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Island of_Antigua, in conformity M'Nish, A. B., be requested to accept with the Rules and Orders of the the Office of Joint-Secretaries. Society, and under its local regula- That the Committee do consist of tions.

all persons of the Established Church That his Excellency the Governor, subscribing not less than Five Dollars, or his Honour 'the Commander in and that all subscribers of less than Chief for the time being, be requested Five Dollars be entitled to the benefits to honour the District Committee by of the Institution, in proportion to becoming its Patron.

their respective subscriptions. That the Lord Bishop of the Dio- The foregoing Resolutions having cese be requested to accept the Office been entered into, a Subseription was of President.

immediately commenced. That the Hon. the President of the Thanks were then voted to the Council, the Hon. the Speaker of the Lord Bishop for the fresh marks of Assembly, the Hon, the Chief Justice, his anxiety for the religious welfare of the Hon. the Chief Baron, and the the Island, aud for his Lordship's able Venerable the Archdeacon of Antigua, conduct in the Chair;--and the probe requested to accept the Office of ceedings of the day, with the list of Vice-Presidents.

subscriptions and donations, That Anthony Musgrave, Esq.M.D. ordered to be published in the Weekly be requested to accept the Office of Register. Treasurer.

Subscribers and Donors, 110. That the Rev. Samuel Ashton War

Subscriptions, 2431. 75. 6d. ner, and the Rev. Alexander William Donations, 1621. 9s.



We now

BOMBAY DISTRICT COMMITTEE. The account of the commencement first' missionaries of the Incorporated and progress of Bishop's College, Cal- Society to the East, the Rev. Messrs. cutta, up to the death of its ever-to- Moreton and Christian, with letters be-lamented founder, Bishop Middle- addressed to the Principal of Bishop's ton, are before our readers in several College, under whose direction the of our foriner numbers.

rules of the society required them to continue those accounts from a me- remain, till sufficiently prepared by moir recently prepared by Archdeacon the knowledge of the languages for Barnes, and appended to the statement missionary duties. The part of the of proceedings at the formation of a building, however, destined for the District Committee there for the So- residence of domiciliaries had not then ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel, been so long completed as to be taking up our narrative at the period judged proper for the reception of of the arrival in India of Bishop Ileber. these clergymen. They accordingly

His Lordship reached Calcutta in received the benefit of the attendance October, 1823, and was, like his pre- of the College teachers, in Calcutta, decessor, intrusted by the Incorpora- until settled in the spheres of duty ted Society with the sole management assigned to them respectively, in the of all their concerns in India, relating circles of native schools at the two to the property of Bishop's College, as extremities of the city, erected by the well as with that power of superinten Diocesan Committee of the Society for dence over its inicrnal concerns and Promoting Christian Knowledge. administration, which belongs to the Towards the close of the year 1923, office of visitor; and under these new a collection was made at St. James's auspices, the building of the College, church Calcutta, for the uses of Bishop's which several causes had retarded, College by the Rev. Mr. Hawtayne, advanced towards its completion. which amounted to 475 Sicca Rs. This

In the same month arrived also the collection is the first of the kind made in India for the support of this esta- the same time with the last mentioned blishment, the circumstances already

student from Madras, for the purpose detailed having hitherto retarded a of being ordained by the Bishop to a more general appeal to the friends of chaplaincy of His Majesty's governthe Christian cause within this diocese; ment at Columbo. This ancient disand this sum, together with the gift of ciple of the ever-memorable Schwartz, land and the 1100 Rs. mentioned as and long tried faithful servant of the having been contributed at the first Church among his countrymen, both in commencement of the building, and Malabar and Ceylon, became of course some books presented at different a domiciliary of Bishop's College dutimes to the library, chiefly by Princi- ring his stay at the Presidency, at the pal Mill, constitutes the whole which charges of the Society for Promoting the College has yet received from the Christian Knowledge. Having been bounty of the public in India.

ordained Deacon and Priest, he left It was not till January, 1824, that the College and proceeded to Ceylon, the complete state of the College to exercise the functions of his sacred apartments and offices enabled the office. Principal to take up his residence This last month was also distinwithin its walls. In the following guished by the arrival of the College month, the society's third missionary, printer, for the purpose of conducting the Rev. Mr. Tweddle, who was or- that very important department of its dained specially for this service by the labour in Iodia. The same vessel Archbishop of York (as Mr. Christian brought the elegant present of comhad been before by the Bishop of munion plate already mentioned, from London) arrived at the Presidency, Mrs. Middleton, and a small but exand immediately had apartments in cellent collection of books for the the College assigned for his reception. library, from the Incorporated Society,

The chapel was now the only part to the value of about 1000l." of the building unfinished ; and no- This library, collected from different thing yet remained to prevent the sources, contains at present about admission of students, agreeably lo 3000 printed volumes. It is an exthe provisions made by the Incorpo- cellent collection as it regards biblical rated Society and by the Society criticism, the Fathers, and ecclesiastical for Promoting Christian Knowledge. history, particularly of the eastern Accordingly on March 9th, 1824, two churches, highly respectable in classics students of the province of Bengal and modern divinity, not deficient in were admitted into the College, and oriental literature, and presenting nominated to the theological scholar- something like a foundation of a good ship of the former society, by the library in general history, voyages and Bishop of Calcutta. In April a third travels, with physical and mathematistudent, not on the foundation, was cal science. Besides these there are admitted, whose charges are defrayed MSS.--the most valuable are the Syby the Church Missionary Society to rian MSS. collected in Malabar by the Africa and the East, and in May a late Bishop, and a few by the Princifourth arrived from Madras, who was pal : some Tend and Pehbery collected nominated by the visitor as one of in Surat; Arabic and Persian presentBishop Middleton's scholars, on the ed by the Principal and Professor Alt, foundation of the Society for Promo- with some Sanscrit purchased in ting Christian Knowledge. Other Poona, particularly the two first Veds youths are also in preparation for the and several Powanas. College in Madras and Tranquebar, The departure of Bishop Heber on the sons or relatives of the old missi- his visitation to the upper

and central onaries of that venerable society in provinces, accompanied by the Archsouthern India, and other promising deacon of Calcutta, left the managestudents are in preparation at this ment of the society's concerns once presidency who are equally with the more in the hands of the Principal. former under age.

The present operations of the ColMr. Christian David, native Chris. lege will be understood from the lian teacher at Jaffnapatam, arrived at preceding account of its history and constitution. They may be distributed practised on the plains, appear to into the heads of Education, Instruc- point them out as peculiarly calcution of European Missionaries, Inspec- lated to attract the notice and reward tion of Native Schools, Printing, and the labours of a pious missionary. It Translating. Each of these works is is encouraging to be able to state that now in operation, though in its infancy; Mr. C. has already three candidates needing, indeed, nothing but the pa- for baptism. · Mr. Moreton is stationtronage and support of those who are ed at Russepugla, near Calcutta, in friends of the promotion of Christian- superintendence of an extensive range ity in its purest form, to give efficiency of schools supported by the Diocesan to the system of order upon which all Committee of the Society for Promois conducted, and to produce an exten- ting Christian Knowledge. The resion of their application, of which the maining establishment of the College effects on the permanent welfare of consists of a Sanscrit and a Bengalee India may be incalculable.

Pundit, a Moulaive, who gives lessons The buildings are now complete, in Hindoostanee and Persian, to with the exception of the chapel, the which it is proposed to add, so soon printing house, and dwellings for the as the funds of the institution can native instructors, which, with some bear the expense, native teachers of further improvements which are ex- the Mahratta, Tamul, and Cingalese tremely desirable in the grounds, are languages. at present suspended for want of Prayers are daily read in the library, funds. There are now resident with- and are attended on Sundays by a in the walls of the College, besides small but highly respectable congrethe Rev. Principal Mill and his fami- gation from the neighbourhood. The ly, two missionaries (the Rev. Messrs. daily course of Lectures, by the PrinTweddle and Serjeant, of whom the cipal and by the native teacher under latter is about to return to England on his inspection, is unintermitted, and account of bad health) the printer al- the progress of the pupils most satisready mentioned, three foundation and

factory. two non-foundation students. The

Such is Bishop's College, as it is, and Rev. Mr. Christian has been placed as it is designed to be; and as such it by the Bishop at Bhagilpore in Bahar, is respectfully but earnestly recomwhere he is diligently engaged, and mended to the liberality and patronage at present with the most favorable of the British nation, as an institution promise of success, in the promotion in the success of which all India and of a circle of schools among the the universal Christian Church cannot Hindoo children in that neighbour- but be deeply interested, -whose lahood, and in acquiring the dialect and bours, thus far, it is hoped, have been confidence of the Puhamee or Moun- such as to claim the confidence of the tain Tribes in that neighbourhood, an public, and to whose future labours interesting race of men, connected and success no probable limit can be both by language and tradition with assigned, except the want of means to the Goonds and other races of central prosecute the illustrious work to which India, and whose freedom from caste, it is consecrated. and indifference towards the idolatry


ADDRESSES TO THE BISHOP OP BARBADOES. We hail with delight the favour- of proceedings in the West Indies, able reception which the Bishop of in which he has been concerned. We Barbadoes has experienced every gave the Address of the Assembly of where throughout his Diocese, as an St. Kitt's in our last Number. The indication of the benefits which may following? was the purport of his be expected from his mission; and Lordship's reply to it: gladly, therefore, resume the report He returned his sincere thanks to the Assembly, for their congratulations on that payment in specie be substituted his arrival, and for the kind and flat- in future; the variation in the prices tering terms in which they had been of sugar, he understood, often renpleased to express their sentiments to

dered it a matter of uncertainty to the wards him. The assurance which the clergyman, what his annual allowance Address conveyed, of the disposition of really was, and necessarily obliged the House to receive any recommenda- him to turn his attention to subjects tions from the Bishop, and to co-ope- which should not interfere with his rate with him in furthering the objects peculiar vocation. In some cases, the of his mission, afforded him much stipend, under the present system, satisfaction; and he would in every amounted to 3001. sterling per annum, case endeavour to consult the well and in others, his Lordship had unbeing and spiritual advantage of the derstood, it was as low as 1501.; he community, leaving it to the judgment therefore trusted, that the Legislature of the Legislature to decide on the would adopt his recommendation on reasonableness of the propositions this point, and make a provision, which he should submit.-Tendering from the Treasury fund, for such comhis acknowledgments to the Legisla- mutation of the present allowance as ture for their readiness in passing an they might judge proper, and suitable Act for regulating the Ecclesiastical to the respectable station in society jurisdiction in the Colony, in recog- which the Clergy of the Church of bition of his patent, his Lordship, in England had ever maintained. — It the first instance, suggested for their was peculiarly gratifying to him, his further consideration, the propriety Lordship said, to observe the number of investing the Bishop with legal of churches in this island; and he authority to order such alterations or had instructed the clergy to regard the improvements in the Churches as he white, free coloured, and slave popumight deem expedient, with respect to tation, as equally the objects of their the arrangement of pulpits, &c., or pastoral care.

To assist the physical other similar regulations : this autho- strength of the Establishment, it was rity, though unmentioned in the in contemplation to appoint a body of patent, he thought should be conceded lay-catechists, who, under the superto the Bishop by a local enactment, intendence of the incumbents of the in order to obviate any opposition to several parishes, controlled by the such arrangements which might be Episcopal authority, would extend raised,—the Legislature reserving to instruction to the labourers on the themselves any control, which in surrounding estates; and he thought their judgment might be considered it of importance also, that, where necessary. - Another particularly de- practicable, Parocbial Day-Schools sirable object, his Lordship said, was, should be established, under the same that there should be a resident clergy- direction ;-and by these means the man in each parish: for this purpose, sphere of religious instruction would he earnestly recommended the build- be considerably enlarged, and both ing of parsonage-houses, having ob- the adult and the young would partiserved that most of the parishes are cipate, generally, in its advantages at present destitute of that essential and its blessings.-His Lordship felt accommodation; and, should a grant great pleasure in adverting to the be made for the purpose, according to Charitable Institution, which he had the means of the Colony, his Lord- visited, and which he thought highly ship would almost pledge the assist- creditable to the Colony. At Barbaance of his Majesty's Government to- does, he said, a similar Institution wards the accomplishment of this (under the direction of the Society necessary undertaking; which, he for promoting Christian Knowledge) hoped, would receive the early atten- had been established, in which girls tion of the Colonial Legislature.- as well as boys were educated; and the With respect to the stipend allowed public grant for its support was not to the clergy of the island, which he much more than the sum voted for had been informed was, almost gene


support of the Institution rally, paid in sugar, he recommended

here,—wherein he hoped it would



be found practicable to provide retired to the Assembly-Room; and for the instruction of girls also. In the Board of Council presented the the School at Barbadoes, he added, following Address to his Lordship :there were at present 60 white boys and 34 girls; and it trained up an useful class of persons, competent to dis- My Lord, — With feelings excharge the duties of superior managers, cited by no ordinary considerations, book-keepers, &c. His Lordship re- we, his Majesty's Council for the commended the formation in this Island of Saint Christopher, proffer Island of a District Committee of the to your Lordship our sincere, and Society for promoting Christian Know- hearty congratulations upon your apledge; and stated, that bibles, testa- pointment to the spiritual superinments, elementary books for schools, tendence of these Colonies, and your and books of general Christian in- auspicious arrival in this part of your struction, would be supplied by the

Diocese. Parent Society, at very reduced prices, “ Deploring the ignorance which

a remittance being made to the too generally prevails among our Secretary of the Diocesan Committee labouring classes, on the most imat Barbadoes, where a general depo- portant of all subjects; and anxious sitory of books would be established ; ihat they should be qualified by in-tbat Society had placed at his dis- tellectual and moral improvements, posal a fund of 500l. sterling, to pro- for a greater participation of civil mote their grand object, a considera- rights than they at present enjoy ; ble part of which sum his Lordship we contemplate with deep interhad appropriated to the Establishment est and heart-felt pleasure, that act at Barbadoes. He hoped these Dis- of his Majesty's Coveroment, which trict Committees would be formed in has submitted to your Lordship's able every part of the Diocese, and there- consideration and directions, meaby one uniform and unexceptiona- sures for conferring on the Slave ble system of Christian instruction, population of these Colonies, the adopted ;-whilst, by the uniformity inestimable benefits of our holy reof the system which he should pursue ligion. in regulating the Clerical Establish- « We hasten to tender to your ments in the different Colonies, the Lordship, all the assistance in this Ecclesiastical body, with the Bishop truly great and charitable undertaking, at their head, would act in unison; that we can, either collectively or -and thus, under the divine blessing, individually, afford; and we offer to the benevolent views of his Majesty's God our humble prayers for his blessGovernment, for advancing the best ing upon your labours. interests of this part of his dominions,

* Permit us

to express the great would be bappily accomplished. To satisfaction we experience, in finding this end, his Lordship, on his return in your Lordship an associate in our from England, and the Archdeacons, Councils, so able to guide us in the would occasionally make a visitation great object which we mutually have throughout the Diocese; and any at heart, and in promoting the genesuggestions which might be offered, ral public welfare of this part of his tending to the furtherance of the im- Majesty's dominions. portant objects of his ministry, would " Allow us at the same time, to be regarded with due attention.-In offer you the most sincere assurance conclusion, his Lordship regretted the of our high respect for your Lordunavoidable shortness of his stay; and ship's character; and our most earnest assured the gentlemen whom he ad- wishes that, in the possession of dressed, that, on his return, he would every temporal enjoyment and spirihave pleasure in cultivating that per- tual consolation, your Lordship will sonal acquaintance with them, to experience that which we know will which the polite attentions of his be considered an indemnity for every Excellency the Captain-General had privation, and an ample reward for already partially introduced him.

every exertion,- the full and perfect The Speaker and Members then success of a mission so important

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