have we by by the snows and frosts of this faith embraced his spotless righteinclement period of the year. A ousness? Is the Redeemer prefew winters since, an excellent cious to our souls? Do we hold friend of mine was lost at an early perpetual intercourse with the hour of the evening, within a lit. Father, and with his Son Jesus tle distance of his own habita- Christ? Are we Christians in tion. The affecting picture of name only, or in reality? the poet was then indeed awfully

Winter is a season which is very realized,

transient. A few more weeks, and spring, in all its native loveli

ness, will again scatter its beauties In vain his little children, peeping out Into the mingling storm, demand their sire,

around our path. Soon we shall Nor wife, por children, more shall he behold, again congratulate each other in


How many sink into the sordid hut

" In vain for him th' officious wife prepares

The fire fair blazing, and the vestinents warm;



the exquisite language of sacred ben till within a few days after writ,

the death of Luther. “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away; Southampton.

L. For lo! the winter is past, the rain is over, is

(COPY.) The flowers are seen on the earth, The season of the song is come,

" To the most excellent Pastor in And the voice of the turtle is heard in our

Christ's Church, Doctor Marland: The fig-tree puts forth its green figs,

tin Luther, my most honoured And the vine's tender grapes yield a fragrance: Arise, my fair oue, my companion, and come

Father, health! away.”

“ HAVING observed that alThere is a world where there most all our French, who have is no Winter. Everlasting spring, left the darkness of Popery for and unwithering flowers, distin- the true faith, have yet made no guish that happy country. There alterations in their confessions, is no sorrow, 10 poverty, 10 and thereby continue to pollute death, no changes. This incom- themselves with the sacrilegious parable region is the rich posses- idolatries of Popery, as if they sion, the inalienable inheritance, had any taste or knowledge the eternal portion, of every hum of the true doctrine, I could not ble follower of the Lord Jesus. refrain from blaming such sloth O. then,

and negligence, in the sharp “ Ye good distrest!

manner which I thought it so Ye noble few! who here unbending stand Beneath life's pressure, yet bear up awhile; justly deserved : for what can I The storms of wintry time will quickly pass,

attribute to that faith, which lyAnd one unbounded spring encircle all." Coseley.

B. H. D. ing buried in the mind, produces

no confession ? or to that reli

gion, which lies buried under the LETTER

appearance of idolatry ?* But I

do not propose to discuss this FROM CALVIN TO LUTHER. point now, having already treated

that matter at large in two books, To the Editors of the Baptist Magazine. where you will more clearly see If it be not inimical to the pur- those books would not give you

my opinion, if the reading of poses of your extensive and useful miscellany, I should be glad too much trouble. The reading to see the following letter of of them has already had a good Calvin inserted,

effect It appeared

upon some here, who be. several years past in the Gentle-fore were entirely regardless of man's Magazine, and, probably, this matter, and set them upon is now almost forgotten, if not considering what was to be done. unknown to

But, because it is a matter of

your readers. It is a convincing proof great difficulty, regardless of our of the esteem and respect which own interest, to expose our lives Calvin entertained for Luther, to danger, or to bear the imputaand also shews that this eminent tion of having given offence to man of God possessed much of our brethren, or to quit our forthe spirit of the primitive Chris- tunes, and undergo a voluntary

banishment from native tians. The original is now to be seen in the Library of Geneva, of country and friends; moved by which this is a literal translation,

* It is affecting to find, that nearly 30 The date is February 12, 1545, years after the commencement of the The messenger, who was the Reformation in Saxony, that the Rebearer of it, did not reach Isle formed in France still used the Popish

Liturgies !

many of


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