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left hand, which he placed flat on the henceforth call him) his youngest son, who, ground with the palm upwards, making sat next him, an arch boy of about ten me a sign to step into it, as I could easily years old, took me up by the legs, and held do, for it was not above a foot in thick- me so high in the air, that I trembled every ness. I thought it my part to obey, and limb; but his father snatched me fronı him, for fear of falling, laid myfelf at full length and at the same cime gave him such a box upon the handkerchief, with the remainder on the left ear, as would have felled an of which he lapped me up to the head for European troop of horse to the earth, orfarther security, and in this manner carried dering him to be taken from the table. But me home to his house. There he called being afraid the boy might owe me a spite, his wife, and Mewed me to her; but the and well remembering how mischievous all fcreamed and ran back, as women in Eng- children among us naturally are to sparland do at the fight of a toad or a spider. rows, rabbits, young kittens, and puppyHowever, when she had a while seen my dogs, I fell on my knees, and pointing to behaviour, and how well I observed the the boy, made my master to understand, as figns her husband made, she was soon re- well as I could, that I desired his son might conciled, and by degrees grew extremely be pardoned. The father complied, and tender of me.

the lad took his seat again; whereupon I It was about twelve at noon, and a fer- went to him and kissed his hand, which my vant brought in dinner. It was only one master took, and made him stroke me gently fubftantial dih of meat (fit for the plain with it. condition of an husbandman) in a dish of In the midst of dinner, my mistress's about four-and-twenty feet diameter. The favourite cat leaped into her lap. I heard company were the farmer and his wife, a noise behind me like that of a dozen three children, and an old grandmother: ftocking-weavers at work; and, turning when they were sat down, the farmer placed my head, I found it proceeded from the me at some distance from him on the table, purring of that animal, who seemed to be which was thirty feet high from the foor; three times larger than an ox, as I comI was in a terrible fright, and kept as far puted by the view of her head, and one of as I could froin the edge for fear of fall. her paws, while her mistress was feeding ing. The wife minced a bit of meat, and Atroking her. The fierceness of this then crumbled iome bread on a trencher, creature's countenance altogether discomand placed it before me. I made her a posed me, though I stood at the further end low bow, took out my knife and fork, and of the table, above fifty feet off, and alfell to eat, which gave them exceeding though my mistress held her fast, for fear delight. The mistress fent her maid for she might give a spring, and seize me in a small dram-cup, which held about two her talons. But it happened there was no gallons, and filled it with drink; I took danger; for the cat took not the least noup the veflel with much difficulty in both tice of me, when my master placed me hands, and in a most respectful manner within three yards of her. And as I have drank to her lady ship's health, expressing been always told, and found true by exthe words as loud as I could in English, perience in my travels, that flying or diswhich made the company laugh fo heartily, covering fear before a fierce animal is a that I was almost deafened with the noise. certain way to make it pursue or attack This liquor tasted like a small cyder, and you, so I resolved in this dangerous junc. was not unpleasant. Then the master made ture to fhew no manner of concern. I me a sign to come to his trencher-lide; walked with intrepidity five or fix times but as I walked on the table, being in before the very head of the cat, and came great furprize all the time, as the indulgent within half a yard of her; whereupon the reader will easily conceive and excule, I drew herself back, as if she were more happened to stumble against a crust, and afraid of me. I had less apprehension fai fat on my face, but received no hurt. concerning the dogs, whereof three or four I got up immediately, and observing the came into the room, as it is usual in fargood people to be in much concern, I took mer's houses; one of which was a mastiff my hat (which I held under my arm out equal in bulk to four elephants, and a grey. of good manners) and, waving it over my hound somewhat taller than the mastiff, but head, made three huzzas to thew I had not so large. got no mischief by my fall. But advanc- When dinner was almost done, the nurse ing forwards toward my master (as I Mall came in with a child of a year old in her

arms, voured. theirs,


I was



arms, who immediately spied me, and be one had freckles, anether too wide a mouth, gan a squall that you might have heard from a third too large a nose, nothing of which London bridge to Chelsea, after the usual I was able to distinguish. I confess this oratory of infants, to get me for a play-thing. reflection was obvious enough; which, howThe mother out of pure indulgence took me ever, I could not forbear, left the reader up, and put me towards the child, who pre- might think those vast creatures were adu. fently seized me by the middle, and got my ally deformed; for I must do them juftice head into his mouth, where I roared so loud to say, they are a comely race of people; that the urchin was frighted, and let me and particularly the features of my maiter's drop; and I should infallibly have broke countenance, although he were but a farmer, my neck, if the mother had not held her when I beheld him from the height of fixty apron under me. The nursi, to quiet her feet, appeared very well proportioned. babe, made use of a rattle, which was a

When dinner was done, my master went kind of hollow vessel filled with great stones, out to his labourers, and, as I could discoand fastened by a cable to the child's wailt: ver by his voice and gesture, gave his wife but all in vain, so that she was forced to ap- a strict charge to take care of me. ply the last remedy, by giving it suck. I muft very much tired, and disposed to sleep; confess no object ever disguited me so much which my mistress perceiving, she put me as the sight of her monftrous breast, which I on her own bed, and covered me with a cannot tell what to compare with, so as to

clean white handkerchief, but larger and give the curious reader an idea of its bulk, coarser than the main-lail of a man of Tape, and colour. It food prominent fix feet, and could not be less than fixteen in I slept about two hours, and dreamed circumference. The nipple was about half I was at home with my wife and children, the bigness of my head, and the hue both of which aggravated my sorrows, when I athat and the dug fo varied with spots, pim- waked, and found myself alone in a vait ples, and freckles, that nothing could ap- room, between two and three hundred feet pear more nauseous: for I had a near fight wide, and above two hundred high, lying of her, le sitting down the more conveni. in a bed twenty yards wide. My mistress ently to give suck, and I ftanding on the was gone about her household affairs, and table. This made me reflect upon the fair had locked me in. The bed was eight skins of our English ladies, who appear fo yards from the floor. Some natural necesbeautiful to us, only because they are of our fities required me to get down: I durst not own lize, and their defects not to be seen but presume to call, and, if I had, it would have through a magnifying-glass, where we find been in vain with such a voice as mine, at by experiment, that the linoothett and whit- fo great a distance as from the room where et kins look rough and course, and I lay to the kitchen where the family kept. Joured.

While I was under these circumstances, two I remember, when I was at Lilliput, the rats crept up the curtains, and ran smelling complexion of those diminutive people ap- backwards and forwards on the bed. One peared to me the faircft in the world; and of them came up almost to my face, wheretalking upon this subject with a person of upon I rose in a fright, and drew out my learning there, who was an intimate friend hanger to defend myself. These horrible of mine, he said that my face appeared animals had the boldness to attack me on much fairer and smoother when he looked both sides, and one of them held his fore. on me from the ground, than it did upon a feet at my collar; but I had the good fornearer view, when I took him up in my tune to rip up his belly, before he could do hand and brought him close, which he con- me any mischief. He fell down at my feet, fessed was at first a very shocking sight. He and the other seeing the fate of his comrade said he could discover great holes in my made his escape, but not thout one good fkin; that the stumps of my beard were ten wound on the back, which I gave him as he times stronger than the bristles of a boar, fled, and made the blood run trickling from and my complexion made up of several co- him. After this exploit I walked gently to lours altogether disagreeable; although I and fro on the bed to recover my breath. must beg leave to say for myself, that I am and loss of spirits. These creatures were of as fair as most of my sex and country, and the fize of a large mastiff, but infinitely more very little fum-burnt by all my travels

. On nimble and fierce, so that, if I had taken off the other side, discoursing of the ladies in my belt before I went to sleep, I must in. that emperor's court, he used to tell me fallibly have been torn to pieces and de

voured. I measured the tail of the dead

CHAP. II. rat, and found it to be two yards long, wanting an inch; but it went against my A description of the farmer's daughter. The ftomach to drag the carcase off the bed, au! hor carried to a market-town, and then where it lay still bleeding; I observed it to the metropolis. The particulars of bis had yet some lile, but, with a strong flash journey. cross the neck, I thoroughly dispatched it.

My mistress had a daughter of nine Soon after my mistress came into the years old, a child of towardly parts for room, who fecing me all bloody, ran and her age, very dexterous at her needle, took me up in her hand. I pointed io the and skilful in dresing her baby. Her modead rat, smiling, and making other ligns ther and she contrived to fit up the baby's to thew I was not hurt, whereat she was cradle for me against night; the cradle extremely rejoiced, calling the mid to was put into a small drawer of a cabinet, take up the dead rat with a pair of tongs, and the drawer placed upon a hanging and throw it out of the window. Then the shelf, for fear of the rats. This was my set me on a table, where I Mewed her my bed all the time I stayed with those people, hanger all bloody, and, wiping it on the though made more convenient by degrees, lappet of my coat, returned it to the scab- as I began to learn their language, and bard. I was pressed to do more than one make my wants known. This young girl thing, which another could not do for me, was so handy, that, after I had once or and therefore endeavoured to make my twice pulled off my cloaths before her, she mistress understand that I desired to be set was able to dress and undress me, though I down on the floor: which after she had never gave her that trouble when she would done, my bashfulness would not suffer me to let me do either myself. She made me seven express myself farther, than by pointing to shirts, and some other linen, of as fine cloth the door and bowing several times. The as could be got, which indeed was coarser good woman, with much difficulty, at last than sack-cloth; and these the constantly perceived what I would be at, and taking wained for me with her own hands. She was me up again in her hand, walked into the likewise my school-mitress to teach me the garden, where she let me down. I went language: when I pointed to any thing, the on one side about two hundred yards, and told me the name of it in her own tongue, beckoning to her not to look or to follow so that in a few days I was able to call for me, I hid myself between two leaves of whatever I had a mind to.

She was very sorrel, and there discharged the necessities good-natured, and not above forty feet of nature.

high, being little for her age. She gave I hope the gentle reader will excuse me me the name of Grildrig, which the family for dwelling on these and the like particu- took up, and afterwards the whole kinglars, which, however insignificant they may dom. The word imports what the Latins appear to grovelling vulgar minds, yet will call nanunculus, the Italians homunceletins, certainly help a philosopher to enlarge his and the English mannikin. To her I chiefly thoughts and imagination, and apply them owe my preservation in that country: we to the benefit of public as well as private never paried while I was there: I called life, which was my fole design in prelenting her my Glumdaiclich, or little nurse; and this and other accounts of my travels to the should be guilty of great ingratitude, if I world; wherein I have been chiefly studious omitted this honourable mention of her care of truth, without affecting any ornaments of and affection towards me, which I heartily learning or of style. But the whole scene with it lay in my power to requite as the of this voyage made so strong an impression deferves, inttead of being the innocent, but on my mind, and is so deeply fixed in my unhappy instrument of her disgrace, as I memory, that in committing it to paper I have too much reason to fear. did not oiit one material circumstance: It now began to be known and talked of however, upon a strict review, I blotted out in the neighbourhood, that my master had several passages of less moment which were found a strange animal in the field, about in my first copy, for fear of being censured the bigness of a splacknuck, but exactly as tedious and trifling, whereof travellers shaped in every part like a human creature; are often, perhaps not without justice, ac- which it likewise imitated in all its actions; cused,

seeined to speak in a little language of its own, had already learned several words of theirs, went erect upon two legs, was tame my liberty; and as to the ignominy of and gentle, would come when it was called, being carried about for a monster, I consido whatever it was bid, had the finest limbs dered myself to be a perfect stranger in the in the world, and a complexion fairer than country, and that such a misfortune could a nobleman's daughter of three years old. never be charged upon me as a reproach, if Another farmer who lived hard by, and was ever I should return to England, fince the a particular friend of my master, came on king

king of Great Britain himself, in my condia visit on purpose to enquire into the truth tion, must have undergone the same distress. of this story. I was immediately produced, My master, pursuant to the advice of his and placed upon a table, where I walked as friend, carried me in a box the next day to I was cominanded, drew my hanger, put it the neighbouring town, and took along with up again, made my reverence to my mar- him his little daughter, my nurse, upon a ter's guest, asked him in his owri language pillion behind him. The box was close on how he did, and told him he was welcome, every side, with a little door for me to go just as my little nurse had instructed me. in and out, and a few gimlet-holes to let in This man, who was old and dim-lighted, air. The girl had been so careful as to put put on his fpectacles to behold me better, the quilt of her baby's bed into it for me at which I could not forbear laughing very to lie down on. However, I was terribly heartily, for his eyes appeared like the full taken and discomposed in this journey, moon shining into a chamber at two win though it were but of half an hour. For dows. Our people, who discovered the the horse went about forty feet at every step, 'cause of my mirth, bore me company in and trotted so high, that the agitation was laughing, at which the old fellow was fool equal to the rising and falling of a ship in enough to be angry and out of countenance. a great form, but much more frequent. He had the character of a great miser, and Our journey was somewhat farther than to my misfortune, he well deserved it, by from London to St. Alban’s. My master the curled advice he gave my matter, to alighted at an inn which he used to freThew me as a sight upon a market-day quent; and after consulting a while with in the next town, which was half an the inn-keeper, and making some necessary hour's riding, about two-and-twenty miles preparations, he hired the grultrud or crier from our house. I guessed there was fome to give notice through the town of a strange mischief contriving, when I observed my · creature to be seen at the sign of the Green master and his friend whispering long toge. Eagle, not so big as a splacknuck (an animal ther, sometimes pointing at me; and my in that country very finely shaped, about fix fears made me fancy that I overheard and feet long) and in every part of the body understood some of their words. But the resembling an human creature, could speak next morning Glumdalclitch,my little nurse, several words, and perform an hundred ditold me the whole matter, which Me had verting tricks. cunningly picked out from her mother. I was placed upon a table in the largest The poor girl laid me on her bosom, and room of the inn, which might be near three fell a weeping with shame and griet. She hundred feet square. My little nurse stood apprehended some mischief would happen on a low ftool close to the table to take care to me from rude vulgar folks, who might of me, and direct what I should do. My squeeze me to death, or break one of master, to avoid a crowd, would suffer only my limbs by taking me in their hands. thirty people at a time to see me. I walked She had also observed how modest I was in about on the table as the girl commanded: my nature, how nicely I regarded my ho. he asked me questions, as far as the knew noar, and what an indignity I should con- my understanding of the language reached, ceive it to be exposed for money as a pub- and I answered them as loud as I could. I lic spectacle to the meanest of the people. turned about several times to the company, She faid, her papa and mamma had pro. paid my humble respects, said they were mised that Grildrig should be hers, but now welcome, and used fome other speeches The' found they meant to serve her as they I had been tauglit. I took up a thimble did last year, when they pretended to give filled with liquor, which Glomdalclitch had her a lamh, and yet, as foon as it was fat, given me for a cup, and drank their health. fold it to a butcher. For my own part, I I drew out my hanger, and flourished with may truly affirm, that I was less concerned it after the manner of fencers in England. than my nurse. I had a frong hope, which My nurse gave me part of a straw, which Dever left me, that I Mould one day recover I exercised as a pike, having learned the

3 $


art in my youth. I was that day shewn The girl had lined it on all sides with the to twelve sets of company, and as often softest cloth she could get, well quilted un. forced to act over again the same foppe- derneath, furnished it with her baby's bed, ries, till I was half dead with weariness and provided me with linen and other necessavexation. For those who had seen me made ries, and made every thing as convenient such wonderful reports, that the people as she could. We had no other company were ready to break down the doors to but a boy of the house, who rode after us come in.. My mater, for his own interest, with the luggage. would not offer any one

to touch me My master's design was to fhew me in except my nurse; and to prevent danger, all the towns by the way, and to step out benches were set round the table at such a of the road for fifty or an hundred miles, disance as to put me out of every body's to any village, or person of quality's reach. However, an unlucky school-boy house, where he might expect custom. We aimed å hazel-nut directly at my head, made easy journies of not above seven or which very narrowly missed me; other- eight score miles a day: for Glomdalclitch, wife, it came with so much violence, that on purpose to spare me, complained the it would have infallibly knocked out my was tired with the trotting of the horse. brains, for it was almost as large as a small She often took me out of my box at my pumpion : but I had the satisfaction to see own desire to give me air, and shew me the young rogue well beaten, and turned the country, but always held me falt by a out of the room.

leading-string. We palled over five or fix My master gave public notice, that he rivers many degrees broader and deeper would shew me again the next market-day, than the Nile or the Ganges; and there and in the mean time he prepared a more was hardly a rivulet so small as the Thames convenient vehicle for me, which he had at London-bridge. We were ten weeks in reason enough to do; for I was so tired our journey, and I was shewn in eighteen with any first journey, and with entertain- large towns, besides many villages and ing company for eight hours together, private families. that I could hardly stand upon my legs, or On the 26th day of October, we arrived speak a word. It was at least three days at the metropolis, called in their language before I recovered my strength; and that Lorbrulgrud, or Pride of the Universe. My I might have no reit at home, all the neigh- master took a lodging in the principal street bouring gentlemen from an hundred miles of the city, not far from the royal palace, round, hearing of my fame, came to see and put up bills in the usual form, contain: me at my master's own house. There ing an exact description of my person and could not be fewer than thirty persons with parts. He hired a large room between three their wives and children (for the country is and four hundred feet wide. He provided very populous;) and my master demanded a table fixty feet in diameter, upon which the rate of a full roo:a whenever he thewed I was to act my part, and pallisadoed it me at home, although it were only to a round three feet from the edge, and as single family: so that for some time I had many high, to prevent my falling over. I but little ease every day of the week (ex- was shewn ten times a day, to the wonder cept Wednesday, which is their fabbath) and satisfaction of all people. I could now although I were not carried to the town. speak the language tolerably well, and per.

My matter, finding how profitable I was fe&tly understood every word that was spolike to be, resolved to carry me to the most ken to me. Besides, I had learned their considerable cities of the kingdom. Hav. alphabet, and could make a shift to explain ing therefore provided himself with all a sentence here and there ; for Glumdalthings necessary for a long journey, and clitch had been my instructor while we were settled his affairs at home, he took leave at home, and at leisure hours during our of his wife, and upon the 17th of August journey. She carried a little book in her 1703, about two months after my arrival, pocket, not much larger than a Sanson's we let out for the metropolis, situated near Atlas; it was a common treatise for the ofe the middle of that empire, and about three of young girls, giving a short account

of thousand miles distance from our house : their religion ; out of this she taught me my master made his daughter Glumdab my letters, and interpreted the words. clitch ride behind him. She carried me ou her lap in a box tied about her waist.



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