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The President: - How would it be to just let the alternate take the place?

General Hickenlooper:- Very good.

Colonel Dawes:- That is all provided for. If General Hickenlooper declines, the alternate will take his place.

General Hickenlooper:—I don't want to be put in the position of being selected first. I think that would embarrass me more than the other; to put me in the position before my own people of being chosen to this distinguished position, and then allow it to go by default, and have my alternate take the place.

A member of the committee:- The committee, with the consent of the Society, will alter the report, and make Colonel How the orator and General Hickenlooper the alternate.

The proposition was generally assented to.

Captain Gile:- I wish to state that my resolution is in the following language:

Resolved. That the members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee be requested to subscribe the sum of $3 each for the purpose of assisting in erecting an equestrian statue to General John A. Logan, at Washington, D. C.

Resolved, That the Corresponding Secretary shall notify all members of the Society of this action, and, upon receipt of their subscription, shall turn over the same to the committee of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee having in charge the ereetion of such equestrian statue.

The President:- Gentlemen, that is now very full; if satisfactory, it will stand of record.

Colonel Dayton:-In connection with the resolution of Captain Gile, I take the liberty, under the precedent of my friend, General Hickenlooper, who seems to have been particularly nervous about something, to say something myself on that resolution, inasmuch as it was myself who first proposed, with General Leggett, to contribute $100 to this monument to General Logan. I did not do that from any buncombe idea, as was suggested. I consider that if any man gives $3 or 30 cents, it will be worth just as much as my $100, if I can afford to give it. I want to express only that I will willingly give $100, rather than to see the permanent fund touched.

The President:- When we adjourn, we adjourn as a Society to meet next fall, in September, at Cincinnati, Ohio. I understand we are to have a banquet as usual this evening, which is simply à volunteer affair.

General Pearson :- While we have been thanking a great many people, I think we have left out one very important organization that should be thanked for this beautiful hall: the Grand Army of the Republic. I move a vote of thanks.

The motion unanimously prevailed.

General Belknap:– Would it be in or to move the ele of an honorary member of this Society?

The President:— Yes; anything is in order. It is current busi


General Belknap:-At the request of gentlemen from Michigan, and out of regard for my own personal wishes, I move the election of General R. A. Alger as an honorary member of this Society.

Colonel Dawes:--I rise to a point of order. General Alger is qualified for membership in this Society by reason of his services as a Captain in the Second Michigan Cavalry, which was at one time a part of the Army of the Tennessee.

The President:—The point of order is well taken.

General Belknap:-1 withdraw the motion, with that understanding, that he is already qualified.

Colonel Dawes:- I move that the Secretary notify General Alger that he is a qualified member, if he sees fit.

General Belknap:-For fear that some of the members may not know who General Alger is; he is the same individual whom we have frequently heard spoken of as General R. A. Alger: · He's all right!"

Colonel Dawes:-Some of the members may not know who General Alger is. I move that he come to the stand and show himself.

General Belknap:- What's the matter with General Alger? He's all right!

Colonel Dawes:-Does he want to become a member of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee?


General Alger:-I wish to become a member of the Society of the Tennessee, and should have applied for membership, had I supposed I was eligible.




Colonel Wm. Avery, Woodstock, McHenry Co., Ills.
Captain M. A. Higley, 216 Fifth ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Surgeon C. Goodbrake, Clinton, Ills.
Major Wm. E. Ware, 409 N. Third street, St. Louis, Mo.
Captain James Nish, Cary Station, Ills.
Major Chas. Hipp, St. Marys, Ohio.
Captain W. H. Stewart, Woodstock, Ills.
Captain Matt. W. Borland, 365 W. Jackson st., Chicago, Ills.
Major W. R. Thrall, Cincinnati, O.
Major S. C. Plummer, Rock Island, Ills.
Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Dresser, Lafayette, Ind.
Captain Jno. O. Pullen, Bloomington, Ills.
Brigadier General W. H. Baldwin, Cincinnati, O.
Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus Jacobson, 38 S. Clark st. Chicago, Ills.
Brigadier-General Joseph Stockton, Chicago, Ills.
Major J. A. Fitch, Chicago, Ills.
Lieutenant-Colonel C. Cadle, Jr., Cincinnati, O.
Colonel W. L. Barnum, 205 La Salle st., Chicago, Ills.
Colonel E. C. Dawes, Cincinnati, O.
General A. L. Chetlain, 101 Washington st., Chicago, Ills.
Lieutenant-Colonel C. W. Fisher, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Brigadier-General Wm. W. Belknap, Washington, D. C.
Lieutenant-Colonel John B. Bell, Toledo, O.
Major Chas. H. Smith, 121 Cedar st., Cleveland, O.
Captain C. F. Matteson, 3501 Cottage Grove, Chicago, Ills.
Colonel Henry T. Noble, Dixon, Ills.
Major-General G. M. Dodge, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Captain Wm. S. Williams, Canton, O.
Brigadier-General R. P. Buckland, Fremont, O.
Brigadier-General Wm. E. Strong, Chicago, Ills.
Captain Gilbert A. Pierce, Bismarck, Dak.
Captain C. E. Lanstrum, Galesburg, Ills.
General M. F. Force, Cincinnati, O.
Major L. H. Everts, Philadelphia, Pa.
Colonel W. H. Raynor, Toledo, O.
General A. Hickenlooper, Cincinnati, O.
Colonel L. M. Dayton, Cincinnati, O.

Captain C. C. Chadwick, Detroit, Mich.
Major A. H. Fabrique, Wichita, Kan.
Captain Wm. McCrory, Minneapolis, Minn.
Captain Chas. Steismeier, St. Louis, Mo.
Captain A. T. Andreas, Chicago, Ils.
Lieutenant J. G. W. Hardy, Army of Cumberland, Lebanon, Ind.
Captain G. A. Busse, Chicago, Ills.
General Jno. E. Smith, 376 Warren avenue, Chicago, Ills.
Major W. L. B. Jenny, Chicago, Ills.
Lieutenant M. F. Madigan, Cleveland, O.
Captain J. A. Smith, Jacksonville, Ills.
Lieutenant Peter M. Hitchcock, Cleveland, O.
Captain D. H. Gile, Chicago, Ills.
Captain W. D. E. Andrus.
Honorary Mrs. C. J. Barber, 129 Franklin avenue, Cleveland, O.
Brigadier General Green B. Raum, Washington, D. C.
Colonel Wm. B. Leach, 200 Temple C., Minneapolis, Minn.
Captain L. G. Randall, Napoleon, O.
Major-General M. D. Leggett, Cleveland, O.
Brigadier-General R. N. Pearson, 442 W. Adams st., Chicago, Ills.


The committee selected the Boody House to give the Society Banquet, and at eight o'clock the members and the guests marched into the dining hall, and were seated.

At a table at the head of the hall sat General Sherman, who presided. At his right were seated General Alger, General Dodge, Major Warner, Colonel Dayton, General Gibson, Judge Cochran and Chaplain Bacon.

On the left sat Mrs. Kate B. Sherwood, General Raum, Captain Pierce, General Buckland, General Force and General Hickenlooper.

At General Sherman's request, Chaplain Bacon asked the blessing when the dinner was served.


New York Counts, Raw.

Escaloped Oysters, a la Maryland.


Boned Turkey, Sherry Wine Jelly.
Buffalo Tongue, in Border of Jelly.

Sugar Cured Ham, a la Anglaise.


Chicken Salad, a la Parisienne.
Lobster Salad, in Mayonaise.

Shrimp Salad, with Celery.


Metropolitan Ice Cream.
Assorted Cake.




The President:-Ladies and gentlemen, we have now been at the table three hours-eleven o'clock by Central time; you can see for yourselves on the wall. We have eight toasts and four pieces of music, and you are all arithmeticians enough to figure out your share of the time. With this admonition, I will commence the toasts as I find them on my list; I won't alter a bit. I call upon the

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