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“I feel profoundly convinced that the argument of Design, has been greatly too much lost sight of in recent zoological speculations.”-Sir W. THOMSON: Address to Brit. Assoc., 1871.

“It is necessary to remember that there is a wider Teleology, which is not touched by the doctrine of Evolution, but is actually based upon the fundamental proposition of Evolution.”—Prof. HUXLEY : Academy, Oet. 1869.

“Indeed, it is perhaps not too much to say that the more fully this conception of universal Evolution is grasped, the more firmly a scientific doctrine of Providence will be established, and the stronger will be the presumption of a future progress.”—LECKY: History of Rationalism, vol. i. p. 317.

I see in part
That all, as in some piece of art,
Is toil co-operant to an end.”

-TENNYSON : In Memoriam.

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