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INDICTMENT—continued. any place out of England, every such off. 96; 4.

c. 31. whether comm. in respect of any such case, it shall amount to murder or manslaughter, or of being an accessory before the fact of murder or after the fact of manslaughter, may be tried and pun. in the co. or place in England in which the death, stroke, &c. shall happen, in the same manner in all respects, as if the offence had been comm. in that co.

or place. 9 Geo. 4. c. 8. s. 31. Venue in offences on the borders of counties. When a fel. or misd. is comm. on the bound. or 7 G. 4.

bounds. of 2 or more cos. or within 500 yds.
thereof, or shall be given in one co. and be
completed in another, every such fel. or misd.
may he tried and pun. in either co. 7 Geo. 4.

c. 64. s. 12.
As to offences comm. on persons or property on

coaches, &c. or inland navigation. Where a fel. or misd. is comm. on any per- s. 13.

son or property in or upon any stage coach,
waggon, cart, or other carriage whatever,
employed in any journey, or on any person
or property on board any vessel whatever
employed in any voyage or journey on any
navigable river, canal, or inland navigation,
such fel. or misd. may be tried and pun. in
any co. through any part of which such

INDICTMENT-continued. 76.4. coach or vessel shall have passed in the c. 64.

course of the journey or voyage, during which the fel. or misd. shall have been

comm. And in all cases where the side, centre, or other

part of any highway, or the side, bank, centre, or other part of any such river, canal, or navigation, shall constitute the bound. of any two cos. the fel. or misd. may be tried

and pun, in either co. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 13. 66.4. In offences relative to the customs or excise any c. 108.

indict. or inf, found or prosecuted for any offence against any of the acts relating to the customs, may be tried and determined in

any co. in England. 6 G.4. Ć. 108. s. 77. 7&86.4. Offences relative to the excise may be tried and c. 53.

determined in any co. in England, if the offence is comm. in England or the islands thereof, or in any co. in Scotland. if the offence is comm, in Scotland, or any of the islands thereof, or in any co. in Ireland, if the same is comm. in Ireland, or in any of the islands thereof, and whenever any person shall be conv. of resisting officers of the excise, the Ct. may pass sentence of Impr. with H. L. not ex. 3 yrs. either in add. to or in lieu of any other pun. or pen. which may by law be inflicted or imposed, and he shall

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sufter the sentence in such place as the Ct. 7 & 8 G. 4,

direct. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 53. s. 43. As to offences comm. in a co. of a town. See

Exclusive Jurisdictions, p. 49, ante.
Respecting the want of a perfect Venue.
No judgment upon an indict. or inf. (a) for fel. or 76. 4.

misd. whatever, after verdict or outlawry, or C.
by confes. default or otherwise shall be stayed
or reversed (6) for want of averment of any
matter unnecessary to be proved, nor for the
words “ as appears by the record,” or “ with
force and arms,” or “ against the peace,”
nor for not inserting the words “ against the
form of the statute," instead of the words
“ against the form of the statutes,” or vice
versa, nor for not designating any person or
persons by name of office or descriptive ap-
pellation, instead of his, her, or their proper
name or names, or for omittng to state the
time at which the off. was comm. where time
is not of the essence of the off., nor for stat-
ing the time imperfectly, or for stating the

(a) This provision does not extend to informations in the crown office, other than for misdemeanors, or to inquisitions before coroners.

(6) In preparing an indictment or information, it may still be advisable not to leave out any of the usual technicalities; for advantage may be taken of the want of them, on demurrer.

INDICTMENT—continued. 76.4. off. to have been comm. on a day subsequent c. 64.

to the finding of the indict. or exhibiting the inf., or on an impossible day, or on a day that never happened, nor for the want of a proper or perfect venue, where the Ct. shall appear by the indict. or inf. to have had ju

risd. over the off. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 20. As to accessaries before and after the fact, see

Accessaries, p. 2 & 3, ante.
The like, receivers, see Accessaries, Receivers, p.6.

Where the property is found in some other part
of the U. K.

, ! , sini The act of 7 & 8 Geo. 4, c. 29. does not extend

to Scotland or Ireland, except in the follow

ing cases. . ) ") 7 & 8G.4. Where a person having stolen or otherwise fec. 29.

loniously taken any chattel, money, valuable security or other property whatever, in any part of the U. K. shall afterwards have the same in his possession in any other part of the U. K. he may be ind. tried and pun. for larceny or theft, in that part of the U. K. where he shall have the property. 7 & 8 G. 4.

c. 29. s. 76. Receivers of such stolen property are to be dealt

with as last aforesaid. Id.

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Offences at sea.
Where a fel. or misd. pun. under this act, 7&86. 4.

shall be committed within the jurisd. of the c. 29
Admiralty of England, the same may be dealt
with, tried and determined as any other fel.

or misd. within that jurisd. Id. s. 77.
Of the name and addition, see Addition, p. 7,

ante. Of laying the property, whether real or personal,

where it is vested in partners, joint-tenants,&c. In all ind. or inf. for fel. or misd. it is sufficient 7 G. 4.

to lay the possession or property of partners
in trade, joint-tenants, parceners or tenants in
common, in one of them and another or
others, and also when it is necessary for any
purpose whatever to mention those parties,
in any ind. or inf. as joint-stock companies
and trustees, they are to be described in the

same manner. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 14.
In a county or division.
The property of co. or divisions may be laid in s. 15.

the inh. without mentioning the names of

any. Id. s. 15. In a parish, township or place. Property of a parish, with respect to a work- s. 16.

house or poorhouse provided for the use of
the poor, or to be used in a workhouse or
poorhouse, or by the master thereof, or by

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