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The title-page of this book will sufficiently indicate its contents and purposes, the object being to present within a small compass and at trifling cost, a concise and perspicuous statement of the laws relating to Friendly, Industrial and Provident, Building, and Loan Societies.

The changes from time to time introduced into the law relating to these societies by legislative enactment, and the numerous and still increasing number of such societies, has induced me to think that the following pages will be found acceptable not only to the officers and members, but also to those contemplating the forming of new associations, those about to become members, and such persons who desire information on the subject.

I have endeavoured in the arrangement of this work to avoid all unnecessary technicalities in the phraseology and complexity of the law, so as to be easily

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understood by every person in whose hands this book shall happen to be placed.

I have now apprised the reader of what he is to expect in the following work. Trifling as it may appear, it has cost me much time and labour. It has been my aim, however, to make this a practically useful book : I neither anticipate nor desire for it a higher commendation.

N. W.


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