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An Act to incorporate "Les Ursulines du Sacre-Coeur"

[Assented to February 17th, 1922]

HEREAS there has existed for a certain time in the Preamble. Province of Manitoba an association of religious ladies under the name of "Les Ursulines du Sacre Coeur" having for its objects the education, instruction and moral training of pupils in convents and schools; and whereas the said ladies have already such a convent in the Village of Bruxelles, in the Province of Manitoba; and whereas the petition presented in their name prays that said association may be vested with corporate powers and it is expedient to grant their prayer,

Therefore His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

1. The Reverend Mother Marie Stanislas (nee Adele Hay- Incorporation. mans), Mother Marie Angele (nee Gladys McGovern), Mother Marie (nee Marguerite Griffin), Mother Marie Theresa (nee Brigitte Wall), and Mother Madeleine (nee Marguerite Bryers), and such other persons who may hereafter, under the provisions of the Act, become members of the said association, shall be and are hereby declared to be a body politic and corporate, in fact and in name, under the name of "Les Ursulines du Sacre Coeur," (hereinafter called "the corporation") and under said name shall have perpetual succession for the purposes and objects aforesaid.

2. Under said name they shall have a corporate seal, and may Seal. from time to time modify, renew or change at pleasure such corporate seal and may under the said name for themselves and their successors possess, have, receive, acquire by purchase, gift, devise or otherwise such lands, moneys, mortgages, securities or other property lying and being in this province for the uses and purposes of said association.

3. And may sell, alienate, mortgage, build upon and dispose Lands. of the same, and acquire others in their stead for the same purposes; and under the said name shall have full power to sue and be sued.

4. The corporation may borrow money on mortgage of real Money. and personal property or on promissory note.

5. All property (real and personal) belonging to the above- Vesting of named association at the time of the passing of this Act shall be property. vested in the corporation.





Excution of documents.

Head office.


6. The corporation may from time to time establish and maintain any number of branches, and in connection therewith may appoint officers with such power and tenure of office as may be deemed advisable.

7. The persons named in section one shall be the first directors of the said corporation.

8. The corporation may make by-laws, rules, orders and regulations for the government and proper administration of its property, affairs and interests.

9. The affairs of the corporation shall be managed by the members thereof for the time being, in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations established from time to time by its members. Said by-laws, rules and regulations shall be entered in a book and evidenced by the signature of the mother superior and the seal of the corporation.

10. All transfers, deeds of sale, leases, mortgages and other documents and instruments shall be executed with the seal of the corporation attested by the signature of the mother superior and of the mother secretary.

11. The head office of the corporation shall be at the Village of Bruxelles, in Manitoba, or at such other place in the province as may from time to time be determined by by-law.

12. The said corporation shall at all times when called upon so to do by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council render an account in writing of their property and affairs.

13. This Act shall come into force the day it is assented to.


An Act to amend an Act to incorporate "The Winnipeg
Trustee Company of Canada"

[Assented to April 6th, 1922]

HIS MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the

Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, enacts as follows:

1. Section 17 of chapter 166, 11 George v, Statutes of Manitoba, is amended by inserting after the word "rights" in each of the first and sixth lines thereof the words "powers, privileges."


2. Section 18 of the said Act is amended by inserting after Additional the words "new company" in the tenth line thereof the following: "its successors and assigns; and the new company, its successors and assigns, shall be and is hereby empowered to exercise all powers, rights and privileges over or in respect of the said lands, or in any interest in said lands, or of any such mortgages or encumbrances, or of any of said property as aforesaid, real, personal or mixed; and may sell or convey all or any of said lands or any interest therein, and execute discharges or assignments of said mortgages or encumbrances in the name of the new company in same manner as if new company had been named as grantee of said lands or the mortgagee or encumbrancee in such mortgages or encumbrances."

3. The said Act is hereby further amended by inserting after paragraph 19 the following:

of old company in new.

19 (a) No suit, action or proceeding being carried on, or Continuance power or remedy being exercised, shall be discontinued or abated on account of this Act, but said suit, action or proceeding shall continue in the name of the new company, and the new company shall have the same rights and remedies and be subject to same liabilities and shall pay and receive the like costs as if such suits, actions or proceedings had been commenced in the name of the new company.

(b) In the case of any wills or codicils not probated at date of the coming into force of this Act whereof probate shall thereafter be applied for in this province, wherever the name of the old company shall appear as executor, trustee or guardian in such wills or codicils, such wills and codicils shall be read, construed and enforced as if the new company and not the old company was in fact named therein, and probate shall in respect of such wills and codicils issue to the new company to same extent and in same manner as it would have issued to the old company had this Act not been passed; and in the cases of all probates, administration or guardianship or appointments of


guardian ad litem heretofore issued or granted or made by any court of the Province of Manitoba to the old company, and in all cases where the old company has acted as assignee for the benefit of creditors or has accepted trusts, which are still current and for which the old company has not at the passing of this Act been finally discharged, the new company is hereby substituted for the old company, and such probates, administration, guardianship, appointments of guardian ad litem, assignments and trusts shall thereafter be proceeded with and completed in the name of and as if originally granted to the new company instead of the old company.

4. This Act shall be retroactive, and the enactments herein contained shall be deemed to have been operative as and from the first day of March, A.D. 1921.

5. This Act shall come into force on the day it is assented to.

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