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priests and nobles, women, children, and peasants, with indiscriminating brutality, made them the wretched victims of its fury", tortured their feelings with the most exquisite and sportive cruelty, and made them drink the cup of misery to its dregs


reign of liberty. Annual Register, 1792. p. 111. In Paris, April 4, 1794. the prisoners amounted to 7351, In all the departments to 653,000. Hist. Epochs, p. 92. After the death of Robespierre 500,000 persons were released from confinement.

z Hift. Epochs, p. 32. Lanjuinais, speaking against the murders of the second of September, fays, that the number of victims affassinated that day, amounted to 8,000; others say, 12,000 ; and the deputy Louvet ftates them at 28,000. Hist. Epochs, p. 41. “The victory of the 10th of Auguft was foiled by the atrocious crimes of the first days of September.” Dumourier's Letter to the Convention, Ann. Reg. 1793. p. 154. Moore, vol. ii. p. 306, 308.

a For the most affecting and eloquent representation of their conduct to the Quçen, see Rennel's Sermon on O&. 26, 1793. The Queen during her confinement was separated from her son, the head of the Princess de Lamballe was carried in procession by her murderers under the windows of the Temple, that the Queen might see this most affeeting relic of her flaughtered friend. See Moore's Journal, vol. i. p. 317. The Princess Elizabeth was guillotined the last of twenty-fix victims, The heroic and the loyal Charette, the brave leader of the Vendeans, was, after he was made prisoner, carried to his native city--there, in the midst of his relations, to


That pillaging alike the church', the palace, and the cottage, banishing thousands of the inhabitants from their country, destroying villages, towns, and cities, seizing every monument of art, and drying up every source of commerce, SETS UP THE


DOMINIONS---This is the power, which, concealing the dagger of terror under the olive-branch of peace, and pretending to plant the tree of liberty in every country conquered by its arms, or deluded by its professions, invariably profanes their altars, exiles or murders their priests, abolishes their most useful and most sacred laws and institutions, and avails itself of their riches and resources, to increase the instruments of its own domination :- This is the


be shot. Life of Charette, p. 58. See Clery's Journal of Occurrences in the Temple.

• There was soon after, by the Edict of the Constituent Assembly, Sept. 14, 1791. a general sale of Ec'clefiaftical property; and

every kind of property connected with churches or charities was sold.

c See Briflot's Account of the conduct of the French Conquerors in Belgium, whom he represents to have acted like a horde of favages. Briflot's Address to his Conftituents, p. 75. See likewise the unhappy change


power, which, not content with hurling defiance at every Sovereign on earth, has

produced by the introduction of their revolutionary fyftem in Neuweid, in Robison's Proofs of a Con{piracy, p. 145. For the requisitions made in Holland and Belgium, see Hist. Epochs, p. 113. “ You talked of nothing but liberty, but every one of your actions strove to enslave us. Can you deny it? All your words were orders; all your counsels were the mandates of a despot. We were never thus commanded, when, according to your false affertion, we were flaves; fuch blind, implicit obedience was never demanded from us, as is now exercised, when, by your assertion, we are free-We were promised, at lealt verbally, by the agents of the Great Nation, that no French troops should enter our Canton; that not a sous should be de. manded of us : yet the very reverse happened—they had the impudence to exact from us three millions of livres—they had the cruelty to march troops into our Canton, without the least previous application, to exhaust our poor innocent country. In other words, they forced upon us the liberty of suffering ourselves to be Atripped of all rational freedon--Never can you find an excuse for your savage atrocity-you who are never at a loss for an ingenious turn to throw the delusive cloak of virtue around the horrors of tyranny, and stamp the most enormous despotism with the name of freedom Open thine eyes, Great Nation, and deliver us from this liberty of bell.Lavater's Letter to the Executive Directory of the French Republic, dated the first year of Helvetic Slavery, Zurich, May 10, 1798, p. 13, 26, 30. See also Mallet du Pan’s British Mercury.


raised his voiced against the Majesty of heaven-has reviled the Saviour of the world -destroyed his churches, persecuted his ministers, forbidden his worship; and, to complete the measure of guilt, has declared, in terms furpassing the boldness of all former impiety, that there is no Gode.




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Danton said, that the National Convention of France should be a Committee of Insurrection against all the kings in the universe. Moore's Journal, vol. i. p. 61. In the fitting of the Jacobins, August 27, 1792. Manuel caused an oath to be taken, that every exertion should be used to purge the earth of the peft of royalty. Hist. Epochs.

During the French Revolution a comedian, dressed as a priest of the Illuminati, publicly appeared, personally attacking Almighty God, saying, “ No! thou dost not exist. If thou hast power over the thunder-bolts, gralp them, aim them at the man who dares set thee at defiance in the face of thy altars. But no, I blasphemë thee, and I still live; no, thou doft not exift.” Barruel, vol. iii. p. 217. Nov. 20, 1793. A deputation from the department of Cantal being introduced to the bar, Hebrard, their speaker, observed that one thing was wanting to the Revolution ; our departe ment, said he, has been eager to give an example of Philosophy; we have suppressed priests and their worship.”-Nov. 23, 1793. Chaumette praised the people of Paris, who have renounced Idolatry, and only adore the Supreme Being-He moved the Council of Paris to declare, that, if any commotion is stirred up in fa


Let it not be imagined that this is an exaggerated picture—every trait will be found in the decrees, the reports, the public records of French infamy and wretched- .

vour of fanaticism, all the clergy should be imprisoned.-And, considering that the people of Paris had declared, that they acknowledge no other worship than that of Reason and Truth-the council resolved, Nov. 23, 1793, that all the churches and temples of different religions and worship, which are known to be in Paris, shall be instantly shut--that every person requiring the opening of a church, or temple, shall be put under arrest, as a suspected person. Chaumette recommended that the will of such sections should be respected, which have renounced all religious worship, except that of Reafon, Liberty, and the Republican Virtues. Nov. 1793. The pupils of the new Republican school of the fection des Areis appeared at the bar, and one of them set forth, that all religious worship had been suppressed in his section, even to the very idea of Religion. He added, that he and his school-fellows detefted God, and that, instead of learning Scripture, they learned the declaration of Rights. The president having expressed to the deputation the fatisfaction of the Convention, they were admitted to the honours of the sitting amidst the loudest applause. Nov. 1793. The Orator of the fection of Unité declared in the hall of the Convention, in the name of his brother Republicans; We swear, said the Orator, to acknowledge no other worship than that of Reason-no other duty than liberty—no other priests than our magistrates-Yes, said the voices from every part of the hall, we take the same oath. More proofs may be seen in the Newspapers of the above dates. 1


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