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that the Power of France Nould execute this project, instead of invalidating, it will confirm the truth of Prophecy, and afford another signal example of the over-ruling providence of God. The wicked and blafpheming Assyrian was the rod of his anger,” and executed his judgments upon his people. The tremendous Antichristian Northern Power, which has been raised up to be the scourge of nations, shall

" fulfil his will, though in his heart he means not fo.” The restoration of the Jews may be a part of their commission; and there are some reasons which make this not a very improbable supposition, though, in my judgment, the weight of probability is against it. The Jews have long looked to the destruction of the Papal and Mahometan powers, as events to happen not long before the manifestation of their Messiah : and Christians look to the destruction of Antichrist, with the expectation of his second advent. Both therefore look for the coming of our Lord soon after these


of Christianity were soon blended with the Gentile Christians; and it seemed to be the express design of the Apostles, to banish all idea of superiority or differa.


{ See Mr. King's “ Signs of the Times."

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events; and the remarkable agreement between Jewish and Christian opinions upon this subject will, perhaps, authorize a conje&ture, that the accurate fulfilment of the Prophecies, given by the Christian dispensation (and which, however, correspond with the predictions of their own Prophets) concerning these great events, may be a means of their conversion, or at least prepare this stubborn people to see their Meffiah in the rejected Jesus of Nazareth. Now should the tri-coloured standard of Infidelity be placed in Constantinople, as it has already been in Rome, we must acknowledge, that these events will appear to be striking proofs of the downfal of the Papal and Mahometan Powers, though we look to their total destruction by some indisputable mark of Divine vengeance, for the complete accomplishment of the Prophecy concerning them. And in the time allotted for this last form of our Antichristian adversary, the Jews may be collected into their own land—“ the sanctuary. may be cleansed,” and the church of Christ


be purified by tribulation,” and made ready to receive her Lord.

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I offer these conjectures with the doubt it becomes us to feel respecting events yet future ; but at such an awful period as the present, I cannot help adding an earnest, though feeble warning to the nations among whom they dwell, to make no vain attempt to hinder the return of the Jews by whatever means it appears designed to be effected, “ left they be found to fight against God,” and bring upon themselves " utter destruction.” The cruelties that have been exercised upon the Jews for many ages have been a scandal to the Christian name; but we may derive no small confolation from the fact, that the Protestant Church of England has had no part in their perfecution ; on the contrary, it has ever viewed them with the eye of compassion, and looked to the termination of their calamities with faith, and the hope of union. The nation at large has treated them with the same spirit of kindness since their return, in the reign of Charles II; their numbers have greatly increased, and their situation has been as happy as the circumItances of their exile would permit 6.


& The Jews were all banished from England in the reign of Edward I. about A. D. 1290 ; nor did any of them attempt to return till the time of Oliver Crom


But whether the conquest of the Mahometan power will enable and incline the Infidel tyrant to re-establish the Jews in their own land, or to “plant the tabernacle of his [own] palaces between the seas, in the glorious holy mountain," it is yet impossible to find solid ground even for conjecture. These are circumstances, concerning which we must remain ignorant, till time discovers the manner of accomplishing the certain event of their restoration. If, however, the supposed reference of the Prophet Daniel to this Infidel power h be admitted as a just interpretation, it will appear probable, not only from prophecy, but from the actual state of the world at this time, that the Power of France would not be long permitted to retain quiet possession of Yerusalem. si THE KING OF THE NORTH

well, whom they petitioned for a repeal of the Act against them, and sent the excellent and learned Rabbi, Manaffeh Ben Israel, as their representative to London. But they could not then obtain a legal settlement; and it appears, from the National Records of the Jews, that so late as 1663, there were not more than twelve Jews in England. It is well known they have never been subjected to any hardships since their return to England, but have enjoyed many privileges. See Tovey's Anglia Judaica, published in 1738. h See Introductory Chapter, vol. i. p. 375. 4


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is to come like a whirlwind, with chariots, and horsemen, and with many ships, to enter into the countries, to overflow and pass over; to have power over the treasures of Egypt ; and the Lybians, and Ethiopians , are to be at his steps he is to enter into the glorious land, and to overthrow many countries ; but Edom k, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon, shall efcape out of his hand. But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many. And be shall plant the tabernacle of his palaces between the seas, in the glorious holy mountain ; yet he hall come to his end, and none Mall help him." If Infidel France be this "

“ King of the north,” we may presume, that it will take possession of the


i Herodotus mentions two Ethiopias, Afiatic Ethiopia, or a part of Arabia, and African Ethiopia, or the interior of Africa. A part of India is also occasionally called Ethiopia, and the inhabitants Ethiopians, by some antient writers. And the Arabians as well as the Africans are called Ethiopians in Scripture. The Cushim, or descendants of Cush, inhabited a part of Arabia.

* Edom lay to the south of Palestine, and was inhabited by the children of Abraham ; Moab and Ammon to the east of Palestine; their inhabitants were the defcendants of Lot.


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