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P. What? arm'd for virtue when I point the pen, Brand the bold front of shameless guilty men, Dash the proud gamester in his gilded car, Bare the mean heart that lurks beneath a star; Can there be wanting, to defend her cause, Lights of the church, or guardians of the laws? Could pension'd Boileau lash in honest strain Flatt'rers and bigots, ev'n in Louis' reign? Could Laureat Dryden pimp and fry'r engage, Yet neither Charles, nor James, be in a rage? And I not 2 strip the gilding off a knave, Unplac'd, unpension'd, no man's heir or slave? I will, or perish in the gen'rous cause: Hear this, and tremble! you who 'scape the laws. Yes, while I live, no rich or noble knave Shall walk the world in credit to his grave: 3 To Virtue only, and her friends a friend, The world beside may murmur or commend.



H. Quid? cum est Lucilius ausus

Primus in hunc operis componere carmina morem,
2 Detrahere et pellem, nitidus qua quisque per ora
Cederet, introrsum turpis; num Lælius, aut qui
Duxit ab oppressa meritum Carthagine nomen,
Ingenio offensi? aut læso doluere Metello,
Famosisque Lupo cooperto versibus? atqui
Primores populi arripuit populumque tributim;
Scilicet 3 uni æquus virtuti atque ejus amicis.

Know all the distant din that world can keep,
Rolls o'er my grotto, and but sooths my sleep:
There my retreat the best companions grace,
Chiefs out of war, and statesmen out of place;
There St. John mingles with my friendly bowl
The feast of reason, and the flow of soul:


And he whose lightning pierc'd th' Iberian lines
Now forms my quincunx, and now ranks my vines;
Or tames the genius of the stubborn plain
Almost as quickly as he conquer'd Spain.

2 Envy must own I live among the great


No pimp of pleasure, and no spy of state,

With eyes that pry not, tongue that ne'er repeats,
Fond to spread friendships, but to cover heats;


To help who want, to forward who excel;

This all who know me, know; who love me, tell;

And who unknown defame me, let them be

Scribblers, or peers, alike are mob to me.

1 Quin ubi se a vulgo et scena, in secreta remorant
Virtus Scipiadæ et mitis sapientia Læli,

Nugari cum illo, et discincti luderi, donec
Decoqueretur olus, soliti.

Quidquid sum ego, quamvis
Infra Lucili censum ingeniumque ; tamen me
2 Cum magnis vixisse invita fatebitur usque
Invidia; et fragili quærens illidere dentem,
Offendet solido:


This is my plea, on this I rest my cause---
I What saith my counsel, learned in the laws?

F. 2 Your plea is good, but still I say beware!
Laws are explain'd by men---so have a care.
It stands on record, that, in Richard's times,
A man was hang'd for very honest rhymes.
3 Consult the statute; quart. I think it is,
Edwardi sext, or prim. et quint. Eliz.


See Libels, Satires---here you have it---read.

P. 4Libels and Satires! lawless things indeed!


But grave epistles, bringing vice to light,

Such as a king might read, a bishop write,

Such as Sir Robert would approve---F. indeed!
The case is alter'd---you may then proceed:
In such a cause the plaintiff will be hiss'd,
My lords the judges laugh, and you're dismiss'd.



Inisi quid tu, docte Trebati,

T. 2Equidem nihil hic diffindere possum. Sed tamen ut monitus caveas, ne forte negoti Incutiat tibi quid sanctarum inscitia legum : 3 "Si mala condiderit in quem quis carmina, jus est "Judiciumque."

H. Esto, si quis4 mala: sed bona si quis Judice condiderit laudatur Cæsare. si quis Opprobriis dignum laceraverit, integer ipse, T. 'Solventur risu tabulæ; tu missus abibis,

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WHAT, and how great, the virtue and the art
To live on little with a cheerful heart,

2(A doctrine sage, but truly none of mine)
Let's talk, my friends, but talk3 before we dine;
4Not when a gilt buffet's reflected pride,

Turns you from sound philosophy aside;
Not when from plate to plate your eyeballs roll,
And the brain dances to the mantling bowl.

Hear Bethel's sermon, one not vers'd in schools, 5 But strong in sense, and wise without the rules.



QUÆ virtus et quanta, boni, sit vivere parvo, ("Nec meus hic sermo est; sed quem præcepit Ofellus, Rusticus, 3abnormis sapiens, crassaque Minerva) Discite; non inter lances mensasque nitentes, Cum stupet insanis acies fulgoribus, et cum Acclinis falsis animus meliora recusat;

5 Verum hic impransi mecum disquirite. Cur hoc ?. Dicam, si potero. male verum examinat omnis

"Go work, hunt, exercise! (he thus began)
Then scorn a homely dinner if you can.

Your wine lock'd up, your butler stroll'd abroad,
Or fish deny'd, (the river yet unthaw'd)

If then plain bread and milk will do the feat,
The pleasure lies in you, and not the meat.

2 Preach as I please, I doubt our curious men
Will chuse a pheasant still before a hen;
Yet hens of Guinea full as good I hold,
Except you eat the feathers green and gold.



Corruptus judex. leporem sectatus, equove
Lassus ab indomito; vel si Romana fatigat
Militia assuetum Græcari; seu pila velox,
Molliter austerum studio fallente laborem,
Seu te discus agit, pete cedentem aera disco:
Cum labor extuderit fastidia, siccus, inanis
Sperne cibum vilem; nísi Hymettia mella Falerno
Ne biberis diluta. foris est promus, et atrum
Defendens pisces hyemat mare: cum sale panis
Latrantem stomachum bene leniet. unde putas? aut
Qui partum? non in caro nidore voluptas
Summa, sed in teipso est. tu pulmentaria quære
Sudando, pinguem vitiis albumque, nec ostrea.
Nec scarus, aut poterit peregrina juvare lagois.
2Vix tamen eripiam, posito pavone, velis quin
Hoc potius quam gallina tergere palatum,
Corruptus vanis rerum ; quia veneat auro


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