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98. What is prayer? Hab 3:2. Mut.6:5—8 & 7:7

Prayer is the offering, up-11&11:25 & 14:23. Mark of our desires to God for 11:25. Luke 1:10 & 2:37&6: things agreeable to his will, 12 & 18:1-14 & 21:6&22: in the name of Christ, with 31, 32, Yohn 9:31&14:13 & confession of our sins, and 15:7, 16 & 16:23&17:1---26. thankful acknowledgment Mat.26:39-44. Luke 23:34. of his mercies.

Acts 1;14,24,25&4:23 -30%

maio 7:60 & 8:22& 10:2,9,30,31& 99. What rule has God 12:5,12&13:3&16:15,16,25. given for our direction in Rom. 12:12. Eph. 5:20 & 6:

18. Phil. 4:6. Col. 4:2, 3. 1 prayer?

The whole word of God Thes. 3:10 & 5:17. 1Tim.2: is of use to direct us in 1-3,8&5:5.2 Tim.1:3. Heb. prayer;* but the special rule 13:15,18. James 1:5,6 & 4:2, of direction is that form of 3 & 5:16-18. 1 Pet. 1:17 & prayer, which Christ taught 2:5& 3:12. 17ohn 3:22 & 3: his disciples, commonly call

14. ed THE LORD'S PRAYER * A considerable part of the

100. What does the preface book of Psalms is peculiarly of the Lord's prayer teach us? adapted to direct, assist, and encourage us in prayer; likewise Thepretace of the Lord's the following passages, Gen. 17; prayer, which is, Our Father 18 & 18:23-32 & 14:29 & who art in heaven; teacherh 20:17 & 24:12-14, 42-52 us to draw near to God with. &32:9-12, 24.-28. Ex:17: all holy reverence and con11, 12 & 32:11-14, 30-32 fidence, as children to a fa. & 33:12, 13 Num. 14:13– ther,* able and ready to help 20. Deut. 3:23–25. Fosh. us; and that we should pray 10:12–14. Fudg. 13:8, 9 & with and for others. 15:18, 19 & 16:28-30, 1 * Rom. 8:15. For ye have not Sam. 1:10,11&8:6 & 12:19, received the spirit of bondage 23. 2 Sam. 7:18-29. 1Kings od the spirit of adoption, where

again to fear; but ye have receive 8:22. 2 Kings 19:14-19:2 by we cry Abba, Father. Chron.7:14,35 & 14:9-12 & 20:5_12&33:12,13. Ezra8: 101. What do we pray for 21-23&9:5—15.Neh.1:4– in the first petition? 11&9:4-38. Prov. 15:8,29 & In the first petition, which 28:9. Is. 1:15 & 29:13,14 & is, Hallowed be thy name, we 30:19. Jer. 29:12 Dan. 6:10. pray that God would enable &9:3-19. Hos. 12:3,4. Joel us and others to glorify him 2:15–27. Jonah 2:1-10. in all that, whereby he 12.

keth himself known, and daily bread, we pray that of that he would dispose all God's free gift we may rethings to his own glory.* ceive a competent portion

Petition, Humble request. of the good things of this Hallowed, Sanctified or honor. life,* and enjoy his blessing ed, as becomes the name of God.

* Rom. 11:36. Of him, and with them, through him, and to him are all Competent portion, Sufficient things, to whom be glory for share. ever, Amen,

* Prov. 30 8. Give me neither

poverty por riches; feed me 102. What do we pray for with food convenient for me i

Tim. 6:8. in the second petition ?

In the second petition, which is, Thy kingdom come,

105. What do we pray for we pray that Satan's king in the fifth petition ? dom may be destroyed, *

In the fifth petition, which that the kingdom of grace is, And forgive us our debts as may be advanced, ourselves we forgive our debtors, we and others brought into it, pray that God for Christ's and kept in it, and that the sake would freely pardon kingdom of glory may be all our sins," which we are hastened

the rather encouraged to Sztan's kingdom, The domi- ask, because by his grace nion or power of the devil over

we are enabled from the *Ps.68:1. Let God arise, let his heart to forgive others.t enemies be scattered; let them

* Ps. 51:1 Have mercy upon also that hate him flee before him. me, o God, according to thy


ing kindness; according unto the 103. What do we pray for multitude of thy tender mercies

blot out my transgressions. in the third petition?

+ Mat. 6:14. If ye forgive men In the third petition, their trespasses, your heavenly which is, Thy will be done Father will also forgive you.

Mat. 18:21-35. Mark11:25, on earth as it is in heaven, 26. Luke 6:37&17:3,4. Eph. we pray that God by his 4:32. Col.3:13. grace would make us able and willing to know, obey, and submit to his will in all

106. What do we pray for things, as the angels do in in the sixth petition.? heaven.

In the sixth petition,

which is, And lead us not into 104. What do we pray for temptation, but deliver us from in the fourth petition? evil, we pray that God would

In the fourth petition, either keep us from being which is, Give us this day our tempted to sing' or support


a deliver us, when we are prayer from God only,* and mpted. +

in our prayers to praise him, Temptation, Any thing that ascribing kingdom, power, tices or persuades us to sin or at diverts or discourages us

and glory to him; and in sm our duty.

testimony of our desire and * Mat. 26:41 Watch and pray, assurance to be heard, we atyeenter not into temptation, † Ps, 19:13. Keep back thy say, amen. ryant also from presumptuous Ascribing, Acknowledging as -as; let thenes not have dominion due.

Amen, A wish and hope that

it may be as we ask. 107. What doth the con- * Dan. 9:18. We do not present Uslun of the Lord's prayer our supplications before thee for ach us?

our righteousness, but for thy

great mercies, The conclusion of the + 1 Chron. 29:11. Thine, O ord's prayer, which is, Lord, is the greatness, and the For thine is the kingdom, and power, and the glory, and the the power, and the glory, for that is in the heaven and in the tver, Amen, teachech us to earth is thine; thine is the king

• dom, O Lord, and thou art exalt; ake our encouragement ined

as head above all.

rer me.


A considerable number of scriptures upon the following subjects are referred to. The figures placed at the right hand of the subjects denote the questions in the Assembly's Catechism, under which the references are respectively placed.




45,49 Adultery

Knowing Gou

46 Atonement of Christ

25 Murder Bearing false witness 76 Offices of Christ

28 Blessedness of Believers 38 Perfections of God

36 Covering 79 Perseverance of saints

99 Day of judgment


53 Decrees of Gol 7. Profanity

4 Depravity of man 18 Providence of God

12 Divinity of Christ

6 Punishment of the wicked 10 Divinity of the Holy Spirit 6 Repentance

86 Duties of children to parents 03 Sabbath

57,69 Election


73 Paith 85 Trinity

8 Glorifying and enjoying God

1 Works.


66 ket! THE DYING MARIANNE. Then could I close in peace my (Mrs. Marianne Burr..!


And soar triumphant to the skies,
AH! why this long and ling ring Where shines eternal day.

Why do I seek repose in vain?

But can so vile a sinner find
In vain I close my eyes;
In vain I court
thee, balmy sleep, A just and holy God so kind ?

And can I trust his grace?
Restless and pale I lie and weep,

Yes, my kedeemer lives! Se lives!
While gentle slumber flies.

Joy to my soul, my hope revives;

I see his smiling face.
Thest tedious days and nights of

Clear, as the sun in sky serene,
Thesemonths of wo, and no relies, The parting clouds be looks be
Ah! when will they be gone?

tween, When will my twars and sighing

And bids my fear, remove. cease?


With pleasure now I trust his When shall I greet theg, smiling

grace, And when will pleasure dawn?

And long to end my mortal race,

To taste his precious loves
Alas! the choicest balm no more
Can thismy wasting flesh restore;

No more can Death my soul sur
Imust resign my breath;
No more the healing art can give My steady faith on God relies,

This dying frame a power to live,

And all is peace of mind;
Or stay the hand of death.

I set no more in things below

To tempt my stay; with joy I ga,
Adieu, my friends, a long adieu

And leave them all behind.
Topeace, to friends ip,and to you;

Ah! cruel tate of mine!
Must I be snatch'd from all that's Adieu, my friends a long adieu,

I leave the joys of earth with you, dear,


I seek a heav'nly prize.
From ev'ry friend and comfort, May

you in Jesas too be found. Yes, I must all resign.

And when the trump of God shall

In his blest image rise. sound,
No more the sun with pleasant ray,
Looks down from heav'n, to cheer Farewell, my child and partner


[here, 'To me in vain he smiles.

If aught on earth could keep nie Darkness and doubts my peace "Twould be my love for you, control,

Isoul, But Jesus calls my soul away
A dreary gloom o'erspreads wy Jesus forbids a longer stay,

And ev'ry pleasure spoils. My dearest friends, adicu,
But what, shall I a worm com Thus

Marianne with rapture sung, plain?

my day;

(vain? Thus flow'd the music from her Ot charge my God with counsels

tongue; Or shall I dare repine

She clos'd her eyes in peace, Afraid to die, too vile to live.

The spirit leaves her house of clay My God, a trembling wretch for.

To realms of bliss she wings her give.

way, · And let thy mercy shine. Where sighs and sorrows cease. Ofor a cheering voice from heav'n, Surviving friends,her virtues claira "Daughter, thy sins are all forgivin Some sweet memorial of her name

"Thy crimes are wash'd away'. And while she sleeps in dealb


Tis yours with pious care to tread Swiftly God's great day approacha
Fler steps as far as Jesus led, Sighs shall then be chang'd ro

'Till Heav'n demandyour breath. praise. Then may you all in peace resign,

May we triumph,

When the world is in a blaze. Earth and its joys for bliss divine

anu Ineet her soul ahove, Where warbling barps and songs proclaim

(name, The great Redeemer's glorious And speak his boundless love.


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HOW lost was my condition,

"Till Jesus made me whule; DAY of Judgment,day of wonders! There is but one Physician

Hark! the trumpet's awful sound Can cure the sin-sick soul. Louder than ten thousand thun- Condemn'd to death he found me, ders,

And spatch'd me from the graro Shakes the nst creation round:

To tell to all around me How the summons

His wondrous pow'r to save Will the sinner's heart confound?

The worst of all diseases,
See the Judge our nature wearing, Is light, compar'd to si;

Cloth'd in majesty divine; On ev'ry part it seizes,
You, who long for bus appearing, But rages most within;
Then shall say, ". Tmns God is 'Tis palsy, plague, and fever,

And madness, all combiu'd;
Gracious Savior,

And none but a believer Own me in that day for thing. The least relief can find, At his call the dead awaken,

Fron men great skill prosessing, Rise to lite from earth and sea;

I thougbt relief w gain, All the pow'rs of nature, shaken

But this prov'u niore distressing,

And added to ny pain.,
By bis louks, prepaid co mee.
Careless sinner,

Some said that nothing ailld me i
What will then become of thee? Some gave me up for lusti

Thus ev'ry refuge faild me, Horrors past imagination

And all my hopes were cross'd. Will surprise your trembling, heart.

[tion. At length this great Physician, When you


condemna How matchiess is his grace!
5. Hence, accursed wretch, depart Bebeld my sad conditivi,
« Thou with Satan

And undertook any case; "And his angels bave thy part." First gave me signt to view lin,

For s.n my eyes bad stand; But to those, who have confesseds Then bade de cook unto him;

Lov't and serv'd beLoru below, I look'u, and I was heal'd.
He will say, "Come near, ye bles

A dying, risen Jesus,
See the kiogdon I bestow; Seen by an eye of laith,
You for ever

From condemnation trees us,
Sball my love and glory know.” And saves the soui irom death

Come then to this Physician; Under sorrows and reproaches, His help he'li freely gives May this thought your courage He wahes nu hard condition, 1211,

Tia only 'LOOK AND LIVE.


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