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Waterworks Act Amendment Act.---1921.

for use of meter.

13. The Commissioner may, by notice published in the Govern- Power to charge fee ment Gazette, prescribe an annual fee to be paid for the use of meters for measuring the supply of water under the principal Act, in all cases, or in such class or classes of cases as are specified in such notice; and such fees shall be payable accordingly.

14. The existence of a communication pipe or pipes between a main pipe of the Commissioner and any land or premises and the existence of a meter on such land or premises shall, in any legal proceedings, be conclusive evidence that the consumer, and the owner and the occupier of such land or premises for the time being, have severally contracted with the Commissioner for the supply of water to them respectively, subject to the provisions of the principal Act and the by-laws and regulations made thereunder.

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15. If at any time the Commissioner has reason to believe that If meter fails to any meter on any land or premises is not correctly indicating, or has register, fair average not correctly indicated, the quantity of water consumed on such chargeable. land or premises during any particular period, the Commissioner may assess the amount of water consumed during such period at an amount not exceeding the fair average amount of water consumed in respect of such land or premises during the corresponding periods within the past three years, and the consumer shall be chargeable for the amount of water so assessed as if such amount of water had been actually supplied.

agreement to pay

interest on cost of extension of main

16. (1) The Commissioner may, by extension of a main pipe or Water supply other work, provide a supply of water for any land or premises provided under either within or outside a water district, in pursuance of an agreement by the owner of such land or premises to pay to the Commissioner interest at a rate to be specified in the agreement on such owner's proportion, as fixed by the Commissioner, of the cost of such extension or other work.

(2) The Commissioner may levy, upon any land or premises for Commissioner may which he has provided a supply of water pursuant to subsection (1) levy rate. hereof, an annual rate sufficient, in the opinion of the Commissioner, to produce the annual sum payable under the agreement entered into under the said subsection with respect to such land or premises.

is available for

(3) Where the Commissioner, either before or after the passing Presumption where of this Act, has provided a supply of water in manner mentioned supply of water in subsection (1) hereof for any land or premises abutting on any other landowners street, and by means of the same main pipe or work a supply of water can also be provided for any other land or premises abutting on such street, but the owner of the last-mentioned land or premises has not entered into an agreement with the Commissioner under that subsection, such owner shall nevertheless, if the Commissioner thinks proper, be deemed to have entered into such an agreement, and in that case his land or premises shall be ratable under subsection (2) hereof accordingly.

17. (1) If

Payment for excess water.

No. 446 of 1888.

Assessments to be made, rates collected, and annual accounts prepared in respect of financial year instead of calendar year.

Waterworks Act Amendment Act.-1921.

17. (1) If any consumer, in any year and in respect of any land or premises, consumes any water in excess of the quantity of water he is entitled to use in respect of his rates in respect of such land or premises (which quantity is hereinafter called "the rebate allowance") he shall, in addition to such water rates, be chargeable for the water so supplied in excess of such rebate allowance at the price for the time being in force fixed by the Commissioner for water consumed in excess of the rebate allowance.

(2) The rebate allowance for the purpose of this section shall be calculated separately with respect to the land or premises supplied through any one service and meter; and the rebate allowance with respect to any other land or premises of which the same person is the owner or occupier shall not be taken into account for the purpose of such calculation.

(3) Subsection (2) of this section shall not apply to country lands within the meaning of the Waterworks Act Amendment Act, 1888.

18. (1). Notwithstanding anything contained in the principal Act, every assessment shall be made and all water rates and other charges and fees shall be made, levied, and payable, and all annual accounts shall be prepared and published, in respect of the period of twelve months ending on the thirtieth day of June in every year, and not in respect of the period of twelve months ending on the thirty-first day of December in every year as heretofore

(a) Section 66 of the principal Act is amended by substituting for the words "first day of February " therein the words first day of August":


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(b) Section 98 of the principal Act is amended by substituting for the words thirty-first day of December" therein the words "thirtieth day of June."

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) hereof shall come into force on the first day of July nineteen hundred and twenty-two.

(3) With respect to the period of six months ending on the thirtieth day of June, nineteen hundred and twenty-two

(a) for the purpose of making an assessment for the purposes of the principal Act, the said period shall be deemed to be a year, and the Commissioner may make an assessment for such year or may, by notice published in the Government Gazette before the first day of February, nineteen hundred and twenty-two, direct that the assessment in force on the last day of the preceding year shall continue and be in force as the assessment for such year;

(b) water rates and other charges and fees for the said period shall be made, levied, and charged at half the scale or rate fixed by the Act in respect of a period of one year, and such rates, charges, and fees shall be payable in advance on the first day of January, nineteen hundred and twenty-two; and

(c) each

Waterworks Act Amendment Act.-1921.

(c) each customer shall be entitled to use during the said period, in respect of his water rates for the said period, the quantity of water which he is in each year entitled to use in respect of the same amount of water rates.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill. W. E. G. A. WEIGALL, Governor.

Adelaide: By authority, R. E. E. ROGERS, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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An Act to authorise the Commissioner of Crown Lands to take up and remove a certain Vermin-proof Fence, and to dispose of the Materials composing the same, and for other purposes.

[Assented to, December 1st, 1921.]

HEREAS the Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration, Preamble. in the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by the Vermin Act, 1905, has constructed a certain vermin-proof fence, extending from the boundary of the Paralana Vermin-fenced District, north of Lake Frome, easterly to the eastern boundary of the State: And whereas the said fence has fallen into such a state of disrepair as to be useless for the purpose for which it was erected: And whereas, by reason of the nature of the country traversed by the said fence, the cost of repairing and maintaining the said fence would be excessive, and out of proportion to the usefulness thereof

Be it therefore Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia, with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as the "Moolawatana and Yandama Short title Fence (Removal) Act, 1921."

2. In this Act

"The fence" means the fence shown in the plan in the Interpretation. Schedule hereto, marked "Moolawatana and Yandama

Vermin Fence," and therein colored red:

"The Commissioner " means the Commissioner of Crown Lands

and Immigration.

3. (1) Notwithstanding

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