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Acts of Parliament, which though local and on that account omitted in the first Edition, were from their extensive operation considered necessary to render this Publication complete.

These and other additions have enlarged the bulk of the Volume; but it is hoped that it will thereby be rendered more generally useful and more acceptable to the Magistracy and the Public..

The Author cannot omit this opportunity of ac+ knowledging his obligations to SAMUEL PURKIS, Esq. of Hampstead, a very active and intelligent Magistrate, for much kind assistance and many valuable suggestions during the progress of the Work.

Cursitors Street,

Jan. 1817.

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Bos. and Pull...........Bosanquet and Puller's Reports in Common Pleas.



..Bott's Poors' Law, by Const.

Buller N. P. ....Buller's Nisi Prius.

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and B. S....


..Caldecott's Reports on Settlement Cases.

Campb. Rep. ....Campbell's Reports.

Chitty App.......Chitty on Apprentices.

.Coke upon Littleton.

..Comberbach's Reports."

...Blackstone's Commentaries.
...Cowper's Reports.

...Croke's Reports temp. Eliz.
....Croke's Reports temp. James.
...Croke's Reports temp. Charles.
....Crompton's Justice of the Peace.
..Dalton's Justice.

Co. Lit...




Cro. Eliz..

Cro. Jac.

Cro. Car.

Cromp. J. P.


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.Espinasse's Reports.

...Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium.

....Foley's Poor Laws.

...Fortescue's Reports.

Hale's Hist. and Hale's Hist. Placita Corona.

Doug...........Douglas's Reports.

...Dyer's Reports.

..East's Term Reports.






Lil. Abr.

Ld. Ray.



Hawkins's Pleas of the Crown.

..Coke's Institutes.

...Keble's Reports.

..Lambard's Justice.

Leach's Modern Reports.

Lilly's Abridgement.

.Lord Raymond's Reports. ....Loft's Reports.

Mau. and Sel.....Maule and Selwyn's Reports.

Mod. Rep.........Modern Reports.

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..Moore's Reports.



Nolan's Poors' Law.

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Ritson's Off..

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................Ritson's Office of Constable.

Roll. Abr...... ..Rolle's Abridgement of Cases.



Sess. Ca.

Sayer...........Sayer's Reports.

.Salkeld's Reports.

.Sessions Cases.

...Strange's Reports.

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..Summary of Penal Laws,

..Term Reports, by Durnford and East,

...Tomlin's Law Dictionary.)


Viner's Abridgement.

.Williams's Justice of the Peace,

...Willis's Reports.

....Wilson's Reports.

Wood's Inst. ....Wood's Institutes.


The Magistrate's Manual.


AN accessary is one guilty of felony, not as a principal, but by participation, command, advice, or concealment. In high treason there are no accessaries, all concerned are principals; so in petit larceny and misdemeanors there can be no accessaries either before or after the fact, but all parties implicated, if guilty, are principals.

An accessary before the fact is, as Hale defines, one who being absent at the time the crime is committed, doth yet procure, counsel, or advise the commission of it, and his absence is necessary to constitute him an accessary before the fact. By Stat. 3 and 4 Wm. III. in Burglary benefit of clergy is taken away from accessaries before the fact.


Affidavit of the Party to ground a Warrant for apprehending

an Accessary before the Fact.

A. B. of

in the county of

and saith, that on


gent. maketh oath day of last, his dwelling house, situate in the parish of ——— in the said county, was, about the hour of nine in the night of the same day, feloniously and burglariously broken and entered by some person or persons, and that [describe the property stolen] his property, were then and there feloniously stolen, and that he hath just cause to suspect, and doth suspect, that C. D. late of aforesaid, labourer, did commit the said felony and burglary, and that E. F. late of aforesaid, labourer, did advise, aid, and abet the said C. D. in the said felony.

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and all other His Majesty's Peace Officers

to wit. Whereas A. B. of

in the county of

in the said county

gent. hath this day made oath before me, W. S. Esq. one of His Majesty's justices of the peace in and for the said county, that [here state the fact as set forth in the affidavit.] These are therefore, in His Majesty's name, to charge and command you, forthwith, to apprehend and bring before me, the said C. D. and E. F. to answer the said complaint, and to be further dealt with according to law. Given under hand and seal, this my day of 1817.

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To the Keeper of the Common Gaol of Newgate, or his


Receive into your custody the bodies of C. D. and E. F. herewith sent you, brought before me, W. S. Esq. one of His Majesty's justices of the peace in and for the said county, by K. L. constable of the parish of


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