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to send, in this unsatisfactory way, my most cordial greetings, and best wishes for the success of the coming reunion.

Yours truly,

R. W. McCLAUGHRY. Please note change of address from Joliet, I11., to this place.

Los ANGELES, CAL., September 10, 1889. I regret exceedingly that I am unable to meet with you this year. Perhaps I will have better luck next year, and be nearer the center of the world.

Yours truly,


EDWARDSVILLE, ILL., September 14, 1889. Dear CAPTAIN:- Nothing would give me more pleasure than to meet my old comrades of the Army of the Tennessee, and I hoped to be able to do so, but the serious illness of my wife compels me to forego the visit to Cincinnati. Say to the comrades, that as our ranks are thinned by death, the bond of love and comradeship grows stronger, and the desire to meet as often as possible is more pronounced. My kindest regards to General Sherman and all the boys. I am, with soldierly regards and esteem,

Yours as ever,



WASHINGTON, September 17, 1889. 1 CAPTAIN A. Mattox,

Mitchell Building, Cincinnati, O.: Dear Sir:-I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the invitation of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee to the twenty-second reunion at Cincinnati, O., on the 25th and 26th instant. I have delayed my reply, hoping that I might be able to attend this reunion; but I find the duties of my office so pressing and important at this moment, and so apt to continue in this stage for the remaining time between this and the meeting of Congress, that I cannot leave my post. I wish you may have a glorious meeting and roundup at the close. Yours most respectfully,

John W. NOBLE.




PHILADELPHIA, August 31, 1889. Dear Sirs:-With great pleasure I acknowledge the receipt of an invitation to be present at the twenty-second annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee. I regret that my official duties will not admit of my absence.

Yours most truly,


ELKHART, ILLs., September 8, 1889. Regret to say I will not be able to attend twenty-second reunion Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, 25th and 26th insts.



Cincinnati, Ohio. Dear GENERAL:—The 9th Illinois Infantry, my old regiment, has a reunion at Belleville, Illinois, September 25th and 26th, the same date for the reunion of the Army of the Tennessee. As it's impossible for me to be at both places on the same date, I shall have to stop off at Belleville, and be with my old regiment. Wishing you a royal good time, and with kindest regards to all, Very truly yours,

JAMES Oates,

WAUKESHA, Wis., September 2, 1889. CAPTAIN:-I regret that business engagements in New York will prevent my being at the reunion of our Society on the 25th and 26th inst.; am very sorry. Respectfully yours,


Madisox, Wis., September 2, 1889. DEAR COMRADE:-I regret to say that I shall be unable to attend the reunion of the Army of the Tennessee this year.

Yours truly,



CHICAGO, September 3, 1889. Š I cannot be in Cincinnati on the 25th and 26th, I fear.

Very truly yours,



Dear COMRADE: – Man proposes, but ordinance and commissary dictates. It is with regret that I am compelled to address you by this method, in lieu of in person on the 25th ult.; and still more so by asking the favor of sending me all the printed matter used at our last meeting, i.e., programme, banquet ticket, menu, etc., etc. I would very much like to have them, as so far I have sacredly kept them since '68. I showed the plat on the “bill of fare," that Captain Riebsame kindly loaned me, to Judge Sample (our Cir. cuit Judge), who was wounded at Resaca, and he urgently requested me to procure for him a duplicate. He was a good soldier-is one of our kind-but not eligible (as our gallant governor is not) to our Society, so that if you can comply with his request the favor will be doubly appreciated.

If the magazine does not explode, I will be with you in 1890 at Chicago. Remember me to your estimable wife, and say I extended my imagination to the limit, but sorely failed I could not realize the “reception."

Kindly remember me to Captain Mattox, Colonel Dayton, and that excellent gentlemen and gallant soldier, General Force; and don't forget Colonel Cadle. Enclosed find dues for '89.

Fraternally yours,

John O. Pullen.

My Dear COMRADE:-I had expected to have been present, but find it will be impossible.

R. Root.

September 17, 1889. CAPTAIN A, H. MATTOx,

I cannot be with you this year in person.

Yours truly,

Jos, G. ROBINSON, Captain Late 9th Ill. Infantry.

MOLINE, ILL., September 17, 1889. CAPTAIN MATTOx:

DEAR SIR:- I regret exceedingly that business engagements will prevent my meeting with the Society at their annual reunion, at Cincinnati, on the 25th instant.

Yours truly,

David O. REID.

Mr. John W. Rumsey will be unable to meet with you at the twenty-second reunion. His post-office address is Seattle, Washington Territory.

Iowa City, Iowa, September 11, 1889. DEAR Sır:-From present appearances, I shall not be able to be with you at the reunion on the 25th and 26th instant.

Very truly,

L, F. Ross.

LITTLE Rock, Ark., September 2, 1889. CAPTAIN A. H. Matrox,

Mitchell Building, Cincinnati: Dear COMRADE:-As I am under promise to attend the American Bankers' Convention, which meets in Kansas City on the 25th and 26th, it greatly

grieves me to know that the Army of the Tennessee meets on the same days. There is no meeting which gives me greater satisfaction to attend than the reunion of our comrades of the Army of the Tennessee; and if I can with propriety become released from my engagements to be at the Bankers' Convention, I shall do so.

I had an erroneous impression that the days were not identical. I imagine that I must be behind on some dues, as I was in Europe at the time of one meeting and otherwise necessarily detained from a more recent meeting. I wish to know if I am in arrears and to what amount it will take to pay me entirely up on dues to the close of this year; information thereupon will be thankfully received.

Very respectfully,

Logan H. Roots.

Decatur, Ill., September 25, 1889. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Cincinnati, Ohio: DEAR GENERAL:-Greetings to my comrades of the “Society of the Army of the Tennessee."

I sincerely regret I cannot meet with you to-day.
Kindly remember me to those present.
With regards to yourself and family, I am,
Fraternally yours,


TIFFANY, September, 1889. It is with sincere regret I find it impossible to attend our annual reunion, but my heart will be with the grand old army until our “silent tents are spread,"

Yours fraternally,

Chas. WM. STARK.

ERIE, Neosho Co., KAs., September 2, 1889. DEAR CAPTAIN:-Cannot come. Will be holding court in one of the counties in my district at the time fixed for the meeting.

Truly yours,



MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, September 3, 1889. 5 DEAR SIR: I shall be unable to attend the meeting of the Army of the Tennessee. My duties, as commandant of this Home, are so pressing that I am obliged to forego the pleasure, and remain on duty.

Yours truly,

Milo Smith,

St. Louis, Mo., September 4, 1889.

Will not be able to attend.


LA CROSSE, Wis., September 4, 1889. Dear CAPTAIN:— Your kind invitation to attend the twenty-second reunion of our Society is received. I regret that I will not be able to attend. With best wishes for a splendid time, I am,

Very truly yours,

C. W. Smith,
Ex-Major U. S. Volunteers.

STANTON, Mich., September 4, 1889. CAPTAIN A. H. MATTox,

Secretary: COMPANION:-Another engagement which cannot be deferred, will, I regret to say, prevent my attendance upon the twenty-second reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Cincinnati, on the 25th and 26th inst.

Yours fraternally,


TACOMA, WASH., September 9, 1889. DEAR CAPTAIN:- I regret to say that I shall not be able to attend the reunion 25th and 26th inst.

Very truly yours,


CHICAGO, September 17, 1889. I regret to state that I will be unable to attend the annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee on the 25th and 26th inst.

Yours truly,


Chicago, September 10, 1889. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Secretary Society Army of the Tennessee: DEAR GENERAL:-I regret very much to have to say that owing to sickness it is impossible for me to attend the meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Cincinnati, on the 25th and 26th of this month. I am sure you will have a glorious good time. The patriotic people of your delightful city are unexcelled in providing entertainment for a gathering of veteran soldiers.

God bless our old commander, may he be spared to us for many years to come.

Sincerely yours,

WILEY S. Scribner.

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