The Medical Times and Gazette, 2. köide

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J. & A. Churchill, 1883

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Page 31 - I frequently and seriously bethought me, and long revolved in my mind, what might be the quantity of blood which was transmitted, in how short a time its passage might be effected, and the like...
Page 107 - A practical treatise on Diseases of the skin, for the use of students and practitioners.
Page 299 - Members or licentiates of any legally constituted College of Surgeons in the United Kingdom, and graduates in Surgery of any University recognised for this purpose by this College, will be admitted to examination on producing their diploma, licence, or degree, together with proof of being twenty-one years of age...
Page 32 - I began to think whether there might not be a motion, as it were, in a circle. Now this I afterwards found to be true; and I finally saw that the blood, forced by the action of the left ventricle into the arteries, was distributed to the body at large, and its several parts, in the same manner as it is sent through the lungs, impelled by the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery, and that it then passed through the veins and along the vena cava, and so round to the left ventricle in the manner...
Page 220 - For this reason, instead of employing starch, gum, gelatine, sugar, etc., the use of a natural cereal extractive, containing saccharine and gummy matters and soluble albuminoids as well, such as our great and inspired teacher Liebig himself advocated, is in accordance with the developments of science since his time.
Page 291 - The Degree of Doctor of Medicine may be conferred by the University of St Andrews on any registered Medical Practitioner above the age of forty years, whose professional position and experience are such as, in the estimation of the University, to entitle him to that Degree, and who shall, on examination, satisfy the Medical Examiners of the sufficiency of his professional knowledge : Provided always, that Degrees shall not be conferred under this section on a greater number than ten in any one year.
Page 294 - University— namely, Bachelor of Medicine (MB), Master in Surgery (CM), and Doctor of Medicine (MD). The preliminary examination...
Page 31 - IN the first place, then, when the chest of a living animal is laid open and the capsule that immediately surrounds the heart is slit up or removed, the organ is seen now to move, now to be at rest; there is a time when it moves, and a time when it is motionless.
Page 290 - Durham, with the view of affording to practitioners of fifteen years' standing an opportunity of obtaining the degree of Doctor of Medicine, have instituted a special examination, under the following regulations : — 1. That the candidate shall be registered by the General Council of Medical Education and Registration of the United Kingdom.

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