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it ; all Nations deftroyed where they are scattered ; and God will raise up David for them. The City shall be built, they Mall go out finging, they shall bave their own King, their Temple built. V, 20. These things shall be known in the Latter Days : And these things moft relate to the Return of Fudab; and what is writ cb. 31. belongs to Ifrael's Return. V. 1. At that time I will be a God to all tbe Generations of Israel. V. 2. I found him in the Wilderness warm, (that is, alive, or newly lain,) amongst them that were killed ; let him go, and destroy not Ifrael. V. 3. The Lord was seen afar off to him. This seems to relate to Israel's Return, af. ter Chrift appears, and Gog is dain. Zach. 12: 0.4. is the Rejoicing at his Return, and bis planting Vineyards in the Mountains of Samaria. V. 6. They are commanded to arise, and go to their God (Chrift) in Sion. V. 7. The Remnant of Ifrael is saved. V. 8. I will bring them from the North, at the Feaft of parex, (or the Paffover.) Many of the Tea Tribes returned with the Two Tribes; but the greateft Part will be the peaceable Multitude, as Esdras calls them,after the Resurrection of the Juft, a great Multicude.

great Multitude. V. 21. Sion is admonished to establish her self, to punish, to give her mind to Labour ; Israel shall return the same way he went. V. 22. God will make them a new Plantation, and Men shall come about him. V. 17. Feremy prescribes a Repentance to Ifrael. V. 31. God will make a new Covenant with them. 38. The City is to be re-built according to the Dimensions mentioned ; and these agree with Zach. 14. v. 10. and with Ezekiel's Cicy.

This is, in short, the Method for interpreting the Old Pro pbers : 1. By the Civil History of the Jews, and the Four Em. pires; 2. By the Gospel-History of our Saviour; 3. By read, ding the Prophets in the Septuagint, according to their Chronological Order ; the Latter will explain the Older: 4. By the Future History of the Jews, the Return from their Caprivity, the Destruction of Antichrift, and the Resurrection, and their prosperous State till the second Coming of Chrift described by Esdras and Sr. Fobn in the Revelations, moft particular: ly by ibé Latt.

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లలలలల లలలలల లలల A Collektion of such Prodigies as have been

predikted, or observed, before the RevolutiOns mentioned in the Old and Modern Prophecies.

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INCE the Tokens or Prodigies told Esdras by the An. gel, ch. s. are so much disgusted by Modern Authors,

i have made this Collection to vindicate that Method of God's Providence, and to shew be bas frequently used the same.

Esdras's Tokens predicted Cyrus's Conqueft of Babylon; the Land shall be waited, and after the third Trumpet, the Sur (a Meteor like it) shall suddenly shine in the Night, and the Moon thrice in the Day, and Blood shall drop out of the Wood, and the Stone shall give its Voice. Isaiah, ch. 13. v. 9. gives this Account; The Day of the Lord cometh to lay the Land watte. V. 10. The Stars of Heaven and the Con. ftellations thereof shall not give their Light ; the Sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the Moon sball not cause ber Light to shine. V. 13. I will shake the Heavens, and the Earth shall remove out of her Place. V. 17. I will ftir


the Medes against ibem. Jer. 51. v. 29. mentions the making of the Earth, and that will make the Heavens to appear to thake or tremble. And V. 55. Feremy mentions the destroying of the Noise of the Waters about Babylon. This is Esdras's sodomitis Sea. Habakkuk, ch. 2. v.Jl. uses the same Ex. pression as Esdras, The Stone Mall cry out of the Wall, and the Timber answer ir.

Before the Deftruction of Nineveh, Nabum gives these Signs and Prodigies ; Ch. 1. v. 3. The Lord bath his Way in the Whirlwind, and in the Storm, and the Clouds are the Duft of his Feet. V.4. He rebuketh the Sea, and maketh is dry, and drieth ur Rivers ; Bashan Janguisheth, and Carmel, and the flower of Lebanon. V. 5. The Mountains quake, and the Hills Make. By this Account we may ob



ferve, that an Earthquake, Dearth and Scarcity, preceded the Destruction of Niniveh. Before the Destruction of Samaria, these were Signs and Prodigies :

Amos, Ch. 8. v. 9. And it hall come to pass in that Day, Saith the Lord, that I will cause the Sun to go down at Noon, and I will darken the Earth in the clear Day. And Micab, çh. I. v.4. mentions the Earthquake.

Before the Destruction of ferufalem by Nebuchadnezzar, Fer, ch. 4. v.23. I beheld'the Mountaios, and they trembled, and the Hills moved. V. 24. The Havens had no Light. V. 25. The Birds fled a way. And Joel 2. A Day of Darknels and Gloominess, a Day of Clouds and thick Darkness. V. 19. The Earth shall quake before them, she Heavens tremble, the Sun and Moon be dark, the Stars shall withdraw their Shining, the Day of the Lord is great and terrible.

Before the Destruction of Idumca and other Nations, thete Signs or Prodigies : Ifa. 34. v.4. All the Hoft of Heaven shall be diffolved, and the 'Heavens be rolled together as a Scrow!, and all the Stars fall as Leaves off the Vine, or Figgs from the Figg. tree. And these represent the Destruction of their Kings and great Men.

A great Drought was in Ægypt before the Three Years Ravage made in it by, Sennacherib. The Prodigies which preceded the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, are recorded by Josepbus and Tacitus ; and Fuel, ch. 2. respects that time; I will hew Wonders in the Heaven and Earth, Blood, Fire, Pillars of Smoke, v. 30. The Sun shall be turned into Darkness, and the Moon into Blood, before the great and terrible Day of the Lord comes. This is the Deftruction by Tirus, after the Effufion of the Holy Spirit, v. 20, on the Apoêles. A Comet appeared in the first Year of Alexander's Reign, before his Conquest of Persia.

Rev.6. A great Earthquake, the Sun black, the Moon bloody, the Stars fall, (that is, some Fiery Meteor repretenring a Star.) the Heavens rolled up, (this is some Rolling of the Clouds,) the Mountains and Iands moved by the Earth. quake ; and this time was the Destruction of the Pagans, or

tichrist, before the Millennium. Joel 3. 4. 14. The Day.. of she Lord is near in the Valley of Decision. »V. 15. The Sun and Moon Phall be darkned, and the Stars withdraw their Shining V. 16 The Heavens and the Farth fhall shake, before the Destruction of Antichrift.

In the Reign of Valens, 366, a horrible Earıl quake, with Thunder, Lichioning, and an Inundation by the Sca, which


froyed soooo, and this preceded the Northern InvaGons on the Western Provinces. In Theodofius's Days, an Earthquake, Rains exceflive, and Darkness. About A. D. 400, a Comet, before the Goths cook Rome. 402, before Alaricus's Invasion of Italy, Thunder, Hail, a Comet. Before the War with Attila, an Earthquake at Rome. Before the Invasion of the Huns, 557, an Earthquake at Constantinople and at Rome, and a Comer : Vide Procopium.

633, A Comet in the Shape of a Sword was believed to be a Forerunner of the Wars with the Saracens, who con quered Persia, and belieged Jerusalem Two Years, A. D. 627, when it was taken by Omar: 741, a dreadful Earthquake at Conffantinople ; it continued 11 Months : 746, Syria and Palestine were shaken, and a Darkness in August ; then a Pefti. lence raged three Years : And 671, Constantinople was befieged, leven Years afrer the Comer. 763, the Turks made Ini cursions into Armenia, Persia, Asia Minor, thro' the Caspian Gates, and returned home again : Then was a great Frost on the Euxine, leveral Prodigies in the Air, the Stars seemed to fall, and a Drought. 1096, Sigebert and Aventine record the Prodigies which happen'd before the Holy War; the Heavens leem'd to burn, the Sun and Moon to lose their Light, the Stars to fall, burning Torches, fiery Darts, Armies in the hir, new Stars: A Comer, before the Deftruction of Conftantinople by Mahomet II.

I collected these Observations from the Constantinopolitan History, to Mew, that Esdras's Observation, ch. 9. v. 6. is true. The Times of the Higheft have strange Beginnings in Wonders and powerful Works, and that Providence will use the same Method to the End of the World: Grear Prodigies will be before the Revolutions predicted by the Prophecies. This Opinion is confirmed by St. Mark, 13. v.8. Nation Mall rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom ; and there Mall be Earthquakes in divers Places. V. 24. mencions che Signs of Chrift's second Coming.

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