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Injuries of the Weather.". Some are defended by a Arch made of Earth, and cemented with a peculi: Sort of Glue. Some are covered with Rafters Nender Wood, and thatched with Ruihes or Grab The Roof is always raised with a double Slope, te turn away the Current of the Waters, and shoot the Rain from their Store-houses. They all beftir therselves, with incejlarit Alli duity, while the Air is fe. rene; while the Roads are good; and Abundance of loose Grain lies scattered over the Fields.-B7 these Precautions, they live secure, when Storms, enbroil the Sky, they want no Manner of Conve piency, even when Winter lays waste the Plains.

Asp. Do we improve, so diligently, our present Opportunities? This Life is' the Seed-time of Eternity. Do we husband the precious Monients, like Perfons sensible of their unspeakable Importance Sensible, that if we trifle and are indolent, they will be irrecoverably gone, and we irretrievably ruined

. Sickness, we know not how: foon, may invade us, Pain inay torment us, and both may issue in our final Dissolution. Are we duly aware of these awful Changes, and properly solicitous to put all in order for their Approach? We walk (alarming Thought !) upon the very Brink of Death, Refur rection, and Judgment. Do we walk like wise Vir. gius, with our Loins girt; with our Lamps trimmed

; in a State of continual Readiness, for the heavenly BRIDEGROOM's Advent?

Those Ants have no Guide, Overseer, or Ruler, Ye they prepare their Meat in the Sunmer, and gather their Food in the Harvest *. We have all these, yet neglect the Time of our Visitation. We have GOD's unerring Word, to guide us ; GOD's ever. watchful Eye, to oversee us; GOD's sovereign Gommand, to rule and quicken ys. Notwithstanding

* Prov. via 7:

ll these Motives, is not the Speech of the Sluggard,
ie very Language of our Conduct? A little more
leep, a little more Slumber, a little niore Folding of
Þe Hands to sleep *. The most supine Indifference,
here all possible Diligence is but just sufficient!
This, you must allow, is the true Character of
Hankind in general. And does this demonstrate
he Rettitude of their Will?

Ther. The Understanding may be said to carry the
Torch, the Will to hold the Balance. Now, the
Perfection of a Balance consists, in being so nicely
soised, as to incline at the least Touch, and prepon-
lerate with the slightest Weight. This Property be-
ongs, without all Dispute, to the huinan Will.

Afp. What? If one of your Scales should descend

:o the Ground, tho' charged with Trifles, that are

light as Air? If the other should kick the Beam,

though its Contents be weightier, than Talents of

Gold? --Is not this an exact Representation of our

Will, when the fleeting Pleasures of Sense, or the

puny Interests of Time, excite our Wishes; even

while the folid Delights of Religion, and the in-

mensely rich Treasures of Immortality, can hardly

obtain our Attention! - However, let us quit the



* There is, if I mistake not, a nice Gradation, in this

Speech of the Sluggard ; such as very naturally mimics
the Manner of that lazy Creature.--He pleads, first, for
some considerable Degree of Indulgence, A little Sleep.--
If that is too much to be granted, he craves some sinaller
Toleration of his Sloth; A littlé Slumber. If the Talk-
master still rings in his Ear, still goads his Side; one al-
most sees him, rubbing his heavy Eyes, and yawning out
this last Request; A little Folding of the Hands at least

to lie down, 210 Dit' pan Prov. vi. 10.-When

es such is our Conduct with regard to eternal Interests,

how justly may we apply that spirited Expostulation of

the Poet ;

Tantamne Rem tam negligenter !

Metaphor, and examine Fact. Suppose, I make appear, that, instead of choosing the most eligibil Objects, the Will is so deplorably vitiated, as to lot: what is falutary, and be fond of what is baneful.

Ther. If you prove this to be universally the Cafe, you will prove your favourite Point with a witness

Asp. Wlien Providence is pleased to thwart our Measures, or defeat our Endeavours; to bring i under the Cloud of Disgrace, or lay upon us the Rod of Aliction? what is our Behaviour? — Do we bow our Heads in humble Resignation? Do we open our Mouths in thankful Acknowledgments?-observe the Waters in that elegant octangular Bason. They assimilate themselves, with the utmost Readi"ness, and with equal Exactness, to the Vellel that contains them. So would the human Will, if it were not extremely froward and foolish, conform itself to the divine; which is unerringly wise, and, of all possible Contingencies, incomparably the best *. Yet, how apt are we to fret with Disquietude, and struggle under afflictive Dispensations, as a will Bull in a Net!

'Ther. This is a very imperfect Proof, Aspasio, and corresponds only with Part of your Accusation. We may disike what is wholesome, especially if it be unpalatable, yet not be fond of our Bane. Afp. Should you fee a Person, who thirsts after


* This seems to be the Meaning of the Prophet, On 2:735 078 Ifai. xxvi. 7. Not-The Way of the Juft is UprightnessThis Senfe, in the present Con nection, is hardly consistent with Humility: is by no means proper to introduce a devotional Address to the great JEHOVAH. Rather-COD's Way to the full is Uprightnefs; or, ftill more emphatically, Uprightnesses. Is in all Respects irreprovable, excellent, admirable ; suited, perfectly fuited, to every facrcd Attribute of Wisdom, Goodness, and Truth.

the putrid Lake, but difrelishes the running Foun

ain; who longs for the impoisoned Berries of the 5 Nightshade, but abhors the delicious Fruit of the Orelchard, would you applaud the Regularity of his Apnebetite?-I don't wait for your Answer, But I more tehan suspect, this is a true Picture of all unregenerate People. How do they affe& Dress and external Or. ornament; but are unwilling, rather than desirous, to

be clothed with Humility*, and to put on CHRISTI! DAmusement will engage, Play animate, and Divervesión fire them: but as to the Worship of the living GOD, O! what a Weariness is it f: This is attend Bed, if attended at all, with Languor, and a listlefs

Insensibility. Frothy, Novels, and flatulent Wit, Eregale their Taste; while the Marrow and Fatness of the divine Word, are “as their forrowful Meat)l." What is all this, but to lothe the falutary, and long 5,g for the Baneful? VOL. II. C

Let 1 Pet. V. 5.

+ Rom. xiii. 14. | Mal. i. 13. 11 Job vi. 7.

The Reader may see this unhappy Contrast drawn in the strongest Colours, by the royal Preacher, and by 1. the mourning Prophet. Because I have called, and ye firefused; I have siretched out my Hand, and no Man re

garded : But ye have set at nought all my Counsel, and s would none of my Reproof. What a Croud of Words ! Emphatically declaring the most incorrigible Perversepess; which is Proof against every Method of Reformation; against all the Arts even of divine Persuasion. Proy. i. 24, 25.-The Host of Heaven, whom they have loved, and whom they have ferved, and after whom they hade walked, and whom they have fought, and whom they have worshipped. What a Heap of Expressions! Significantly defcribing that impetuous Ardor, which no Prohibitions

restrain ; and that infatiable Avidity, which never knows when to fay, “It is enough." fer. viii. 2.

If I beg leave to add another Example of this kind, it

ork can

.- Let me, from the fame Comparison, propose ork Question more; which may be applicable both to the Will and to the Understanding. --Should you hez of another Person, the State of whose Stomach wa fo disposed, that it turned the most nourishing Food into Phlegm ; and derived Matter of Disease, from the most lovereign Supports of Health ; what would you think of his Constitution? Ther. I should certainly think it very much dii

. tempered.

A p. Without the Grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, our Souls turn every Occurrence into an Increase of their sinful Depravity. Our very Ta. ble is a Snare; and instead of exciting us to Grati. Lude, is a Provocative to Gluttony.--How difficult is it, when we flow in Plenty, not to be elated; when we are pressed with Poverty, not to repine!-Have we Business in the World? It cumbers our Thoughts, or tempts us to Avarice. Have we no Business to manage? We sink into Sloth, and settle on the Lees of Voluptuousness. If our Schemes are prosperous, it is odds but they attach us to the Interests of Time.

11 is chiefly for the sake of clearing up an obscure Passage in the Psalms; which seems to have been mistaken by the Authors of both our Versions.-David, to set forth the barbarous Affiduity of his Perfecutors, fays; They wander up and down. They pry into every Corner ;, they search the City, and examine the Country; 508's not for Meat; which, in this Connection, is a Sense quite fo*reign to the Subject, and very jejune indeed; but to devour.

To devour me the destined Victim of their Rage. And til they are not satisfied, if they cannot compass their Design by Day, 13 they will grudge No ; but they will continue all Night, in the Prosecution of their Purpose

. Neither Cold nor Darkness can retard them ; neither Hardships nor Dangers can divert them ; but their Attempts are as in de fatigable, as their Malice is implaca tle, Pfal. lix. : 15.

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