Health in the dwelling. Vol. 4-6. Health in diet. Vol. 7-9. Health in relation to civic life. Vol. 10-12. General hygiene. Vol. 13-16. Conference on education. Vol. 17. Miscellaneous, including papers on Japan. Vol. 18. Miscellaneous, including jury awards and official catalogue. Vol. 19. Miscellaneous, including papers on China

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W. Clowes & Sons, 1884

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Page 181 - ... pounds for each offence, and in the case of a continuing offence a further penalty not exceeding forty shillings for each day after written notice of the offence from the local authority...
Page 134 - ... the workers to an injurious extent, it appears to an inspector that such inhalation could be to a great extent prevented by the use of a fan or other mechanical means, the inspector may direct a fan or other mechanical means of a proper construction for preventing such inhalation to be provided within a reasonable time...
Page 134 - If in a factory or workshop where grinding, glazing, or polishing on a wheel, or any process is carried on by which dust is generated and inhaled by the workers to an injurious extent...
Page 181 - Such bye-laws, when so confirmed, published, and affixed, shall be binding upon and be observed by all parties, and shall be sufficient to justify all persons acting under the same...
Page 181 - Board, shall be conclusive evidence of the existence and of the due making of the same in all proceedings under the same, without adducing proof of such seal or of the fact of such making.
Page 149 - In 1819 the attention of parliament was directed to the question, and a select committee was appointed " to inquire how far persons using steam-engines and furnaces could erect them in a manner less prejudicial to public health and comfort.
Page 200 - THE SWEDISH FISHERIES. By Professor FA Smitt, Royal Commissioner for Sweden to the International Fisheries Exhibition. dd. NOTES ON THE FISH SUPPLY OF NORWAY. By Frederik M. Wallem, Executive Commissioner for Norway to the International Fisheries Exhibition. dd. NOTES ON THE FOOD FISHES AND EDIBLE MOLLUSCA OF NEW SOUTH WALES, ETC. By EP Ramsay, Commissioner for New South Wales.
Page 181 - Gazette, and printed and hung up at the county hall and be open to public inspection without payment, and copies thereof shall be delivered to any person applying for the same on payment of such sum, not exceeding...
Page 77 - Ibs. would require 1280 cubic feet ; but at a very low computation of the velocity of the gases in an ordinary chimneyflue, the air would pass up the chimney at a rate of from 4 to 6 feet per second, or from 14,000 to 20,000 cubic feet per hour ; with the chimneys in ordinary use, a velocity of from 10 to 15 feet per second often prevails, giving an out.
Page 180 - Act, 1862.) 42. An Act to amend an Act passed in the session of Parliament held in the sixteenth and seventeenth years of the reign of Her present Majesty...

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