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Topham, Lady Mary, v. Duke of Portland. (Costs)

183 Traill v. Baring. (Contract-Misrepresentation)

362, 681 Turney v. Bayley. (Practice-Production of Documents).

695 Turner v. Brittain. (Will, Construction-Misdescription-Legacy obtained by Fraud) 21

Uzielli, Ex parte. Ponsardin v. Peto. (Practice-Motion by Party intervening pro

interesse suo-Legal Estate-Costs of Suit-Priority)



Vaughan, Re. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, Section 70—Service of Petition Abroad— Proof

of Service) Vickers v. Bell. (Pleading-Parties—Executor-Probate-Acts showing acceptance

of Executorship). Vickery v. Evans. (Trustees Investment on Real Security-Annuity—Capital

Remainderman-Residuary Legatee)






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Wallace v. Attorney-General. (Will, Construction—"London"_“Hospitals of London") 555 Wallop's Trusts, Re. (Legacy Duty--Succession Duty-Foreign Domicil—Power of Appointment)

679 Walsham v. Stainton (1). (Pleading-Parties-Multifariousness-Fraud). Walsham v. Stainton (2). (Practice-Production of Documents-Privilege-Accountant's Reports)

241 Walter v. Turner. (Administration-Registration of Judgment Debts-County Court

Judgment—1& 2 Vict. c. 110, s. 22–18 Vict. c. 15, s. 7—23 & 24 Vict. c. 38, s. 3) 413 Wardroper v. Cutfield. (Apportionment—4 & 5 Will. 4, c. 22—Appointment since the Act under power created before the Act).

410 Waterhouse v. Wilkinson. (Practice-Sale by Court of Chancery-Opening Biddings) 369 Waterloo Life, &c., Company, Re. Ec parte Saunders. (Winding-up-DirectorAcceptance of Shares-Contributory)

58, 230, 548 Waterloo, &c., Assurance Company, Re. Paul and Beresford's Case. (Company,

Contract with Promoter-Contract with Director—7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, s. 29) 353 Waterloo, &c., Assurance Company, Re, Bermingham v. Sheridan. (Vendor and

Purchaser-Parol Agreement for Sale of Shares-Implied Condition-Con

structive Trust) Waugh, Re. (Bankruptcy–Jurisdiction of Court-Mesne Process—Bankrupt Law Consolidation Act, 1849, s. 112)

150, 227 Westbury v. Clapp. (Debtor and Creditor—Voluntary Trust) ·

633 Westminster Bridge Acts, The, Re. Ex parte The Vicar of St. Sepulchre's. (9 & 10

Vict. c. xxxix. s. 49—Costs of Conveyance-Lands Clauses Consolidation Act,
ss. 1, 82)

594 Westminster Brymbo Coal and Coke Company (Limited) v. Clayton. (Practice-Pro

duction of Documents-Right of Plaintiff to further affidavit as to Particular

111 Wheal Emily Mining Company, Re. Cox's Case. (Company-Winding-up-Contributory—Nominal Shareholder—Companies' Act, 1862, s. 200)

97 White v. Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway Company. (Public Company-BondsPractice-Shareholders' Suit)

64 Wilkinson v. Rogers. (Injunction-Lessor and Lessee-Covenant-Private Dwelling

house—“Conversion into a Shop”-Doubtful Breach of Covenant-Balance of

145, 347



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Williams, Re. Ex parte Harding. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 90—“Debt Contracted

after the Passing of the Act "-Joint-Stock Companies Winding-up Acts, 1848

and 1849—Calls).
Williams v. Bishop of Salisbury. Wilson v. Fendall. (Heresy in a Clerk—The Church

Discipline Act, 3 & 4 Vict. c. 86–Interpretation of the Articles and Formu-
laries of the Church-Ruling respecting Merit by Transfer, the Inspiration of

Scripture, and the Eternity of future Punishment).
Williams 4. Headland. (Executor-Indemnity-Shares in Mines)
Williams v. Jeffreys. (Practice—Revivor and Supplement-Supplemental Order-

15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 52)

Williams v. Mostyn. (Debtor and Creditor-Composition Deed by Stranger-Time,

whether of Essence of Contract-Creditors, whether entitled to Notice-

Waiver of actual Execution)

Williams v. Rowlands. Rowlands v. Evans. (Practice-15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 44-


Williams v. Williams. (Heir at Law-Suppression of Will—Issue “ devisavit vel non")

Williams v. Williams. (Practice-Reading Proceedings in a former Suit)

Wills' Trusts, Re. (Practice-Irrelevant Matter-Costs—Next Friend)

Wilson v. Fendall. Williams v. Bishop of Salisbury. (Heresy in a Clerk—The Church

Discipline Act, 3 & 4 Vict. c. 86–Interpretation of the Articles and Formu-
laries of the Church-Ruling respecting Merit by Transfer, the Inspiration of

Scripture, and the Eternity of future Punishment)

Wilson v. Round. (Attorneys' and Solicitors' Act, 1860—Priority)

Wilson and Slater, Re. Ex parte Jones. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, section 110—Sus-

pension of Proceedings-Bankrupt's Accounts)

Woodhams v. The Anglo-Australian and Universal Family Life Assurance Company.

(Company-Debt assigned to Shareholder-Execution against Co-Shareholder).

Wood's Lunacy, Re. Banner v. England. (Practice--Lunacy-Production of Papers)

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Caunter v. Addams. (Notice of Claim-Appointment of Assistant Overseer)

Castle Eaton Outfall, In re The. (Drainage-Inclosure Commissioners-Costs)

Cator v. Lewisham Board of Works. (Sewage Works-Injury to Lands)

Carr v. Montefiore. (Marine Policy-Insurance "at and from a Porto)

— 4. Royal Exchange Assurance Association. (Marine Policy-Average-Jettison

and Leakage)

Cawthron, In the Goods of. (Will)

. )
Cawthorn v. Trickett. (Demurrage—“To unload in regular turn")
Chieftain, The. (Master's Wages-Laches-Release of Owner-Secret Liens)
Christopherson v. Lotinga. (Common Law Procedure Act, 1854—Discovery)
Clapham v. Atkinson. (Bankruptcy-Composition Deed-Cessio Bonorum)
Clarke v. Fuller. (Evidence—Statute of Frauds)
Cloud, Ex parte. (Signature of Lunatic Husband)
Cole v. Meek. (Charter-party-Breach of Covenant)
Congreve and Another v. Overseer of Township of Upton. (Poor-rate-County Lunatic

Asylum--Residence of Officers)

Copley v. Hemingway. (Taxation-Costs)

Corley v. Knowles. (Notice of Trial—Special Jury).

Corner, The. (Bail Bond by Sureties-Second Arrest)

Courtenay v. Wagstaffe. (Costs—County Court Practice).

Coventry, Earl of, v. Willes. (Trespass—Highway–Custom-Horse-racing)

Cox v. Cooper. (Libel—Inuendo)

Crowther v. Bradney. (Notice of Objection—6 Vict. c. 18, sch. B, No. 11)

—6 . .









Goodman v. Harvey. (Interrogatories)
Gore v. Grey and Others. (Lunatic—Prisoner for Debt-Removal to Bedlam)
Gregory v. The West-Midland Railway Company. (Railway and Canal Traffic Act)
Griffin v. Dighton. (Church-Chancel-Rights of Lay Rector)
Griffiths v. Jenkins. (Interest in Land-Statute of Frauds-Surface Damage)

512 211 575 523 489


574 139 117

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Hackett v. The Overseers of Long Bennington, &c. (Poor Rate--Corn-rent Charge

Haldane and Others v. Newcombe. (Demised Premises—Keeping in Repair-Evidence)
Hall v. Knox. (Poaching-Search-Jurisdiction)
Hallett v. Dyne. Re Rolls and Another. (Arrest under ca. sa.-Re-registration of

Haydon v. Taylor. (Factory-Employment of Children)
Heath v. Brewer. (Hackney Carriage Act—Notice of Action)
Heap and Others v. Dobson. (Partnership-Agreement).
Henrette v. Booth. (Registration Appeal)
Heywood v. The Metropolitan Railway Company. (Lands Clauses Consolidation Act)
Hilbery v. Hatton and Another. (Conversion-Agent-Ratification).
Hine and Another, Ex parte. (Attorney-Rule to Strike off the Rolls)
Hopkins v. Clark. (Bankrupt-Beneficed Clergyman-Sequestration)
Hopton v. Thirwall. (Salmon Fishing Act, 1861)
Hudson v. Macrae. (Jurisdiction of Justices-Angling in Private River)
Hughes v. D’Eyncourt. (Benefit Building Society)
Hughes v. Macfie and Others. (Obstruction of Highway)

297 116 388

42 124 417 671 502 459 70 76 420 394

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516 442

Ilderton v. Jewell and Another. (Composition Deed).
India, The. (Repeal of Statute by Implication)
Ipstones Park Iron Ore Company, The, v. Pattinson. (Composition Deed—Plea in

Irwin v. Brandwood and Wife. (Slander of a Person in his Occupation)

514 485

Jarman v. Lucas. (Breach of Promise-Infant)
Jepson v. Key. (Will—Construction)
Johnson v. Stear. (Trover-Delivery of Dock Warrant)
Jolly and Another v. Rees. (Contract—Husband and Wife)

157 578 425 473

Kate, The. (Salvage-Jurisdiction)
Kelly v. Lawrence. (False Imprisonment)
Kimpton, In Goods of. (Signature at end of Codicil)
King v. England. (Distress—Sale of Goods served).
Kingsland v. Lowndes. (Arbitration)

583 525 691 376 84

Lacy v. Rhys. (Copyright-Right of representing Dramatic Piece)
Lamert, Ex parte. (Medical Practitioner---Medical Council)
Laurel, The. (Bottomry-Pleading)
Laycock v. Pickles and Another. (Account stated—Consideration)
Leigh v. Pendlebury. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861–Composition Deed).
London Investment Company, The, v. Montefiore and Others. (Policy of Assurance-


374 120 48 73 475


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