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nessee, at Cincinnati, on the 25th and 26th inst. Trusting that the meeting will prove every way satisfactory and successful, with kind regards to all, I remain,

Truly yours,

B. H. GRIERSON, Colonel 10th Cavalry, Brevet Major-General U. S. Army. CAPTAIN A. H. Mattox.

CHARITON, Iowa, September 2, 1889. Dear HICKENLOOPER:-I very greatly regret that it will be impossible for me to meet with the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Cincinnati. But hoping it may be one of our old time glorious reunions, I am,

Yours always,


CHICAGO, September 20, 1889. My Dear CAPTAIN:-I find at the last moment that I.cannot accept your kind invitation to attend the reunion of our Society at Cincinnati. I regret it the more for I know of yore what good things are in store for those who can attend at Cincinnati. Judging by the program sent me, you are laying yourselves out to eclipse, if possible, former efforts. I am with you in spirit, if not in body. Sincerely yours,

D. H. Gile. CAPTAIN A. H. Matrox,

Secretary Local Executive Committee, Cincinnati.

CHICAGO, September 23, 1889. MY DEAR GENERAL:—I have just returned from the Rocky mountains, where I spent three weeks hunting and fishing, and find your kind letter of September 3rd. I am pressed on all sides by counsel to take up their cases, and fear I shall not have the pleasure of attending the meeting of our Society at Cincinnati this week. I regret this all the more because I was unable to attend the last reunion. With affectionate greetings to my old comrades, Faithfully yours,


Cincinnati, Ohio,

Red Oak, Iowa, September 9, 1889. I regret that I am unable to attend.


Phelan BLACK, S. F., CAL., September 6, 1889. Dear Sir:-I regret that I will not be able to be present at the twenty. second reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee.

Very truly yours,


U. S. Army.

North ConwAY, N. H., September 6, 1889. MY DEAR CAPTAIN:--Commend me to the members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. I regret I will not be able to be with you.

Yours in F. C. and L.,

SCHUYLER HAMILTOX, Major-General of Volunteers, U. S. A.

DEAR COMRADE:--The fall campaign will prevent my coming, much to my regret.

Very truly yours,


BUNKER HILL, ILL., September 16, 1889. CAPTAIN A, H. MATTox:

My Dear COMRADE:-I find at a late moment that it will be impossible for me to attend the Army of the Tennessee reunion. I regret this exceedingly, the more because I judge from the papers that our grand old President will perhaps take no active participation hereafter. All honor to him, now and during all time.

Very truly,

Late Brevet-Captain U. S. V.,

Adjutant 32nd Illinois Infantry,
A. A. A. G. 2nd Brigade, 4th Div., 17th A. C.

Cedar RAPIDS, Iowa., September 9, 1889. COLONEL L. MARKBREIT,

Chairman Committee on Invitations Society Army of the Tennessee,

Cincinnati, Ohio: Dear SIR AND Comrade:-Your invitation, of date August 14th, this morning at hand. It was delayed by being addressed to Michigan, instead of Iowa. Please accept of my thanks and regrets. I can not be with you this year. I especially regret my inability to attend, as the meeting is to be at - Cincinnati, where there are so many "jolly good fellows." With my best

wishes to all of the dear old comrades of the Army of the Tennessee, I subscribe myself as, Your friend and comrade,


Kansas City, Mo., September 2, 1889. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Chairman Committee Society Army of Tennessee, Cincinnati, O.: General AND COMRADE:-I had hoped to have the pleasure of breaking “ Hard Tack," and drinking “from the same canteen,” with the companions and comrades at coming meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, but business engagements prevent my doing so. And besides the quartermaster has not provided transportation for this body of infantry—and the “marching" is not good. Wishing you a very pleasant and successful meeting, I remain,

Very truly yours,


San Francisco, Cal., September 10, 1889. In response to circular from headquarters of Local Committee “Society of the Army of the Tennessee,” I regret that duty at this station will deprive me the pleasure of attending the twenty-second reunion of the Society, at Cincinnati, on the 25th and 26th instant. With sincere wishes for a happy reunion of old friends and comrades, I remain, Gratefully and fraternally,

B. J. D. Irwin, Lieutenant-Colonel and Brevet-Colonel U. S, Army.

NATIONAL HOME, Wis., September 15, 1889. MY DEAR CAPTAIN:-I am sorry I can't be with you on the 26th inst., but our Board meets here about that time, and I can't leave.

Yours, etc.,


BELLEVILLE, ILL., September 2, 1889. Dear SIR:-I regret exceedingly that I shall not be able to attend this year's reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. The Southern (I11.) Soldiers' and Sailors' Association holds its reunion here in Belleville at the same time. Hence it will be impossible for me to get away.

Very respectfully,

W. C. Kueffner.

WASHINGTON, D. C., September 9, 1889. GenERAL A. HickenLOOPER,

Cincinnati, Ohio: My Dear Friend and Comrade:– Will you kindly inform me as to what steps I should take to have my name placed on the rolls as a member in good standing in the Society of the Army of the Tennessee?

As you are well aware, I was one of the original members, but circumstances have prevented me from attending the reunions. We are not as

young as we were at the first meeting of the organization, and we are growing beautifully less, the knowledge of which inay be, and I believe is, the cause of my now desiring to become an active member of your honorable Society. Sincerely your friend,

D. T. Kirby,
No. 132 11th Street, South-east,

Dear CAPTAIN:- I will be unable to attend the twenty-second reunion of our Society.

Yours truly,



At Sea, September 7, 1889. } Dear CAPTAIN:-I shall still be on this cruise when the meeting is held. It is a great loss and deprivation to miss the meeting with my old and loved comrades. But here I get health and strength that I cannot find elsewhere, and I must stick to it. Respectfully your servant,

John Mason LOOMIS.

MINNEAPOLIS, September 21, 1889. COLONEL L. M. DAYTON,

Cincinnati: MY DEAR COLONEL:-Your invitation to be present at the twenty-second reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Cincinnati, on the 25th and 26th, is received.

You have my warmest thanks for the invitation, and my regrets that I am unable to attend. It is ever pleasant to meet with such men as compose this Society, and especially so when you know that they are all grand old heroes, and its President (General Sherman) the foremost living soldier and the equal of any that have preceded him.

Again expressing my regrets at not being able to attend the reunion, I remain,

Yours very truly,


BLOOMINGTON, ILLS., September 9, 1889. Dear Sir:-Father sailed for Europe on the 14th of August, and cannot return before the last of October, consequently will not be present on the 25th,

Yours, etc.,


Buffalo, N. Y., September 5, 1889. I acknowledge receipt of invitation to attend the meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Cincinnati, on the 25th inst., and regret to say that circumstances will prevent my attendance at the meeting this year.

JAMES N. McArthur.

LEWISTOWN, ILLs., September 2, 1889. My Dear COMRADE:-Owing to ill-health, it will be impossible for me to attend the reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee this year. I sincerely hope the comrades (the brethren, I was about to say) will have a grand, good time. I would like very much to be with you at this reunion. Very respectfully, etc.,


MUSCATINE, Iowa, September 2, 1889. DEAR CAPTAIN:-I shall not be able to attend the twenty-second reunion, September 25th and 26th, and with greetings to all, I am,

Yours very truly,

J. H. MUNROE, Late Captain and A. A. G.

Chicago, September 3, 1889. CAPTAIN A. H. Mattox,

Cincinnati, Ohio: COMRADE:-I will not be able to attend the reunion this year. What with the G. A. R. Encampment and other time taken from business, I shall have to forego the pleasure of meeting with you.

Yours truly,

BenJ. F. Monroe.

Madison, Wis., September 3, 1889. DEAR CAPTAIN:—I regret to say that it again looks as if I should not be able to attend the reunion.



HUNTINGTON, PA., September 24, 1889, GENERAL A. HickenLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary Society of the Army of the Tennessee,

Cincinnati, 0.: GENERAL:-It is a disappointment to me that words cannot measure, to Ind myself prevented by illness from attending the reunion of our Society. I have postponed reporting by letter to the last moment, hoping to get the consent of my physician to make the trip, but he is inexorable, so I am compelled

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