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all cases of his competency, at the suit or instance of the bailiff of the parish in which the offence or other unlawful act shall have been committed, and in all other cases before the bailiff and two jurats of the royal court, at the suit or instance of Her Majesty's Procurator General for the said island:

(e.) All penalties recovered under this Act shall be paid to the officers who by the law and practice of the said island are entitled to receive fines levied by order of the said courts respectively, and shall by such officers be accounted for and paid to Her Majesty's Receiver General in the said island on behalf of the Crown:

f.) The powers conferred under this Act on two justices shall be exercised by the inferior. number of the royal court of the said island: (g.) Clause thirty-three of this Act, and the term "Summary Jurisdiction Acts," shall not apply to the said island, but all proceedings under this Act in any of the courts of the said island shall be regulated according to the ordinary practice of such courts respectively, and all penalties shall in default of payment be enforced in the same manner as fines payable to the Crown in the said. island:

(h.) The rules prescribed by the law of the said island with respect to appeals in civil and criminal cases shall be followed as to appeals from any orders, judgments, or convictions made in cases of summary jurisdiction under this Act:

(i.) The terms "the Companies Acts," and "the Companies Act, 1862," shall be taken to

mean the law which from time to time may be in force in the said island for the formation, regulation, and winding up of companies.

(2.) As respects the bailiwick of the Island of Guernsey:

(a.) The court of primary instance within the bailiwick shall have all such powers and authorities as are by this Act conferred either on justices of the peace or on judges of county courts in England: Provided that a sentence may be appealed from if the case admits of an appeal, under the orders in council now in force within the bailiwick, but that the decision of the royal court when sitting in a body as a court of appeal shall be final:

(b.) When any sum of money becomes payable on the death of a member, such sum of money shall, in default of any direction. or nomination such as is contemplated by this Act, be paid to the deceased member's legal representative, according to the law of Guernsey:

(c.) All friendly societies within the bailiwick shall be authorized to invest any part of their funds in the states bonds either of Guernsey or of Alderney:

(d.) The term "the Companies Act" means the law for the time being in force in the said bailiwick for the regulation and winding up of companies:

(e.) All offences and penalties under this Act shall be prosecuted and recovered summarily before the court of primary jurisdiction at

the suit or instance of the law officers of the Crown or of a constable of a parish: (f) All penalties recovered under this Act shall be paid to the Receiver General, to be by him carried to the account of the Crown revenue.

[blocks in formation]

17 & 18 Vict. c. 107.

18 & 19 Vict. c. 63.

21 & 22 Vict. c. 101.

22 & 23 Vict. c. 40.

23 Vict. c. 13.

23 & 24 Vict. c. 58.

26 & 27 Vict. c. 65.

29 Vict. c. 34.

36 & 37 Vict. c. 77.

Section 69.

An Act for amending the laws relating Section 27.
to the militia and raising a volun-
teer militia force in Ireland.

An Act to consolidate and amend the The whole.
law relating to friendly societies.

An Act to amend the Act of the 18th
and 19th years of Her present Ma-
jesty, chapter 63, relating to friendly

An Act for the establishment of a re-
serve volunteer force of seamen, and
for the government of the same.

The whole.

Section 23.

An Act to prevent the members of The whole.
benefit societies from forfeiting their
interest therein by being enrolled in
yeomanry or volunteer corps.

An Act to amend an Act of the 18th
and 19th years of Her Majesty re-
lating to friendly societies.

An Act to consolidate and amend the
Acts relating to the volunteer force
in Great Britain.

An Act to give further facilities for
the establishment of societies for
the assurance of cattle and other

An Act to provide for the establish-
ment of a royal naval artillery
volunteer force.

The whole.

Section 44.

The whole.

Section 33.




1. The name and place of office of the society. 2. The whole of the objects for which the society is to be established, the purposes for which the funds thereof shall be applicable, the terms of admission of members, the conditions under which any member may become entitled to any benefit assured thereby, and the fines and forfeitures to be imposed on any member.

3. The mode of holding meetings and right of voting, and the manner of making, altering, or rescinding rules.

4. The appointment and removal of a committee of management (by whatever name), of a treasurer and other officers, and of trustees, and in the case of a society with branches, the composition of the central body, and the conditions under which a branch may secede from the society.

5. The investment of the funds, the keeping of the accounts, and the audit of the same once a year at least.

6. Annual returns to the registrar of the receipts, funds, effects, and expenditure, and number of members of the society.

7. The inspection of the books of the society by every person having an interest in the funds of the society.

8. The manner in which disputes between the society and any of its members, or any person claim

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