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Mes. He is at it, sir.

He vows he knows no more than this truth. Car. Away then;

Dec. Strange! When he has done, let us march. Come, fear Cur. If she mean what she writes, as it

may not, lady;

be probable, This day the Roman gains no more ground here, 'Twill be the happiest vantage we can lean to. But what his body lies in.

Jun. I'll pawn my soul she means truth. Bond. Now I am confident.[Exeunt. Recorders. Dec. Think an hour more;

Then if your confidence grow stronger on you, SCENE II.

We'll set in with you.

Jun. Nobly done! I thank ye.
Enter JUNIUS, Curius, and Decius.

Ye know the time,
Dec. We dare not hazard it; beside our lives, Cur. We will be either ready
It forfeits all our understandings.

To give you present counsel, or join with

you. Jun. Gentlemen, Can ye forsake me in so just a service,

Enter SUETONIUS, PETILLIUS, DEMETRIUS, and A service for the commonwealth, for honour?

MACER. Read but the letter ; you may love too.

Jun. No more, as ye are gentlemen. The geDec. Read it.

neral ! If there be any safety in the circumstance,

Suet. Draw out



waits for us. Or likelihood 'tis love, we will not fail you: Are


all ready? Read it, good Curius.

Jun. All our troops attend, sir. Cur. Willingly

Suet. I am glad to hear you say so, Junius ; Jun. Now mark it.

I hope you are dispossessed. Cur. [reading.) “Health to thy heart, my ho- Jun. I hope so too, sir. noured Junius,

Suet. Contiņue so. And, gentlemen, to you All thy love requited! I am thine,

now! Thine everlastingly; thy love has won me; To bid you fight is needless; ye are Romans; And led it breed no doubt, our new acquaintance The name will fight itself: To tell ye who Compels this; 'tis the gods decree to bless us. You go to fight against, his power, and nature, The times are dangerous to meet, yet fail not; But loss of time; ye know it, know it poor, By all the love thou bear'st me I conjure thee, And oft have made it so: To tell ye further, Without distrust of danger, to come to me! His body shews more dreadful than it has done, For I have purposed a delivery

To him that fears, less possible to deal with, Both of myself and fortune this blessed day Is but to stick more honour on your actions, Into thy hands, if thou thinkest good. To shew thee Load ye with virtuous names, and to your me How infinite my love is, even my mother

mories Shall be thy prisoner, the day yours without Tie never-dying time and fortune constant. hazard;

Go on in full assurance ! draw your swords For I beheld your danger like a lover,

As daring and as confident as justice; A just affecter of thy faith : Thy goodness, The gods of Rome fight for ye; loud Fame calls I know, will use us nobly; and our marriage,

ye, If not redeem, vet lessen Rome's ambition : Pitched on the topless Apennine, where the I'm weary of these miseries. Use my mother

snow dwells, (If you intend to take her) with all honour; And blows to all the under-world, all nations, And let this disobedience to my parent

The seas and unfrequented deserts; wakens Be laid on love, not me. Bring with thee, Junius, The ruined monuments; and there, where noSpirits resolved to fetch me off, the noblest;

thing Forty will serve the turn, just at the joining But eternal death and sleep is, informs again Of both the battles; we will be weakly guarded, The dead bones with your virtues. Go on, I say: And for a guide, within this hour, shall reach thee Valiant and wise rule heaven, and all the great A faithful friend of mine. The gods, my Junius, Aspects ! attend them, do but blow upon Keep thee, and me to serve thee ! Young Bon- This enemy, who, but that we want foes, vica."

Cannot deserve that name; and, like a mist, Cur. This letter carries much belief, and most A lazy fog, before your burning valours objections

You'll find him fly to nothing. This is all; Answered, we must have doubted.

We have swords, and are the sons of ancient RoDec. Is that fellow

mans, Come to you for a guide yet?

Heirs to their endless valours; fight and conquer ! Jun. Yes.

Dec. Dem. It is done. Dec. And examined ?

Pet. That man, that loves not this day, Jun. Far more than that; he has felt tortures, And hugs not in his arms the noble danger,

May he die fameless and forgot! Vol. I.



Suet. Sufficient !

Cur. I think it is true. Up to your troops, and let your drums beat thun- Jun. Alas, if it were a question, der;

If any doubt or hazard fell into it, March close and sudden, like a tempest : All ex- Do


think mine own discretion so self-blind, ecutions

[March. My care of ye so naked, to run headlong? Done without sparkling of the body; keep your Dec. Let us take Petillius with us! phalanx

Jun. By no means; Sure lined, and pieced together, your pikes for He is never wise but to himself, nor courteous, ward,

But where the end is his own: we are strong And so march like a moving fort. Ere this day enough, run,

If not too many. Behind yonder hill, We shall have ground to add to Rome, well won. The fellow tells me, she attends, weak guarded,

[Ereunt. ller mother and her sister. SCENE III.

Cur. I would venture.

Jun. We shall not strike five blows for it. Enter Caratach and NENNIUS.

Weigh the good, Nen. The Roman is advanced; from yon hill's | The general good may come. brow

Dec. Away! I'll with ye; We may

behold him, Caratach. [A march. But with what doubtCar. Let us thither;

Jun. Fear not; my soul for all ! [Drums within at one place afar off. [Ereunt. Alurms, drums and trumpets I see the dust fly. Now I see the body.

in several places afar off, as at a main Observe them, Nennius; by heaven, a handsome

And, of a few, strongly and wisely jointed !

Suetonius is a soldier.
Nen. As I take it,

Enter DRUSIUS and PENIUS above.
That is he, that gallops by the regiments,

Drus. Here you may see them all, sir; from Viewing their preparations.

this hill Car. Very likely;

The country shews off level. He shews no less than general. See how bravely Pen. Gods defend me, The body moves, and in the head how proudly What multitudes they are, what infinites ! The captains stick like plumes; he come apace on. The Roman power shews like a little star, Good Nennius, go, and bid my stout lieutenant Hedged with a double halo.-Now the knell rings: Bring on the first square body to oppose them,

Loud shorts

. And, as he charges, open to enclose them; Hark, how they shout to the battle" how the air The queen move next with her's, and wheel about, Totters and reels, and rends apieces, Drusius, To gain their backs, in which I'll lead the van-With the huge-vollied clamours ! guard.

Drus. Now they charge
We shall have bloody crowns this day, I see by it. (Oh, gods !) of all sides, fearfully.
Haste thee, good Nennius; I'll follow instantly. Pen. Little Rome,

[Exit Nennius. Stand but this growing hydra one short hour, Hlow close they march, as if they grew together, And thou hast out-done Hercules !

March Drus. The dust
No place but lined alike, sure from oppression ! Hides them; we cannot see what follows.
They will not change this figure; we must charge Pen. They are gone,

Gone, swallowed, Drusius; this eternal sun
And charge them home at both ends, van and Shall never see them march more.

rear; [Drums in another place afur off. Drus. Oh, turn this way, They never totter else. I hear our music, And see a model of the field ! some forty, And must attend it: Hold, good sword, but this Against four hundred ! day,

Pen. Well fought, bravely followed ! And bite hard, where I hound thee! and here- Oh, nobly charged again, 'charged home too! after

Drusius, I'll make a relic of

for young soldiers They seem to carry it. Now they charge all; To come like pilgrims to, and kiss for conquests.

(Loud shouts. [Exit. Close, close, I say! they follow it. Ye gods, SCENE IV.

Can there be more in men? more daring spirits?

Still they make good their fortunes. Now they Enter JUNIUS, CURius, and Decius.

are gone too, Jun. Now is the time; the fellow stays. For ever gone! see, Drusius, at their backs Dec. What think ye?

A fearful ambush rises. Farewell, valours,

Excellent valours ! oh, Rome, where is thy wis- | Unto our snare: We have done you no small serdom?

vice. Drus. They are gone indeed, sir.

These used as we intend, we are for the battle. Pen. Look out toward the army;

Car. As you intend ? Taken by treachery? I am heavy with these slaughters.

1 Daugh. Is it not allowed ? Drus. 'I'is the same still,

Car. Those, that should gild our conquest, Covered with dust and fury. [They retire. Make up a battle worthy of our winning,

Catched up by craft? Enter the two Daughters, with Junius, Curi

2 Daugh. By any means that's lawful. us, Decius, Soldiers, and Servants.

Car. A woman's wisdom in our triumphs? Out! 2 Daugh. Bring them in;

Out, out, ye sluts, ye follies! From our swords Tie them, and then unarm them.

Filch our revenges basely? -Arm again, gentle1 Daugh. Valiant Romans,

men! Ye are welcome to your loves !

Soldiers, I charge ye help them. 2 Daugh. Your death, fools !

Dispatch there? Dee. We deserve them;

1 Daugh. I will not off thus ! And, women, do your worst.

Car. He that stirs to execute, 1 Daugh. Ye need not beg it.

Or she, though it be yourselves, by him that got 2 Daugh. Which is kind Junius?

me, Serv. This.

Shall quickly feel mine anger! One great day ? Daugh. Are you my sweetheart?

given us, It looks ill on it! How long is it, pretty soul, Not to be snatched out of our hands but basely, Since you and I first loved ? Had we not reason And must we shame the gods from whence we To doat extremely upon one another?

have it, How does my love? This is not he; my chicken With setting snares for soldiers? I'll run away Could prate finely, sing a love-song.

first, Jun. Monster

Be hooted at, and children call me coward, 2 Daugh. Oh, now it courts !

Before I set up stales for victories. Jun. Armed with more inalice

Give them their swords. Than he, that got thee, has, the devil.

2 Daugh. Oh, Gods! 2 Daugh. Good!

Car. Bear off the women Proceed, sweet chick.

Unto their mother! Jun. I hate thee; that is my


2 Daugh. One shot, gentle uncle! 2 Daugh. Nay, an you love me, forward ! Car. Bear them off, I say. No? Come, sister,

1 Daugh. The devil take this fortune! Let us prick our answers on our arrows' points, Car. Learn to spin, Ereunt Daughters. And make them laugh a little. Ye damned le- and curse your knotted hemp -Go, gentlemen, chers,

Safely go off, up to your troops; be wiser; Ye proud improvident fools, have we now caught There thank me like tall soldiers : I shall seek ye. ye?

[Exit. Are ye in the noose? Since ye are such loving Cur. A noble worth ! creatures,

Dec. Well, Junius?
We'll be your Cupids : Do ye see these arrows? Jun. Pray ye, no more!
We'll send them to your wanton livers, goats. Cur. Je blushes; do not load him.
1 Daugh. Oh, how I'll trample on your hearts, Dec. Where is


love now? ye villains,

[Drums loud again. Ambitious salt-itch slaves, Rome's master-sins ! Jun. Puff! there it flies. Come, let us redeem 2 Daugh. Dogs,

our follies. Thieres, honour's hangmen, do ye grin? Perdition

[Exeunt Junius, Curius, and Decius. Take me for erer, if, in my


anger, I do not out-do all example.

Drusius and Penius come forward.

Drus. Awake, sir; yet the Roman body's whole; Enter CARATACH.

I see them clear again.
Car. Where,

Pen. Whole? it is impossible;
Where are the ladies? Ye keep noble quarter ! Drusius, they must be lost.
Your mother thinks you dead or taken, upon Drus. By heaven, they are whole, sir,

And in brave doing; see, they wheel about,
She will not move her battle.-Sure these faces To gain more ground.
I have beheld and known; they are Roman leaders ! Pen. But see there, Drusius, see,
Ilow came they here?

See that huge battle moving from the mountains ! 2 Daugh. A trick, sir, that we used;

Their gilt coats shine like dragon's scales, their A certain policy conducted them



man !

Like a rough tumbling storm; see them, and view In gross before the enemy? We pay for it; them,

Our own swords cut our throats! Why, pox on it! And then see Rome no more. Say they fail, Why do you offer to command? The devil, look,

The devil, and his dam too ! who bid you
Look where the armed carts stand; a new army! Meddle in men's affairs ?
Look how they hang like falling rocks! as mur- Bond. I'll help all.

Car. Home,

[Ereunt Queen, &c. Death rides in triumph, Drusius, fell Destruction Home and spin, woman, spin, go spin! you trifle. Lashes his fiery horse, and round about him Open before there, or all's ruined !-How? His many thousand ways to let out souls.

Shouts within. Move me again, when they charge, when the Now comes the tempest on ourselves, by heaven! mountain

Within. Victoria ! Melts under their hot wheels, and from their axle- Car. Oh, woman, scurvy woman, beastly woHuge claps of thunder plough the ground before [Exeunt omnes præter Drusius and Penius. them!

Drus. Victoria, victoria ! 'Till then, I'll dream what Rome was. [They retire. Pen. How is that, Drusius !

Drus. They win, they win, they win! Oh, look, Enter SUETONIUS, PETILLIUS, DEMETRIUS, and

look, look, sir, Macer.

For Heaven's sake, look! The Britons fly, the Suet. Oh, bravely fought!

Britons fly! Victoria !
Honour till now ne'er shewed her golden face
In the field : Like lions, gentlemen, you have held

Enter SUETONIUS, Soldiers, and Captains. Your heads up this day. Where is young Junius, Suet. Soft, soft, pursue it soft, excellent solCurius, and Decius?

diers ! Pet. Gone to heaven, I think, sir.

Close, my brave fellows, honourable Romans ! Suet. Their worths go with them! Breathe a Oh, cool thy mettle, Junius; they are ours, while. How do ye?

The world cannot redeein them : Stern Petillius, Pet. Well; some few scurvy wounds; my Govern the conquest nobly. Soft, good soldiers! heart's whole yet.

[Ereunt. Dem. Would they would give us more ground! Suet. Give? we'll have it.

Enter Bonduca, Daughters, and Britons. Pet. Have it, and hold it too, despite the devil. Bond. Shame! whither fly ye, ye unlucky Bri

tons ? Enter JUNIUS, Decius, and Curius.

Will ye creep into your mothers' wombs again? Jun. Lead up to the head, and linc sure! The Back, cowards! queen's battle

Hares, fearful hares, doves in your angers! leare Begins to charge like wildfire. Where's the ge- me? neral ?

Leave your queen desolate? her hapless children, Suet. Oh, they are living yet. Come, my brave soldiers,

Come, let me pour Rome's blessing on ye: Live, To Roman rape again, and fury?
Live, and lead armies all! Ye bleed hard.

Car. Fly, ye buzzards !
Jun. Best;

Ye've wings enough, ye fear! Get thee gone, woWe shall appear the sterner to the foe.


(Loud shout within. Dec. More wounds, more honour.

Shame tread upon thy heels! All's lost, all's lost! Pet. Lose no time.

Hark, Suet. Away then;

Hark how the Romans ring our knells ! And stand this shock, ye have stood the world.

[Ex. Bond. &c. Pet. We'll grow to it.

Hengo. Good uncle,
Is not this better now than lousy loving? Let me go too.
Jun. I am myself, Petillius.

Car. No, boy; thy fortune's mine;
Pet. 'Tis I love thee. [Ereunt Romans. I must not leave thee. Get behind me; shake

not; Enter Bonduca, CARATACH, Daughters, and NENNIUS.

Enter PetiLLIUS, Junius, and Decius. Car. Charge them in the flanks! Oh, you have I'll breech you, if you do, boy. Come, brave Roplayed the fool,

mans ! The fool extremely, the mad fool !

All is not lost yet. Bond. Why, cousin?

Jun. Now I'll thank thee, Caratach. Car. The woman fool ! Why did you give the

[Fight. Drums word

Car. Thou art a soldier; strike home, home! Unto the carts to charge down, and our people,

have at you!

Pen. His blows fall like huge sledges on an anvil. Pen. Fool, fool, coward!
Dec. I'm weary.

(Exeunt Penius and Drusius. Pet. So am I. Car. Send more swords to me.

Enter SUETONIUS, DEMETRIUS, Soldiers, drum

and colours. Jun. Let's sit and rest.

[Sit down. Drus. What think you now?

Suet. Draw in, draw in !-Well have you Pen. Oh, Drusius,

fought, and worthy I've lost mine honour, lost my name, lost all Rome's noble recompense. Look to your wounds; That was my light. These are true Romans, The ground is cold and hurtful.

The proud and I

queen A Briton coward, a base coward ! Guide me, Has got a fort, and there she and her daughters Where nothing is but desolation,

Defy us once again : To-morrow morning That I may never more behold the face

We'll seek her out, and make her know our forOf man, or mankind know me! Oh, blind fortune,

Stop at no stubborn walls. Come, sons of hoHast thou abused me thus !

nour, Drus. Good sir, be comforted;

True virtue's heirs, thus hatched with Britain It was your wisdom ruled you. Pray you go blood, home;

Let's march to rest, and set in gules like suns. Your day is yet to come, when this great fortune Beat a soft march, and each one ease his neighShall be but foil unto it. [Retreat. bours !




Dec. When thou lovest next, love a good cup SCENE I.

of wine, Enter Petillius, Junius, Decius, and DE- A mistress for a king! she leaps to kiss thee,

Her red and white's her own, she makes good METRIUS, singing

blood, Pet. Smooth was his cheek,

Takes none away.
Dec. And his chin it was sleek,

Jun. I am counselled ;
Jun. With, whoop, he has done wooing! And henceforth, when I doat again-
Dem. Junius was this captain's name,

Dem. Take heed;
A lad for a lass's viewing.

Ye had almost paid for it.
Pet. Full black his eye, and plump his thigh, Pet. Love no more great ladies;
Dec. Made up for love's pursuing.

Thou canst not step amiss then; there's no deDem. Smooth was his cheek,

light in them : Pet. And his chin it was sleek,

All's in the whistling of their snatcht-up silks ; Jun. With, whoop, he has done wooing ! They're only made for handsome vicw, not hand

ling. Pet. Oh, my vexed thief, art thou come home Jun. Thou speakest truly: again?

The wars shall be my mistress now. Are thy brains perfect ?

Pet. Well chosen! Jun. Sound as bells.

For she's a bouncing lass; she'll kiss thee at Pet. Thy back-worm

night, boy, Quiet, and cast his sting, boy?

And break thy pate in the morning.
Jun. Dead, Petillius,

Jun. Yesterday
Dead to all folly, and now my anger only- I found those favours infinite.
Pet. Why, that's well said; hang Cupid and Dem. Wench good enough,

But that she talks too loud.
A drunken brawling boy ! Thy honoured saint Pet. She talks to the purpose,
Be thy ten shillings, Junius; there's the money, Which never woman did yet. She'll hold grap-
And there's the ware; square dealing: Thus but pling,
sweats thee

And he that lays on best is her best servant; Like a nesh nag, and makes thee look pin-but- All other loves are mere catching of dottrels. tocked;

Here comes the general.
The other runs thee whining up and down
Like a pig in a storm, fills thy brains full of bal-

Enter SUETONIUS, Curius, and Macer. lads,

Suet. I'ın glad I've found ye : And shews thee like a long lent, thy brave body Are those come in yet, that pursued bold CaraTurned to a tail of green fish without butter.


bis quiver,

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