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CINCINNATI, October 24, 1889.

I respectfully submit the following report:

At the last report, there was in the Permanent Fund $11,500.00 of Government Bonds and $150.42 in cash.

It has since received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, $82.00, and from interest on bonds $160.00. Total receipts since last report, $512.00. Aggregate cash in this fund *992.42.

There has been no expenditure from this fund, but $166.35 was transferred from it to the General Fund to make complete payment for printing the report of the last meeting.

There remains in this fund $11,500 of Government Bonds and $826.07 cash.

There was nothing in the General Fund at the last report. It has received since the last report, from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, $120, and from General A. Hickenlooper, Corresponding Secretary, proceeds of sales of consolidated annual reports, $22.50. There has also been transferred to it from the Permanent Fund $166.35, making aggregate cash in the fund $608.85.

The expenditure has been payment to General A. Hickenlooper for expense of the Corresponding Secretary's office for printing circulars and for envelopes, postage for the years 1884, 1885, 1886, 1887 and 1888, $101.85, and for wrappers and twine for consolidated reports $4.00, and for express, boxes, etc., to and from Chicago in 1885, $30; total, $135.85.

Paid for stenographic report of the proceedings of the last meeting, $41.60. Paid Safe Deposit Company for keeping the bonds one year, $6.30.

Paid F. W. Freeman for receipt book, $4.50, and for printing the report of the last meeting, $420.

Total expenditure, $608.85, leaving nothing in this fund.

As before, I have made a special deposit of the bonds in tne Safe Deposit Company, keeping the receipt in my box. As the treasurer should be of the same city with the secretaries, and I have moved to the Soldiers' Home at Sandusky, this will be my last report.



Colonel McCrory:-As I understand it, there seems to be in the winding up of that report, something about the selection of some other person for treasurer. If that is embodied, I recommend that that be rubbed out. If it is not true, I move that the report be received and adopted.

General Noble:-I hope that it will be referred to a committee.

The President:-General Force's reports have always been found so admirably correct that they have never been referred; not within my memory. The motion before us is that the report be accepted.

The motion was carried unanimously.

The President:—The next report in order will be that of our Corresponding Secretary.


CINCINNATI, O., September 25, 1889. To the President and Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee :

GENTLEMEN:—As Corresponding Secretary, I have the honor to report the preparation and transmittal of the usual preliminary notifications of this meeting

Communications to the following named members have been returned undelivered, indicating a change of address of which the Recording Secretary, who keeps the record, has not been advised:

Dr. N. Bostwick, Mt. Vernon, O.
General J. D. Bingham, Washington City.
J. W. Blair, St. Louis, Mo.
General M. M. Bane, Spokane Falls.
General D. E. Coon, Washington City.
General G. W. Clarke, Des Moines.
Lieutenant D. Clough, Chicago, Ills.
Captain C. G. Cooley, Chicago, Ills.
Lieutenant R. H. Fouts, Carrollton, O.
Captain II. J. Gleason, Chicago, Ills.
Captain T. H. Griffin, St. Louis, Mo.
Major George B. Hogan, Los Angeles.
Captain G. A. Henry, Chippawa Falls.
Lieutenant C. H. Hunting, Chicago, Ills.
Captain W. H. B. Hoyt, Chicago, Ills.
Lieutenant I. W. Hilt, Kansas City, Mo.
General Ed. Hatch, Ft. McKinney.
Colonel O. D. Kinsman, Lebanon, Tenn.
Major A. L. Ogg, Greenville, Ind.
Major H. O'Conner, Muscatine.
Captain F. C. Nichols, Washington City.
Major J. L. Pearson, Cincinnati, O.
Colonel B. H. Peterson, New Orleans, La.
General R. N. Pearson, Chicago, Ills.
Captain M. Revold, Greenville, Ind.
Major J. J. Safely, Washington City.
General T. W. Sanford, St. Louis, Mo.
Colonel O. Stewart, Chicago, Ills.

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General Robert Smith, Chicago, Ill.
Major R. M. Thompson, Washington.

Major P. Welsh, Cincinnati, O. I also officially advise you of the death, and submit biographical sketches, of the following named members:

Dr. John B. Bowen, East Bridgeton, N. J., December 11, 1888.
Lieutenant J. J. Boreland, Chicago, Ills., September 23, 1888.
Colonel B. Hancock, Chicago, Ills., May 15, 1887.
General C. E. Lippencott, Quincy, Ills., September 23, 1888.
Colonel Frond Lynch, Cleveland, O., February 27, 1889.
General J. A. Potter, Painsville, O., April 21, 1888.
Captain G. W. Porter, Hamilton, Kas., December 28, 1888.
Captain W. T. Prunty, Olney, Ills., July 12, 1889.
Dr. J. A. Reeves, East Towas, Mich., May 16, 1888.

General W. W. Sanford, St. Louis, Mo., February 26, 1882. I have also the honor to herewith submit letters received from invited guests and absent members.

And also to make the following report in reference to the “ Logan Monument Fund: "

GENTLEMEN:—In compliance with the requirements of the following resolution, adopted at the last meeting of the Society, September 6, 1888:

Resolved, That the members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee are requested to subscribe the sum of three dollars each for the purpose of assisting in erecting an equestrian statue to General John A. Logan at Washington, D. C.

Resolved, That the Corresponding Secretary be directed to notify all members of the Society of this action, and upon the receipt of such subscriptions turn the same over to the committee of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee having in charge the erection of said equestrian statue.”

I have the honor to report the receipt of subscriptions of three ($3.00) dollars from each of the following named members of the Society: Lieutenant H. C. Adams,

Colonel G. D. Munson,
Lieutenant F. S. Allen,

Major F. P. Muhlenburg,
General S. D. Atkins,

Major F. C. Nichols,
Colonel Wm. A very,

General J. W. Noble,
Captain E. L. Baker,

Colonel H. S. Noble,
Major S. E. Barrett,

General E. F. Noyes,
Colonel J. W. Barnes,

Captain C. O. Pattier,
Colonel Wm. L. Barnum,

Captain C. A. Partridge,
Captain A. Barto,

Captain F. W. Pelton,
Major J. B. Bell,

Major A. A. Perkins,
Captain E. Blakeslee,

Captain G. A. Pierce,
Lieutenant M. W. Barland,

Captain J. Pitzman,
Lieutenant J. Brambach,

Dr. S. C. Plummer,
Colonel George E. Bryant,

Captain G. W. Porter,
General R. P. Buckland,

Lieutenant F. H. Putney,

Captain Wm. S. Burns,

Lieutenant A. N. Reese, Colonel C. Cadle, Jr.,

General Thomas Reynolds, Captain R. W. Campbell,

Captain C. Riebsame, Colonel Nelson Cole,

Captain L. H. Roots, Captain J. B. Colton,

General L, F. Ross, Captain George W. Colby,

Captain I. P.Rumsey, Captain B. F. Darling,

General J. N. Rusk, General G. M. Dodge,

General J. B. Sanborn, Major E. C. Dawes,

Captain George Schuster, General A. C. Ducat,

Captain John Schenk, Major L. H. Everts,

Lieutenant W. S. Scribner, Captain J. W. Evenden,

Colonel A. J. Seay, Lieutenant F. P. Fisher,

Colonel W. T. Shaw, Dr. George F. French,

Major Hoyt Sherman, General John W. Fuller,

General J. E. Smith, Lieutenant A. G. Gault,

Major C. H. Smith, Dr. W. H. Gibbon,

Colonel Milo Smith, Captain D. H. Gile,

Lieutenant Z. S. Spaulding, Lieutenant C. Gladding,

Captain Alex. Smith, Dr. C. Goodbrake,

Dr. James Spiegelhelter, Colonel F. D. Grant,

General J. W. Sprague, General W.Q. Gresham,

Dr. G. M. Staples, General S. Hamilton,

Captain C. Steismeier, Lieutenant A. J. Harding,

Lieutenant L. Stilwell, General R. W. Healey,

Major G. R. Steele, Colonel D. B. Henderson,

Captain A. S. Stewart, Major P. M. Hitchcock,

Captain W. H. Stewart, Major Charles Hipp,

General W. E. Strong, Captain H. Hoge,

Captain S. S. Tripp, Captain E. (). Hurd,

Colonel G. L. Taggart, General A. Hickenlooper,

Dr. W. R. Thrall, Colonel E. Jonas,

Captain G. W. Sylvia, Captain L. Keller,

Colonel A. M. Tucker, Colonel C. C. Kellogg,

Lieutenant B. W. Underwood, Captain L. E. Lambert,

Colonel Wm. F. Vilas, Colonel W. J. Landrum,

Colonel Wm. M. Vogleson, Captain C. E. Lanstrum,

Major Wm. E. Ware, Lieutenant S. W. Letton,

General Willard Warner, Colonel J. M. Loomis,

Captain V. Warner, General John McArthur,

Colonel Dan. Weber, Major R. W. McClaughry,

Captain W. S. Williams, Captain W. McCrory,

Major T. P. Wilson, General John McNulta,

General J. H. Wilson, Lieutenant M. F. Madigan,

Lieutenant F. C. Wilson, General W. R. Marshall,

General J. G. Wilson,
Lieutenant W. G. Mead,

General E. F. Winslow,
Lieutenant J. C. Worley,

And from General W. T. Sherman $53.00, General M. F. Force $23.00, General Max Woodhull $25.00, General C. B. Fisk and wife $6.00, Captain F. H. Magdenburg $10.00, and $5.00 from each of the following named comrades: Lieutenant II. L. Gray, General John D. Stevenson, General John W. Turner and Colonel J. M. Dresser, making a total of five hundred and six ($506.00) dollars, for which find check accompanying, drawn to order of " Committee on Logan Statue."

Very respectfully,

A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary.



In the fraternal spirit which governed us all during our service more than twenty-six years ago, remember me to those of the old corps that abide with you to-day.

John V. LEWIS, Adjutant and A. 2. M.

Detroit, Mich., September 26, 1889. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER:

I regret exceedingly that I cannot be with you. May you have a glorious reunion.




God bless every one of the Army of the Tennessee that honors the occasion by his presence.

AD, WARE, 4th Division, 17th A. C.


RHINECLIFF, N. J., September 4, 1889. GENTLEMEN:—I regret very much that previous engagements will render it impossible for me to avail myself of the invitation with which I have been honored, to attend the twenty-second reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, to be held in Cincinnati on the 25th and 26th instant.

Faithfully yours,


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