Foot-prints of the Creator: Or, The Asterolepis of Stromness

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Johnstone and Hunter, 1853 - 314 pages

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Page 313 - New heavens, new earth, ages of endless date Founded in righteousness, and peace, and love, To bring forth fruits, joy and eternal bliss.
Page 296 - Indian mount, or fairy elves, Whose midnight revels, by a forest side, Or fountain, some belated peasant sees, Or dreams he sees...
Page 241 - The few dull flowers that o'er the place are spread Partake the nature of their fenny bed; Here on its wiry stem, in rigid bloom, Grows the salt lavender that lacks perfume ; Here the dwarf sallows creep, the septfoil harsh, And the soft slimy mallow of the marsh; Low on the ear the distant billows sound, And just in view appears their stony bound; No hedge nor tree conceals the glowing sun, Birds, save a wat'ry tribe, the district shun, Nor chirp among the reeds where bitter waters run. "Various...
Page 296 - ... so thick the aery crowd swarmed and were straitened ; till, the signal given, behold a wonder ! they but now who seemed in bigness to surpass earth's giant sons, now less than smallest dwarfs in narrow room throng numberless...
Page 220 - But the materialists, said the Astronomer, urge that matter may have qualities with which we are unacquainted." " He who will determine, returned Imlac, against that which he knows, because there may be something, which he knows not ; he that can set hypothetical possibility against acknowledged certainty, is not to be admitted among reasonable beings.
Page 21 - No organism is, nor ever has one been created, which is not microscopic. -Whatever is larger has not been created, but developed.
Page 313 - In glory of the Father, to dissolve Satan with his perverted World, then raise From the conflagrant mass, purg'd and refin'd, New Heav'ns, new Earth, Ages of endless date Founded in righteousness and peace and love, To bring forth fruits Joy and eternal Bliss.
Page 39 - Every species of the animal as well as the vegetable creation may be said to have a fixed or determinate form, towards which Nature is continually inclining, like various lines terminating in the...
Page 242 - ... their soil and atmosphere, and low plants of two or three denominations undistinguished in a general view of the scenery; — such is the vegetation of the fen when it is at a small distance from the ocean...
Page 292 - ... as if each man were in himself, not the microcosm of the old fanciful philosopher, but something greatly more wonderful, — a compendium of all animated nature, and of kin to every creature that lives. Hence the remark, that man is the sum total of all animals, — "the animal equivalent," says Oken,

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