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Page 150, line 17. Read Dec. 16th, not Dec. 17th.
Page 151, line 6. Read Dec. 17th, not Dec. 18th.
Page 333, line 6. For Co. C, read Co. D.
Page 353, line 7. For July 18th, read June 18th.


Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsboro. Our force engaged. Skirmishing

by the way. Battle of Kinston. Battle of Whitehall. Field and
battle of Goldsboro. Clingman assaults Lee's Brigade. Casu-
alties. Rbel force. Incidents.




South Carolina Expedition. Regiment at Washington, N. C. Co’s G

and H go to Plymouth. Mail steapiers and mails. Hyde County

guerrillas. Fort Anderson attacked. Siege of Washington, N. C.

Demand for its surrender. Commodore Hull. Ceres runs the

blockade. Aground under the guns of Rodman's Point. Spinola

retreats. Nailing the flag to the staff. Cotton Battery and Hill's

Point. Steamer Escort runs the blockade. General order. Gan-

nett declines to assault. The Siege raised. Incidents. Engagement

at Rocky Hoc Creek.



Gum Swamp. Engagement at Dover X Roads. Gen'l Palmer loses his

temper. Gum Swamp under Col. Jones. A Night in the Swamp.

A grand Success. Following Col. Pierson in a swamp. Lieut.

Hunt and his men at Core Creek Bridge. Attack upon Bachelor's

Creek. Col. Jones killed. What was it ?


[blocks in formation]

reply. Census of Norfolk Contrabands. Our Drum Corps. Helping

in colored schools. Julian's Creek. Organization of the Red Star

Brigade. Death of Adj't E. D. Lee.



Department of North Carolina in danger. Attack upon New Berne. A

terrible Revenge. Plymouth attacked. The ram Albemarle. Death

of Lieut.-Com. Flusser. Plymouth surrendered. Capt. Sampson.

Washington, N. C., evacuated. A fierce Naval Combat. Hoke

attacks New Berne again. His hasty Retreat.



The Army of the James. General C A. Heckman's special Report.

Bermuda Hundreds. Battle of Walthall Junction; losses. Walthall

Junction, May 7th; losses. Gen'l Grant's Instructions to Gen'l

Butler. Battle of Arrowfield Church. Mudsills vs. Chivalry; losses.

Retire to Cobb's Hill. Lieut. Pliny Wood. Drewry's Bluff. Sharp-

shooting. New position. Company D on picket. Battle of Drew-

ry's Bluff. Beauregard's Instructions; how executed. The Enemy

repulsed. Attacked in the rear. Loss of Colors and Prisoners. What

the Enemy say of the Battle. Casualties. Capt. C. D. Sandford.

What Gen'l Butler has to say. Letters from Major-Gen'ls Smith

and Weitzel. Letters from Gen'ls Heckman, Pickett and Lee.

Reorganization of the Regiment. New Commanders. Ordered to

the Army of the Potomac.



Andersonville. Lack of Shelter, Fuel and Water. A wonderful Provi-

dence. Libby Prison. Arrival at Andersonville. Surgeon's call

Burial of the Dead. A Fast of nearly four Days. Two sides of such

life. Leaving Andersonville. Railroad Accident. Sarannah. Mil-

len. Blackshire. Andersonville again. Abandoned in Florida.

What was endured. Personal Incidents. Forgiven but not for-



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