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For the Advocate and Guardian.

* Even

and busy with ourselves, that we shall have agreeablenesses, and clothe them with all that less while they saw a rude bed, whereon less disposition to be critical. And when we which is lovely and of good report. Or, if we was stretched a wounded soldier, so racked find, as we certainly shall, how hard it is to cannot thus rid ourselves of them, let us rise with pain that his cheeks were pale and his keep ourselves from falling, we shall be less above their low and vexing sphere, and move

eyes closed. The older hearts grew very harsh with those of like passions and subject on humbly, but complacently, in the narrow sad, too, as they were reminded, even in this to like defleetions.

road which leads us to that land where the sequestered spot, of the cruel war. The little We must judge others, too, by God's rule- wicked cease from troubling, and all is pure

boy and the mother tried to lift the son from not according to appearances—but judge right | delight. delight. There will be nothing disagreeable his couch, one of the party sprang forward to

lend the aid of his strong arms. eous judgment. It is a proverb as comforting

in heaven.

H. E. B. to the humble heart as it is falsely soothing to

Arrangements had been made for his re.

turn, the pillow-cases were trimmed with a the proud, that “God is more merciful than

coarse lace and the best counterpane spread Let us weigh circumstances as He Childreu's Department. over the bed. A draught of brandy from does, and judge an individual from his own

the flask which one of the party carried in standpoint, rather than from ours.

case of illness, revived the soldier so that he “For as many as have sinned without law

smiled when his tired limbs rested on the shall also perish without law, and as many as


soft bed, he was within reach of his mother's have sinned in the law shall be judged by the

hands. The children were sent to call the

Away on the mountain-side, a blackberry law." " The servant who knew his Lord's

remainder of the party, as one of the num. party paused to watch the effect of light and will and prepared not himself, neither did shadow on the distant hills. It was a quiet,

ber was well skilled in soothing dreadful according to that will, shall be beaten with

wounds by the touch of her fingers.
grey day, when everything seemed hushed in
many stripes. But he that knew not, and did
the high land, whither they had

here," they sighed, as they went quickly

gone. They
commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beat-
were withdrawn from the noise and excitement

down the narrow path, “they have sent forth
en with few stripes. For unto whomsoever
of their ordinary life to this sweet region of

the strength of the hills, every hamlet in the much is given, of him shall much be required." trees and mossy rocks, where they could

mountains giving her bravest sons for their Perhaps the individual we dislike may not watch the cloud islands floating in the sky, country. Just as the little guides pointed be, in the sight of God, half as culpable or and dream over the soft tints of the magical

out the house, the sun threw a golden glory unlovely as we ourselves are ; for while, in

over all the region, gilding the brown trunks range of misty slopes. default of moral culture, he does not know his

of trees until they shone like bronze. On A fringe of blackberry bushes engrossed the children of the party, with purple-stained gatherers were grouped in a corner, hushed

the threshold they paused, the little blackberry course to be wrong, we do know our own defects, but make no attempt to improve. fingers, they were filling baskets to the brim,

and subdued, while one of the party prayed What, then, are we to do in all our unpleas- largest berries

, warm in the woodland air, bending down rough branches to seize the

by the side of that poor soldier-boy. The ant social and doinestic affiliations ? There and fragrant with the aroma of their pine

expression on the face of the young boy who are two ways of helping ourselves. One is, to scented haunts. While the merry children,

had driven miles away to get this wounded bear and forbear one another in love.

not caring for torn wrists and frocks, were

brother, was most touching. A strong faith must not take too much notice of, or place an

shone from his eyes.
eagerly exclaiming over some new treasure
undue importance on, mere surface-evils. We
laden with a richer harvest, the older gather-

With gentle tact the lady now came for
can afford to pass lightly by causes of offence
ers rested near a bed of ferns, sweeter when

ward to dress the wounds, bruised by the which do not spring from a radioal defect of crushed, and tried to forget the anxieties and

roughness of the way, when he was quiet character-from an evil heart and a malicious

pressure of life in the valley below. They they went away, leaving the soldier happy spirit; and such as do come up from depths of fancied that this tree-bordered space, with its

because he had reached home. Now they wickedness within, we must cover with our odorous air, and glimpses of far-off towns,

must leave the woods and bushes still burdenmantle of charity, while we endeavor to ame- was their usual abiding place, safe from tur

ed with great clusters of berries, each globule liorate them by our own good principles, good moil and care. They were especially glad to

shining in the evening sun, and go back to

example, and, as far as is becoming, by our rest from thoughts of hospital work and
good instructions. Let us seek, in every fit-
wounded men.

This play-time on the hill-side was over, ting way, to impart our better knowledge and

they took with them bushels of berries to be

Words gradually died away into the sijudgment, thus making our superior advanta- lence of drinking in this beauty, interrupted made into cordial for the soldiers. The little ges a lever by which to lift up the untaught sometimes by the little blackberry pickers, as ones were talking together. “How nice it is around us. The Bible tells us we are not to they ran to show a berry of wondrous size. that father knows how to pray,” said one, Some of the party were summoned to carry

“I think that soldier will get well, Bessie.” be overcome of evil, but to overcome evil with good.

“Yes," added another child, “and auntie Let us strive, each in our place, to

overflowing baskets to the rendezvous, where obey the holy injunction.

they might be emptied into a huge receptacle knew just what to do. I mean to learn how

of wicker work; for this lavish wealth of to be a good nurse, when I am a woman; it We cannot get rid of disagreeable people;

fruit was thrown over all the hill-sides and is so comforting." wherever we go we shall meet them. They

pasture-borders. A steep, rocky path led to The horses drew them swiftly by mountain swarm about us, invade our home-circles, dis

a rough road where a small house was visi- streams and bright meadows, cool woods and turb our various relations, and, if we let them, ble. As they drew nearer, a wagon was

hedges of blackberry bushes, with the golden they will destroy our peace, and seriously in

seen slowly ascending the steep way. The rod lifting its feathery head, past stone walls, terfere with our happiness and upward growth. old horse picked his way carefully over the overgrown with trailing vines and lichen, in Let us not snffer this, but with the strong arm rocks, while the driver, a young boy, turned sight of comfortable farm-houses, where cows of a righteous self-government, and the gentle around frequently with a look of pain and were gathering in the yard, in view of many but efficient hand of love, keep them at bay, sympathy. When the wagon was heard, a beautiful landscapes, until at last, tired of that they enter not the inner sanctuary of our woman, care-worn and sad, yet with a holiday and woods-life,

they reached the soul's rest, to tear up and destroy.

Let us
ther-look in her face, stood in the door-way,

rather be the aggressors.

With a long-suffer. | waiting for some one. Over the last steep At the station, where the evening train was ing spirit, and with constant acts of piety and ascent the wagon rolled until it stopped be- waited for, the children saw an easy carriage, love, let us try to help them out of their dis

fore the door. The children stood breath- with cushions and robes. "I wish the poor


For the Advocate and Guardian.

Who so

soldier had gone home in that," exclaimed commandments. “Don't tell mother !" has one, while the mother said gently, “It makes been the rallying cry of Satan's best recruits

GIVE THE MITE. little difference, though the road is rough, if for hundreds of years. From disregard of

As I look abroad upon the many benevolent we only get home.” the mother's rule at home, springs reckless

societies of our land, my heart overflows with While the blackberries were being trans- i disregard of the laws of society. The boy

gratitude to the great God who has put it into formed into rich cordial for the use of the who disobeys his mother will not be likely to

the minds of his favored people, to seek out soldiers, the little girls seated themselves make a useful and law-honoring citizen. with work-baskets and thimbles, in a sunny " Don't tell mother!" is a sure step down

and relieve their afflicted brethren. Every window, to sew bandages for the soldier on ward the first seat in those easy cars of

Christian must rejoice in this great work, must the mountain. habit, which glide so swiftly and so silently,

truly rejoice to see so many of the good and The kind aunt, who knew the blessedness with their freight of souls toward the preci- great of the earth bearing the burdens which of “sowing beside all waters," made a com- pice of ruin.

our Saviour has-exhorted them to bear; and I fortable dressing-gown, and packed a basket The best and the safest way is always to know by happy experience that they find a of books, medicines, bandages, and jellies, to tell mother. Who so forgiving as she? Who pleasure in this act, and must indeed feel that be carried to the poor boy. Then she went so faithful? Who so constant ?

“it is more blessed to give than to receive." back to her work in the city, where she is patient ? Through nights of wearisome Oh, who would not be a benefactor to his rested sometimes by the memory of that watching, through days of wearing anxiety, race ; who cannot give a cup of cold water in peaceful day in the blackberry time. through sickness and through health, through the name of his Lord, and who is there so The children were allowed to visit once better and through worse, a mother's love

humble that he may not, by his example and inmore the little home amongst the hills, with has been unfailing. It is a spring that never fuence, raise some poor creature from the pit the full basket. They found the soldier sit- becomes dry. Confide, dear young readers, into which lie has fallen. I believe that we do ting up in an old rocking.chair, his eye glis. in your mother; do nothing which she has

not think enough of our individual responsibiltening when he saw their pleasant faces. forbidden; consult her about your actions ; ity in this matter ; and that we are apt to de“We can sing,” said little Bessie, in her treat her ever with reverential love. It has

spise the day of small things ; and to suffer loving way, as if she wished to do something been the crowning glory of truly good and

our societies to struggle on while we withbold for this poor cripple, so they folded their great men, that, when hundreds and thou.

the mite which God has given us to bestow ; hands and sang a childish hymn, which stir. sands bowed in admiration at their feet, they

that we allow our opportunities to pass by, and red the soldier's heart. gave honor to their mothers. Mother-love

time rolls us on to old age and inactivity, The bottles of blackberry cordial were has dared dangers from which the stout heart sent to the hospital, where they proved of of the warrior has shrunk appalled. Happy | ing on to the tribunal of their God. Let us

while those we might have saved are hastenreal service, but that visit to the humble they who early learn to appreciate its price

repent before it is too late. In the morning let home on the mountain brought forth lasting less worth. fruit. Through their ministrations the sol. A mother's prayers gave John Newton to

us sow our seed, and in the evening with hold

not our band ; let us cast our bread upon the dier learned the blessedness of those “whose Christianity; a mother's loving effort dedica

ted John Wesley to the cross.

What motransgressions are forgiven, whose sins are

waters, and after many days we shall surely covered.” thers have done for the work of evangelizing

find it again. the world; what they have written in letters

of light upon the page of history ; what the DON'T TELL MOTHER.

pen of the recording angel has registered for

them, in the open book above, is known “Don't tell mother!" I heard a bright

WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY. alone to God. Boys and girls, never go to a looking boy say, as he ran with nimble feet

place where a
“ Don't tell mother" is neces.

My Dear Mrs. BENNETT,-It was my privito join a crowd who were accompanying a

sary to cover your footsteps. Sunday-school | lege, last summer, to spend a few weeks in one of returning fire-engine. The comments of the

scholar, in your every-day life, show the the most beautiful of our New England villaexcited men and boys as they passed, and

pure teachings of your Sabbath home by ges, where the high intellectual, literary and perhaps the strange desires for forbidden

obeying the mother who endears and blesses moral culture flowing from the influence of pleasures, which are inherent in our sinful your whole life.- Merry's Museum.

one of the best of our Eastern colleges, comnatures, drew the boy away from home, but

bined with great beauty of natural scenery, to. as he went, he remembered the prohibition,

render its inhabitants among the most priviand uttered those words,“ Don't tell mother!"

leged in this highly-favored portion of our A good mother is a gift to thank God for

With smile that well her pain dissembles,

country. forever. A mother's kiss, a mother's gentle

The while beneath her drooping lash word, a mother's tender care, what have they

One oppressively hot evening, about the first

One starry tear-drop hangs and trembles, not done for us all? Eliza Cook's beautiful

Though Heaven alone records the tear,

of last July, I went to make my almost daily And Fame shall never know her story,

visit at the house of some dear friends, to feast lines, “ To an Old Arm-Chair," have thrilled

Her heart shall shed a drop as dear through many hearts :

my eyes with the beautiful scenes from their As ever dewed the field of glory.

piazzas, and enjoy “the feast of reason and "I love it, I love it, and who shall dare

The wife who girds her husband's sword, To ebide me for loving that old arm-chair ?

the flow of soul ” which I always found in their

'Mid little ones who weep or wonder, 'Tis bound by a thousand chords to my heart;

And gravely speak the cheering word,

society, and the circle of kindred spirits which Not a tie will break, not a link will start;

What though her heart be rent asunder

they drew about them. Would you learn the spell! A mother sat there,

Doomed nightly in her dreams to hear And a sacred thing is her old arm-chair."

On this evening I thought that the lady

The bolts of war around him rattle, When I hear young lips exclaiming, “Don't

Hath shed as sacred blood as e'er

seemed preoccupied, and did not enter with let mother see this; hide it away: Don't tell

Was poured upon the field of battle.

her usual zest into the conversation. Soon, mother where I am going,” I tremble for the The mother who conceals her grief,

however, the spell was broken, and she dissafety of the speaker. The action which will

When to her breast her son she presses,

covered to us the current of her thoughts. “I not bear the kind scrutiny of a mother's love,

Then breathes a few brave words and brief,

have been thinking,” said she, “that I wished will shrink into shame at the look of God.

Kissing the patriot brow she blesses,
With no one but her secret God

we could do something for our soldiers on the Little feet that begin life by going where a

To know the pain that weighs upon ber,

coming anniversary. The collegians will all mother does not approve, will not easily

Sheds holy blood as e'er the sod

spend more or less money on that day, and if learn to walk in the narrow way of the Lord's

Received on Freedom's field of honor.

we could combine benevolence with enjoy


For the Advocate and Guardian.

THE maid who binds her warrior's sash

T. B. Read.

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Ndvocate and Guardian.

ment, it seems to me that it would be amuse- realized two hundred dollars. Thus was Our Home Industrial Schools open another ment in the right direction."

very pleasant entertainment provided for many channel for enlarged work—a field embra. A friend present replied: “If you are not persons, and about five hundred dollars raised

cing thousands of the poorest of the poor; already overtaxed with your many cares, and for the Christian Commission.

some deserving, many utterly degraded, infeel able to take the part which usually comes

As I walked home, excited and exhilarated

temperate and vicious.

From some, when upon the one who proposes a thing of this with the success of the andertaking, I could kind, I have no doubt but you will succeed ; not but say to myself, “ And all this origina

sickness comes and every resource but begfor my experience has been, that whenever ted in the warm heart and active brain of one gary utterly fails, it is charity to take the we want anything for the soldiers, we have earnest, Christian woman."

children, till health returns; from others it only to ask and receive."

May I be permitted to say to every woman would be a charity could the children be The next morning Mrs. started out on

under whose eyes these few lines may fall, if | legally removed, and returned only on conher erraud of love. Fall as her hands were you have any plan or desire to do good in a

dition of their permanent reformation. But with home-duties, she could still find time to

particular way, set about it. We do not know until just laws can be wisely enforced, saving put forth effort for the good of the soldiers ; what we can accomplish till we try. Perhaps

influences must be made to reach themfor she had given a noble, highly-educated there never was a time when the energies of

either at intervals or otherwise, as circumson to her country; had laid her first-born on every true-hearted, loyal Christian woman were this sacred altar. “Where the treasure is, more needed, or could accomplish more, than

stances permit. In some cases the care of there will the heart be also." the present. And do we not desire that it

the Home fold or that of the Christian fami. may be said of each one of us, “She hath done ly, even for a few weeks or months, may Soon some of the patriotic Obristian ladies what she could ?"

sow seed that will bear good fruit in years to in the village were enlisted, committees appointed, and the whole town became interested in the good work. Some volunteered to

These considerations increase the number go into the surrounding parishes and invite

of beneficiaries not legally committed-outthem to co-operate. A few ladies of taste and

door cases also multiply where the young skill were appointed a committee to get up NEW YORK, OCT. 15, 1864. need to be snatched as brands from the some tableaux. Every housekeeper was ready

burning. to send refreshments for the table. The young


When all that needs to be done just now men went into the woods and gathered evergreens, which the young ladies twined into At our last Board meeting, after the re

is contemplated with due intelligence, the wreaths and ornaments for the Agricultural ports of the month from the several depart shall go forth endued with the spirit of a

great want seems to be more helpers who Hall, where the festival was to be held. Eve- ments were presented, the question of enlarg. ry one was busy, and of course, all were happy. ing the work was again considered, and ac

Margaret Prior or a Mary Lyon, feeling as A few ladies engaged in preparing several tion taken that, when farther matured, will

did the great apostle when for the space of gallons of ice cream, for which the farmers in

three be duly reported. The Home was never so

years he ceased not to warn every man the vicinity contributed the materials; and full as at present, the applications for its

night and day with tears. could you have seen the cans of delicious milk

sheltering care never so numerous. The and cream, and the large baskets filled with

Will not our friends pray that the Lord class of children requiring temporary aid has

of the harvest will raise up and send forth new-laid eggs which these willing hearts of

been greatly increased by the war. Sol. fered for this festival, you would have been

more such laborers.
reminded of the scripture phrase, "a land

diers' children are brought to us daily, with
flowing with milk and honey."
the inquiry, “Can they not be taken for a

On the evening of the fourth of July, every
few weeks, for one, two or three months, or

"FOR right is right, since God is God, body went to the festival, of course. The till it can be ascertained whether the father

And right the day must win, people from the surrounding parishes, who is living. Nothing, says the applicant, has

To donbt would be impiety, had contributed so liberally, flocked in, young been heard from him for a long time-no men and maidens, old men and children. Eve funds received, it is feared he has been taken We have been much interested in exam. ery-body was more than satisfied, they w.ere

prisoner or is killed, but he may return, and ining the late annual report of the Board of delighted; and while regaling themselves on

if so, he will find a home for his family—and Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police. ice cream, strawberries, and delicious cake, they need not be kept here longer." Often

We learn from it, that the force employed such as only American housekeepers know

there are several little ones, the mother an inva- by the Board consists of 1,800 men, a band how to compound, they seemed to feel that it was not a very self-denying way of contrib-lid, perhaps respectable and worthy, and never to whose fidelity, vigilance and efficiency is uting to the comfort of our suffering ones.

before bas known want. The case is exam- entrusted the protection of social order in ined, and if found as represented,

and the million city. At eight o-clock we all adjourned to see the

A vast amount of work is tableaux. At first, the ladies who acted on

door can be opened for them among relatives, reported as having been accomplished the that committee thought that a small room ad- the children are received and permitted to last year, by this department. joining the Hall would accommodate the spec- remain till the father shall return or be re. An important item in this report comes tators; but finding that they would be so

ported as permanently among the missing. under the head of “Truant Children," (see generally patronized, they decided to occupy

Whether the Home guardianship shall con. pages 9, 79.) It appears that during the Alumni Hall, hoping that it might be partially

tinue beyond this point or otherwise, the past year, five truant officers have been emfilled. To their great surprise, this large room, which would accommodate hundreds, was

managers deem it their duty and privilege to ployed to execute the provisions of the crowded to overflowing. And so well did

do for these war.made orphans all that is Truant. Law, passed by the Legislature, in those who arranged and those who acted suc

practicable, thus preserving domestic ties 1853, in answer to the petitions for the same, ceed, that the tableaux were repeated the next

and giving aid and comfort to the worthy originated by the Managers of the Guardian ovening; and from these alone the committee and sorrowing.

Society, and so extensively circulated, sign

To falter would be sin."



“Land of the Free," to be the home of slaveged and presented by its Auxiliaries and and save early, while rescue and salvation

A mart for human chattels, in whose veing friends for some two years previous. The are possible, the class of children thus de.

Blood of the master speaks in blushes deep

O! tell it not in Gath or Ashkelon ! report says: “The benefits to be derived scribed in the report under consideration.

The conflict thickens-ensanguined armies meet, from the enforcement of this law, cannot “Though the number of children truant from

Millions, half breathless, view the crisis near, well be over-estimated. The men detailed school is large, and the practice a mischief call- With ardent yearnings for the nation's life.

ing for remedial measures, a much more exten- How shall it issue ?—Which shall win the dayto look after truant children, visit our public sive evil is found in the fact, that vast numbers To Right or Wrong will Heaven give victory? schools daily, and receive from the teachers of children of both sexes do not attend school

"He wins who sides with God:" in this we trust; the names and residence of all absentees, at all. They have no employment, are under

Rebellion's plea for war has baselegs beonno wholesome constraint of parental authority,

No sophistry could prove it wine or just : and visit them at their homes to find the

and have no respect for the laws intended to With theft, fraud, treason, branded at its birth, cause of the absence from school. In many

preserve public order and protect private right. No sympathy could reach it from the skies;

Many of these are sent out by their parents Demons, not seraphs, might its end applaud, cases, the cause is found to be sickness, or to beg, and not a few to steal. They roam the

Haters of human weal afford it aid, kept at home by parents, and in quite a streets, docks and vacant grounds in gangs, de

And fiends rejoice to witness its success. number of cases, on account of poverty. predating upon unprotected property, stoning

Its failure would give joy to angel hosts

Joy to the millions crushed and fetter-galledBy far the largest and worst class of truant quiet people and each other, playing rude

Joy to the tollers over earth's wide bounds, games for pennies, and holding miniature children are those that never attend our

Who freedom's blessing prize above all price : prize fights; they are growing up in ignorance

Joy to all hearts who pray, “Thy kingdom como," public schools. This law, were it in force, and traveling the road of vice and crime. Num- While shouts of alleluias, long and loud, would reach this class of children who are bers become thieves, burglars and robbers be- From mountain crag and valu, and land and sea,

fore they become men. Some of them commit Would rise in concert to the Prince of Peace, continually in our streets, becoming inured

Jarcenies and other crimes under the direction And heaven's broad arches swell with notes of praise. to the most demoralizing sights, and taking and encouragement of their parents, and divide the incipient steps to crime.”

with them their ill-gotten gains. Others

plunder and rob parents and guardians alike. During the past year, says the report, It would be well if the public could be protect

REMINISCENCE. “The names of five thousand, six hundred ed from these juvenile delinquents by a system AMONG sundry groups of visitors met in. and thirteen children have been reported by

of arrests and punishments. It would be far cidentally at the Home the past week, an

better if this course of life could be prevented the teachers to the truant officers, as truants. by a system that should subject them to the

interview with one of the number left upon These children have all been visited at their

saving and elevating influence of education in the mind a score of “thought-tracks." This homes, with the exception of seventy, whose schools."

was a sister of Rev. J. R. McDowall, a lady residence could not be found.” Three thou- Why should not Christian America do as from Canada, whom we had not seen previoussand and ninety-two have, by the exertions much for the early education of her children, ly, but whose lineaments bore a strong resem. of the officers, been induced to attend school as Germany does for hers? Why should

blance to the sainted brother, whose memory regularly, and over three hundred have been she not learn and practice the useful lessons she so tenderly cherished, and who for more legally arrested and placed under judicious taught her by riots and rioters, in the than a quarter of a century had dwelt with training

North, and by the ignorance and savage “the just made perfect.” She wished to Here, certainly, is evidence of good ac- heathenism developed in rebeldom ? After visit the tomb where he was laid, walk complished -& valuable antecedent put on all, Christianity must do the great work re. where he had walked and toiled and prayed, record, as a stimulus to future effort. We quired to save the children, and the love of 'mid want and sorrow and sin, hated by the certainly rejoice in this practical demonstra- Christ be the constraining motive, or the vile, and often meeting reproaches where he tion that our Truant Law, after a period of most important part will be left undone. had reason to expect sympathy and aid. eleven years, does not stand as a dead letter

Emotion too deep for many words was manupon the statute book. We are glad, too,


ifest in the Home and as we walked by the of the development made by the labors of

Rev. 12. 7. wayside, and we could well imagine what the truant officers, that any lack of success ACCURSED rebellion! first in heaven begun,

were a loving sister's reflections while standin enforcing the beneficent provisions of this

When Michael and his angels were arrayed
In conflict dire with Lucifer': fell hosts-

ing at this post of observation.
law, is "owing mainly to the non-compliance
Cohorts of Satan, leagued with hell and sin,

Prompted by love to souls, and with a with its requirements by the city authorities." With purpose to dethrone eternal right,

spirit of true Christian self-denial, among the And found a kingdom on eternal wrong! We commend this fact to the special at- With all the skill that fiends unchained can wield, most degraded portion of his fellow beings tention of the “Citizen's Association,” a

They planned and fought, but their base strife how vain !

in the worst sections of the city, that brother

The Almighty hurled them from the courts of bliss, most worthy organization of “good men and Far down to lowest deeps, no more to rise.

had found his brief life-work. To it, with true," recently established to promote the

But the foul spirit thus cast forth from heaven,

a martyr-spirit, through evil and good reright and abate the wrong-doing in our me. Found place on earth, 'mid Eden's pleasant bowers; port, he had consecrated his best energies,

Spoke through a reptile with a voice like man's, tropolis. We trust the questions involved

As now it speaks through man to reptile turned;

till worn out in the service. There was lit. in the appropriate execution of this law, will And, in each age of our apostate race,

tle moral sunshine about his dark pathway, be agitated, till a correct public sentiment

This spirit hath appeared in myriad forms,
Rebellious still, at war with moral right;

but the lowering clouds had a silver lining, shall everywhere prevail, and the abused Its mission-gowing seeds of crime and woe;

and ere long he found the “rest for the weaclaim of any debased, improvident, debauched Its fruitage—sorrow, misery, and death.

ry," for which his spirit yearned, and others parent shall be held subservient to the wel.

Rebellion! War! behold them here and now,

entered into his labors. Could he have

Of the same type, began with guilty aim, fare of the innocent and helpless child, and

Unholy wish to compass doeds of shame,

looked through the long vista of years and the future good of community.

We hope
Destroy a government the best on earth,

seen, upon

the rkest spot of his then dark Create an empire with its corner-stone the time is not distant when the humane,

Slavery-not freedom-and extend its rule

mission-field, two noble institutions devoted benevolent and law-abiding will be aided by

From shore to shore, far east, far south and west;

to the welfare of the children, youth and the ministers of justice in seeking to rescue

Transform this goodly land, so dearly won
By Pilgrim fathers-saintly patriot sireg--

parents of that God-forsaken neighborhood, beheld too the Home and its work, as God One of the school reports says :

" At the away, and they had a great time getting it has established and prospered it looked mothers' weekly prayer meeting, two of the again." abroad, far and wide upon the present ex. poor mothers present expressed an earnest Sure enough, what can be done to save tended efforts to guard and save the young desire for salvation. One said her little son such a child from sin and perdition? If any and unfriended, how would his large heart had become good in this school, and when he one will tell us of any practicable, efficient have rejoiced and swelled with gratitude. was taken sick, he wanted to repeat and sing means, we would be thankful. It may be For a few brief years he had done what he the hymns he had learned here, and when he said that the truant-law might be brought to could, regardless of human praise or censure died he said he was going to Jesus.”

bear upon this and similar cases; but the —and we never look back to that period During the month several of the children following extract from the Police Commissionwithout feeling that He who seeth not as have been sent to good places, and efforts ers' Annual Report for 1863, will show the man seeth, owned and blessed those labors, are being constantly made to remove others difficulty in the way. And if the police are and may have but answered those fervent from drunken and dissolute parents.

hedged up in the faithful discharge of lawful prayers in all the subsequent success that

duties, how will private individuals succeed ? has attended kindred enterprises. Twenty.

The Report reads thus : "I would here seven years this autumn since his death.


call your attention to a law passed by the Twenty-seven years hence, who that first

We were talking with Mrs. Brown, when Legislature, in 1853, relative to the care and labored in our work will not have gone

a little girl passed the window, whom we had instruction of idle and truant children, which beyond the dark river ? Who shall not

often met on the street in dilapidated attire, I have been directed to enforce, but thus far obey the precept “What thy hand findeth and with a cold victual's basket on her arm. with but partial success, owing mainly to the to do, do with thy might."

We had inquired her name aud taken her non-compliance with its requirements by the number not long before, and the child, with

city authorities." as innocent a face as need be, said she had no

Let me detail my experience in the enOUR SCHOOLS. father, brothers or sisters, but had a mother.

deavor to rescue some of another class of This feature of the Home work is one of Her name she gave as Maggie R.

children. I was informed, upon good authordeep and growing interest. One can best We inquired the child's name of the wo

ity, that in a disorderly house, on St., appreciate it by taking the necessary time to man we were visiting, and she said it was

there were three young orphan girls, whom visit each school in succession, and not only | Annie F. “Has she a father ?” “Yes, but

the mistress of the house claimed as her observe the good order, respectful attention he's in the war; they say he's a fine man,


grandchildren. This woman and her mothand earnest application generally apparent, her mother is intemperate. When she

er could not, where their character is known, but listen to the pupils one by one in their draws the relief-money every two weeks, find entrance into respectable society. Her varied lessons and recitations. Our recent she's drunk all the time till that's gone."

daughters and other young women live with experience in this direction has been very “Has she any other children besides this

her, and the house is frequented by the dissisatisfactory. We have had much to do with

pated of all grades. It seemed a duty to try children but have never seen any, in the "Yes, two, but an aunt has taken one and

to snatch these children as brands from the best seminaries, evincing more anxiety to do some one else another"

burning,” ere they, too, were corrupted, and well, more gladness in being commended for “Is she kind to Annie ?”

we consulted with one whom we hoped from well-doing, or more ambition to improve op. "I don't know but she is, but she keeps his position, might aid us, and the result was portunities than some of the pupils in these company that no decent woman would that

this. Meeting him a few days later, he said schools. In one of the classes examined, a cared for her child.”

he was sorry he was unable to accomplish girl of sixteen, conscious of the deficiencies While we had been talking, I had noticed

anything in regard to the case. arising from early neglect, cried aloud be. several young men and women passing up

“Do you say there is no way of saving cause she could not read better. Poor child, stairs to her rooms, whose appearance

those children from a life of sin and shame ?" she was soothed and encourged by the story doubt in my mind of the truth of my inform

I asked.
of Aunt Dinah, who learned to read after ant's assertion.
she was forty years of age, and before she “ I should not think the father would con-

“I know of none," was the answer; “I died learned most of the Bible by heart. sent to his child's remaining under such in

consulted my captain as to what action to We have never felt more the importance fluences. Does he know how his wife con

take in the case, and he said, 'Let it alone;' of having a net cast forth large enough to ducts ?"

and he is a good man, too." gather in all the neglected street-children of “Yes, that's the reason he re-enlisted. "And so, by the community, by the force the city, where they may be taught early to He's put the bounty-money in the bank for of public opinion, they are doomed to an unread and obey the word of God than after the children, and won't allow her anything holy life, a life which ends in remorse, and spending an hour with these different schools,

but the relief-money, five dollars every two death of body and soul ! Men arrest the and their faithful, devoted teachers. weeks.”

thief, the drunkard, &c., because of their sins The present statistics of the schools, as " This seems too bad; can't something be against society, but no law may toueh the gathered from the stated reports to the done to save the child ?"

heartless, wicked father, mother, sister, aunt, Board, show the average attendance in all to “What can be done for girls like her? or plausible "madame," who deliberately, be about seven hundred during the month of She's ten years old, her mother has taught cruelly entices or compels innocent girls to Sept. The coming months, judging from her to lie and beg, and I know she steals. A barter away their virtue, their good name ! other seasons, il doubtless bring in as many woman left her pocket-book there on her way And this in a Christian community! Oh, as the rooms can well accommodate.

to market, and Annie took it and hid it shame, where is thy blush? Cannot such

one ?!?

left no

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