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59 G. 3. c. 27.

59. G. 3. c. 96.


reign, intituled" An Act for repealing such "Parts of several Acts as allow pecuniary and "other Rewards upon the Conviction of Per"sons for Highway Robbery and other Crimes "and Offences; and for facilitating the Means "of prosecuting Persons accused of Felony " and other Offences," except so much thereof as relates to disorderly houses; and an Act passed in the fifty-ninth year of the same reign intituled "An Act to facilitate the Trial of "Felonies committed on board Vessels em "ployed on Canals, Navigable Rivers, and "Inland Navigations;" and another Act passed in the same year, intituled "An Act to "facilitate the Trials of Felonies committed "on Stage Coaches and Stage Waggons and "other such Carriages, and of Felonies com"mitted on the Boundaries of Counties;" and an Act passed in the first year of His present Majesty's reign, for making general the provisions of the said recited Act of the fifty-sixth year of the reign of King George the Third; and so much of an Act passed in the third year of the present reign, intituled " An Act for "the further and more adequate Punishment "of persons convicted of Manslaughter, and "of Servants convicted of robbing their mas"ters, and of Accessories before the Fact to "Grand Larceny and certain other Felonies," as provides that accessories before the fact may be indicted for a misdemeanor; and so 3 G. 4. c. 126. s. 60. much of another Act passed in the same year, intituled" An Act to amend the general Laws "now in being for regulating Turnpike Roads "in that part of Great Britain called Eng"land," as relates to stating in any indictment any things to be the property of the clerk to

1 G. 4. c. 102.

3. G. 4. c. 38.

the trustees or commissioners, as therein men- 6 G. 4. c. 56. tioned; and an Act passed in the sixth year of the present reign, intituled " An Act to amend "Two Acts for removing Difficulties in the "Conviction of Offenders stealing Property "in Mines and from Corporate Bodies," shall be and the same are hereby repealed, except Proviso. so far as any of the said Acts relate to Scotland or Ireland, or repeal the whole or any part of any other Acts, and except as to offences committed before the passing of this Act, which shall be dealt with and punished as if this Act had not been passed.

7 & 8 GEO. 4. c. 18.


To prohibit the setting of Spring Guns, Man Traps, and other Engines calculated to destroy human Life, or inflict grievous bodily Harm.

[28 May, 1827.]

WHEREAS it is expedient to prohibit the setting of spring guns and man traps, and other engines calculated to destroy human life, or inflict grievous bodily harm; Be it therefore enacted and declared by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords spiritual and temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That from and after the passing of this Act, if any person shall set or place, or cause to be Persons setting or pla- set or placed, any spring gun, man trap, or traps, &c. guilty of a other engine calculated to destroy human life, or inflict grievous bodily harm, with the intent that the same, or whereby the same may destroy or inflict grievous bodily harm upon a trespasser, or other person coming in contact therewith, the person so setting or placing, or causing to be so set or placed, such gun, trap,

cing spring guns, man


or engine as aforesaid, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

II. Provided always, and be it further en- Proviso for traps for acted, That nothing herein containeds hall ex- destroying vermin. tend to make it illegal to set any gin or trap

such as may have been or may be usually set with the intent of destroying vermin.

others to continue,

III. And be it further enacted and declared, Persons permitting That if any person shall knowingly and wilfully guns, traps, &c. set by permit any such spring gun, man trap, or other deemed to have set the engine as aforesaid, which may have been set, same. fixed, or left in any place then being in or afterwards coming into his or her possession or occupation, by some other person or persons, to continue so set or fixed, the person so permitting the same to continue shall be deemed to have set and fixed such gun, trap, or engine, with such intent as aforesaid.

IV. Provided always, and be it further en- Proviso for guns, traps acted, That nothing in this Act shall be deemed &c. set for the protection of dwelling or construed to make it a misdemeanor, with- houses. in the meaning of this Act, to set or cause to be set, or to be continued set, from sunset to sunrise, any spring gun, man trap, or other engine which shall be set or caused or continued to be set in a dwelling house for the protection thereof.


V. Provided always, and it is hereby further Not to affect proceedenacted and declared, That nothing in this ings already comAct contained shall in any manner affect or authorize any proceedings in any civil or criminal court touching any matter or thing done or committed previous to the passing of this Act.

Not to extend to Scotland.

VI. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That nothing in this Act contained shall extend or be construed to extend to that part of the united kingdom called Scotland.

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