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ER; on these Accounts, He Himself pronounces them blessed, and gives them an abındant Entrance into the Joy of their LORD.

But what can exprefs, or who can imagine their Happiness, when they take-up their Abode, in the Palaces of Heaven ; amidst the Choirs of Angels; and under the Light of GOD's Countenance! When they possess the Hope of Righteousness t; when they wear the Crown of Righteoufiefs #; and receive that great, that eternal Salvation, which is an adequate Recompence for the Humiliation and Agonies of JESUS CHRIST the righteous llo

Come then, my dear Theron, let us henceforth be as Branches, ingrafted into the heavenly VINE; derive all our Sap, all our Moisture, all our Consolation, from his Fulness. Let us live upon our allfufficient REDEEMER, as the Ifraelites fubfified on their Manna from Heaven, and their Waters from the Rock; and, not wish for other, as we can not poflibly enjoy better Sustenance.

Threr. Is this the Meaning of our LORD's Exo hortation, when he thews the Neceflity of eating bis Flejo, and drinkirig his Blood:

Afp. It is the very fame. A repeated and inceffant Application of our SAVIOUR's Merits, for all the Purposes of Piety and Salvation is the Kernel of this Nut, the Meaning of this Metaphor. When we habitually advert to JESUS CHRIST, as dying for our Sins, and rising again for our Justification; performing all Righteousness, that we may be intitled to an eternal Crown; and interceding in Heaven, that we may be filled with all the Fulness of GOD: Tben we eat his Flesh, and drink his Blood. Then we derive a Life of folid Comfort, and real Godliness, from lus mediatorial-Offices ;


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just as we derive the Continuance of our natural Life, from the daily Use of alimentary Recruits.

Ther. Your Discourse brings to my Remembrance that magnificent and beautiful Passage in Scripture, where CHRIST is called THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Your Do&rine sets. the Comparison in a very advantageous Light; gives it the utmost Force, and the greatest Propriety. The Rigliteousness of CHRIST, according to your Account, is as extenfively useful in the Chriftian Life, as the Beams of that grand Luminary are in material Nature. The Sun fills thre Air; where it diffuses Light, and cre. ates Day.The Sun penetrates the Ocean; from whence it exhales Vapours, and forms the Clouds. .-In the vegetable Creation, the Sun raises the Sap, and protrudes the Gems; unfolds the Leaves, and paints the Blossom; diftends the Fruit, and concocts the Juices.— Turn we to the animal World; the Sun delights the Eye, and gladdens the Heart. It aivakens Millions of Insects into Being: and imparts

that general Joy, which every sensible Creature feels. 1. Indeed, there is nothing bid from the Heat thereof.

Afp. Thus the LORD JESUS CHRIST, that true and only Sun of Righteousness, arises on his : People with Healing in his Wings * So various, so I efficacious, and so extensive are his Influences. Like

a Sun, He inliglitens and inlivens: like Wings, He cherithes and protects: like a Remedy, He heals and

restores. And all, by virtue of his Righteousness, * on account of his Righteousness.-Nor can we doubt,

nor need we wonder, if we consider its Nature and I its Author. Its Nature ; it is consummately excel.

lent, has every Kind, and every Degree of Perfec* tion. Its Author ; it is the Righteoulness and Obe

dience of that incomparable PERSON, in wliom dwells all the Fiilozefs of the GODHEAD.

It * Mal. iv. 2.

It must cherefore--You will permit me to sum up in a Word, what has been displayed at large-It must be fully answerable to the Demands of the Law, even in its highest Purity, and utmoit Exactness. It is infinitely superior to the Demerit of Sin, and intiscly abfolves from all Guilt, intirely exempts from all Condemnation. It is a inost valid and bever-failing Plea, against the Accufations of Satan, and the Challenges of Conscience. It establishes an undoubted Title to every Bleffing, whether in Time or in Eternity, whether of Grace or of Glory. - It is a sure Support for the Christian, in an Hour of Desertion, and in the Agonies of Death. Casting Anchor on this Bottom, he may dismiss every Fear, and ride out every Storm. Leaning upon this Staff, he may go down to the Repose of the Grave; and peither be appalled at the folemo Harbingers of Dissolution, nor terrified at its far more awul Confequences. —The Merit of this Righteousness, and the Power of its DIVINE AUTHOR, will unseal the Tomb; will bring forth the fleeping Dust from the Chambers of Putrefaction; and build up the whole Man into Immortality and Glory. By this he will be presented without Spot *; presented faultless to yea, be presented perfect , and with exceeding Foy, before the Throne.

What a Gift then is the Righteousness of CHRIST! --Blessed be GOD, for all the indulgent Dispensations of Providence! Blessed be GOD, for all the beneficial Productions of Nature! But above all, blessed be GOD, for the transcendent and unspeakable Gift of CHRIST-For the unsearchable and infinite Treasures of us RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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* Eph. v. 27.

+ Jude 24

# Col. i. 28.

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