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'. NEW - YORK:
Printed by T. & J. SWORDS, Printers to the Faculty of Physic

of Columbia College, No. 99 Pearl-ftreet.



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THE fuccess of “ The Botanic Garden” has been so great in Europe, and its reputation is so well established in America, that it would betray a culpable vanity in the Publishers, were they to attempt, by any thing that they could offer in this place, to recommend the Poem to the further patronage of their fellow-citizens. They may be indulged, however, in a few remarks on the advantages of the present edition.

The London copy, in quarto, sells for twelve dollars and upwards in America; a price which readers of Poetry, and even students of Nature, in this country, can seldom conveniently pay. It is, beside, more adapted for a library than for daily use.

The Dublin edition, in octavo, which has principally circulated in the United States, is deficient both in correctness and in many plates, essential to the thorough comprehension of several parts of the work. It is in two separate volumes; and bears a price difproportionate to its value as a book.

In the present edition, the Publishers have endeavoured to reconcile the two extremes; and to attain

convenience and cheapness, without any censurable sacrifice of correctness and elegance. In their edition, the Poem is comprized in a single volume of commodious form; the type and paper are superior to those of the Irish, and, perhaps, not inferior to those of the English copies; no plates, but such as are merely ornamental, and of these only four out of twenty-one plates in all, have been omitted; those which are inserted are executed in the best manner the state of the arts in this city will admit: and there is reason to believe that few errors are discoverable in the letterpress.

On the whole, the Publishers venture to believe that they shall be found to have fulfilled every expectation which they raised by their proposals; and that they shall have acquitted themselves, in this undertaking, to general satisfaction.

New-York, March 20, 1798.

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