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249 On probable ancestral colours of female birds. 255 Protective colouring of the Waxwing.

VIII.— Creation by Law. 293 Amount of variation in dogs. 296, 297. The “ Times” on Natural Selection. 298 to 300. On intermediate or generalized forms of

extinct animals as an indication of transmuta

tion or development. 302 Tabular demonstration of the Origin of Species by

Natural Selection.

IX.The development of Human Races, under

the law of Natural Selection. 316 On colour as perhaps correlated with immunity

from disease in man. 326, 327. On the probable future development of man. 330 Concluding paragraph rewritten.

London, March, 1870.


I.-On the Law which has regulated the introduction of New


Geographical distribution dependent on Geologic Changes — A Law

deduced from well-known Geographical and Geological facts— The

form of a true system of Classification determined by this Law-Geo-

graphical Distribution of Organisms-Geological Distribution of the
forms of Life-High Organization of very ancient Animals consistent
with this Law-Objections to Forbes' Theory of Polarity-Rudi-
mentary Organs--Conclusion . . . . . . Pp. 1 – 25

III.-Mimicry, and other Protective Resemblances among


Test of true and false Theories-Importance of the Principle of Utility

-Popular Theories of Colour in Animals-Importance of Conceal-
ment as influencing Colour—Special modifications of Colour-Theory
of Protective Colouring-Objection that Colour as being dangerous
should not exist in Nature—Mimicry-Mimicry among Lepidoptera
-Lepidoptera mimicking other Insects-Mimicry among Beetles-
Beetles mimicking other Insects-Insects mimicking Species of other
Orders-Cases of Mimicry among the Vertebrata---Mimicry among
Snakes - Mimicry among Birds-Mimicry among Mammals-Objec-

tions to Mr. Bates' Theory of Mimicry—Mimicry by Female Insects
only-Cause of the dull Colours of Female Birds—Use of the gaudy
Colours of many Caterpillars-Summary-General deductions as to
Colour in Nature-Conclusion . . . . . Pp. 45--129

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