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Our eyes shall then with npture

The Savior's face behold; THE CHRISTIAN SOLDIER.

Ou: feet, no more diverted,

Shall walk the streets of gold;

Our ears shall hear transported O WHEN shall I see Jesus,

The hosts celestial sing;. [ries And reign with bim above, Our tongues shall chant the glog And from that flowing Fountain Of our immortal King.

Drink everlasting love? When shall I be deliver'd

From this vain world of sin, And with my blessed Jesus Drink endless pleasures in?

CORONATION. But now I am a soldier,

ALL hail the pow'rof Jesus' name; My Captain's gone before;

Let angels prostrate fall; He's given me my orders,

Bring forth the royal diadem, And bids me upward soar;

And crown him Lord of all. And since his name is Faithful,

Crown him, ye martyrs of our God A righteous crown be'll give, Who from the altar call; And all his valiant soldiers

Extol the stem of Jesse's rod, Eternally shall live.

And crown bim Lord of alí. Through grace I am determind To conquer, tho' I die,

Ye chosen seed of Isrel's race, And then away to Jesus

A remnant, wcak and small, On wings of love I'll fly; Hail him, who saves you by his Farewell to sin and sorrow,

grace, I bid you all adieu;

And crown him Lord of all. And, O my friends, prove faithful, Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget, And on your way pursue.

The wormwood and the gall;

Go spread your trophies at his feet; And if you meet with troubles

And crown him Lort of all. And trials on your way, Tben cast your cares on Jesus, Babes, men, and sires, who know And don't forget to pray,

his love, Gird on the heav'nly armor

Vhon feel your sin and thrall, Of faith, and hope, and love;

Rejoire with all the hosts abore Then, when the combat's ended,

And crown him Lord of all. He'll carry you above.

O that with yonder sacred throng O do not be discoitrag'd,

We at his feet may fall.
For Jesus is your friend;
And if you want more wisdom,

And join the everlasting song,

And crown him Lord of all.
He'll not reftise to lend;
Nor will your Lord upbraid you,

Tho' often you request;
He'll give you grace to conquer,
And take you home to rest.


Composed by a poor woman, who And when the last lourd trumpet had suffered inuch affliction.

Shall rend the vaulted skies, And bid the slumb'ring millions

TELL me no more of earthly toode From their cold beds arise, Of sinful mirth, and carnal joys, Our ransom'd dust reviring, The things I lov'd before; Bright glories shall put on, Let

me but vicw my Savior's face And soar to the blest mansion,

And feel his animaung grace, Where our Redeemer's gone. And I desire no more

Tell me no more of praise and Must behold the wrathful eyes, wealth,

(health, of the Judge they once blas. Tell me no more of ease and phem'd.

[looks! For these have all their snares; Where are now their baughty Let me but know my sins forgivn, Oh! their horror and despai, And see my name enroll in When they see the open'd books heav'n,

And the dreadful sentence bear And I am free from cares.

Lord prepare us by thy grace; Tell me no more of lofty tow'rs,

Soon must we resign our breath Delightfulgardens, fragrantbow'rs And our souls be call'd te pass

For these are trifting things;. The little room fur me design'd,

Through the iron gate of death

Let us now our day improve, Will suit as well my easy mind, Listen to the gospel voice, As palaces of kings.

Seek the things that are above, Tell me no more of crowding


the world's pretended joys. guests,

O! when flesh and heart sball of sumptuous feasts and gaudy fail, dress,

Let thy love our spirits cheer, Extravagance and waste, Strengthen'd thus we shall prevail My little table, only spread,

Over Satan, sin, and fear. With wholesome herbs and whole Trusting in thy precious wame some bread.

May we thus our journey end; Will better suit my taste,

Then our foes shall lose their aim

And the Judge will be our friend. Give me a Bible in my hand, A heart to read and understand

The sure, unerring word; I'd urge no company to stay, But sit alone fiom day to day, CONFIDENCE IN CHRIST. Conversing with the Lord.

Begone, upbelief,

My Savior is near,

And for



Will surely appear. SINNER, art thou still secure? By prayer let me wrestle, Wilt thou still refuse to pray?

"And he will perform; Can thy heart or hands endure With Christ in the vessel In the Lord's avenging day?

I smile at the storna. See his inighty arm is bar'd,

Awful terrors clothe his brow; Tho dark be my way, For his judgment stand prepard; Since he is my guide, Thou must either break or bow. 'Tis mine to obey,

'Tis his to provide; At his presence nature shakes, Tho cisterns be broken,

Earw affrighted hastes to flee; And creatures all fail, Solid mountains melt, like wax;, The word he has spoken,

What will then become of thee? Will surely prevail. Who his coming may abide?

You that glory in your shame, His love in time past Will you find a place to hide, Forbids me tu think When the world is wrapp'd in He'll leave me at last, flame?

In trouble to sink;

Each sweet Ebenezer, Then the great, the rich the wise, I have in review, Trembling, gumy, all con. Confirms his good pleasure demn'd.

To help me quite through

Determin'd to save,

Death in vain forbids him rise; He watch'd o'er my path, Christ has open'd Paradise. When, Satan's blind slave, I sported with death.

Lives again our glorious King, And can he have taught me " Where o death is wów thy To trust in his name,

sting?" And this far have brought me,

Once he died, our souls to save, To pot me to shame?

« Where's thy vict'ry, boasting

grave." Why should I complain Of want or distress,

Soar we now where Christ has Temptation or pain?

led, He told me no less.

Foll'wing our exalted Head; The heirs of salvation,

Made like him, like him we sise, I know from his word,

Ours the cross, the grave, the Through much tribulation

skies. Must follow their Lord. How bitter that cup,

No heart can conceive, Which he drank quite op. That sinners might live.

THE ASCENSION OF CHRIST. His way was much rougher And darker than mine.

Jesus, our triumphant Head, Did Jesus thus suffer?

Ris'n victorious from the dead, And shall I repine?

To the realms of glory gone,

To ascend his rightful throne. Since all that I meet Shall work for my good,

Cherube on the Conqu’ror gaze; The pitter is sweet,

Serapbs glow with brighter Haze; The med'eine is food;

Each bright onder of the sky Tho painful at present,

Hail him, as he passes by. 'Twill cease before long; And then, o how pleasant

Saints the glorious triumph meet; The conqueror's song!

See their garments at his feet.
By his scars his toils are view'd,
And his garments rolla in blood.

Heaven her King congratulates, THE RESURRECTION OF

Opens wide ber golden gates; CHRIST

Angels songs of vict'ry bring; Christ the Lord is ris'n to day,

All the blissful regions ring. Sons of men and angels say: Raise yourjoysand triumplis high, Sinners join the heav'nly pow'ss, Sing ye heav'ns, and earth, reply. For redemption all is ours;

None but burthen'd sinners prove Love's redeeming work is done, Blood bought pardon, dying love, Fought the firht, the battle won; in ! our Sun's eclipse is o'er; Hail, thou dear, thou wortby Lo! he sets in blood no more. Lords

Holy Lamb, incarnate Word! Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Hail, thou sutfring Son of God! Clist bas burst the gates of bell; Take the trophies of thy bloodoy


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