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Mind of Bellarmine; That it will be best to reft upon Christ alone for Salvation when they come to die: They will then see that they had no cause to abuse the Servants of Jesus Christ, that have made it their Business to exalt Christ and FreeGrace. Fourthly, Knowing my own Insuffici, ency for lo great a Work as to appear to Publick ? View. Fifthly, Because of many things that might be left out in the Printing that was Preached, I not Preaching by Notes, cannot remember many things which were delivered to you when the Sermons were Preached; but here you will find the principal Heads of what I delivered, being taken from my Mouth by a Servant of the Lord when Preached. I have done my endeavour to fupply what I could that was wanting, and to correct what I saw out of Order ; but it cannot be expected so well as it would have been, if I had Writ' the Sermons I had Preached at length ; yet finding the earneft Desire of most of you to have them Printed, and the many Arguments you used to have them hastened to be Published, notwithstanding the many Struglings I have had against the Work; yet the dear Love I bear to you, and the earnest Desire I have to serve you in the Lord, hath overcome my Unwillingness in this work, having received an account from several of you, the sweet Comforts many of you received when you heard them preached, and have also declared how much it would add to your Comfort and Edification if they were Printed; I hope through Grace, that you will not be disappointed of your Expectation. Some of you have declared that the Preaching was as Marrow and Fatness to your Souls; I hope that you will suck out fome Spiritual Sweetness in the Reading of them. As God



was graciously pleased to answer your Prayerš, in Taiting me from a fick Bed, to Preach these Sick - Bed Meditations amongst you; I hope, through Mercy, your longing Desire to read them will be satisfied, in receiving that Comfort you expect to Reap to your Souls in Reading of them. What is said of Money, that it Answers all things to the Subsistence of the Body, may be much more fata of Christ to them that Live upon him ; he answers all their Wants, supplies all their Needs : He that hath Christ wants not, he that hath not Christ, Inherits not what : he' seems to have. Christ enjoyed in the Soul, makes bitter ' things Sweet, heavy things light; where Christ's Prefence is, Darkness is made Light, and Sorrow turned into Gladnes. How precious are the Enjoyments of them that have such a precious Pearl as Christ is! He is the chiefeft of Ten Thousand, he's mojt Excellent and lasting Good, Heb. xiii

. 18. All the bid Treasure of Wisdom and Knowledge is in bim, Col. i. 3. What an Excellent Knowledge have ye attained unto, that truly know Chrift? How doth this transcendent: Worth affect your Hearts, changing them into his own Image and Likeness? When a Soul comes to have a laving Knowledge of Christ, he is changed then from Vir Terranus an Earthly Man,. to Vir Cæleftis an Heavenly Man. Ignorance of Jesus Christ, causeth Men to rest in Shadows and in Forms, in poor and low things, compared with Christ and his Excellency, all rare but Dross and Dung, fa the A. postle esteems them, Phil. iii. 8. It is only a real: saving Knowledge of Christ, can draw the Heart of a vain and perishing World to seek things that are above. It is not a Speculation, but an Ape plication of Christ, that brings home to the Im


A 3

mortal Soul what it stands in need of; Life, Light, Pardon, Peace, Purity, Righteousness, Counsel, Comfort, Healing, Deliverance, Grace, Glory, all Aows to the believing Soul from Chrift, in whom all Fulness dwells. The Soul that lives Christ hath a good Livelihood, John vi. 51. He Thall live well for eyer. It is not an outlide shew of Religion will be to the Soul what it stands in need of, as Redemption, Forgiveness, Reconcilation, Sar:ctification, Consolation, Salvation. Chrift is the Believers fafe Sanctuary in all their Troubles and Temptation, Ifa. viii. 14.

In this small following Treatise, I hope you find Lume Discourses of the fulness of Jesus Chrift, and the emptiness of the Creature; for that is my Defire in all my Labours among you, to get an Esteem in your Hearts for Christ above all other things, and that the Name of our Lord Jesus may be Glorified in you, and ye in him: I hope I need not doubt of your acceptance of those plain following Truths. I do not think you will refuse it for its plain Dress, but rather Embrace it; for I know, as for the most part of you, that you had rather have Christ plainly Preach'd, than fuch Discourses that are bedeck'd with Rhetorick, or painted over with curious Words of Art. I may expect it will not be free from the Slighting Scorn, and Contempt of many, that are ready to undervalue every thing but what they do themselves, and do find fault with that they cannot Mend. But I have learned not to value


of their Undervaluings : For if a thousand to one Night it, yet if one in a thousand get good in their Souls by it, I shall bless God that ever it was printed; what Evil Report foever I may receive from Evil Men of Evil Minds for


the Works fake; I hope I shall not value the Frowns of Men, as one well faith, Better to lose the smiles of Men, than to lose the Soul's of Men; and I am sure without Christ bé our Life, we are poor and undone dead Sinners. I know I have many Enemies, who have through their Envy and Malice raised many false Reports of me : But I desire to be an Enemy to none, but those that are implacable Enemies of Christ in Doctrine and in Practice; but tho' they are Enemies, yet I freely pray for them. But I cannot expect to fare better than those that have abundantly, excelled in Grace and Knowledge, that were both burning and shining Lights, whose Works praise them in the Gate, and their Sweet Savour in Christ made known to Saints and Sinners; many Hundreds I believe, have cause to Bless God that either heard them Preach'd, or have Read their Works : And yet how are these Men railed against as not worthy to live, and their works to be Burnt by the common Hangman, as one with more Zeal than Knowledge declared : Because Men have not received that measure of Knowledge and Experience as those Men, they rail against them as Ignorant unlearned Men, their Books not safe for any to Read. Do not these Men go quarrelling in the Dark, because their Brethren have received more Light than they? Persons are grown to such a fond Conceit of themselves and their own Opinion, they will not hearken to Gospel-Experiences; they will not fo much as try those Truths they revile by the Scripture, but proceed with Lies and Slanders against those good Men, though they never knew their Persons, nor Read their Books. I am perswadert, if these Persons had Knowledge of those Persons and Truths they speak against, if the Lord were pleased

to reveal himself to them, had they a Taste and
Sight of the Lord Jesus, who reveals himself how
and to whom he pleaseth, instead of biting and de-
vouring them, and spending their time to raise Evil
Reports of them, they would enquire after the
Knowledge of Christ, as the Daughters of Jerusa-
lem did of the Spouse; Whether is thy beloved gone,
that we may seek him with thee, Cant. vi. 1. If Chri-
itians would spend their time in enquiring after
Christ, and receiving and imparting their Expé-
riences to each other, as they spend in Contenti-
ons, and taking up, and carrying about Evil Rec
ports of them that excel themselves in Godliness,
they would find more Peace and Comfort to their
own Souls, and bring more Glory to God, bring
more Souls to Christ, and would be a Means for
the Beauty of Holiness, and Power of Godliness to
fhine with greater Lustre to the World.
This is
my Comfort, whatever

whatever Mens Thoughts or Words, Cenfures or Contempt are of these my poor Labours, 'I can truly say, I feek not my felf, but the exalting of Jesus Chrift, and his Truths and Kingdom in the World. InSinglenefs of Heart I have imparted Truth to you, as I learned them in Jefus : I had rather have the Scorn of Men for the Plainness of Truth, than you Thould have plain Truths hid from you. If I am the Object of Worldlings Scorn, só Christ be the Object of your Faith, therein I shall rejoice.

Behold, as I have granted your Request in Printing my unworthy Labours, which were done chiefly at your Request, and for your fake; I pray grant me some few Requests, which I beg of you for Christ's fake.

First, That you seriously and carefully peruse these plain Truths that I have dedicated to you.


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