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The Local Committee issued the following notice:


CINCINNATI, August 30, 1889. The Society of the Army of the Tennessee will hold its twenty-second reunion in Cincinnati, Wednesday and Thursday, September 25th and 26th, 1889, under the charge and direction of the following Local Committees:



General A. Hickenlooper, Chairman. General Wm. H. Baldwin

Colonel C. Cadle, Jr., Colonel E. C. Dawes,

Major R. H. Fleming, General Thomas T. Heath,

Major Wm. R. McComas, General F. W. Moore,

Captain C. A. Partridge, Colonel Daniel Weber,

Major E. V. Cherry, Major Wm. H. Chamberlin,

Colonel L. M. Dayton, General R. W. Healey,

Dr. A. C. Kemper, Colonel A. W. McCormick,

Colonel L. Markbreit,
Dr. Win. R. Thrall,

Major Jas. S. Wise,
Captain A. H. Mattox, Secretary, Mitchell Building.


Major R. H. Fleming, Chairman. Lieutenant F. G. Cross,

Captain G. R. Monteith,
Captain G. E. Currie,

Captain J. S. Patterson,
Captain Robert Hunter.

G, A. R.

General Wm. H. Baldwin, Chairman.
Captain J. L. Gaul,

Major E. R. Hawthorne,
Captain G. A. Thayer,

Captain J. C. Michie,
Major H. P. Lloyd,

Ensign W. C. Herron,


General F. W. Moore, Chairman.
Colonel C. B. Hunt,

Lieutenant E. J. Lukeris,
Dr. A. L. Carrick,

Colonel M. L. Hawkins,
Captain E. H. Lovell.


Colonel L. Markbreit, Chairman.
Colonel L. M. Dayton,

Major L. M. Hosea,
General E. F. Noyes.


Colonel C. Cadle, Chairman.
Major Wm. H. Ghamberlin,

Captain J. C. Michie,
Captain W. E. Crane,

Captain J. W. Wilshire.


Colonel E. C. Dawes, Chairman. Colonel M. Rochester,

Lieutenant H. B. Isham, Major Wm. H. Chamberlin,

Major Wm. R. McComas.


Colonel Daniel Weber, Chairman. Dr. S. C. Ayers,

Dr. A. M. Brown, Captain John B. Childs,

Captain A. R. Robinson.


Captain A. H. Mattox, Chairman. Captain A. R. Foote,

Major W. D. Bickham, Colonel M. L. Hawkins,

Colonel C. D. Bailey.


Captain C. A. Partridge, Chairman.
Colonel J. W. Frazee,

Colonel M. B. Ewing,
Captain J. W. Gano.


Major Wm. H. Chamberlin, Chairman.
Captain G. W. Cavett,

Major W. 0. Smith,
Dr. J. Thrush.


Colonel A. W. McCormick, Chairman. Captain Robert Hunter,

Major F. B. James, Comp. H. D. Emerson,

Captain J. C. Michie, Major H. P. Lloyd,

Dr. O. Evarts, Comp. W. R. Warwick,

Colonel J. L. Foley.


Major E. V. Cherry, Chairman. Major J. M. Finch,

Captain J. G. Taylor, Colonel J. L. Foley,

Major J. V. Guthrie, Captain W. E. Brachman,

Captain J. M. Blair.


General R. W. Healey, Chairman. Captain N. R. Warwick,

Captain F. W. Fee, Captain W. B. Shattuck,

Comp. Ambrose White.


Dr. Wm. R. Thrall, Chairman. Major Wm. R. McComas,

Captain W.C. Johnson, Captain R. B. Wilson,

Colonel Jas. M. Locke.


General A. Hickenlooper, Chairman.
Captain A. H. Mattox,

Captain Wm. P. Wiltsee,
Lieutenant Wm. E. Kuhn,

Colonel A. M. Van Dyke.


Major Wm. R. McComas, Chairman.
Major Frank B. James,

Ensign A. L. Wasson,
Major F. Wallace,

Colonel J. M. Locke,
Captain J. B. Mitchell,

Captain E. R. Monfort.


General Thomas T. Heath, Chairman.
Captain H. G. Stoms,

Colonel Max. Mosler,
Major Wm. R. Lowe,

Major J. L. Pearson.


Dr. A. C. Kemper, Chairman.
Lieutenant F. W. Brown,

Captain George S. Crawford,
Major George B. Fox,

Dr. George E. Jones.


The Headquarters of the Society will be at the Burnet House, where ample provision has been made for the accommodation of members; but should any desire other accommodations, Major Wm. H. Chamberlin, Chairman Committee on Quarters, will, upon being notified by letter, make any desired provision for visiting members.

The business meetings of the Society will be held in College Hall-within two squares of the hotel-on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, commencing promptly at 10 o'clock.

Wednesday afternoon, from 3 to 5 o'clock, Mrs. Hickenlooper will give a reception at her residence, No. 116 Dayton street, to General Sherman and daughter, to which the members of the Society and accompanying ladies are invited.

Wednesday evening. The public reception and delivery of the annual address by General James F. How, at the Music Hall.

The members of the Society, escorted by the First Regiment Ohio National Guard, Grand Army of the Republic, Sons of Veterans and Loyal Legion, will march from the Burnet House to the Music Hall. Carriages will be provided, and reserved seats secured, for visiting ladies.

Thursday forenoon. Business meeting at College Hall.

Thursday afternoon, from 3 to 5 o'clock, the Ohio Commandery, Military Order of the Loyal Legion, will give a reception to the Society, at their rooms, No. 59 West Fourth street, and the ladies, under escort of the Entertainment Committee, will be invited to visit the Zoo Gardens.

Thursday evening. Banquet at Burnet House. Tickets, five dollars per plate. Members' wives and daughters are invited to participate.

The Transportation Committee has perfected arrangements with the Central Traffic Association, the Trunk Line Association and Western States Association, which embraces all Northern States east of the Rocky Mountains, by which members can obtain transportation at one and one-third the usual rates. But to obtain the advantages of such reduction, members must, upon paying full rate at starting point, obtain from the agent selling such ticket a certificate to this effect. These blank certificates have been furnished to agents by their respective roads.

Such certificates, when countersigned by Ambrose White, Secretary of the Committee on Transportation Society A. T., and presented to the ticket agent at Cincinnati, will entitle the holder to return ticket over same road at onethird regular rates.

In order that proper provision may be made for the entertainment of our guests, it is deemed important that you advise us, at the earliest practicable moment, whether you will, or will not, favor us with your presence.

And if you will, whether you will be accompanied by ladies, and if so, how many? Enclosed please find postal card upon which to make reply.

A. II. MATTOx, Secretary,

Mitchell Building.

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