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Captain Frank P. Muhlenberg, Galesburg, Mich.
Captain M. W. Borland, Chicago, Ill.
Captain E. E. Nutt, Sidney, 0.
General A. L. Chetlain, Chicago, Ill.
General J. McArthur, Chicago, Ill.
Captain Chas. O. Patier, Cairo, Ill.
Captain J. D. Fegan, Clinton, Iowa.
Lieutenant-Colonel H. C. Fisk, Denver, Col.
Lieutenant-Colonel James F. How, St. Louis, Mo.
Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus Jacobson, Chicago, Ill.
Major S. C. Plummer, Rock Island, Ill.
Brevet-Brigadier-General W. J. Landram, Lancaster, Ky.
Colonel Nelson Cole, St. Louis, Mo.
Colonel W. L. Barnum, Chicago, Ill.
Major O. W. Nixon, Chicago, Ill.
Lieutenant-Colonel E. Jonas, New Orleans, La.
Captain James A. Sexton, Chicago, III.
General Thomas T. Heath, Cincinnati, O.
Captain Israel P. Rumsey, Chicago, Ill.
Captain W. D. E. Andrus, Rockford, IU.
Major 0. C. Towne, Chicago, Ill.
Colonel W. B. Keeler, Chicago, Ill.
Captain C. F. Matteson, Chicago, Ill.
Captain A. G. Gault, Columbus, O.
Major A. H. Fabrique, Wichita, Kan.
Lieutenant A. N. Reece, Chicago, Ill.
Colonel Henry T. Noble, Dixon, Ill.
Lieutenant A. J. Harding, Chicago, Ill.
Colonel W. M. Vogelson, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Colonel Daniel Weber, Cincinnati, O.
Captain F. H. Magdeburg, Milwaukee, Wis.
Major Wm. E. Ware, St. Louis, Mo.
Major C. A. Partridge, Cincinnati, O.
Brigadier-General D. P. Grier, St. Louis, Mo.
Brigadier General R. P. Buckland, Fremont, O.
Major C. H. Smith, Cleveland, O.
Captain Louis E. Lambert, St. Marys, ().
Captain J. F. McAuley, Chicago, III.
Captain J. D. Webb, Marysville, O.
Captain H. S. Prophet, Lima, O.
Colonel Geo. G. Pride, Huntington, Ind.
Major Edward Spear, Minneapolis, Minn.
Captain G. A. Busse, Chicago, Ill.
Brevet- Major-General Clinton B. Fisk, Seabright, N. J.
Major D. W. Hartshorn, Cincinnati, O.
Captain Chas. Stiesmeier, St. Louis, Mo.
Lieutenant-Colonel W. G. Fuller, Gallipolis, O.

Captain Geo. Schuster, St. Louis, Mo.
Captain P. McGrath, Chicago, Ill.
Major P. Flynn, Rockford, 111.
Colonel C. C. Kellogg, Leadville, Col.
Surgeon C. Goodbrake, Clinton, Ill.
Major J. W. Paddock, Omaha, Neb.
Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel John B. Bell, Toledo, O.
General T. C. Fletcher, St. Louis, Mo.
Lieutenant A. H. Mattox, Cincinnati, O.
Captain W. R. Hodges, St. Louis, Mo.
Brevet-Major-General John W. Fuller, Toledo, O.
Brevet-Major Chas. Christensen, St. Louis, Mo.
Lieutenant-Colonel C. Cadle, Jr., Cincinnati, O.
Lieutenant Theo. W. Letton, Chicago, Ill.
Captain C. Riebsame, Bloomington, Ill.
Brigadier-General M. F. Force, Sandusky, O.
Brevet - Brigadier-General R. W. Smith, Chicago, Ill.
Brevet-Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. McCormick, Cincinnati, O.
Brevet-Brigadier-General W. H. Baldwin, Cincinnati, ().
Major Hoyt Sherman, Des Moines, Iowa.
Colonel Wm. M. Wherry, U. S. A., Newport Barracks, Ky.
Lieutenant Chas. L. Beckwits, U. S. A., Newport Barracks, Ky.
Lieutenant R. B. Turner, U.S. A., Newport Barracks, Ky.
General John E. Smith, Chicago, Ill.
Captain J. W. A. Gillespie, Middletown, O.
Lieutenant John B. Fidlar, Davenport, Iowa.
Brigadier-General Green B. Raum, Washington, D. C.
Lieutenant-Colonel Geo. H. Hildt, Canal Dover, O.
Surgeon Geo. F. French, Minneapolis, Minn.
Major W. D. Bickham, Dayton, O.
Brigadier-General Wm. W. Belknap, Washington, D. C.
Colonel H. Wilson, Sidney, 0.
Captain G. W. Sylvis, Buffalo, N. Y.
Lieutenant Owen Francis, Lima, O.
Captain Louis T. Allen, Dayton, O.
Major P. J. Welsh, Cincinnati, O.
Captain John A. Evans, Frazeysburg, O.
Major W. L. B. Jenny, Chicago, III.
Major S. E. Barrett, Chicago, III.
Major E. C. Dawes, Cincinnati, O.
Colonel L. M. Dayton, Cincinnati, O.
Major-General C.C. Walcutt, Columbus, O.
Lieutenant W.C. Clark, Lithopolis, O.
Brevet. Brigadier General Mendal Churchill, Zanesville, O.
Brevet- Major Edgar T. Miller, Media, Pa.
Surgeon W. C. Jacobs, Akron, Ohio.

General Hickenlooper furnishes the following list of ladiesnon-residents who were present:

Miss Lizzie Sherman; New York.
Miss Fuller, Toledo, O.
Miss T. C. Fletcher, St. Louis.
Misses Buckland, Fremont, O.
Miss G. S. Raum, Washington, D. C.
Mrs. C. B. Fisk, Seabright, N. J.
Mrs. C. C. Chadwick, Detroit, Mich.
Mrs. J. D. Fegan, Clinton, Iowa.
Mrs. M. W. Borland, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Borland, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. G. A. Busse, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Hedley, Bunker Hill, Ni.
Miss Pratt, Zanesville, O.
Mrs. G. W. Sylvis, Conneaut, O.
Mrs. W. L. Barnum, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Barnum, Chicago, Ii.
Mrs. H. T. Noble, Dixon, Ill.
Mrs. A. II. Fabrique, Wichita, Kan.
Miss Fabrique, Wichita, Kan.
Miss Nutt, Sidney, O.
Miss F. French, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mrs. F. French, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mrs. Isaac Potts, Columbus, O.
Miss Potts, Columbus, O.
Mrs. Markley, Georgetown, O.
Mrs. Jno. J. Rinaker, Carlinsville, Ill,
Mrs. C. H. Smith, Cleveland, O.
Mrs. A. L. Howe, Cleveland, ().
Mrs. 0. C. Towne, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Flynn, Rockford, Ill.
Mrs. Wm. Bain, St. Louis,
Mrs. Jenny, Chicago.
Miss Jenny, Chicago.
Mrs. J. T. McAuley, Chicago.
Mrs. L. E, Lambert, St. Marys, ().
Mrs. A. C. Fisk, Denver, Col.
Mrs. H. C. Adams, Nashville, Tenn.
Miss Gillespie, Wilmington, O.
Mrs. Owen Francis, Lima, O.
Mrs. W. C. Fuller, Gallipolis, ().
Mrs. Chas Hipp. St. Mary's, O.
Mrs. S. M. M. Bvers, Oskaloosa, Iowa.


There was no special attempt of decoration, except in Music Hall for the ceremonies for the entertainment of the evening of the 25th.

To attempt a description of the effect of this decoration would be useless it was a study of art, beautiful, in its appearance far beyond a possibility of detail, every observer was enthusiastic in admiration.

All credit and praise is due Major McComas for the exquisitely beautiful picture.


At nine o'clock the members of the Society and the guests were assembled in the parlors and corridors, and in column proceeded to the dining hall of the Burnet House, General Sherman at the head. At the upper table, General Sherman presided and called to order. Grace was offered by the Rev. David H. Moore, as follows:

Oh Lord, as Thou didst bless us in other days, in haversack and in canteen, in bivouac and on the march and in the field of battle; and hast through all these intervening years seen to our wants and provided for them, we give Thee thanks that thou hast brought us together to-night under these circumstances, so changed, so full of blessings; and we look reverently and gratefully unto Thee as the author of every good and perfect gift, and devoutly pray for Thy blessing upon our food and fellowship whilst we are together, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen!

The dinner was discussed an hour or more, when General Sher. man said: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN:

I apologize for interrupting you at this time; I hope you have had a good dinner; if you haven't, the landlord will give you credit for it at the end of the campaign. We have each of us before us the programme of exercises, and if you have been accustomed to public dinners you will see we have at least three and a half hours before us to enjoy the feast of reason to which we have been invited to-night. Now, as presiding officer of this Society, presiding at this table to-night, I wish you to enjoy yourselves freely, like reasonable people. I think the ladies ought not to be out always; the gentlemen can stay just as long as they please in the form of a bummer's meeting. [Laughter.]

In looking down our list of toasts, I am a little embarrassed; it seems to me too personal for me to put my edge in, and all I will undertake, my old comrades and their lady friends, wives and daughters, is to speak of the campaign of Atlanta. The committee

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