New Commentaries on Marriage, Divorce, and Separation as to the Law, Evidence, Pleading, Practice, Forms and the Evidence of Marriage in All Issues on a New System of Legal Exposition, 1. köide

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Page 488 - And the said records and judicial proceedings, authenticated as aforesaid, shall have such faith and credit given to them in every court within the United States as they have by law or usage in the courts of the State from whence the said records are or shall be taken.
Page 381 - Act. If the words of the statute are in themselves precise and unambiguous, then no more can be necessary than to expound those words in their natural and ordinary sense. The words themselves alone do in such case best declare the intention of the lawgiver.
Page 601 - No person or collection of persons, being one of those departments, shall exercise any power properly belonging to either of the others ; except in the instances hereinafter expressly directed or permitted.
Page 128 - I conceive that marriage, as understood in Christendom, may for this purpose be defined as the voluntary union for life of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.
Page 67 - That if any person, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife,' whether the second marriage shall have taken place in England or elsewhere, every such offender, and every person counselling aiding or abetting such offender, shall be guilty of felony...
Page 633 - ... when any husband shall have by cruel and barbarous treatment, endangered his wife's life or offered such indignities to her person as to render her condition intolerable, and life burdensome, and thereby force her to withdraw from his house and family...
Page 67 - ... incestuous adultery, or of bigamy with adultery, or of rape, or of sodomy or bestiality, or of adultery coupled with such cruelty as, without adultery, would have entitled her to a divorce a mensa et thoro...
Page 350 - All causes of marriage, divorce and alimony, and all appeals from the Judges of Probate, shall be heard and determined by the Governor and Council, until the Legislature shall, by law, make other provision.
Page 68 - ... the court shall not lie bound to pronounce such decree if it shall find that the petitioner has during the marriage been guilty of adultery...
Page 631 - ... hurt is actually done ; but the apprehension must be reasonable : it must not be an apprehension arising merely from an exquisite and diseased sensibility of mind. Petty vexations applied to such a constitution of mind may certainly in time wear out the animal machine, but still they are not cases of legal relief; people must relieve themselves as well as they can by prudent resistance — by calling in the succours of religion and the consolation of friends ; but the aid of courts is not to...

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