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For the Advocate and Giardian.


She was

on me.

views of duty and higher aspirations. I parison with the many little wooly heads

around. found frequent opportunity of studying the

The wise and knowing way in LITTLE WINNIE. character of the lowly about me, and can

which slie executed the little errands comtruly say that among the most refined and mitted to her trust amused us all. In the land of sunshine and flowers, stands intelligent families, I never saw more affec- ever respectful, but had about her a childish an old mansion, having many a wierd history tion manifested for each other than among frankness, and simplicity which is very unconnected with it, which if written, would these down-trodden sons of Africa.

common' among the race, as the condition in contain strong argument against the idea In the spring, as our school had increased which they are born leads them to practice that slavery is right, or that equally errone. considerably, we needed more servants.

deceit and cunning. ous one, that whatever opportunities or train. Mrs. F. went out in the country to hire one The religious instructions with which she ing might be given to the negro race, they whom she knew to be faithful. Mrs. Still- favored her little playmates as they would would still be an inferior people. The house ham was the only surviving member of a gather on the back verandah of an afternoon, was irregularly built, giving proof that suc- family, once noted for wealth, and who would have done credit to an older and wicessive owners had made new angles or filled boasted a descent from some noble house in ser head. The spring passed with its luxury up old ones, to suit their respective wants France. Now her income was chiefly de- of flowers, in whose very surfeit of sweetness or tastes. Though bearing an ancient date rived from the labor of the numerous ser

I reveled like a child. Our parterre was a it was as high as the more modern residences vants which composed the bulk of her prop

miracle of nature and of art. Often on a around it. The lower and upper verandah erty. Stately but courteons, she received holiday, when we strolled through some grand were pleasant retreats for the numerous us with great kindness, and entertained us old forest, carpeted with the poetry of naguests with which the old fabric was often with that hospitality for which her people ture, my heart was so full of happy thought enlivened. The long avenue leading up are remarkable. We made known our busi- that words were wanting; for the time I from the street was shaded by the heautiful ness and with some little inconvenience to seemed dumb. magnolia. The grounds were laid out with herself, she allowed Mrs. F. her choice in On one of these occasions we begged of taste and care, showing none of that age or servants. Patsey, for this was the name of

Mrs. F. to allow Winnie to accompany us, decay which you could not help noticing as the new.comer, was a real character; every. and the little brown girl delighted us all by you wandered through the castle-like looking one noticed something strikingly individual her artless expressions upon the beauty and building which stood in its centre. in our new cook.

variety of the flowers, the green grass, and The place originally belonged to one of Her words were few, consisting of inquiries the ever-varying shades of foliage which the F. F. V.'s, but the last scion of that aris- as to how to the missus would have this or met our gaze. Summer came, warm and tocratic house having an irresistible passion that done,” respectful answers to questions sultry, making us all listless and inactive. for sea-life, the place was at the time of asked by her superiors, and at suitable times Most of the pupils had gone home for vaca

aldressing her equals with words concerning tion so I had no school-duties devolving upand her pupils. This excellent lady, coming a better and higher life. Her conscientious.

We rose early to enjoy the cool of from the land of steady habits, found no ness was remarkable; she did not consider the day, and often finding Winnie in my superior educational 'advantages in the city that she had any right to waste her time, walks, I amused myself by asking her quesbeyond dull convent walls. Many families, and she so arranged her labor that she ac. tions. I felt that here was truly one of the knowing her abilities, besought her to take complished as much as any two about the lambs of Christ's flock. charge of a seminary for missez, to which house. Her faith in God's promises often At one time I commenced singing, “Sufshe consented; and although married a few put me to shame, and well do I remember fer little children,” after I had finished, the years after assuming these responsibilities, how firm was her trust that ere long the child remarked, “Jesus told that when He she did not leave the institution. bondage which lay so heavily upon her peo

lived on earth. That is why I come to Him. Now she was a widow with two lovely ple would be lifted from off them, that the He blessed little children; wasn't that good boys, who looked to her for care, counsel, oppressed might go free. She read well and and kind." ani? support, as their only inheritance from drank in the lore of the sacred page as 1

Autumn, sombre, thought-inspiring season, their father was a spotless name.

sweet messages from One she loved. She i they called it in my old New England home, Her great grief rested on her like a remarked to Mrs. F., who always showed with its yellow leaves, and chill November shadowy cloud, through which you can catch great kindness to those about her, “ Missus, I wind visited that southern clime, but there bright gleams of sunshine. In person she knows I'se a slave now, but up thar we all it appeared to me that nature had put on her was tall, slender, well-formed, and easy in be free. Tank de Lord. That's, one great most gorgeous attire, making bold to enchain her manners. Her face was one that, having thing I praise Him for, we's the Lord's free all hearts, and bring them captives to her once seen, you would look for again; not Thinking of her poverty she would feet. Mrs. F. had agreed that at this season handsome, but intellectual and full of sym- exclaim, “Poor Patsey, poor Patsey," but Patsey should

go for a few days back to her pathy and kindness for all that needed it. with the next breath she would show a mistress to carry her wages and receive her Her forehead was high and broad, while the change of feeling, saying, "No, no; rich clothing for the winter. Her stay was to be small blue eyes had within them a light | Patsey, ebry ting I see is my Father's; I de short, but we missed her, even the few days which was not of earth.

chile ob a very rich king.” She was never she was absent, as her duties were many and In the early autumn of 1848, I became an singing snatches of the songs so common always well performed. Thursday evening inmate of her home in the capacity of both among the negroes while at her work, but it came, and with it our faithful slave, but not teacher and pupil. As my home had been you passed her cabin of an evening, you might Winnie who, she said, would come in on a where all are free and equal

, where slavery hear some of the sweet songs of Zion, which load of cotton, which old Cesar was to bring was looked upon as a sin and a curse, no seemed to come from the depths of her heart. to town on the morrow. wonder that the poor bondmen around me, With her she brought a little girl of nine That morrow came, and such a dawn as a were objects both of great curiosity and sin- summers, who was the only one left to her southern autumn only knows. The hours cere pit.y. Not one that belonged to Mrs. of ten, the others having gone to pay her old passed, swift-winged, and as the clock was on F. was ignorant of the first principles of master's debts. Winnie was her pride, and the stroke of eleven, looking from one of the education, namely, reading and writing; no mother in the land could have done more, study windows, I saw a burly negro, coming therefore they considered themselves among | according to her ability, for the mental or up the avenue, bearing in his arms the little che “ aristocratic niggers.” The winter passed moral education of her child, than did this slave child that had become such a pet with sleasantly away, bringing with it mental impoor slave woman. Patsey was herself a

Groans from her and the tears, big rovement and moral discipline, extended mulatto and Winnie was quite light in com- with sorrow, that were coursing down the

9) men.

us all.



Advocate and Guardian.

strong man's face, told but too truly that her spirit had gone home. The mother, like estrians. On, on, ever onward rush succes. Winnie was hadly injured.

Mrs. F. met one of old, refused to be comforted and clung sive thousands, as wave follows wave. A them at the door and seeing the suffering to the lifeless body with passionate earnest- little few from the vast throng step aside, condition of the child, ordered her put on the ness, I persnaded her to take some rest, as

and directly are seen at the house of prayer. couch in her room. Poor Cesar, he could she must go back with old Cæsar who had

This consecrated hour at noon-day is to them scarcely speak, "Oh! missus, dis be very waited for her. The little sable

corpse bad, very; but de Lord is just. Dear`chile, arrayed in the pale garniture of the tomb,

one of precious memories. Here they have she not be wid us long."

with flowers in her hands. The agony often mingled with suppliants at the MercyIn descending a long hill, Winnie wished through which she had passed, had put out seat, and been refreshed and blessed. to get down that she might pick some of the the bright light of a sweet smile that had

To-day, as usual, the place is full, no vaflowers growing by the way-side. She was always rested on her face, but there was

cant seats or aisle. All are solemn, earnest, told that she might, but that she must wait childish trust in its stead very dear to look

tender. The spirit of prayer and praise is to be helped down. The last she did not upon. The sun had passed cloudless, down

so manifest, that one cannot be here without hear, and sliding from one bale to another, the western sky, when joining a group of girls she came to the ground much sooner than

on the lawn, I found not one tearless face feeling very near to heaven. Requests for she expected and one wheel of the ponder. among them. . Sadness rested on the house- prayer come in from persons in every section ous cart passed over her body. I was called, hold. We fain would have laid her to rest

of the country. Not a few are from the and leaving my pupils, I sought that room of amongst us, but that might not be. On the suffering. Such' agony I never witnessed, old plantation across the bayou she peacefully army, accompanied also with thrilling statebut the sweet prayers that ascended from

ments relative to what God is doing in the "sleeps in Jesus."

CARRIE, those infant lip3 were very precious to hear.

various camps, where, in answer to prayer, She seemed in no doubt about what would

His Spirit has descended and His converting be the result; and although she felt that life

grace led many into the fold. In a single would soon end on earth, she spent the re

camp over a thousand are reported as having maining hours in trying to comfort her poor

recently become soldiers of the Cross, while mother, who had thrown her arms around NEW YORK, APRIL 1, 1864.

many there and elsewhere are still inquiring Mrs. F., saying; “Missus, will the good


of life. Lord take dis last chile from me; dis all I

TO CORRESPONDENTS. have, mus she die ?" Calm I could not be

In Springfield, Mass., a precious work of while that good lady reminded her that it is

A VERY precious letter from our

grace is mentioned by a gentleman incidensaid, ** The Lord gave and the Lord has esteemed friends in Collamer, congratulating tally present from that section, who also taken away, blessed be the name of the our Home band, in view of the noble gift

adds, tearfully, that three of his own children Lord;" and that many are taken from the received from Mr. Rose, is on file, with sev.

have just found the Saviour, and then urges evil to come.

Little W. would exclaim, “Dear Jesus, do not let me suffer so," then eral others of similar type. Their kind ex

parents who have unconverted children, to addressing Mrs. F., “Missus, can't you stop pressions of sympathy and interest are duly

offer believing, agonizing prayer in their bethis great pain?" Then she said, " Jesus appreciated. To the many generous co-la

half. loves little children and takes them in His borers, whose donations of packages, etc., are

A request from a chaplain to the Freedarms ; I'm going to be took up by Him; acknowledged in our present and recent men, elicits a warm response, and calls out mother, don't cry so, I'll be free when I gets numbers, our thanks are specially due. The

an earnest Christian brother, who for a few up thar, and white, too—for the angels must be white-washed in the blood of the good clothing, dried fruit

, hose, yarn, etc., etc., all moments gives utterence to "thoughts that Saviour. I'll not be sold now, as Sam and fill just the right place in meeting daily ne

breathe and words that burn," expressing don't


cried so

cessities. Every little parcel of “basted thus the overflowing of his soul. “Behold! hard, and said you rather they would be work for the schools ” is greeted with a smile

what hath God wrought! Six years ago in dead? It need not make you feel so bad, to of gladness by those who know and feel how

this Fulton St. prayer.meeting the subject know that I'm going to glory.". This she constant and large is the want, and how

that has since convulsed this nation-slavery said in broken sentences; and at long intervals, as her strength would allow. A narco. much “every little helps."

-must not even be named, lest it should cause tic administered by our family physician

We must not forget also to mention the disunion, or prove a disturbing element. It partially relieved her pain. The wheel had | kind thoughtfulness of the dear friends who was a controverted subject. But thanks be to passed over her lungs, which made breathing sent in a box from Picket Line, a fine lot of God, it is so no longer. He has placed the difficult, and the poor sufferer longed for re- playthings for the nursery children, and a ploughshare of His providence beneath this Jease from her house of clay.

quantity of neat, strong, home-made and well- great iniquity, so upturned its enormities, About six o'clock Winnie wished to be made dolls.

We wish the giver could have

and upheaved the whole system, that even carried out, that once more she might look seen the faces of the dear little ones light up

here we are all of one mind. No one hesi. upon the earth which was fast fading from her sight forever. when they found how rich they were in

tates now to pray for the slave, or the freed. man, and the

many who labor for their salva. The request was granted. The suffering the possession of this gift of some motherhad passed, and she thanked the Saviour heart. These many little things help to bring tion. Truly this is the Lord's doing, and will that he had taken away the pain. We asked rays of sunshine where toil and care must

He not do even greater things than these?" her if she hoped to live; "Oh! no, only for ever be unremitting.

This litt'e sketch gives, in part, the occurmother; but I can't live, the angels are com

ences of a single hour at one of the late nooning to take me to eaven. I'll be sure and

day prayer.meetings. Other occasions we know you, mother, and come to meet you,


learn are often of equal or greater interest. 'cause I'll be grown so big then that you will not know me. See, see that star has

'Tis mid day. The great city is all astir. "Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer! peeped out to see me die! There, put me Broadway and adjacent streets, far as the eye

That calls me from a world of care,

And bids me at my Father's throne back," and ere the child was on the couch can reach, are filled with vehicles and pe

Make all my wants and wishes known."

Jim were;

Our juvenile readers deserve our prompted by selfish motives, might be led to Daniel, in a vision, saw them as a fiery cordial congratulations for what they have ac- comprehend the responsibility involved, and stream issuing forth before the Ancient of complished the past year. They will find in seek first a preparation of heart, sure to meet days, while thousand thousands ministered the children's column a brief allusion to their the approval of Hini “who made Himself of unto Him. Matthew records of the angel of noble efforts. Their dear little letters are al. no reputation." If it be true that there is all the Lord, who appeared to the woman at the ways welcome and often give us large hope abroad, only just so much “acceptable ser sepulchre of Jesus, “His countenance was for their future well-doing. Habits of indus. vice as there is disinterested benevolence, in like lightning, and his raiment white as try, benevolence and truthfulness in the the churches, in societies, in the sphere of snow." So are they everywhere spoken of. young

will be to them worth more than individual labors, would not the good angel Moses was many days in the mount of wealth, should they outlive parents and who should be commissioned to take its di- God, and when he came again among

the guardians, and then, when their earthly work mensions, and bear the record hence, often people, his face shone, though he knew it not. is done, the world will be the better for their whisper in human ears, “Know thyself,” Happily has a poet embodied the idea conhaving lived in it. Dear young friends, we Would he not say, “Let Jesus be thy pat veyed in the above allusion. thank

each and all, tsat you are so pa- te you

tern—His love thy constraining motive- “When one that holds communion with the skies, tient and persevering in being and doing His precepts thy guide, His grace thy sup

Has filled his urn where those pure waters rise, good.

And once more mingled with us meaner things, port, his approval here and beyond, thy

'Tis e'en as if an angel shook his wings ;
exceeding great reward."

Immortal fragrance fills the circuit wide,
The world is full of sin and sorrow. True, That tells us whence its treasures are supplied."

Who doubts that the author of those sweet We noticed an article in a late number of much, very much is done by the church at

words not only had drawn near the Source of the Journal of the Home—the well-conduct: large, and by associated and individual ef.

fort to renovate, mitigate and relieve; but so ed organ of the Rochester Home for the

all light and love, but had friends who also Friendless-in which are the following very

much yet remains to be done, the task to be “ walked with God.” “Ye are the light of practical suggestions :

accomplished seems so herculean, the way of the world; let your light shine, " said the

ten so beset with difficulties, that a faith that Saviour to His disciples, and fast and far as "It is impossible to be long associated with any charitable enterprise or institution, with

can remove mountains, accompanied by the they throw their reflected light upon the out finding that its true friends are those martyr-spirit of the early disciples, seems a world the darkness of sin flees away. When whose actions are controlled not by impulse,

most needful requisite for the Christian, what. shall the full dawn come when the Sun of but a fixed principle of benevolence. Feeling, sentiment, sympathy, popularity even-may

ever or wherever may be his mission. Righteousness shall arise with healing in His accomplish much for a tiine, but for a steady The course of events moves rapidly for. beams ? support and reliable aid, something inore than ward, and divine Providence is spreading out We all know how essential sunlight is to these is needed, and that is a correct principle of action, and the love that suffereth long and

vast moral fields, white to the harvest. La- the health and symmetrical development of is kind that seeketh not its own.

borers are imperatively needed ; not such as the body; low disease, weakness and deThere is unquestionably a pleasure in re- would thoughtlessly

formity haunt those places from which its lieving suffering, and in the doing of kind actions, but with life and human nature exactly

“Rush in where angels fear to tread,"

vitalizing power is excluded. We daily as they are, and as we must meet them in our but those who may go prayer-strengthened

come in contact with minds and souls dwarf. daily walks, not as we find them in story books, there are times when these duties are not

for duty, ready to live, labor, suffer and die, ed by the darkness of ignorance and bigotry, pleasant, and there are facts and circumstances if need be, for the good of the perishing. May which renders them powerless to escape from calculated to check the warınest impulse and this heavenly baptism permeate the host of the little circle in which they have ever mov. to throw a chill upon all mere romance and sentiment. There is much that is disagreeable,

human hearts now uttering the silent inquiry, ed, and makes them the tools of the crafty much that is annoying, much that is trying “ What wilt Thou have us to do ?".

who have gained control over them. The and discouraging, associated with all earnest,

latter know too well what is necessary to continned efforts for benevolent objects, of

keep them under their sway. Has it not which the uninitiated can form no conception.

LIGHT. But it is by these very evils that we are able

been asserted by such that “ignorauce is the to test our true friends and the spring of our Our world was wrapped in darkness while mother of devotion," and that the untaught own actions. If we have enlisted from the

yet it was like chaos, but when it was to slave is happier than any other mortal ? simple power of sympathy with suffering, however noble the feeling may be, we shall soon

grow beautiful and habitable for man, God “The entrance of thy word giveth light," turn away disgusted and disheartened, or our bade the light shine upon it. Even the night said the sweet Psalmist of Israel, and history interest will slowly and perhaps unconsciously should not be all darkness, the moon and confirms the truth of the words.

Which lay. Our benevolence must be Christianized to be constant, and efficient-it must rest upon

stars should gem the azure heavens and show were the dark ages, but those in which the a strong principle for a foundation, or we shall forth His glory who bade them glow in their Bible was a sealed book, as it were, accessifind that we have built upon the sand.” far-off orbits.

ble only to the few? But when it was placed This great truth, that “benevolence must Once only since, have we read of darkness in the hands of the people in a language they be Christianized to be constant and efficient,” that could be felt, and this was in the homes could read and understand, it roused them to should be made the foundation-stone in every of persistent enemies of God; at the same new thought and action, and gave a new im. enterprise, large or small, undertaken for the

time there was light in the dwellings of His pulse to art, science and commerce. The art good of humanity. Well would it be were people. The home of the blessed is a land of printing was invented and its first great it written in every department of all charita- of light, which needs no light of sun or moon, work was that of multiplying copies of Wick. ble institutions, as legibly as were the start- because God's glory fills the place. The an- lif's translation of the Scriptures. Columbus ling inscriptions in Deacon Giles' distillery ; gels reflect this radiance. It is said of them, sought out a new continent, and Galileo have so that those seeking to share in their lahors, “Who maketh His ministers a flame of fire." | ing recanted before the officers of the In

Our Book Table.

quisition his belief that the earth moved being delayed for several days, was overlooked tions had come before hers, some of which had round the sun, went from their presence to by some who read the first. For this reason

received encouragement. Of this she was duly we are requested to insert both in our columns,

informed ; also that the Committee felt bound have the truth force itself again from his lips,

in their decisions to regard the best good of " It does move." that misapprehension may be corrected.

the schools in their charge, in preference to

"A CASE OF SEOTARIANISM. The spirit of inquiry penetrated monaster

the pressing wants of applicants, however ies and convents, and monks and nuns began

To the Editors of the Evening Post:

much their sympathies might become enlisted. One naturally turns to your columns if he

One word more; if it is true that an instituto ask if theirs was indeed the "higher life," wants to bring an abuse before the public eye.

tion embracing in its Board of Managers, if by penance, repetitions of prayer and good I have one to complain of which I will state as

members of every orthodox Christian church works, they could merit heaven ; if there briefly as possible. Two days ago word was

is "sectarian," then the Home for the Friendsent to a young lady, who is anxiously seeking

less is sectarian-not otherwise." were any venial sins or a purgatory; if any a situation, that a teacher was needed at the We regret that a stranger to the facts should but God could forgive sins; if indulgences i - Home of the Friendless," a charitable insti- have made a public statement representing the could be granted by any mortal. And find

tution on Thirtieth street, near Madison ave-
nue; one who could instruct little children in

management of the institution so at variance ing in God's Word no mention of these prosinging and the first rudiments of a plain En

with its known character. And especially minent doctrines of their church, began a glish education. The young lady applied at

that the feelings of many of our beloved fellownew, more useful and holy life, founded on

once, was asked some questions about her ac- laborers of the Society of Friends should have

quirements, the answers to which were appar- been tried without cause. Numbers have justification by faith in Jesus Christ.

antly satisfactory to the Vice-President, who “By their fruits ye shall know them.” then asked the applicant to what church she

called upon us for a verbal explanation, on

hearing which, they have seemed entirely Compare the statistics of crime in countries belonged. “I have been mostly to Friends'

meeting lately," was the reply, “but I attend- satisfied. or among classes where the Bible is unknown

ed Dr. Bellows' church with my auni a long or unread, with those in which it is the ac- tine." " We are not at all sectarian,” the knowledged rule of life, and it will be found Vice-President responded, and with a few more

. that in the latter, life and property are far

words they parted. The next day there was

to be a meeting of the Board, at which it was more secure, liomes are purer and happier. necessary for the young teacher to be present God is light, His word giveth light, His to press her suit.

After the half-encourage

Jerry and his Friends ; or, The Way to IIeaven. people walk in the light; all that is divine

ment of the day before, she naturally expec-
to receive a favorable answer to her applica-

By ALICE A. DODGE. Boston : Am. Tract and heavenly rejoices in the light. All that tion, but was told the situation could not be

Society. New York: J. G. Broughton. is evil shuns the light and the day. Satan is given her because she attended Dr. Bellows' A precious book to place in the hands of called the prince of darkness, the fallen an

church, as they require some one who will the young, who think they would believe on read the Bible and prayers to the children, and

the Lord Jesus Christ, if they only knew how: gels in darkness await the judgment of the who is a member of a church! This anti-socgreat day, and unto the wicked is reserved tarian lady added that they do not want Uni

many such there are, to whoin this little

volume may be a light in a dark place. the blackness of darkness forever. It is

tarian principles taught to the children. Since

this occurred I have learned something more when night's shadows are upon the earth of the policy of this liberal institution; while Apples. of Gold in Pictures of Siloer. By that the tempter, the burglar, the murderer professing to be free from sectarianism, it yet Kruna. Samo publishers. oftenest seek for victims.

not only refuses to receive a Friend among its Only systems of

Beautiful stories for children, with such board of managers, but absolutely will not aloppression and wrong, fear when eagle-eyed low one of its bantlings to be placed in a

titles as these : Cups of Cold Water: The Sunjustice and truth scan their works and results. Friend's family.

F. W. L. beam Caught: Saying and Doing, &c. Mothers

and teachers will find this little volume like a That cannot be pure and undefiled religion To the Editors of the Evening Post:

friend in need. which shrinks from having the light of God's

A communication, signed F. W. L., having own word fall upon it. " This then is the

appeared in your paper of March 4th, reflect-
ing unjustly upon the managers of the Home

The Temperance Tales. By Lucius M. SARmessage which we nave heard of Him and de- for the Friendless, your permission to reply

A new edition, Vol. V. Same pub

lishers. clare unto you, that God is light and in Him briefly to the same will be esteemed a favor.

One statement made in this article relative The entire series should be in every family. is no darkness at all. If we say that we have

to the institution above-named, wholly at vafellowship with Him and walk in darkness, riance with the truth, is the following:

Daily Prayers for the Lord's Hidden Ones. we do not the truth. But if we walk in the

While professing to be free from sectarian.

“For the Lord heareth the poor and despiseth light as He is in the light, we have fellowship ism, it yet not only refuses to receive a Friend

not the prisoner." Same publishers. one with another, and the blood of Jesus

among its board of managers, but absolutely
will not allow one of its buntlings to be placed

A book written by an invalid in intervals of Christ, IIis Son, cleanseth us from all sin.” in a Friend's family.'

relief, to aid fellow-sufferers in lifting their Now the annual reports of this society record

weak and wandering thoughts up to heavenly the name of Sarah O. Hawxhorst-a Friend-as and divine things. It is well adapted to OFFENCES MUST NEEDS COME.

one of its liighly-esteemed inanagers and offi- this purpose. We supposo it quite imposible in a world cers, up to the period of her death; while the like this always to escape censure, or avoid well-known name of Joseph B. Collins-also a

Letters to a Theological Student. By LEVERET giving offence, and that, therefore, our chief Friend-has ever stood upon its board of coun

Griggs. Pastor of the Congregational selors. aim should be to do right, and if in so doing

It is also true that its foster-children have Church, Bristol, Ct. Same publishers. trials come, then “tread the thorns down,"

been often placed in the family of Friends, and A collection of letters first written at the and still pursue the even tenor of our way. have ever been regarded as specially safe in request of Prof. Day, of Lane Theol. Seminary, We were recently quite surprised in noticing | such ies. For proof of this, reference

and now published in their present form at his the first the following paragraplis in the may be inade at any time to the Society's

suggestion. Evering Post, a daily paper that we highly es

records. teem, and one that has a wide circnlation

The ill-feeling manifested by F. W. L. would

The Employments of Women: A Cyclopedia not of course have been thus exhibited to the among our friends and patrons. The brief republic eye had his youthful relative been an

of Woman's Work. By Virginia Pesky. ply found below was sent immerliately, but accepted applicant. score or more applica- Boston: Walker, Wise & Co.


II. E. o.


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For the Advocate and Guardian.

A. L. D.

This work contains five hundred and thirty- | ball, the soldiers have balls all the time?" We no money to buy it with. She resolved to three articles, over five hundred of which are know they do. Theirs are balls which mangle ask a lady for whom she had worked somedescriptions of the occupations in which wo- the quivering flesh; ' balls which shatter to times, to advance a dollar: but when she men are or may be engaged; the effect of each fragments the arms lifted in our defence; reached her house, she dared not ask. What on the health ; the rate of wages paid for balls which sever the arteries and make the if she should be refused? The lady might not those carried on in the United States; a com- warm heart's blood cold as the turf on which wish to trust lier, as she had not known her parison in the price of male and female labor they sink and die. They have music, too, long: so she went home again. She found a of the same kind; the length of time required when shot and shell are whistling and shriek- lady waiting there when she returned, with a to learn the business fully, and the time re- ing through the sky.

ticket which secured for lier a quarter of a ton quired to learn the part done by women; O tender, merciful woman, when in the of coal ; and so in various ways she had been whether women are paid while learning; the mazes of the dance, “ Forward " and "Back" relieved in time of trouble. qualifications needed; the prospect of future salute your ears, think of the defenders of your She was very desirous to own a sewingemployment in each branch; and much other homes. · Forward,” to the soldier, means machine, as she thought by means of it, she valuable information of like character. In “charge," " onward,” to face danger-carnage

could keep her children in school. addition are articles on unusual employments in -death! Back," when hope and all is lost,

Some kind ladies, to whom her case was England, France, the United States, and other to retreat or to hasten to some resting-place, mentioned, advanced money for that purpose, countries; minor employments in the United “ while his life-blood ebbs away.”

and when we called a few days since to tell States, England, and France.

Mothers, wives, sisters, now, if ever, lift the her that a nice bundle sent by Mrs. S. was

heart and bend the knee; not striving to show waiting for her at the Home, we found her THE WORLD MOVES. - It is said that there are now one thousand women employed in the various departinants of forth grace in form and motion, but in the busily at work, and very hopeful withal. the Government, at salaries of $600 a year.--Eo. Post. heart, our most becoming attitude being that Said she had cleared eight dollars over her

of prayer; so shall our charities be owned "living" and rent, during the past inonth,

and blessed of God, and when earth's fairest and would make her first payment toward the
visions have passed away, all who have loved

machine the next week, It is said that Nero fiddled and sang when

mercy, and walked meekly before God shall She was very grateful for all the kindness Rome was in a blaze, America's sons and shine as the stars, forever and ever.

that had been shown to her, and as we left, daughters, apparently as reckless as the Roman

said, “ The Lord will reward you for all this, tyrant, revel and dance at our National and

in another world if not in this." State capitals, while our country is bleeding

A note, from “a friend," enclosing one

EXTRACTS FROM VISITOR'S REPORT. at every pore! It is announced that thie

dollar “to get a 'good beefsteak' for the Bazaar at Albany for the relief of the wounded Went to Home I. School on 40th st. It was poor woman with heart-disease and dropsy," and dying soldiers, will close with a grand a bitter cold morning, so that some of the little having been placed in our hands, we stopped ball.

ones had not ventured ont, but it was a plea- at a place where such was to be found, and We express our thoughts at this announce- sure to see how comfortable those present bought some nice slices, with a part of the ment, not in a spirit of fault-finding with those

were. One slender, neglected-looking child, who money. With the remainder we shall get her whose noble efforts have thus far carried on has often attracted onr attention, was looking so this great work, but of regret, that in all much improved in all respects, that we inquir- She was sewing on a garment which had things the ruling spirits of that association ed about her. The teacher said she was a nice, been given her to make. “Oli," said she, exhave not incorporated in the bright pageant good girl, and ought to be saved. “From what?" ultingly, “I've earned a dollar and a half with 6 whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever we asked. "Her mother is an inveterate my needle since you were here, and it helps." things are pure and of good report.” On the drunkard, and all the families in the house She had the promise of more when she finishassumption that the end will justify the means, drink and fight with hatchets and tongs and ed that she now had, on condition that she a Turkish Harem has been represented there, anything that comes handy,' she replied. Then would not sew more than two or three hours attracting general observation and remark. she showed me the temperance pledge to which a day, as she did not look able to do more. Its pecnliar characteristic of secrecy is suspend several of the mothers of her pupils had placed The landlord had threatened to send her to ed for the gratification of the paying crowd, so their names or mark, in token of a resolution the hospital if the rent was not forthcoming in all may gaze upon a lordly Turk, lying off in to abstain from all that intoxicates,

a day or two, but a good man interposed, Oriental magnificence, surrounded by half a Entering Mrs. G.'s house, we asked how her promising to go next day and lurry forward score of “lovely favorites of the larem."

husband was. She hesitated a moment, then their claim for damages during the rint; they Christian mothers have encouraged or permit- answered, “ I hope he is better off than he not knowing what steps were necessary. ted their daughters to exhibit their charming was; he was buried from the hospital, day be- She spoke of the overcoat we had been able faces and graceful attitudes in this chaste do- fore yesterday.” She said she trusted the to give her husband from the Dorcas-room. mestic group. Even more, since this Tarkish Lord had taken him to be with Him. He had

"He was delighted with it, and I thought it Harem has been generously photographed, its been a kind husband and father ; his only was splendid. It was such a surprise, too. beauties may secure a permanent notoriety, fanlt was in thinking everybody else as honest He was alınost frozen before he had it. I sell their fair images throughout Christendom, as himself.

fixed it some, and he fixed it some, and it has yes, transmit copies to Turkeydom, thus evinc- Her three children gathered around us as made biin very comfortable. Oh, we were so ing their appreciation of Eastern morals and she talked; they had no dresses on, for their thankful." peculiar institutions.

mother had washed the only one belonging to Called at the K.s, whom we were told were The Bazaar is to close with a ball instead of each, to have them ready for the new week needy and worthy. Found Mrs. K. a cheery a benediction. This glorious charity, freighted which would commence on the morrow. But looking woman who seemed to have no parwith the labors, sacrifices and prayers of thon- God had been very good to her, she said. ticuar idea of being helped-only to worksands of professing Christians is to be trans- her children had never gone hungry, although an abundance of that she would like. Her mitted to the soldier, opened and closed with- He had allowed them to be pinched sorely, husband, a sad sufferer from rheumatism, was out one hunble recognition of that power that He had always provided them something. lying on a lounge, and three young children casteth down, and alone can raise us up. A One day they had no coal, and what should were in the room. For all these she must friend facetiously remarked, “Why not a gay | they do. Her husband lay sick, and she had provide in one way or another. She promised

molte soon.

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