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Audenried, Colonel Jos. C. Alexander, Colonel J.J. Bailey, Captain J. E. Barlow, Captain W. H. Barber, Captain Josiah Beach, Surgeon Wm. Morrow Beem, Captain Martin Bigelow, Captain Henry Blair, General Frank P. Bonner, Surgeon S. P. Borland, Lieutenant J.J. Bowen, Surgeon John B. Brucker, Surgeon M. Callender, Brigadier General F. D. Carper, Captain L. Cavender, General John S. Cady, Surgeon W.F. Chambers, Colonel Alex. Clark, Major W. Penn. Collins, S. A. Cooke, Surgeon J. M. DeGress, Captain Frank. Diemling, Colonel Francis C. Dodds, Colonel Ozro J. Eaton, General C. G. Eddy, Colonel Norman Eggleston, Lieutenant E. L. Eldridge, General H. N. Ewing, General Charles Fairchild, General Cassius Fearing, General B. D. Fitch, Major Henry S. Foote, Major H. E. Fort, General George L. Franklin, Surgeon, E. C. Fry, Colonel John C. Fyffe, Lieutenant J. R. Grant, General U. S. Graves, Colonel W. H. Hall, Colonel John P.

Hanke, Colonel A. J.
Hancock, Colonel B.
Harding, General Chester
Harper, Surgeon T. L.
llart, Lieutenant L. W.
Hlazen, General Wm. B.
Herbert, Colonel J. T.
Hedges, Lieutenant S. W.
Iledrick, General John Morrow.
Heighway, Surgeon A. E.
Hicks, Colonel S. J.
Hill, Lieutenant-Colonel W. H.
Hitt, Captain J. E.
Howe, General J. H.
Hughes, Colonel Samuel T.
Hurlbut, General S. A.
Janes, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry W.
Joel, Lieutenant-Colonel E, M,
Jones, Colonel John J.
Jones, Colonel Henry E.
Jones, Captain John E.
Kittoe, Surgeon E. D.
Keller, Surgeon Jacob
Klink, Colonel John J.
L'Hommedieu, Surgeon Samuel
Leet, Colonel George K.
Lippencott, General C. E.
Logan, General John A.
Lovejoy, Lieutenant F. E.
Lutz, Captain Nelson Luckey
Lynch, Colonel Frank
Mathias, General Charles S.
Martin, Colonel Rodger
Markland, Colonel A. H.
May, General Dwight
Mills, Captain Lewis E.
Moore, Colonel R. M.
Moulton, Colonel C. W.
Mower, General J. A.
Murphy, Colonel P. H.
Mussey, Surgeon Wm. H.
McCook, General Ed.
McCoy, Colonel J. C.
Nichols, Colonel George Ward
Oliver, General John M.
Ord, General E. 0. C.

Palmer, Colonel J. J. Patterson, Lieutenant W. A. Peck, Major Wm. E. Peckham, Colonel James Pearce, Lieutenant Edgar P. Potter, General J. A. Porter, Captain G. W. Pennington, Captain Thos. W. Potts, Brigadier-General Benjamin F. Prunty, Captain W.T. Rawlins, General John A. Randall, Lieutenant J. R. Raymond, Captain John B. Reid, General Hugh T. Richardson, Lieutenant G. W. Rice, General E. W. Robertson, Major W.S, Rowett, General R. Rowley, General William Rutger, Lieutenant Francis Sample, Lieutenant J. B. Sanford, Colonel T. W. Smith, General Morgan L. Schofield, Colonel G. W. Simpson, Major John E. Skilton, Captain A. S. Slack, General J. R. Smith, General Giles A. Smith, Colonel J. Condit. Spooner, General Benjamin Stephenson, Lieutenant W. B. Stockdale, Captain S. W. Strong, Major R. C. Swain, Colonel J. A. Terrell, General W. H. H. Thurston, Colonel W. H. Towner, Major H. N. Tullis, Colonel James Turner, General Charles Von Blessing, Brevet-Brig.-Gen. L. Walker, Major J. Bryant Wangelin, General Hugo Weaver, Colonel C. R. Welch, Colonel D. U. White, Captain David White, Major M. Hazen

Wood, Colonel John
Woodworth, Surgeon John M.
Wright, General Crafts J.
Wright, Mrs. C. J.
Wright, General W. W.
Yorke, General L. E.

Surgeon John B. Bowen died at East Bridgeton, N. J., December 11th, 1888. Dr. Bowen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the class of 1861, and July 1st, 1862 was appointed Assistant-Surgeon and assigned to duty in the Hospital of Philadelphia, where he remained until October 6th, 1863, when he was appointed Surgeon of the 34th New Jersey Infantry, and assigned to staff duty with General Brayman. He subsequently served on the staff of General Prince, in the 16th Army Corps.

After the close of the war, he returned to the practice of his profession at his boyhood's home, where he was endeared to all by his genial and charitable disposition.

He was a patriotic and faithful soldier, an honorable and useful citizen, a loving husband, father and friend, in whose death the community as well as his former comrades, have sustained an irreparable loss.

He leaves a widowed wife, son and daughter to mourn his untimely death.

Colonel Bradford Hancock died at Chicago, Ills., May 15th, 1887. Colonel Hancock was born at Sackett's Harbor, N. J., January, 1831, and removed with the family to Fall River, Wis., in 1847, and from there to Peru, Ills. In 1852 he went overland to California, where he remained for two years, returning to Wisconsin in 1854. In August, 1862, he entered the service as Captain Company A., 29th Wisconsin Volunteers, and March 9th, 1863, was promoted to Major, and in this capacity participated with his regiment in the battles around the rear of Vicksburg, being severely wounded at Champion Hills. March 15th, 1864, he was commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel, and February 5th, 1865, Colonel. Mustered out of service July, 1865, when he returned to Marshall, Wis. In 1874 he removed with his family to Chicago, where he continued to reside up to the time of his death.

He was married December 17th, 1868, at Sun Prairie, to Edith C. Flowers, who with two children, Nellie and Walter, survived our comrade, who, while as gentle as a woman, was as brave as a lion and ever mindful of the interests of his men, who fairly worshiped the ground upon which he trod.

General Charles Elliott Lypencott died at Quincy, Ills., September 11th, 1887, of paralysis.

General Lypencott was born at Edwardsville, Madison county, Ills.. January 26th, 1825.

He fought his own way to a collegiate education, supplemented by a medical course at Pope's Medical College, St. Louis, and began practice at Chandlersville, Ills., where in 1851 he married Emily W. Chandler, and shortly after visited California and entered actively into the politi cal contest then going on between the supporters of slavery and freedom.

After the free-state fight was fully won he returned to his old home and again settled down to the practice od his profession.

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