Songs from David Herd's Manuscripts

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W. J. Hay, 1904 - 348 pages

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Page 300 - For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn. Or busy housewife ply her evening care; No children run to lisp their sire's return, Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.
Page 189 - Gar tak these bonnie feathers o' mine, The feathers o' my tail, And gie to the lads o' Hamilton To be a barn flail. ' And tak these bonnie feathers o' mine, The feathers o' my breast, And gie to ony bonnie lad That'll bring to me a priest.
Page xi - ... department; but, considering myself as a nobleman, and not a peer of parliament, a piece of ornamental china, as it were, I have been obliged to avail myself of my situation to do as much good as I possibly could, without acting in a professional line, which my rank and my fate excluded me from. A discarded courtier, with a little estate, does not find it easy to make his voice be heard in any country, and least of all in Scotland.
Page 291 - The herring loves the merry moonlight, The mackerel loves the wind, But the oyster loves the dredging sang, For they come of a gentle kind.
Page 39 - But chief, O Cape ! * we crave thy aid, To get our cares and poortith laid : Sincerity, and genius true, Of knights have ever been the due : Mirth, music, porter deepest dy'd, Are never here to worth deny'd ; And health, o' happiness the queen, Blinks bonny, wi
Page 299 - ALAS, my son, you little know The sorrows that from wedlock flow ; Farewell to every day of ease, When you have gotten a wife to please. Sae bide ye yet, and bide ye yet, Ye little ken what's to betide ye yet ; The half of that will gane you yet, If a wayward wife obtain you yet.
Page 88 - O gin my love were yon red rose That grows upon the castle wa', And I mysel' a drap o' dew, Into her bonnie breast to fa' ! Oh, there beyond expression blest. I'd feast on beauty a' the night ; Seal'd on her silk-saft faulds to rest, Till fley'd awa' by Phoebus
Page 267 - WE'RE all dry with drinking on't, We're all dry with drinking on't ; The piper kiss'd the fiddler's wife, And I can't sleep for thinking on't.
Page 188 - Gar tak this gude richt leg of mine, And mend the brig o' Tay ; It will be a post and pillar gude, It will neither bow nor [gae]. And tak this other leg of mine, And mend the brig o' Weir ; It will be a post and pillar gude, It will neither bow nor steer. Gar tak thae bonnie feathers o' mine, The feathers o' my tail ; And gie to the lads o
Page 26 - After the business of the day was over to pass the evening socially with a set of select Companions in an agreeable but at the same time a rational and frugal manner ; for this purpose Beer or Porter were their Liquors, from fourpence to sixpence each the extent of their usual...

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