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the stars blaze out, of whatever magnitude, for being the retreats of the noble and gallant they were at once soothed and comforted, and and the moon looks so lovely, that you cease Col. Clift, where he defied and held at bay the willing to give an account of themselves, and to wonder at the dream of Endymion.

joint' forces of Kirby Smith and Leadbeatter, why they were abroad at such a late hour. But apart from the claims to admiration, conducting safely his brave six hundred They said they were taking food to their which East Tennessee has upon us, on the

followers into Kentucky. Thus, every locality papa, who was hidden in a cave close by, score of natural loveliness, there are other and has been made the scene of some startling cir- whither they immediately conducted their better reasons why it should be accounted one cumstance, incident or adventure of a battle newly-found friends.

Words cannot express of the "high places of the earth,” to wit. or a martyrdom.

the condition in which this brave man was that it has produced so many brave and good Ilere, by the Chuckey's fertilizing stream,

found, reduced to a skeleton, from grief, cold, men who, by their actions, have added a has a young artisan, sober and industrious, hunger, and privation of every kind. But proud and deathless glory to hill and moun- been slaughtered in cold blood, beside his own that was now past; mounted on one of the tain, vale and forest. anvil, because suspected of supplying arms to

fine cavalry horses, he was escorted to his Why do our hearts born within us and the Unionists. There, in the woods of Cocke home, and from thence, with the rest of his throb tumultuously, when gazing on the fields Co., almost in right of the beautiful waters of family, conveyed within the Federal lines, of Ivry, Lutuen and Culloden ? Is it not be the French Broad, a wife and mother, freezes

where all his wants were abundantly supplied. cause that, whether “ Virtue reigns or bleeds,"

to death at the foot of the tree on which was
she is always triumphant? Truth's conflict suspended the lifeless body of her husband.
with error, whether suffering or victorious,
When found, the babe clasped in her frozen

For the Advocate and Guardian. must ever institute a shrine sacred as that of arms was still alive; it was carried to the

Salem or Mecca; and as it is impossible for nearest dwelling-house, where three other
the traveler to pass through Poland, Piedmont

little ones sat around a smoldering fire, weer- “O, you can't expect perfection as we now or Bohemia, without attaching to the physical ing bitterly, and saying, that papa and mamma are.” No, my friend, perhaps I do not, but it scenery of those places the memory of certain had gone away last night, with the soldiers, will never do, this plan of choosing which comevents, thus lending to their natural loveliness and had not come back to give them any mands and precepts we will obey. “Theu shall a moral charın--so it will henceforth be supper. This man was suspected of harboring I not be ashamed when I have respect unto all equally impossible for any one to visit this and piloting loyal stampeders. Now, will not Thy commandments." ' Lord, I will follow most picturesque section of the United States such a forest as this be a shrine ? and not only Thee--but—let me sell tobacco or rum, for and not experience similar emotions. Every

for the above reason, but that, on another | I was brought up to the business, and do not inch of its soil is hallowed by the sufferings of occasion, eleven brave fellows died at its out- know any other; and I find it profitable.” its loyal inhabitants, and what was already skirts, in a skirmish with the enemies of their “Lord, I will follow Thee—but-my business beautiful, become holy and immortal through country, thirty or forty more being badly must encroach a little on the hours of the Sabassociations at once the most terrible and

wounded at the same time. These slain and bath, I will give all the time I can to rest and affecting. Walden has become an Ardennes of wounded men, remember, were the immediate keeping the day holy.” “Lord, I will follow shelter for hunted refugees, and Greene and peasantry of the district, resisting, like true Thee-but-I cannot give up that money Carter counties, theatres of the most thrilling patriots, in their several localities, the progress which was made by supplying a wretched peoscenes of suffering patriotism that the world of a horrid rebellion.

ple with opium, for it would diminish my proever witnessed. Creeks, rivers, mountains Thus, I might go on, did space permit, mul- perty, but I will use it as well as I can.” “Lord, and forests, will now be visited not so much to tiplying examples of unprecedented suffering I will follow Thee—but-sarely this precept collect specimens of in ligenous plants and and heroism ; but, as this article has already was not meant for me, “Be ye not unequally minerals, as to behold the asylumn which some exceeded its allotted bounds, I will reserve yoked together with unbelievers.' I must foldark cavern afforded to a noble and true man, these for another paper, and conclude with an

low the dictates of my heart.” who was ready to pour out his last drop of incident, supplied by an officer of high rank, So many, who call themselves Christians, blood rather than betray the interests of his in the ninth army corps, and which happened pass by, not in words perhaps, but in deed, the country. Formerly Lookout Mountain was under his own observation.

plain precept of the Scripture and deliberately visited for the unparalleled grandeur of its It was midnight! Sullen clouds rested on ally themselves in the closest relations with views, now the tourist will seek it as the the broad shoulders of the Cumberland ranges,

those who do not profess to be the friends of magnificent redoubt, held in succession by the moon had not yet arisen. Those lights God. There is much conscious and unconscious immense and hostile armies, from which, in that mitigate the gloom are twinkling stars, or

influence from those with whom we are most turn, their celebrated commanders beheld, far the far-extending camp watchfires. A small closely brought in contact, and we all know as the eye could reach, hosts crowding on detachment of cavalry, with their commanding

that the Christian needs helps, not hindrances, hosts, in every form of martial array, refulgent Officer, have gone out to reconnoitre the posi

in his course.

Our own hearts and the neces. in the ominous sheen of war's dread imple- tion of the enemy, said to be advancing from sary surroundings of worldly influence with ments, shining swords and wide-mouthed a neighboring defile. They are riding slowly

which we must contend, are quite enough to cannon. Miies of landscape glistening with along, under the shadow of the bluff, not a keep us fully occupied in fighting the good minnie rifles or barbed with glancing bayonets, sound is heard, but the trampling of their own

fight. and slow, or speeding quickly, the ambulance, horses. What is that glides before them across “But," says one, “my affections are engagfearfully suggestive of pains and wounds, or of the road, and then disappears suddenly into a ed." What then the state of one, who, being the past or coming battle.

kind of deep, grassy ditch ? The Colonel a friend and follower of Christ, finds sympathy Chattanooga will be no longer visited, orders a halt, and going up to the little stoop- with one whom Christ speaks of as his “ merely as a railroad terminus and specimen of ing figures, perceives them to be two littlo my ”-yes, that is the word-enemy? “But I the rapid growth of towns in western coun- girls, of the ages of seven and nine, who, really hope my influence, may, by the blessing tries, but as a city of sieges—a place of the finding themselves discovered, began to weep of God, be the means of his (or her) convermost fearful and terrible encounters-a Leipsic bitterly, begging the Colonel not to kill them, sion.” Then use that influence now, it will and Armageddon, a fortress occupied in turn as they had done no harm, but when assured never be as strong, and after it is too late you by Bragg, Rosecrans and Grant.

Rocky of protection and defence, and that instead of may be met with this reproach for your inconCreek and Soddy will henceforth be celebrated having fallen into the hands of Confederate sistency, “You were satisfied with me as I not so much for their deer and fat 'possum, as soldiers, they were surrounded by Federals, was, do not expect any change now." How




absent ones.

For the Advocate and Guardian.


can two walk together except they be agreed right-of course, it is safe—of course, nay, were present, three of whom were children. and can that be agreement, which is so wide more, in keeping of them is great reward. It was a solenn and interesting occasion. asunder on the first and vital question of exis

Three persons present, desired us to pray for tence? Beside, there is the plain command,

them, and several requests were presented for “Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers.”


15th. Am generally kindly received, but to“But,” said a mother, and we almost hesi

day a stalwart Irishman told me to leave the tate to name such an argument, one must

house and never enter it again, if I did, I would not be too particular. It is a great thing to 18t. A few days ago, I learned, to my sur- meet with a very different reception. In andispose of a large family of daughters." Alas! prise and grief, that a family in whose spiritual other house a little boy, not over ten years of as if marriage were the first object--we have welfare I had felt a deep interest, kept their age, asked me for a tract, I gave him one, he read,“ Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His store open on the Lord's day. I remonstrated immediately asked me for another, I handed

with Mrs. righteousness," and there is a certain promise

upon the subject. She said him a beautiful hymn. He took the tract and connected with this precept which might en- she felt that it was wrong, and would tell her hymn and tore them in small pieces, threw sure at least peace and usefulness, whether the husband what I said. The following Monday them upon the floor saying, “I am a Catholic." daughters be disposed of or not. It is a fault she told me that her husband would not let I reproved him very gently, showing him that in real life and in the whole array of novels her close the store, and said I must talk to I was not angry, but grieved by his conduct. that marriage is the beginning, middle and the

him. I felt that it was my duty and yet I Found a woman who said she had been a sole aim of life, and not rather the preliminary, | dreaded it. I waited a day or two, and be- member of a church in S. but has been living the real entrance upon life, for good or ill, as sought the Lord to teach me what to say, and here in this city for the last six years and has the result may be. how to say it, and in His strength, I com

not been to church once. O, how sad I felt “A house divided against itself shall not

menced, giving God's word for authority. when she told me this (she is between fifty and stand," and there cannot be a more complete

He did not seem offended, but said he did sixty years of age) I had a long talk with her, division of counsels than where one of the

not think it was wrong in their case, as they for my heart was deeply affected. I then read heads of the house is the friend and the other

could but just make ends meet as it was, the 84th Psalm, and offered prayer. She asked the enemy of God. Whom shall the children

and certainly could not do it if they did not me to call again, and promised to attend the follow? It seems to need all the faith of both

sell anything on Sunday. I told him that God meetings of the mission. parents to keep the children in the right way,

was the God of providence as well as sovereign of In another house I found a mother weighed entering into covenant and clinging to the

the universe, and that they could not expect His down with trouble. She had five children, a promises. How shall one have faith for the

blessing upon the six days' labor while they husband confined to the house with rheumaother, having entered into the relation in dis

were disobeying His plain and positive com- tism, not having been down stairs for three regard of the plain command of God, and also

mand to keep the Sabbath day holy. Much years, and a mother-in-law, 97 years of age, carry all the burden of the household? Alas!

more of a similar import was said, still he confined to her bed. I inquired if she could we have seen it a crushing weight. More than

seemed unyielding, and I left with a heavy go to Christ with her burdens and feel that he

heart. one boy has said, chafing under the restraint of

sustained her. She replied, “ No, but it is just a mother's teachings, “I know one thing,

The next day I selected a large number of what I want. I certainly need the consolations when I'm a man I won't read the Bible any

texts from the Old and New Testaments, and of religion to enable me to bear up under my more than father does." Wo to the child when

writing the book, chapter and verses on slips of trials. I know I have many mercies, much to the example of the one parent shall prove

paper, placed them in the Bible, and requested be thankful for. It is the Lord who has given stronger than the precept of the other.

him to read them over carefully, and see for hiin- me bodily strength, and raised up friends for

self what the Lord says about His day, and the me, who have given me work that has enabled The command to all is, Ohoose ye whom ye observance of it. To-day his wife met me with me, to support my family, but I need and do will serve, but we never heard that it might

a smile, saying, we closed the store yesterday," want the comforts of religion.” I told her of be extended so as to say, choose ye what ye Addressing her husband, I said, “Why did you Christ's willingness to be her friend and Rewill obey. Of that God is the judge, and not

do it?” He replied, "I now see I was all deemer-repeating many of His precious promman, and His infinite wisdom knows what is

wrong, but I did not think so before, the Bible ises. She asked me to pray for her. O, Holy best for our temporal as well as eternal inteis very plain upon that subject.”

Spirit, wilt thou take of the things of Christ rests. Nay, when we read the command,“

9th. Another step in the right direction. and show them unto her. not unequally yoked together with unbelie- Mrs. said to me, “Do you not think we Was much gratified to learn that six persons vers," we are inclined to the wider application,

ought to have family worship ?” “Certainly," and to believe that, even in business partner

were at the Chapel yesterday, who when I first I replied, “ if Mr. is able, but in his state visited them were neglecters of the house of ships, in all voluntary arrangements, it is not of health, (he is one of the greatest sufferers I God. well to link our interests with those, who do

ever saw,)I did not suppose it practicable." Upon offering a tract to a woman she said, not sympathize with us. Who shall answer Mrs. said, "I will read the Bible, and if I don't care about it. I don't belong to your for his principies ? Better not. But soine may Mr. can only say three words, it will be religion.” I responded, “ The tract I have is say, and with sad truth, that many men who

a beginning." "And will you pray when he very interesting and I would like to read it make no pretension to religion, are more hon- is too feeble ?" I asked. “Yes,” said she, “I for you, if you have no objections.” She gave orable in their dealings and principles than will try.”

her consent, and I read it. She listened very many who make high professions and pass as

And to-day they told me that last night they attentively, and when I finished, exclaimed, Christians. It may be true with that we

erected the family altar. Mrs. said it “That is a good tract, I will take that, and have nothing to do, we speak of real Christians,

was the first time she ever heard her husband's thank you too, and I hope the Lord will bless who carry their principles into their lives—all

voice in prayer, although she knew he had been you for your kindness. Other ladies have oftheir acts.

praying for the last three or four weeks. This fered me tracts, and I answered them as I did We all advocate consistency. The safest morning he was too feeble, and so she read you, but they did not offer to read them, and course is to seek to obey all God's command- and prayed. What hath God wrought for this I thought they were very different.” ments and not in anything to let our standard family within the last month.

Again read a tract to a poor woman who refall short of the plain letter of the law. It is At our prayer-meeting this afternoon, Afteen fused to receive it when offered to her, but af




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ter hearing it read, asked me to give it to her, ed Zionwarı ? If any one is cheerful and this : Can there not be a concentrated effort apparently deeply interested in its contents. happy, should it not be the Christian who has made, whereby the widows, sisters, and other 20th. Found an exceedingly interesting not only the assnrance of God's loving favor

friends of our fallen soldiers may be encouraged

to prepare themselves for a higher sphere of family to-day; a young mother and sister just here on earth, but the promise of unutterable

usefulness than those for which many of them emerging from the darkness of Romanism into bliss beyond the grave ?

are already fitted. It is the noblest of Chris. the light and liberty of the gospel. I inquire? O, desponding one ! dweller in the valley of tian effort to rouse crushed hearts and convince how she was first led into this new way of humiliation, cast off the sackcloth, shake off them that there still is much in life for which thinking. Her response was, “I lived in it the ashes, gird thyself with the garment of

to live. Next to the consolations of God's Christian family, and there read the Bible; af. praise; angint thine head and wash thy face,

grace is the soothing influence of a regular

routine of duty, having for its object the atter a while I thought I would go once to a that thou appear not unto men to fast;" and

tainment of some high purpose. Many, whose Protestant church. While there I had such

that tly countenance, radiant with heaven- self-sacrifice has ennobled our country, have feelings as I cannot describe. I felt myself to born joy, may be a sure index of sacred peace before them a life of weary toil. Their aching be a lost sinner and that God only could pardon within, and a faithful witness of God's good- hearts shrink back affrighted at the thought of All the forms of the Catholic church ness and mercy. Leave doubt and despair to

all they yet must bear,

My plan is this : Let all who have capacity seemed foolishness, and I have now renounced those whose only portion is on earth. Fear

and strength for teaching, be encouraged to them. But I have one dear brother in the and distrust are fitting companions for those

perfect themselves in the branches wherein they British army in India for whose salvation I am who are without God and without hope in the may be deficient. Let others prepare themconstantly praying, and I feel that God will world ; but they sadly become those who are selves to take various business stations, now answer my prayers. The first letter I received children of the kingdom-“heirs of God and

rendered vacant by the calling away of our after I had written to him of my change, he joint heirs with Christ.”

young men to the army; and others still de

vote themselves to the trades for which they seemed quite angry because I had left the If we can do nothing more for our Heavenly

seem best adapted. church I was brought up to. But I wrote Father, we can at least wear a cheerful smile,

My sympathy for the sufferers is the result again, telling him how much happier I was, which shall disprove the assertion that religion of experience. An early life of self-sacrifice and how anxions I felt for him, and his last tends to make men gloomy. Why should we prevented my securing the education for which letter gave me great encouragement. If I could not rejoice when so thin a veil separates us

I yeurned. I was but young when left a widow, only get a Testament to him, I am sure he from eternal joy? If there be but a step be

dependent upon my own exertions for the would be convinced, and my husband says he

support of myself and an invalid child. I felt tween us and death, then there is but a step

that I must again become a pupil. The years will send one, if it costs two dollars to get it between us and glory, for “ to die is gain."

of my widowhood have been passed in study there." After some further conversation, we And of what account are our petty trials and and teaching. This course has proved to me a united in prayer for the conversion of this vexations when weighed in the balance with blessing, such as it may prove to all who will brother, and I left, promising to call again soon our hope of heaven? Nay, even our greater

embrace it. with a small New Testament, and directions sorrows and deeper griefs, are they not all sent

The only true way to inaugurate this moveas to the best method of getting it to him,

ment will be to have lectures on the subject to draw ns nearer God? Are they not tokens

delivered before the various Aid Societies, for 27th. Yesterday, being Thanksgiving day, that we are not forgotten by Him who chas- the benefit of our sick and wounded soldiers. I visited the Home for the Friendless, but will teneth whom He loveth, and “scourgeth every Aroused by these lectures, the truly benevonot attempt to describe my feelings while lis- son whom He receiveth ?"

lent, within the jurisdiction of each Aid Sotening to the sweet songs sung by the little We are prone to think that there is no trou- ciety will give themselves to visiting and enones, the recitations, and more especially those ble like our own trouble-no trials like those

couraging these afflicted ones to lay hold on precious texts from the Word of God repeated we endure—no temptations like those we en

all the advantages within their reach. When

the sympathies of society have been turned in so accurately. My heart overflowed with grat- counter ; granted that it is so, does not this

the right direction, those who have addressed itude, and I can only say, "The Lord be prove that God is learling us in the only path the Aid Society, will then still farther carry on praised.”

which He sees is suited to our trembling steps; the work by laying before the Board of Mana. since nothing in the universe is done through

ers and the trustees of our educational halls chance, there must be some design in our

the duty of giving increased facilities for imFor the Advocate and Guardian.

provement to those whose hopes have been meeting these very afflictions, and shall we

laid on the altar of our country.
not receive them with the spirit of grateful

Some will say,

Well, if women want to submission instead of gloomy murmurings ? study, let them study or devote themselves to How can we find it in our hearts to murmur

If there were more cheerful, consistent Chris- any other occupation they may wish, but why tians in the church, there would be fewer

trouble the Aid Societies on the subject ?" and complain of our trials by the way, when

Every new movement requires a respectable we remember how rapidly we are journeying sceptics and cavillers in the world, fewer to

inauguration. Broken hearts need kindly sugtowards the land of peace and rest? What are

“ Where is now thy God ?” Let us re-

gestion to arouse sinking energies. Then, too, the discomforts and annoyances of this earthly

member this —that we are “living epistles- many of our fallen soldiers are from the ranks pilgrimage when compared with the eternal

known and read of all men.” And avoiding of farmers and mechanics, whose mourning weight of glory which is in store for us at its the opposite extreme of levity, let us spend our

friends, while possessed of high-toned princiend? Who looks for the convenience and redays below in humble thankfulness of heart, ple, yet, from having come but little in contact

with the world, dread to walk in any other pose of liome while passing from city to city, ready to bless God for all His mercies, whether

than the trodden paths. All their lives has from country to country? Unreasonable indeed

they come in the guise of joy or sorrow, and it been impressed upon them that woman must would the traveler be who should make all

thus be prepared for the glorious inheritance toil on just where she is left. The thought of about him unhappy by pining for the luxuries

which awaits all the faithful in the promised attempting to advance, after marriage or after of his stately mansion, from which but a few land.

having attained to years of maturity, being by miles divide him, and to which he is hastening

many deemed a sure indication of presumptions

folly. Could we once succeed in awakening in as swiftly as steam can carry him.

A LADY in Ohio sends us the following timely

society an enthusiasm on the subject, thouAnd shall we, pilgrims to our Father's house

suggestions—we trust they may prove of practical
importance to some of the afflicted and bereaved.

sands would press forward who are now held on high, cast a gloomy shadow on other hearts

back by the weak fear of ridicule. by our continual repining, by our melancholy

The Aid Societies might inform themselves

WHAT WOMAN MAY DO. forebodings and prophecies of ill? Is such a

in regard to the educational facilities of vari

There is a subject which has for many frame of mind fitting in one whose face is turn

ons schools, and hold themselves in readiness months pressed heavily upon iny heart. It is to give advice to anxious applicants. Thus

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For the Advocate and Guardian.


E. B. K.

Children's Department.

For the Advocate and Guardian.

will be awakened a spirit of interest in regard teach and to bless. Let us see what lessons " But how is it that Christian people show to woman's eleration. The influence will can learn from this man of the forest. their ight?" widen and deepen, and in its outer circles em

There is the straight bole or trunk in the "I will tell you; it is by their 'good brace many whose hearts have never bled be

deeds, that shine in a naughty world,' and neath the scourge of war. Out of this wide- centre, whither does its top point ?” spread woe a brighter day will dawn or wo- Up to heaven," said a dear little voice, make men see how dark is sin, and how man; and now she may press nobly on and Yes, daughter, up to heaven, whither glorious is the religion of Jesus. Now, take a high stand among the workers of the our thoughts should all ascend to seek "Our perceive the gifts that hang from the branchearth. Suffering and sorrow are breaking Father,' who sent His only begotten Son

es; how beautiful they are, and what joy down the barriers of opposition. Education down to earth to seek and save us.”

they will bring to many a little heart here ennobles and fits for action. Bereavement tends to develop spirituality and give just

The children were very quiet, they were

to-night. Do you see them, children, as the views of life. Woman will be paid for her thinking, “How good is that God, and how | light shines upon them ?" services because her assistance is needed. By He loves us. We also will love Him and The bright eyes in the many


grew thoroughly preparing herself to discharge the try to please Him this year more than we

still brighter as they rested upon the pretty arduous duties which she may now assuine, she did the last."

gifts, and the little voices cried, “ Yes, sir, will secure an acknowledged position as an

“Do you see the branches ?” said the min. we see them." employee, which can never be taken from her. These are the women, “ who, having come out

ister, “how they cling to the trunk, and " What do these fruits remind you of ?”

growing out of it, spread their greenness and asked the minister. of great tribulation,” will, in days to come, be

“You know, we seen occupying places now filled by men only.

beauty in a wide circle. Can you tell me likened the branches to Christian people, what Jesus says of Himself in His holy Word and the lights to the grace

of God given to --something that these branches recall ?" them; and now, who can tell me what these

"I am the vine, ye are the branches," gifts or fruits may represent ?" “As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself “ The fruits of the Spirit, which the chilexcept it abide in the vine, no more can ye,

dren of God bring forth," said a smart young except ye abide in me. This & fine lad

lad. said, standing up in his eagerness to show

“Very good, my son; and what are the WHAT EVELYN GOT FROM THE CHRISTMAS that he understood something of the lesson.

fruits of the Spirit ?” TREE.

“What if I were to go into the forest and “Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleThe little creature had gone joyfully out

cut off the branches from a tree, would they ness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance," from the miserable cellar that she called not grow !" asked the minister.

lisped a little mite of a girl

, “not much "home,” up to the beautiful Chapel, where

“No, they would wither and die," said longer than a pin," the people said. the festival was to be held. Her poor, many boys and girls.

“Can anybody see love in these gifts widowed mother had dressed her in her

" Why?"

that the teachers have prepared for you?" worn, plaid frock, and had tied her old cloak That was rather a difficult question for the asked the minister. and hood, and sent her off, while she herself children, and the minister answered, “Be- How the young hearts leaped up into the sat down in the dim basement-room and cause there would be no fresh supplies of sap,

voices that responded, “ Yes, sir; yes, sir;" tried to sew by the light of a tallow candle,

to nourish them and keep the life in them, and how each child turned towards the head that flickered in the brecze that came in at

and so Christian people, if they cling to of its class with an expression that the the crevices of the door and windows. Her Jesus, who is their great centre and life, will teacher interpreted to herself, “I know that eyes were red with straining to see through receive new supplies of grace, as they need you love me.' the darkness, and her fingers were benumbed it, and will grow and flourish, and spread “Anything else but love manifest in these with cold, and her frame was weary with

abroad His glory ; but if they suffer the sins gifts, dear children ?" over-work and scanty fare ; but she could and pleasures of this world to cut them off Goodness," said little Evelyn. not rest, for they had nothing, not even a

from Him, they will also wither and die, like “That is true; goodness and love always crumb for the Christmas dinner, and when

the worthless branches, and be fit only for go hand in hand, and all the goodness and her garment was made she could feed her. | burning.”

the love that Christian people show, come self and the child ; so she stitched on, while “There are lights on the tree, dear chil. from the great God who is goodness and Evelyn trudged gaily up to the Chapel.

dren; one great, brilliant light on the top of love itself. Will you remember this, as you The little girl forgot the gloomy room and the bole or trunk; what does that remind


your homes laden with the fruits which the toil of her daily life. She did not re

God put it into the hearts of your teachers member that she had eaten but a crust that “I am the true light that lighteth every

to prepare

for day, and that her feet and hands were pinch- man that cometh into the world,” said little They all promised to think of it, and ed with the cold"; she only thought how Evelyn, who had that for her verse the last when the minister had said a few words glorious the Christmas tree looked last year, Sunday. “ Didn't Jesus say that of Him. more to the grown people that had come to with its wealth of toys, and the great glitter self, sir?"

watch the little folks, and to rejoice in their that dazzled her eyes, as her teacher led her “You are right, my child; and what are

joy, the presents were distributed, and what around it. And this joy was to come to her the lesser lights that you see upon the do you think Evelyn carried home to the again to-night. Her little feet sped along, branches ?"

dim, old basement. A big, roasted turkey, catching up with other feet that were tread- "They are the Christians' lights. 'Ye from a hamper at the foot of the tree, and a ing the same way, and when they reached are the light of the world,'” replied the little loaf of bread; then, a pretty book from the the happy place, and the child sat with her girl.

table near, and from the branches, a doll, class-mates before the tall




had been here when the sexton with a sweet face, and a cornucopia, full of bore fruit in the wintry season, you would lighted the tree, you would have seen how candies. These were what a kind boy, who not have dreamed that she had ever seen he applied his torch to that great, central lived near her, helped her to take to her poverty or sorrow, so sparkling were her light, and from that, lighted all the little mother; but in her little heart she had the black

eyes, and so glad the smile that beam- candles that are upon the branches, and that good lessons taught by “the man of the ed upon her face,

would have helped you to remember that all forest," as the minister called the Christmas " What a tree !" said the minister, as the the light that the child of God has, comes tree, and these were the best gifts of all, bebright eyes of more than a hundred children directly from Him who is light itself," said cause they did not perish, and they helped gazed at it admiringly. "And it is here to the minister.

her all her life long to cling to Jesus, ana ro

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Advocate and Guardian.

ask of Him, day by day, fresh supplies of Nay, helping to trample my fellow worm,

warfare in our land have been marching on

Ånd fill the burial sod,
His Holy Spirit, to enable her to bring forth
Forgetting that even the sparrow falls

and while it is manifest that the good fruit to the blessing and comfort of Not unmarked of God!

struggle is not yet ended, it is equally appathose about her, and to the glory and praise “I drank the richest draughts,

rent that the dark shadows are diminishing of God's holy name.


And ate whatever is good-
Fish and flesh and fowl and fruit

and the day begins to dawn. Surely no Supplied my hungry mood,

Christian mind can review the events of the

But I never remembered the wretched ones
That starve for want of food!

past year, and their bearing upon the present

and the future of our history as a people, “I dressed as the noble dress, THE Lady lay in her bed,

In cloth of silver and gold;

without emotions of profound gratitude. Her couch so warm and soft,

With silk, and satin, and costly furs,
But her sleep was restless and broken still ;
In many an ample fold;

True, there has been suffering unspeak-
For turning often and oft

But I never remembered the naked limbs
From side to side, she muttered and moaned

That froze with winter's cold.

able, an immense sacrifice of human life, And tossed her arms aloft. At last she started up, “The wounds I might have healed !

scenes of anguish over which angels might And gazed on the vacant air

The buman sorrow and smart!

weep, but it has not been all in vain. There With a look of awe, as if she saw

And yet it never was in my soul
Some dreadful phantom there-.

To play so ill a part:

is a bright side of the dark picture. The con. And then in the pillow she buried her face But evil is wrought by want of thought,

trast between the moral aspects existing at

As well as want of heart!"
From visions ill to bear.

the beginning of the war, and at the present The very curtain shook,

She clasped her fervent hands,
Her terror was so extreme,

And the tears began to stream;

time, may well re-inspire the exclamation, And the light that fell on the broidered quilt

Large, and bitter, and fast they fell,
Remorse was so extreme;

“What hath God wrought!" Then the
Kept a tremulous gleam;
And her voice was hollow, and shook as she cried,
And yet, oh yet, that many a Dame

sighing of the captive was disregarded, ex“Oh me! that awful dream!

Would dream that Lady's dream!

cept by the few. Four million, made in the “That weary, weary walk,

image of God, were held in cruel bondage, In the churchyard's dismal ground ! And those horrible things, with shady wings,

in Christian America! and the day of their That came and fitted round,

deliverance seemed far, far distant. Now, Death, death, and nothing but death, In every sight and sound !

by the highest authority in the land, the “ And, oh, those maidens young,

NEW YORK, JAN. 1, 1864. large majority of these millions are proclaimWho wrought in that dreary room,

ed free. Then, the subject of human slavery With figures drooping, and spectres thin, And cheeks without a bloom;


could not be broached in many of the churches And the voice that cried, 'For the pomp of pride We haste to an early tomb!

ANOTHER year of earthly pilgrimage,

without creating discord among brethren. Has borne us nearer to the silent shore,

Now, from the most conservative pulpits the "For the pomp and pleasure of pride

Of the vast ocean of eternity.
We toil like the African blaves,

most earnest utterauces are heard for the

Pause here, each heart, and ask it what report,
And only to earn a home at last,

Ito fleeting hours have registered above

right, and all are becoming convincel, slowly Where yopiler cypress arou.' And then it pointed-I never saw

Deplore timo lost, redeem it with thy might

but surely, that "Slavery and the rebellion A ground so full of graves !

If wpared to number yet another year.

are identical, and that, hideous as they " And still the coffins came,

The season of friendly salutations and
With their sorrowful trains and slow;

have been in their lives, in their death they
Coffin after coffin still,
pleasant greetings is again here. Far and

shaił not be divided.” A sad and sickening show;

wide the Christmas chimes and merry bells From grief exempt, I never had dreamt

If 1864 shall sound the final death-knell of
Of such a world of woe!

have responded to Time's rushing footfall,
"Of the hearts that daily break,
and now the hearts of childhood, youth and

these giant wrongs, who will not hail its Of the tears that hourly fall,

coming, and mark it as the brightest year of Of the many, many troubles of life,

age beat with quickened pulse, as the well-
That grieve this earthly ball-
remembered tones ring the old year out—the

the century. Let this consummation be Disease and hunger, pain, and want,

reached, and how vast the field to be opened But now I dream of them all. new year in.

for united Christian effort. How many causes “For the blind and the cripple were there,

As the first number of the thirtieth vol.

of alienation will have been annihilated. For And the babe that pined for bread,

ume of the Advocate is sent forth
And the houseless man, and the widow poor,


the million slain, what millions in the present Who begged-to bury the dead!

mission, it goes freighted with best wishes to The naked, alas, that I might have clad,

and coming ages may rise to a

new life. The famished' I might have fed ! its many patrons and long-tried friends.

What divine lessons will have been taught the bereaved and afflicted it bears thoughts "The sorrow I might have soothed,

to the Christian and the worldling, in our And the unregarded tears ;

of tender sympathy, and commendation to For many a thronging shape was there

own and other lands. What preparation for From long forgotten years,

Him, who “as one whom His mother com-
Ay, even the poor rejected Moor,

the great work that is to be done in the
forteth,” can alone soothe and comfort. To
Who raised my childish fears !
“Each pleading look, that long ago,
the recipients of large temporal and spiritual earth, in ushering in the universal reign of

the Prince of Peace!
I scanned with a heedless eye,

blessings it bears congratulation, with the
Each face was gazing as plainly there
As when I passed it by;
desire that both may be long continued and

Never has the kind hand of a just and lov.
Wo, wo for me, if the past should be

used wisely. To our youthful readers," happy ing Father been more apparent in the affairs Thus present when I die! greeting," with a prayer that each and all

of men than during the past year. Surely “No need of sulphurous lake,

may enter upon the No need of fiery coal,

new year earnestly

His judgments are abroad in the earth to the But only that crowd of human kind pursuing only those paths which are ever

end, that the people may learn righteousWho wanted pity and doleIn everlasting retrospect-, pleasantness and peace.

ness. Will wring my sinful soul!

As a people, we enter upon a year whose May the lessons taught us by these judg. " Alas! I have walked through life

issues are of unspeakable moment. During ments be so learned, thit in all the years to Too heedless where I trod;

that just closed fearful conflicts and terrible come, they will never need to be repeated.

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