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Article 1. Bureau of weights and measures. .

2. Regulation of weights and measures.
3. Standards for various commodities.

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..575-578 By section 41 of the Greater New York Charter (L. 1897, chap. 378), all ordinances of the local boroughs in the City of New York, when not inconsistent with the charter, were continued in force. But the Board of Aldermen was given full power and authority to pass ordinances governing all the boroughs by sections 42, 44, 49, 50 and 51, and to modify, amend or repeal any ordinances of the local boroughs. This code repeals all special and village laws heretofore still in force in the Greater New York and makes all ordinances general throughout the city. These general powers were continued by the revision of 1901 (L. 1901, chap. 466). The revised charter (sec. 57) requires an annual compilation by the Board of Aldermen on January first of the general ordinances in force. It is in pursuance of this section this code was prepared.


General Provisions Article 1. Definitions.

2. Miscellaneous regulations.



Sec. 1. Definitions.

Sec. 1. Definitions.-Unless otherwise expressly stated, whenever used in this ordinance the following terms shall respectively be deemed to mean:

Alderman, a member of the board of aldermen; 2. Board of estimate, the board of estimate and apportionment;

3. Bureau, board, office, commission, department or commissioner, the bureau, board, office, commission, department or commissioner to which or to whom the section, article or chapter, in which the term is used, relates;

4. Charter, the Greater New York Charter;
5. City, the city of New York as constituted by the charter;
6. Code of ordinances, the code of ordinances of the city;
7. County, a county wholly included within the city;.

8. Day, a calendar day exclusive of Sundays and full legal holidays;

9. Department, includes each bureau and division of the department;

10. Employee, any person whose salary or compensation is paid out of the city treasury, other than an officer designated as such by ordinance or statute;

11. Local improvement, an improvement the expense of which is assessed, in whole or in part, upon the property deemed benefited;

12. Park, includes parkway;

13. Persón, a natural person, corporation, association, joint-stock association, firm and copartnership;

14. Port of New York, the public waters embraced within, adjacent to or opposite the shores of the city and over which the state of New York has jurisdiction;

15. Public property, any property rights and interests owned by, the city as well as all “ streets, parks," "water front property, and public places and waters within or belonging to the city;

16. Real property, any lands, lands under water, water front property, the water of any lake, pond or stream; all easements and hereditaments, corporeal or incorporeal, and every estate, interest and right, legal and equitable, in lands or water, and any right, interest, privilege, easement and franchise relating to the same, including terms for years and liens by way of judgment, mortgage or otherwise;

17. Sewer, a sewer, drainage canal, drain and sewage disposal work;

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