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other Villages brought under leixo de Menezes, p. 45. Alhis Obedience, &c. p. 91, 92. sembles a Synod ac Angamale, Writes a long Letter to the Arch and why, p. 45. Afraid of the Deacon, p. 92. Sails to' Narame, Arch-Bishop's coming inco the and baulk'd in his design, Serra, p. 47. Subscribes the how, p.93, 94. Receives the Creed of Pius IV. and why, Arch-Deacon's Letter of Sub

p. 52. Meets the Arch-Bishop million, p. 94. Orders him co at Cochim, p. 57, 58. WhereSubscribe ten Articles, p. 94,

in he was to comply, P. 57. 95, 96. Gues to Cocbim, and

His Attendance, p. 58, 59. why, D. 96, 97. Receives ad

The result of their Meeting, P. vice of the King of Cochin's 59. Deferrs to meet the Archhaving begun a War with the Bishop at Vaipicotta, and why, Caimal, p. 97. Disswades him p: 60. His Speech to the Chrifrom it by threats, and what stians of St. Thomas, p. 62,63. pass’d between them, p. 99, Flings out of the Church of 100, 101, 102, 103. Writes Paru in a Passion, and why, p. to the King of Mangate to 66. Shut up in a House at Cheforcethe Arch-Deacon to sub- guree, denying to see the Archmir, p. 103. He submits, and Bishop, p. 67. The Arch-Biis received, but defires to Sign shop makes him fair Promises, the Articles privately, p. 104, p. 68. Whereupon he per• 105. Agreed to, ibid. The swades the People and Caçanares Arch-Bishop records to Cranga- to treat with the Arch-Bishop, nor, p. 107. Composes the De- ibid. His Discourse with the crees of the Synod, and enga- Arch-Bishop, and the Arch-Biges the Princes to affit' him shop's Answer, p. 69, 70. Pre. chereac, ibid. His crick ro fe. tending himself fick at Can. cure the Major Vore in the Sy- hur, he recurns to Cheguree, p. nod, ibid. and 108. Father 71. Orders an Edict to be Simon's Refledion upon him, published, and wny, p. 29ibid. Comes to Diamper the Precends to submic and Siga

gihof June, and what he did,ibid. Articles, p. 94, 95, 96, 98. Antonio Galvam, with the help of but makes delays, p. 98. The

Francisco de Castro, said co con- King of Mangare against his subvere five Kings in the Mand of mitcing, ibid. The Arch-DeaMazacar, p. 28. He first dir- con resolves to throw himself covered the King of Portugal's at the Arch Bishop's Feet, but

Ticle to the Clove, doc. ibid. desires to waje upon him at Arcb. Bishop: See Aleixo de Mene- some other place than Cranga. zes.

Dior, p. 104. Meers nion at VaiArch-Deacon of the Serra declines picotta in the Jesuirs College,

the Signing Pope Pius IV's profession of Faith, P: 44, 45. which is dissembled by Dom A


and submits, p. 104.


Artillery amongst the Malabars, B.

P. 3

Christians of St. Thomas send their Babylon anciently subje& to the Soós to the College at Cranga.

Patriarch of Antioch, p.'16. nor where they are instructed The Romis, preences' thereto after the Roman Way, p. 9. contradicted, p. 17of old the Proves ineffe&ual to the redu. Metropolis of Asyria,

p. 18

p. 62

P. 67

cing of them, p. 10. Enraged Bread and the Cup deliver'd into against the Latins, p. 46. Two

the hands of Priests to be Or- Jesuits narrowly escape being dain'd, not essential co Orders, murdered by them, ibid. The P. 34. Council of Florence, in best Fire-men in the Indies, the same Error, ibid. Condemo- p. 58. Enrag:d 'at "the" Arched by all, parricularly by Cardi- Bishop's Excommunication, nal Lugo, Becanus, and Morinus, P: 34, 35, 36, 37. Fallibility of Church of Mangate filled with che Roman Church inferr'd Houshold Goods and Women, from hence,

P. 35

and why,

Clement VIII. his Briefs against

p. 40.

Cochim, King thereof griev'd ac Caçanar , the Oldest warns the Dom Aleixos design upon CunahArch-Bishop to leave Diamper, le, endeavours to disswade him

p. 79.

from it by Stratagem, p. 54,55. Caçanares abjure the Patriarch of

without success, ibid. whereBabylon, and reconcile them- upon he makes War upon the selves to the Church of Rome, Caimal, and why, ibid.

p. 83 Coulaon, a Fortress belonging to Caimal of Angamale waics upon

the Portugueze, P.'71. che Arch-Bishop, who presents Crusado Bull brought into the Inhim,

p. 106,107. dies by Francisco Faria a DomiCarturte, High Mass perform'd nican Friar,

p. 44• there with Musick, which puc Cunahle a strong Fortress possess’d the Caçanares and people quite by Mahometan Pyrares,. p. 52. out of conceic with the Roman Worship, p. 80, 81.

D. Catalogue of the Viceroys of the

Indies, p. 110. And of the Dominicans build a Fortress ar saPrelaces , Bishops, and Arch- lor, aod Garrison it,

p. 27: Bishops of Goa and Bishops of Cochim, p. III, 112,

E. Chegurée, the Inhabitants thereof Article with the Arch-Bishop, Elias pretended Patriarch of Ba.

p. 70 bylon, his Disgrace, p. 14. Sends Christians introduce the nic of his pretended Arch-Deacon to



P. 16.

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Rome with a Book and Letter, Jesuits afraid of the Christians
ibid. The Contents of the Let- of St. Thomas, p. 46. their ill
rer, ibid. Cajols Pope Paul. V. requiral of Dom Aleixo de Mene-
with a Story of his own making, pes, and wherein, p. 48, 49.
P. 15. which is contradicted by

Reflexion on their infincerity,

the 33 Canon' of the Council

P: 50.

of Nice,

Eugenius the IV. how he suppor-'

ted his Reputation, p. 14:

Malabar irs beginning and Lati-

cude, p. 1. che Divers Kingdoms

*thereof, ibid, the Princes chere-
Fernando Vinagre, a Secular 'Priest, of Heathens,


commands a Squadron, &c. A Malavar Christian Boy beat by

p. 27.

their Priests for naming the

St. Francis destroys a whole Fleet Pope in his Prayers, p. 50.

of Fores for the Portugueze, Manuel de Faria his Charader of

che Manner how, P. 42, 43.

Arch-Bishop Menezes, P. 74.

Francisco Koz, a Jesuite, made' Mar Audixa, Patriarch of Babylon,

Bishop of the Serra in Room
of Mar-Abrabam deceas’d, p.44. Mar Abraham succeeds Mar 7o-
his Speech to the Arch-Bishop, feph as Bishop of the Serra,

p. 18. Sene Prisoner 'to Rome,
but escapes, p. 20. Goes this

ther voluntarily, doc. His crear-
Gemulio, who, p. 28. his Speech, ment at Venice, &c. p. 21. Ex-
ibid to feq.

pe&s a quiec Poffefition of his
George : See Arch-Deacon.

Bishoprick, p. 30. Tricks usd

Gregory the XIII. Issues his Briefs by the Portuguezeto detain him,

against Mar-Abraham , 32. A ibid. Confin’d to a Convent,

Provincial Council called there. P. 31. Escapes to Malahar, and

upon at Goa, ibid.

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how, ibid. Professes himself a

Romanist fill, p. 32. Repairs


"toʻthe Council, and once more

abjures, p. 33. Sends the Here-

The Hidalcaon's Letter to the Pora tical Books of his Diocess ro
tugueze Vice-roy, p. 24, 25, be burnt, doc. ibid. The Coun-

cil ended, he returns to his

Bishoprick and recans, p. 37.


His Letter to the Patriarch of

Babylon, doc. 37, 38. Receives

Jacob, Mar-Simeon's Vicar General Mar Simeon as his Coadjuror,

refuses to comply with Dom P. 38. Who opposes him, ibid.
Aleixo de Menezes Arch-Bishop He openly owns the Chaldean

Faith, 40. Bed-rid, p. 41. Sends

26, 27

of Goa, p. 42.

p. 21.


to Babylon foranotherCoadjutor,

N. .buc hiuder'd by the Diligence of the Arch-Bishop, ibid. His Nagy's-Head Ordination rouch'd Death,

P. 44.

on, Mar Foseph, Bishop of the Christi. Narame all in Arms for the Archans of St. Thomas, p. 11. Taken Deacon,

p. 92. Prisoner and sent to Portu. Nercha, what,

P. 85 gal, &c. p. 12. Finds favour with the Queen Regent, and is sent back, ibid. Promises to re. Olla's published for the calling a duce his Diocess to che Roman Synod the 20th of June at DiObedience , ibid, Returns to amper, Goa, p. 19. Denies to preach

p. 106

Oriental Prelares never applied che Roman Do&trines in his themselves to the Pope, buc for Bishoprick, ibid. and pretends.


P. 17. revelation for it,ibid. For which

P. the Arch-Bishop is angry with him, ibid. His Bishoprick divi. Pate Marca, a Mahometan Pyrate, ded, p. 20. Complains of Mar.

builc Cunahle,

P: 52. Abraham to the Portugueze, ibid. Paul III's precence for tranītating | Professes the same Doctrines he

the Council of Trent to Bologe abjured in Portugal,

p. 22.

P. 14.
Mar Simeon, Patriarch of Babylon, Paru and the Inhabitants there-

of described, p. 63, 64. Another Mar Sinieon, Mar Abra- . They arm against the Arch

ham's coadjutor,inveigled by the Bishop, ibid. Their Church full Franciscans to go to Rome for of Armed Men, ibid. The ArchOrders, p. 38, 39. Leaves one

Bishop's Sermon to 'em, p. 65. Jacob his Vicar-General in his They are angry thereat, ibid. Absence, ibid. Examined before Perswaded by the Arch-Bishop the Inquisition, and declared grow worse, by Pope Sixtus V. nor to be Pimenta, the Queen thereof orin Orders, ibid. Put into the ders the Arch-Bishop to leave Hands of Dom Aleixo de Menezes her Kingdom within three days, Arch Bishop of Goa, ibid, who upon pain of Death, confines him to a Franciscan Pius V. illues a Brief for the ap

Convenc in Lisbon, ibid. prehending Mar Joseph, p 24. Dom Matthias Arch-Bishop of Portuguese, A Chara&er of their

Goa calls a Provincial Council, Zeal by a Minister of Scate, p.4, P. 40. and summons Mar Abra 5. Another, p.6. Try by Vio bam to repair to it, ibid. Which lence to bring the Christians of he declines, and declares him- St. Thomas under obedience of self for the Chaldean Faich, the Roman Church, p, II. And

ibid. in order thereto resolve to seize Muses Bar Cepha, who,

their Bishop and send him to Rome,ibid. Manuel de Faria's ob


P. 18.

P. 66.

p. 81.


P. 18.

and why,

servation of their Tyranny, p.

um. ibid. Presents a Confession 22,23. They so far provoke the

of Faith to the Pope, p. 13. In Infidels Bar they are like to lose stead of returning to Babylon all, p. 24. An Indian's opinion of goes to Cbaramet, where che them, p. 28. Driven out of the Mahometans puc

him to Death, IMand ito, ibid. A great Slaugh

ibid. cer of chem before Cunable, p. 73. A resoluce and noble Saying

U. of a Portugueze Captain, P. 75

Veipicotta,a College built there by R.

the Jesuites, and why, p.19. In

eftcétual to the reducing the Romans drove from Charamet by Chrifians of St. Thomas to the Chaldeans,

p. 17.
their Religion,

ibid. Valto de Gama goes to Cochim S.

wish is Fleer, p. 3. The Chrifii

ans of St. Thomas crave his Serra, What, p. 2. Its Inhabi- prorecrion, ibid. Noc in a Con

tants calld Christians of S. Tho- dition to effe&t it, ibid. mok, how long subjeđ to the Venetians, their Policy to fecure Patriarch of Babylon, ibid.

their Trade in che Indies, p. 3. When discover'd to the Euro- Viceroy approves of a Peace with jeans, and by whom, ibid. thie Samorim, p. 77. A CacaThey put themselves under the logue of the Viceroys of the procedion of the King of Indies,

p. 110. Portugal,

P. 3. Vincent, a Franciscan Friar fenc Socerer undertakesco kill the Arch. to Cranganor to reduce the Chri:

Bishop buc is prevented, p. 84, nians of St. Thomas to che Ro

85. His punilhment, p. 85 man Church, p. 8. His LaSynod opend, p. 108, 109. bours ftrangely magnified, and

why, p. 9. Builds a Collége ac T.

Cranganor, and why, ibid,

Uniare Cherare though Christen’d, St. Thomas his Cross and Reliques

fill profesies himlelf a Heathen, found at Meliapor, p 6. The

P: 77. Legend chereof, ibit, and p. 7.

W. Bones of three Indián Kings found in his Grave, p.7, 8. War breaks our between the Kings Allo a Copper Plaro with a Do- of Mangate and Paru, P. 46. nacion gravd therein, contain. ,,H'ine not usd by the Maluvars ing an Imprecation fill used by in the ordination of Priefts,

the Kings of Spain, p. 8. p. 33. Deny d the Laity in the Tam Sind who, p. 12. Submits Sacrament by the Romanists, himself to the Pope, ibid. and

P. 33, 34 receives the Patriarchal Palli


and why,

* *


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