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Vol. II.

Thec. Dec. 27, 1904

[blocks in formation]

An ORDINANCE for better regulating Towns and promoting the Public Health.*

[4th November, 1892.

BE IT ENACTED by the Governor of the Gold Coast
Colony, with the advice and consent of the Legislative
Council thereof, as follows:

I. PRELIMINARY. 1. This Ordinance may be cited as “The Towns Ordi. Short title.

nance, 1892."

2. In this Ordinance, unless the context otherwise Definitions. requires,“Health officer," "peace officer," "Director of Works,"

and “writing” have the same meanings as in the

Criminal Code;
“Street” includes any public way, alley or passage,

(whether a thoroughfare or not,) the sea-beach,

and any open space;
“ Town” means any place to which this Ordinance

for the time being applies. 3.—(1.) This Ordinance applies to the following Application places S In Accra District,-Accra, Christiansborg, Labadi,

Teshi, Victoriaborg;
In Ada District,-Ada, Big Ada;

of Ordinance.

* When a town council is established, see sect. 38 of No. 17 of 1894.

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