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"We think those vormes carcated to prove not only to the student a user introduction
to the principles of the Law of Scotland, but also to be in themselves an element not without its
importance in the series which forms the institutional literature of our profession."-Journal of

"Probably there is no Scotch law book extant in which a lawyer is so sure to find something
on any subject he requires to refer to.
We have no hesitation in recommending the
book to lawyers as a most valuable and practically useful addition to their libraries."- Courant.
Hunter on Landlord and Tenant. Third Edition.

Treatise on the Law of Landlord and Tenant, with an Appendix
containing Forms of Leases, by ROBERT HUNTER, Esq., Advocate.
Third Edition, carefully revised. Two Vols., royal 8vo. Price
£2, 2s.

"A treatise of great merit, in which the subject has been discussed with much minuteness of
detail, a scrupulous attention to all the precedents and authorities, and a very sound critical ex-
amination of their import and effect."-Prof. Bell's Commentaries.

Bell's Law Dictionary.

Bell's Dictionary and Digest of the Law of Scotland, with Explana-
tions of the most ordinary English Law Terms. New Edition, with
numerous additions by the late GEORGE ROSS, Esq., Advocate,
Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. Royal
8vo. Price £1, 14s.

"Mr Ross has supplied the void in our current legal libraries by producing a new edition of
the Law Dictionary, very much enlarged, and bringing down the state of the law to the present
time.-As a book of reference we know none calculated to be more useful."--Courant.

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Bell's Lectures on Conveyancing.

Lectures on Conveyancing, by the late ALEXANDER MONTGOMERIE
BELL, Esq, W.S., Professor of Conveyancing in the University of
Edinburgh. Two vols. royal 8vo. Price £2, 28.

Hendry's Manual of Conveyancing.

A Manual of Conveyancing, in the form of Examinations, embrac-
ing both Personal and Heritable Rights, by the late JOHN HENDRY,
Esq., Writer to the Signet. Second Edition, carefully revised, by
J. T. MOWBRAY, Esq., Writer to the Signet. One Vol. 8vo.
Price 13s.

Hendry's Styles of Deeds. Second Edition.

Styles of Deeds and Instruments in accordance with the Titles to
Land Acts 1858 and 1860, the Heritable Securities Acts 1845 and
1847, and the Registration of Leases Act 1857 with Notes on the
Completion of Titles, and an Appendix containing the Statutes, by
JOHN HENDRY, Writer to the Signet. Author of "A Manual of
Conveyancing." Second Edition, enlarged, Svo.
Price 12s.

The Styles are careful

"This edition well supplies the requirements of the legal profession.
ly and correctly prepared, and comprehend most of the cases which are likely to arise. Mr Hen-
dry also gives hypothetical cases which may occur, and his views as to the mode of procedure.
These are valuable as aids in more involved cases.--Courant.

"Judging from the amount of additional matter contained in the second edition, we are sa-
tisfied that the draftsman who possesses himself of a copy can be at no loss for a good precedent
for any kind of deed occurring in the ordinary walks of practice "--Journal of Jurisprudme.
"This is a volume truly invaluable to the conveyancer. It should be upon the table of every
practical feudalist."-- Daily Mail.

Ross' Leading Cases.

Leading Cases in the Law of Scotland:-Land Rights. Prepared from the original pleadings, arranged in systematic order, and clucidated by opinions of the Court never before published, by the late GEORGE ROSS, Esq., Advocate, Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh. Three Vols., royal 8vo. Price £3, 38. "We have risen from their study with the conviction, that by their publication the learned gentleman has most materially contributed to the jurisprudential literature of his country."- Law Magazine.

"Of the diligence and accuracy with which Mr Ross has executed the heavy task that lie assigned to himself, we venture to speak with unqualified approbation. Seuteman

Buchanan on Teinds.

A Treatise on the Law of Teinds or Tithes, by WILLIAM BUCHANAN,
Esq., Advocate. Svo. Price 16s.

"The reader will find abundant information on every conceivable point connected with the
law of this description of property, and the rights of the Church, the heritor, the patron, and the
titular." Journal of Jurisprudence.

"The inexperienced as well as the more matured teind lawyers cannot fail to find able assis tance from the work."-Courant.

"Will be welcomed for its valuable digest of the present law of teinds, not only by lawyers. but by every parish clergymar, who may be meditating an application to the Court for some addition to his stipend."-Daily Review.

"The need for a brief, practical work on Teinds must have been felt. We think Mr Buchanan has supplied this want and titulars, ministers, and lawyers will find every practical point brought up and discussed, with the authorities and decisions cited,-these last being brought down to the latest date. We can recommend the work."-Scottish Law Mazine.

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