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Catholicks not uncharitable in fay
ing, that none are fav'd out of
the Catholick Communion.


The RULE is not univerfal.

We are willing the People fhould examine
what we teach, and bring all our Doctrines to
the Law and to the Teftimony; that if they
be not according to this Rule, they may neither
believe them nor us. 'Tis only Things falfe
and adulterate, which fhun the Light and fear
the Touchstone. We have that Security of
the Truth of our Religion, and of the Agree-
ablenefs of it to the Word of God, that honeft
Confidence of the Goodness of our Caufe, that
we do not forbid the People to read the best
Books our Adverfaries can write against it.
Archbishop Tillotson, Sermon xxx. Fol. 359.

By H. E.

Behold, I am with you always, even to the End
of the World. S. Matth. xxviii. v 20.


Printed in the Year of our LORD, 1728.

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HE only great, I might fay, the only Bufinefs of a Chriftian in this Life, is Salvation. In this we are all equally and infinitely concern'd. And there cannot be a more fignal Inftance of the prodigious Corruption of the prefent Age, than that an univerfal Concern of the highest Nature should be almost univerfally neglected. Religion, they fay, is the Parfon's Bufinefs; be maintains his Wife and his Family by it. But is Confcience the Parfon's Bufinefs too? If the People lofe it, and Heaven with it, is it the Parfon's Lofs? Are they no Suffe rers by it?

2. But God is infinitely good and it is hop'd, that Men may live as they pleafe in this World,

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