Epistles, with his amours

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Tonson, 1725

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Page 104 - I with admiration fee : What hope had you to gain a queen like me...
Page 193 - Tis true, her father promis'd her to thee, But Heaven and she first gave herself to me: And you in justice therefore should decline Your claim to that which is already mine. This is the man, Cydippe, that excites Diana's rage, to vindicate her rites. Command him then not to approach thy door; This done, the danger of your death is o'er. For fear not, beauteous maid, but keep thy vow, Which great Diana heard, and did allow. And she who took it, will thy health restore, And be propitiuus as she was...
Page 111 - Ilium shall be burnt with Grecian fire. Both give me fear ; nor is it much allay'd, That Venus is oblig'd our loves to aid: For they, who lost their cause, revenge will take; And for one friend two enemies you make.
Page 108 - O you pow'rs above, How rude I am in all the arts of love! My hand is yet untaught to write to men : This is th...
Page 89 - tis to think thefe lines fhall findAn entertainment at your hands fo kind. For this creates a hope, that I too may, Receiv'd by you, as happy be as they. Ah ! may that hope be true ! nor I complain That Venus promis'd you to me in vain : For know, left you through ignorance offend The gods, 'tis heaven that me does hither fend.
Page 144 - From which himself so abjectly is fled ? The .thought affrights not me, but me inflames ; " Mother and son are notions, very names Of worn-out piety, in...

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