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next co. g. until the next Ct. of O.T.G. Sess.
or G. D. until delivered by due course of law,
pen. on conv. at the disc. of the Ct. either
£100 or Impr. with H.L. not ex. 1 yr. 6

Geo. 4. c. 108. s. 52.
The proof that the signal was not made with the

intent charged in the ind. to be on the de

fendant. Id. s. 53. Any person whomsoever may put out or prevent

fires, &c. and enter lands, &c. without being liable to ind. or action for so doing. Id.

s. 54. Any intimation whatever to a smuggling vessel or

boat, to be deemed a signal. 7 Geo. 4.

c. 48. s. 19. Obstructing officers of the army, navy, or marines

duly authorized and on full pay, or any officer of customs or excise, in the execution of their duty, or any one assisting them, or receiving goods, or destroying them to prevent seizure, or the securing them, pen. £200.

6 Geo. 4. c. 108. s. 55. Smuggling by armed persons. Persons to the number of three or more being

arined, smuggling goods outwards or inwards, or rescuing and preventing the arrest of such off. fel. pun. D. without benefit of clergy. Id. s. 56.

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Shooting at vessels or wounding officers.
Persons to the number of 3 or more shooting 6 G. 4.

at vessels in the British or Irish channel, or Co.
within 100 leagues of the coast, or shooting
at, maiming or wounding any officer, fel. pun.

D. as above. Id. s. 57, he 's
Being in company with more than 4 persons s. 58.

having goods liable to forfeiture, or in com-
pany with one person armed within 5 miles
of any navigable river, fel. pun. Tr. 7 yrs.
returning before the expiration of the time,

pun. D. withou benefit of clergy. Id. s. 58. Where offences may be tried. Offences agt. the revenue or customs, comm. at s. 74.

sea are to be tried in the co. into which the
off. shall be carried, and off. comm. in any
city, borough, &c. to be taken to be comm.
in the co. in which the city, &c. is situated.

6 Geo. 4. c. 108. s. 74.
Indict. or Infor., may be tried in any co. Id. s. 78.

s. 78. . Certiorari and Habeas Corpus uot to be granted 76. 4.

unless objections to proceedings be stated. c. 48.

7 Geo. 4. c. 48. s. 17. Js. may amend any infor. conv. or warrant of

comm. under this act. Id. CUTTING. Stabbing or wounding with intent to murder, and

all aiders and abetters therein, fel. pun. D.

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Cutting, shooting or wounding, with intent to

maim, disfigure, or disable, or to do some
other grievous bodily harm, or with intent to
resist or prevent the apprehending an off.
or his accomplices, and all aiders and abet-

ters, fel. pun. D. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 12. But if it shall appear on the trial that such

shooting or attempting to discharge loaded fire arms, or stabbing, cutting, or wounding were' even under such circumstances, that if death had ensued, the same would not have amounted to murder, the person so ind. shall be acquitted of the fel. Id. s. 12.

s. 12.

DAMAGING SHIPS OR VESSELS. 7 & 8G.4. Otherwise than by fire, whether complete or in an c. 30.

unfinished state, so as to render them useless, fel. pun. Tr. 7 yrs. or Impr. not ex. 2 yrs. If a male, to be once, twice, or thrice pub. or priv. W. in add. to the Impr. 17 & 8 Geo. 4.

c. 30. s. 10. DEAD BODIES. Taking away a dead body to dispose of it for

gain, is an ind. off. Rex v. Gilles, R. & Ry. C.C.R. 366. n.

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DEAD BODIES—continued.
To sell a dead body of a capital convict for dis-

section, where dissection is no part of the
sentence, misd. ind. at com. law. Rex v.

Cundick, T. & R. N. P.C. 13.
Judgment and sentence of in capital cases gene-

rally. No person conv. of fel. shall suffer D. unless 7& 8 G. 4.

for some fel. which was excluded benefit of C.
clergy before or on the 14th day of Nov.
1826, or which hath been or shall be made
pun. with D. by some stat. passed after that

day. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 28. s. 7.
In cases of murder every person conv. shall be 96. 4.

executed according to law on the day next C.
by one after that on which sentence shall be
passed, unless Sunday intervenes, and in
that case on the Monday following, and the
body of every murderer shall after execution
be dissected or hung in chains as the Ct.

shall order. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 4.
The day of execution is not a material part of the

sentence; if a wrong day is awarded it will
not vitiate the sentence, if the mistake is dis-
covered and set right during the assizes.

Rex v. Wyatt, R. & R. C.C. R. 280.
Sentence on a murderer is to be pronounced im- s. 4.

mediately after conv. unless there is reason

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DEATH-continued. 9 G. 4.

able cause for postponing it. 9 Geo. 4.

c. 31. s.4. After sentence pronounced the Ct. or judge may

stay the execution. Id.. . s. 5. When dissection is ordered by the sentence, the

body of the murderer, if executed in Midd. or London, is to be conveyed by the Sheriff to Surgeons' Hall or elsewhere, as the com

pany shall appoint. Id. s. 5. DECLARATIONS IN ARTICULO MORTIS.

See title Articulo Mortis, p. 10, ante.
DEEDS. See Writings, post, .
DEER, Offences relating to, i
Unlawfully and wilfully coursing, hunting, snaring

or carry away, or killing or wounding, or
attempting to kill or wound, any deer in any
part of an inclosed forest, chase or purlieu, or
in any inclosed land where deer are usually
kept, fel. pun. as for simple larceny. Id. 26.

See Larceny, post. 7&86.4.' If the same off, is comm. in any uninclosed part c. 29.

of any forest, &c. pen. on conv. before a J.P.
not ex. £50 for the 1st off. and for the 2nd off.

fel. pun, the same as for simple larceny. Id.
Assault. See title Assault, p. 11, ante. ...
DEMAND 3 sub :
Of any chattel, money, or valuable security, with

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