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Montes, exultástis sicut aríetes: *et colles, sicut agni óvium?

A fácie Dómini mota est terra : * a Ifácie Dei Jacob.

Qui convértit petram in stagna aquárum : * et rupem in fontes aquárum.

Non nobis, Dómine, non nobis: * sed nómini tuo da glóriam.

Super misericórdia tua, et veritáte tua:* nequándo dicant gentes, Ubi est Deus eórum?

Deus autem noster in cœlo: * ómnia quæcúmque vóluit fecit.

[blocks in formation]

6 Ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams: and ye hills like the lambs of the flock?

7 At the presence of the Lord the earth was moved: at the presence of the God of Jacob.

8 Who turned the rock into a standing water: and the stony hill into a flowing


9 Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us : but unto thy name. give the glory.

10 For thy mercy and for thy truth's sake: lest the gentiles should say, Where is their God?

11 But our God is in heaven: he hath done whatsoever he would.

12 The idols of the gentiles are silver and

ópera mánuum homi


Os habent, et non loquéntur: * óculos habent, et non vidébunt.

Aures habent, et non aúdient: * nares

gold: the work of the hands of men.

13 They have mouths, and they speak not: they have eyes, and they see not.

14 They have ears,

and they hear not:

habent, et non odorá- they have noses, and


they smell not. Manus habent, et 15 They have hands, non palpábunt: pedes and they feel not: habent, et non ambu- they have feet, and lábunt : * non clamábunt in gútture suo.

Símiles illis fiant qui fáciunt ea: et omnes qui confídunt in eis.

they walk not: neither speak they through their throat.

16 Let those that make them become like unto them and all such as put their trust in them.

Domus Israel sperá- 17 The house of vit in Dómino: * ad- Israel hath hoped in jútor eórum et pro- the Lord: he is their téctor eórum est. helper and protector. Domus Aaron spe- 18 The house of rávit in Dómino: * Aaron hath hoped in adjútor eórum et pro- the Lord: he is their tector eórum est. helper and protector.

Qui timent Dómi- 19 They that fear num speravérunt in the Lord have hoped Dómino: adjútor in the Lord: he is eórum et protéctor eó- their helper and pro

rum est.

Dóminus memor fuit nostri et benedíxit nobis.

Benedíxit dómui Israel: benedíxit dómui Aaron...


20 The Lord hath been mindful of us: and hath blessed us.

21 He hath blessed the house of Israel: he hath blessed the house of Aaron.

22 He hath blessed

Benedíxit ómnibus qui timent Dóminum: all that fear the Lord: *pusillis cum majóri- the least together with bus. the greatest. Adjiciat Dóminus 23 May the Lord super vos: super add blessings upon vos, et super fílios you: upon you, and



Benedicti vos a Dómino: * qui fecit cœlum et terram.

upon your children.

24 Blessed be ye of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

Coelum coeli Dómi- 25 The heaven of



terram autem dedit filiis hóminum.

Non mórtui laudá

heavens is the Lord's: but the earth hath he given to the children of men.

26 The dead shall

bunt te, Dómine: * not praise thee, O neque omnes qui de- Lord: neither all they scéndunt in inférnum. that go

Sed nos qui vivimus,


down into

27 But we who live,

[blocks in formation]

In Paschal time :-Ant. Alleluia, alleluia,


In place of the In exitu Israel, the following is often substituted :

Psalm cxvi. Laudate Dominum. Laudáte Dóminum, omnes gentes: * laudáte eum, omnes pópuli :

Quóniam confirmáta


1 Praise the Lord, all ye gentiles: praise him, all ye people.

2 For his mercy is

and the truth of the Lord endureth for

est super nos, miseri- confirmed upon us: córdia ejus et véritas Dómini manet in ætérnum.

Gloria Patri,, &c.


Glory be to the Father, &c.

Little Chapter. 2 Cor. i.

BENEDICTUS Deus, et BLESSED be the God Pater Domini nostri and Father of our Jesu Christi, Pater Lord Jesus Christ, the misericordiarum, et Father of mercies, and Deus totius consola- the God of all comtionis, qui consolatur fort, who comforteth nos in omni tribula- us in all our tribulatione nostra. tion.

R. Deo gratias.

R. Thanks be to



Lucis Creator optime, O blest Creator of the

Lucem dierum proferens,

Primordiis lucis novæ,

Mundi parans originem.

Qui mane junctum ves-
Diem vocari præcipis:

Illabitur tetrum chaos,

Audi preces cum fletibus.


Who dost the dawn from darkness bring; And framing nature's depth and height, Didst with the new-born light begin.

Who gently blending eve with morn,

And morn with eve, didst call them day: Thick flows the flood of darkness down ;

Oh, hear us as we weep and pray!

Ne mens gravata cri- Keep thou our souls from


Vite sit exul munere,

schemes of crime;

Nor guilt remorseful let us know;

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